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Fun fact - the slight appearance of my baby abs is only a morning thing. By the time I eat food and drink all the liquids I almost always have a food baby by the end of the day. Whether it's a big or small one. Sometimes it's from bloating or eating something that didn't sit right but other times it's just what my tummy does. It expands and that's cool. 🙂 @kxpilates is done ✔ Excuse me while I go demolish the @keepitcleaner caramelised 🍌 and peanut butter oats. I've been eating it every morning 😍😋 SO GOOD. #kxpilates #keepitcleaner #pwr #strength #core #fullbody #abs #glutes #workout #exercise #moveyourbody #fuelyourbody #endorphins #morningworkouts #yoga #liss #stretch #weights #strengthtraining #strongnotskinny #bbg #foodisfuel #nourish #oats #thetruthaboutabs #foodbaby #kicgirls #KICfit
Me on my way to kill it in the gym #StrongIsSexy
Be obsessed with taking care of yourself. Be obsessed with making your health and self a priority. Be obsessed with feeling your best. Be obsessed with living the life you always imagined. Be obsessed with you! . Day 4 of prep week! My favorite workout! Happy Thursday!
Tired as ever from this week but still smiling. Exercise has a lot to do with me surviving this week. We are on day 4 of #BBGfitgals and I’m so grateful that I chose to commit to these 12 weeks of workouts. I’ve been busy with the shop and majorly sleep deprived because of this cute little nugget. #teethingproblems Even with being sleep deprived, exercise helps keep me sane and of course, I feel good physically. I have more energy and more patience throughout the day. I may not be getting my morning workouts in, which I prefer now, but I’m making it work. Going on my run this evening for Thursday’s cardio workout. 🏃🏼‍♀️ Happy day 4 to all you babes! 💕
Another day another run 🏃🏻‍♀️ Going to try and get arms done tonight too 💪🏼 #happythursday
[It's Contest Time!] 🎉 ⠀ ⠀ Want to win our Holistic Menu-Plan Bundle? ⠀ ⠀ Here's how you can ENTER to WIN: ⠀ ✨ FOLLOW Us ⠀ ✨ LIKE this photo ⠀ ✨ LEAVE A COMMENT sharing your best Holistic Eating Tip ⠀ ✨ TAG at least 2 friends/ family members! ⠀ ⠀ The lucky winner, selected at random will receive 5 x One-Week menu plans (valued at $60)! 😲 ⠀ ⠀ Contest is running until Thursday, September 27th (1 week from today) -- and we will announce the winner on Friday, September 28th! 😀 ⠀ ⠀ Good luck! ⠀ ⠀ #mealplan #health #wellness #diet #nutrition #paleo #keto #vegan #whole30 #api #intermittentfasting #wholefoods #bbg #eatclean #giveaway #contest #prize #win #winner #weightloss #lifestyle #contestalert #free #holistic #kwawesome #healthoholicskw #DTkitchener #kitchener #waterloo
I’ve been feeling so good! I wouldn’t say I’m in the best shape of my life physically but definitely mentally. I still have some stressors but I’m learning to have a stressed MOMENT, not day or week. Check out my story for a special feat. of my cellulite and stomach 💁🏻‍♀️💕 P.S wedding pictures are beginning to roll in 🙈
Temple life 🙏🏼✨ @amaranta.u.u #bali
It's time to bloom! 🧚‍♀️
Its been a big and busy few weeks not just with #activeinspite but also outside of that. Just letting you know we're busy manufacturing, so those items out of stock will be restocked soon. We've also been trialing some new sampling and new items. If you'd like to see us add something, make changes swing us a message. Thank you for all your support, means so much for a #startup 😘 Other than that, it's FRIDAY....weekend vibes!
