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What is a daily struggle for you? Mine would definitely be getting out of bed. Lately it’s been a little harder than usual. There’s just something in me that wants to tell myself “your sick just take a sick day and stay in pjs all day with layken” knowing I’m not sick and I’ll be just fine once I get out of bed and get myself ready. I’m still trying to learn how to shake it. #dailystruggles #getoutofbed #beabossmom #singlemamas #bossbabe #uncensoredmama #lifewithlayken #somedaysarehard #itsoktonotbeok
When you’re hanging out with @upworkinc , you eat your lunch on green plates, natch. You guys. I’m not super savvy at social media, and as you can see, I don’t really understand flat lays either. You know what I DO know how to do? I know how to use Upwork to get clients to come right to me. I know how to close high paying jobs and book out my income in advance. I started January with $10k in escrow for Upwork projects — which meant that I could concentrate on booking work for February (nearly done!), rock out the work if been booked to do, AND fly 15 hours to come hang out with some of the most amazing people in the world. I booked out my work in advance, so my trip out here has been about Target shopping, happy hours, and connecting with people — not stressing over work or money. There’s no great secret to what I do. YOU are every bit as capable as I am. Check out the link in my bio if you want to learn more! #freelancemom #thisis43 #myownbosslife #momsinbiz #changeyourlifenow #dowhatyouloveeveryday #ambitiousmom #upworkfreelancer #successfulfreelancemom #beabossmom #mombossliving #momof5kids
Have you thought about creating your OWN VA business? . I’ve been blogging for more than a DECADE and this is by far the best method I’ve found to make consistent income. I won’t say it’s easy because you’ve got to have skills and organization, plus I work my butt off, but I love it. . My mentor Abbey Ashley is putting on a free webinar to help you get started. Plus she has a boot camp program starting SOON. Link in my profile for the free webinar. . . . #virtualassistant #virtualassistantlife #becomeavirtualassistant #becomeava #earnmoneyonlinefromhome #stayhomewithyourkids #ownyourownbusiness #youcandothistoo #techskills #socialmediamanager #beabossmom #soloprenuer
As I look into 2019 and what I'd like to achieve in business, I've realized that what I really want is to bring other people along with me on this journey. I want others to experience success, challenge their mind with learning new things, make new friends, earn free trips, and have extra money in your pocket. So instead of selling you on all the perks (there's tons), I thought I'd explain my journey in 2018. Lengthy read, so thanks in advance! 😘 * * * * * * * * I started using these products in November 2017 after a friend convinced me that it would resolve my chronic dry scalp. So I purchased as a retail customer paying full price and shipping. Within 3 washes my dry scalp was gone so I was converted. 6 months later, yep 6 months these bottles lasted, when my products were finally running out, I got in touch to buy again. I looked at the VIP program and then the Market Partner Program, and thought, well that's a way better deal to become an MP. I had thought I'd maybe dabble in selling to my family and a few friends, but LOVED the idea that there were no minimums required to keep my discount. I signed up April 2018. I think I made one social media post about it in May and 2 people who had already been looking at the company gave it a try as Retail. June, I maybe made another post, and another friend signed up. My first VIP! A few more posts and talking to friends about how amazing my hair felt, and all of a sudden in August things exploded and I had shockingly qualified for my first month towards a free trip to Las Vegas. Well you all know me, I'm competitive and driven and I love Vegas. 🎉So when all of a sudden that was a possibility, that's when I really actively started pursuing this venture. Since then I have been reconnecting with old and new friends and sharing the products. I still have to step out of my comfort zone every time I ask someone to try FREE samples. Even though I know the product is incredible, and I'm literally just asking someone to wash their hair and give feedback, it makes me nervous each time. However, I'm pushing myself to do this not for the money, but because I know it can help people. Long story continued in comments
Ok ya’lls!! Today is the first launch day of 2019!! Check back around 2pm to see what is released!!! I am so excited!! It’s like Christmas all over again! 🤗😛😀🌙 #zyiaactive #newreleasewednesday #workoutclothes #fitnesswear #crossfit #yoga #dance #newyearresolution #2019 #workout #workfromhome #residualincome #beabossmom
What’s NOT to be excited about this time of year? I get a little thrill the first time I see a light display on a neighborhood home. But the biggest thrill of all is trying to cram as many holiday events and parties into the calendar as possible! 🎄 Enjoying tasty holiday treats is part of the fun during this joyous season! What I don’t love is the I do NOT love the 7-10 holiday pounds that comes with it! 🧁 You all know by now how life changing it’s been to keep my body balanced and I really want to encourage you to do this with me if you’ve been thinking about it! 💕 Our December Blitz that begins next Monday, December 10th! This is a time for you to join a Facebook event with no obligations. The pink drink/supplement combo, is a great opportunity to learn more about the product, win prizes, sample the product and share your thoughts! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Will you join me? Trial packs, depending on what you choose, are $10-30! Reach out or drop your favorite emoji for more info!
Whoa! Today is #NationalCookieDay 🍪 As if we didn’t have enough reasons to indulge and celebrate this time of year! 👏🏻 So, I want to know is what’s your favorite kind of cookie? How many will you eat in observance of this wonderful holiday? 🤨 I have about 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies ready to bake in my freezer, so I’ll be enjoying one or two of those. 🍪 Since starting on plant based supplements, I don’t have cravings for sweets and treats. I’m usually satisfied with a few bites.