Merienda ☕Café con leche XL ☕ Galleta de arroz con miel y semillas ☕ Manzana verde No estoy con mucha hambre así que no es tanto pero siempre algo hay que comer nunca pasar hambre 🙋 ahora a descansar un poco y en un rato parto a lo de una amiga #coffe #honey #apple #bbg #healthychoice #vegan #greenfood #fit #fitness #enjoylife #recepie #buenosaires #argentina #merienda #food #saludable #nodiet #happy
Anyone who needs quick and easy dinner ideas, hit up the salmon 🐟🙌 if you’re not a salmon person that’s ok because there are so many ways to cook it you won’t even know what it is 🤤 . . . Why eat the fish? It’s a good source of protein that cooks fast and is packed with omega 3s! Those little nutrients are healthy fats that support heart health, brain health, and so much more! (Wild-caught salmon is higher in #nutrish than farm-raised). Lately I’ve been cooking the salmon on a lower temperature (325) for a little bit longer (20-25 mins) to help keep all that good stuff in. . . Picture 1 —> lemon, herb, & minced garlic salmon (just use whatever herbs you have in your kitchen). I normally do fresh rosemary, thyme, or dill. . . Picture 2 —> the mouthwatering sheet pan salmon from @thedefineddish that I keep talking about. This recipe is so easy (find it on her page)! It calls for dijon mustard, paprika, pecans, and tarragon 🤗 . Oil up your fish with a little canola or EVOO, add some s&p and do your flavor thang 🌱🍋🍽😋 . . . . . #dinner #eatclean #salmon #eatwell #mealideas #healthandwellness #dietetics #nutrition #rd2be #eathealthy #eatrealfood #eattherainbow #healthy #healthyfoodshare #health #wellness #treatyoself #wellnessadvocate #healthymeals #lifestyle #fitspo #instafood #instagood #bbg #cleaneating #eatingwelleats #balance #livewell
+ I have spent the majority of my day lounging after classes because my stomach has hurt quite a bit. Not only that, but I noticed this morning that my stomach seemed larger than it typically is, but I now know the reason as to why this is... my period. I kind of forgot about it, but now that I know that’s the cause of all of this, I’m super happy. I was going to have a HIIT session after my dinner (Broccili!! The dining hall finally has vegetables 😍) but I’m thinking I might just settle for a LISS session instead. It’s not as intense as I would have liked today to have been, but I don’t think my body is up for anything more 😅 tomorrow I have my Full Body Circuit to complete and then I’ll spend the weekend running, so I’ll make up for the lazy day 🍃•|•
Speed 1.0 has been and probably will always be my favorite workout ✅ I didn’t feel like working out at all today but when I saw this on my schedule I knew I wouldn’t have a problem getting it done 👌🏻 It’s the perfect mix of speed, strength, and stability and @shaunt always puts me in a better mood ❤️
Post work run! Time to stretch and study 🧘‍♀️📚 • • • • • • • • • • #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #runner #tiuteam #bbg #doctor #health #wellness #workout #medicine #residentlife #medstudent #fellowship #districtdiva #doctordiva #alexwoo #fitgirls #selfie
It’s time to change your mindset... do you treat Friday as the weekend, do you ‘relax’ on the weekend??? This kind of mentality means that your hard work during the week was for nothing, yes you can un-do your hard work in 2-3 days by over indulging on the weekend and not staying active! I use my weekends for a different type of exercise, I prefer to go for long walks on the beach or climb a mountain or a long/slower bike ride... This all depends on your goals, but no matter your goal weekends are still days of the week! Stay focused! Stay active! Stay consistent! . . . . . #gymlife #fit #fitness #northsidefitness #brisbane #worldgymaustralia #worldgym #fitchicks #girlswholift #brisbanefitness #beastmode #strength #trainhard #groupfitness #gymrat #bbg #onlinecoach #fitspo #brisbanept #fitlife #activeliving #mnb #girlcode #activewear #fitfashion
LISS before my bootcamp class tonight 👟 . What is LISS? @livestrong_com has a pretty good description: 👉🏼 Simply put, LISS involves elevating your HR with activity, but not letting it go beyond 50% of your max HR, and then keeping it there for an extended period of time (at least 30min) 👈🏼 . We all love a good balls to the wall workout (🙋🏼‍♀️ myself included) BUT here are some of the benefits to LISS training: ▶️ it’s good for your cardiovascular health (your heart has to pump a strong + steady pace for that amount of time) ▶️ easier on the joints / less wear and tear ▶️ helps ease muscle soreness from your more intense workouts . I do some form of LISS every day whether it be walking the dog, babe or riding a bike - I don’t even think of it as working out - it’s just life 😅 . But REMEMBER - LISS alone won’t be enough - but it is a good addition to a well-rounded training regimen 👌🏼
Just have to say... the @traderjoes vegan pesto hype is R E A L 😮 I made a super simple dinner tonight with some @tresomeganutrition quinoa pasta (found at @natprodexpo expo east) and then just stirred in about 1-2 tbsp. @kitehillfoods cream cheese with the @traderjoes pesto! Every time I eat pesto, I think of Italy and I miss it soooo sooo much 🇮🇹 But this dish will do until I visit Italy again one day 😜 Hope you’re all having a great day! #hannahharvestinghealth ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Matthew‬ ‭7:11‬ “So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.”
I know you’re all thinking.. ‘dannggg who is this hottie?!? 🔥’ This is my husband. My greatest supporter and bestest friend. So blessed to do life with him and have his encouragement on the daily. He eats all the food I make (even eats my failed recipes 😂), makes me smile and is always pushing me to better myself. . Big love for this man! I just wanted to appreciate him for all that he is. The end. ❤️ love you @williamaehenderson . I would love to know who/what you are grateful for today! Let me know in the comments below ✨❤️ . . #husbandsofinstagram #instagramhusband #sharethelove
Teriyaki Tofu😍😋 #yummy
Easy fall dinner that literally took under 10 minutes to make from start to finish! I made the @traderjoes pumpkin ravioli in a pumpkin butter and brown sugar sauce, topped with a few pomegranate seeds, freshly grated Parmesan, and some spinach (I’m a big fan of the @organicgirl super greens mix)! The pumpkin butter sauce is super easy to make - I melted 1 tbsp butter with about 1/2 tsp of brown sugar and 1 tsp pumpkin purée.
Summer ‘18 it’s be real 💋 This summer has been full of new experiences & changes and I can’t wait to see where I am this time next year. Special thank you to my friends for always supporting my grind. Y’all are coming with me on this journey xx #summer18
COMPLETE EXERCISE YOUR BODY WORKOUT EXERCISES Plz follow and like :@fitness__workoutput CREDIT@👉@musclematics ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #fitness #bbg #e #music #gains #beastmode #gymlife #fitfam # #workout #supplements #shredded #nutrition #fit #bodybuilder #eatclean #goals #change #transformation #motivation #health #life #look #lean #strength #protine 💪
Yooo insta I finally made it to the gym after who knows how many days (hasn’t been that long but it feels like it)😬legit lost track of time this week with all my studying BUT 4/5 exams for the week are in the books!! Felt the need to relieve some ~angst~ and actually had the time to hit legs this afternoon. Feeling like I look a little bulky lol but hey winters coming I guess?? Haha peep below for my leg workout from today!!⤵️⤵️Be prepared to get sweatyyy - Legs 1️⃣Hip abductors 3x15 2️⃣Hip adductors 3x15 3️⃣Single leg smith machine squats 4x12 each leg 4️⃣Leg curl 3x15 5️⃣Leg extension 3x12 6️⃣Leg press 4x12 7️⃣Lying leg curl 4x12 each leg 8️⃣Weighted calf raises 3x15 (15 reps feet pointed forward, 15 reps feet pointed outward, 15 reps feet pointed inward)
EVERYONE needs a white GO TO T! 👍🏼 • • • That’s all! 😁😉 #stayathomemomlife #positivevibes #postpartumfitness #positivethinking #findingfitness #zyia #zyiaactive #zyiaactivewear #BBG #boymom
Paleo shrimp tacos for dinner 😍🙌🏻 Obsessed with this meal because it’s sooo simple but so good!! Especially topped with alllll the salsa post pic 😎 I mean, can you really have tacos without salsa 😜 These took about 20 mins to throw together from start to finish- the veggies took 15 mins to cook and I got everything else ready while they cooked! The tortillas are frozen but easy to thaw out in a skillet 🙌🏻 Thawed them out and also sautéed a little spinach to be the base of these tacos 😋 I had shrimp frozen from a few weeks ago that I just thawed out and it was ready to go 🙆🏼‍♀️ I love freezing leftovers because it just makes everything soooo much easier 💯 You just don’t have to think about things as much! Still feels like summer over here so I’m eating all the summer food until the weather finally cools down 🙄 Our kitchen is getting redone tomorrow which I’m soooo excited about!!! But that means this evening I’ll be cleaning out everything that’s currently in it 😅 Still no complaining over here! Have a great evening ahead of you 💕 ———————————————————————————— #dinner details 👉🏻 2 @sietefoods grain free tortillas topped with fajita veggies (peppers and onions baked at 400F for 15 mins with @primalpalate fajita seasoning), sautéed spinach, tomatoes, microgreens, and leftover shrimp 😋
It’s been a minute since I’ve posted.. that doesn’t mean I haven’t been running though! I’m easing back into it after a couple slow weeks.. did #bbg leg/cardio day on Monday and my legs have been paying for it all week. Also started #profilebysanford this week so we’ll see how their perform program works for #halfmarathontraining on the back half! #running #runningmom #motherrunner #fitness #fitmom #nikerunclub #nikerunning #gains #runfast #momontherun #loggingmiles #rainydays #treadmillmiles
🚨THIS IS A WONDERFUL TRANSFORMATION BODY!😍. -YOU CAN DO IT TOO!👊 - So, I have some details to share you... What takes most diets 2-3 Months, THE 2 WEEK DIET ACHIEVES IN ONLY 14 ✔Decreased cellulite so you not only lose weight, but get tighter, more beautiful skin… without painful surgery or injections. - Would you like get success with it? Visit the link in my bio: @pounds.down and get some details about it - - 💓It is not easy, but not impossible: Our diet works where other weight loss systems fail because it focuses on reducing cellular inflammation, which is the real cause of weight gain, and because it corrects the bad information dieters receive today. 📲Continue reading >>> @pounds.down in the link on our bio - Credits: @carolinejhingory . Congratulations👏 . #follow #health #healthygirl #igweightloss #lifestyle #losingweight #photooftheday #strong #swole #traininghard #transformation #fitnessaddict #fitnessbody #fitnessgoals #progress #bbg #losingweight #cleaneating #weddingdress #program #deternation #summer #weightlosstransformation #weightlosssupport #beforeandafterweightloss #wlsjourney #extremeweightloss #healthkick #healthier #weightlosschallenge
Don't wait until you've met your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.
Protein Carrot cake with Cream cheese Icing 😋 Carrot cake is probably hands down my favourite cake and having it at work last week just made me want to get into the kitchen and try and make a bit of a healthier version. I've adjusted the amount of carrot in the recipe to the one that I've photographed because it's a bit too dense from the water in the carrots so this is more like a "raw" cake texture (still good just not what I was going for 😂) Cake (per serving) 30g Oats 25g Carrot (if you want more of a "raw" cake texture add 50g) 25g Vanilla Pea Protein Sweetener of choice to taste (I used stevia and Erythritol) Cinnamon and ground ginger to taste 1/3 tspn baking powder 1 Egg White Enough Water to bind Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F In a high speed blender make the Oats into flour Grate the carrot and add into a bowl Add in all the other ingredients in Stir Slowly add in water until you get a thick cake batter consistency Add into two silicone mini loaf pans Bake for 20 minutes or until set Cream Cheese Icing: 34g Light Cream cheese Sweetener of choice to taste Mix the cream cheese and icing together until you get your icing Spread over the carrot cakes Enjoy 224 calories 19g Protein 24g Carbohydrates 7g Fat #fitness #bodypositive #foodisfuel #strongnotskinny #vegan #plantbased   #fitnessblender #happy #yoga #healthy #selflove #probod #girlswholift #bbg #realbeauty #thebodresults #fightforbalance #eatwhatyoulove   #balancednotclean #positive   #thebod2018 #thebodrestart #thebodsquad #progress #healthyfood #weighttraining #strength #bodbabe #maintenancebod
Double tap for back gains💪 . Follow ▶️ @all_fitness_tips ◀️ Credit respective owners Dm for Credit . #fitness  #gym  #bbg  #body  #bodybuilding  #muscle #gains  #beastmode  #gymlife  #fitfam #fitnessmotivation  #workout  #supplements #shredded  #nutrition  #fit  #bodybuilder  #eatclean #goals  #change  #transformation  #motivation #health  #life  #look  #lean  #strength  #protine
🔥HOME WORKOUT🔥 FRONT RAISE 💪 ✳EQUIPMENT - Dumbbells ✳4 SETS - 20,20,15,15 . Hold the dumbbells at a 45 degree angle from the ground. The FRONT DELTOIDS should contract during this movement . #gym #workout #muscles #chest #shoulders #arms #biceps #triceps #back #fitness #fitnessmodel #bbg #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #fit #lifter #getbig #gogetit #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #followme #follow #instadaily #like4like #motivation #workhard #shredded #musclekingz
Hard work beats talent.
Low cal chicken parm w/t warm spinach salad 👅
Take your @hiitmax bands Anywhere & Everywhere! Try this quick workout in the park, at home, in your hotel room, or the gym! 💪 - Did you need the names of the exercises too? I’m assuming that would help lol 🤦🏼‍♀️ -RB push up w/ kick back -RB split squat w/ kick back -RB lateral walks w/ jump squats -RB reverse/lateral lunge 4 rounds / 45 seconds per exercise 30 sec rest between sets - Burn Fat. Not Time 👉 @hiitmax
“So what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Been a crazy long week but it’s FRIDAY EVE and I got chocolate paleo banana bread on the brain + a hot bath & necessary greys anatomy binge sesh happening (hopefully) 🙌🏾🍫 ✖️ Throwin back to when I made @bakeritablog paleo banana bread right here which is THE absolute best! There’s also a No Added Sugar Chocolate Chunk Paleo recipe on my site too using my fave @bobsredmill so I suggest making both... thank me later 😘 ✖️ Pumpkin version may be going down this weekend so STAY TUNED! Thank you for all the feedback on TNK content via my stories...you guys are ZE BEST 🖤 Anyone ready for tomorrow as much as I am??! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ #thenutritiouskitchen #timetobake #happyfridayeve
Piano playing or steady state cardio? 🤔 You tell me. • • • In all seriousness, I’ve been getting back into my playing recently. And it’s been such an amazing way to relax and refocus amidst the chaos of lifting, studying, etc. I’ve also been starting my mornings w a nice 20-30 minute walk to read the Bible, mediate & listen to some music. And tbh, I don’t know what it is but I just feel so much better. So here’s me reminding you to take care of yourself. Look after your health and not just your physical health, but your overall health. Having a bangin’ body is nice but being a shell of a being isn’t going to get you very far. Trust me. So take the time to relax, unwind, and refocus. Your body will thank you for it 🌱
What do you have when you're not feeling well? 🤔 I found this recipe from one of my favourite healthy recipes accounts in Peru @dietary_ss and it's absolutely amazing. CREAMY ZUCCHINI SOUP! 🍵 All you need is 1 zucchini 🥒. Wash it, dice it and cook it in water until soft. Cook 1/2 onion on the side (more flavour but optional). Blend the zucchini and the onion until you reach a creamy soupy texture. Add water until you reach your desired consistency. Season to your liking with salt, pepper and herbs. Serve with a little bit of parmesan or feta cheese. Ahhhhhh so good! Para la receta en español chequea a @dietary_ss
I suspect it is hard to love a nurse. We get up early, we come home late and are too tired to cook. We miss weekends, events, holidays, birthdays. We don't get too excited over a minor cough or cold, we have seen far worse. We don’t always want to talk when we come home, we have talked all day. We don't always want to move when we come home, we have moved all day. It may seem that we have left all of our caring, our heart, and our love at work, and have come home to you empty, we probably have. I guess it is hard to love a nurse, but know this: we still need your love and your understanding. We need to know that you “get it". We need to be the one taken care of every once in a while. We need someone else to take charge of the details because constantly doing everything ourselves is exhausting. Sometimes we need our feet rubbed. We need a shoulder to cry on when we can't even tell you why we’re grieving. We need you to do the hardest work you may ever take on, which is...to love a nurse. I would like to thank those of you out there who love them and let us do this work, this calling, this life ❤️❤️❤️ 🏥💊💉😊🚑
I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. –Maya Angelou. 🌻
The most fun I’ve ever had performing a routine. So much sass, love and passion! Thankyou to these ladies for the super fun 6 weeks of dance I was recovered enough to attended 🌹The journey of samba has got me hooked❤️ #samba #braziliansamba
Dance is the hidden language of the soul - Martha Graham . . Had the most fun performing tonight, still love every moment like when I was a kid💃🏼 #samba #burlesque
6 Transport Squadron disbandment parade 🚚 Turns out I was the most dressed up person in the crowd 😯
Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none ~ William Shakespere . A date night to start a big weekend for the both of us 🎀
You are a unique beautiful soul - Louise Hay 🌹Stay positive🌱 #positive #ruok
Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it ~ Charles Swindoll 🌱 . Quotes and affirmations are what has been getting me through the last few tough months, and will continue to get me through the next few months until the end of the year. A few favourites provide me with the determination I need to get up and seize the day. I just love how much truth so many of them speak 🤞🏻🌹
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