This is my real life struggle! 🤫 Many times I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that everything DOES NOT have to be perfect. 🤫 I can let go of my own (ridiculously high) expectations, and be gentle with myself. 💕 Being gentle with yourself, frees you from mental & physical issues that can affect your well-being. 💕 Over the last few years, I have learned to give myself some grace and started taking an amazing natural supplement everyday that balances my bod just the right way! 😋 Want to try my supplements for 3 days? Reach out, let’s chat!
This snow is for the 🐧!!! We're watching movies & doing some online christmas shopping!! So I wanted to let you in on these deals for the last day! Not sure what to get mom or the wife? There's a popping beauty box!! 👉See what's going on! #snowday ❄️ #nopenguinshere #pinkblackfriday #startnow ‼️ #14daychallenge #nonewyearresolution #supportsystem ❤️ #beabossmom #letsdothis #nomorejellybelly #beautybox #agebackwards
Happy Veterans Day!! Thankful for the men who have fought for our country❤️ Freedom is not free it was earned 🙌🏻 #thanksveterans Love having the freedom to work from home, be my own boss & make the money we want to make. #thankssenegence . . . #bossbabesociete #bossbabesquad #changeyoursituation #beabossbabe #ladybosslifestyle #ladybosslife #ladybosses #bestbossbabe #mlmbag #lipsensebag #wowbag #wowbags #cariwarebags #cariware #bestwowbag #bossbabebag #wowpurse #waterproofmakeupislife #workfromhomemom #workfromhomejob #workfromhomemama #workfromhomeonline #bestmomjobever #beabosslady #beabossmom
You’ve wanted to free yourself from financial stress and help people at the same time. This is your chance! #beabossmom https://maggiesjourney.shiftingretail.com/login;returnUrl=%2Fbackoffice
Want to build your home library? 📚📖 Need to stock up on some amazing books for gifts?📘🎁💕 Would you love to have some extra income, earn amazing trips and live the life you always wanted! 💸🌞Check out this amazing special!!! What would you do with all the books? 📚📚What would you do with an extra $500?🤑 Ask me how!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #raisingreaders #youngreaders #teachyourkidstoread #liveyourdream #createlifeyoulove #believeinyourdreams #usbornebooksandmore #bossmom #kidswholovetoread #booklady #lovetoread 📚 #educationiskey 🔑 #bookworm 🐛 #childrenbooks #educationalbooks #lovemyjob #amazingspecial #interactivebooks #kidswhoreadsucceed #stockupongifts #besuccessful #youcandoanything #earnextramoneyfromhome #beabossmom #beyourownboss 👑 #believeinyourself #crushingmygoals #creatingmemories #impactingliteracy #booksthatchangeyourlife
It does not matter who doesn't believe in you! As long as you believe in yourself that's all that matters! Your destiny is not tied to anyone else🤔 ...... your past mistakes does not have to dictate your future!#Author ✍🏾 #stayfocused #nodisstractions #beintentional #bebold #befree #bebalance #beabossmom #residualsincome #Unstoppable #unshakeable Diva with the destiny Ministries 👠
Too many people don’t try new things. Why? Well, it could be lots of reasons. . But if we KEEP asking why, you will find its fear, most likely fear of failure. . 🤔why settle for good, or “good enough”, when you could have great? . Take a chance. Try something new. Start a business. Wear that red lipstick. Chop your hair off.... “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. 👊🏻✌🏻 DM me if this speaks to you. I’m looking for business partners who are motivated, committed, and ready to make a change. #motivation #feelthefearanddoitanyway #nextbooktoread #startthatbusiness #makeachange #beinspired #beabossmom #momtrepreneur #joinourtribe #teamoilistic_wellness #oilistic_wellness
#Transformurbody 👀 Tuesday👣 Don't knock it until you try it! if you want to lose 5 lb in 5 days in box your girl. Get rid of that belly fat and back fat. #Teamnotummy #Detoxlife #winwithTlc #beintentional #bebold #befree #bebalance #beabossmom #residualsincome #Girlholdmyhand #borntoinspire #Author #TLC #1000Families #Detoxlife #notadiet #Ask the #Mompreneur #Bosspreneur #Momonamission 👇🏿 www.totallifechanges.com/shopwithadiva 👠
I’m Hiring‼️ who’s looking for a job⁉️💰simply posting Ads 📲 Comment “MORE INFO” 🕗Tired of clocking in everyday? 🤦‍♀️Tired of your coworkers? 💰Tired of making your boss rich? ⛽️Tired of pumping gasoline for work? 🏝Tired of not being able to request days off work? 🚙🚚 Tired of traffic making you late to work? 👩‍👧‍👧Tired of not being able to be home when your kids get home from school? Well I can show you a legit way to make money💵 from home 🏡 on your smartphone 📲 LIKE! 👍🏼❤️ COMMENT 📝⌨️ SHARE!! 🗣🗣👥👥 Then I will message you or you can dm me so I can show you how to do it. Easy 💯!!!!!!! #makemoney #workfromhome #workfromhomemom #workfromhomejob #bosslady #bossbabe #boss #online #marketing #changinglives #beaboss #beabossmom
This is my absolute favorite picture from this years convention. You may be thinking really Katie!!!??? You have gone off the mother deep-end......Well you see strollers, I see moms finally saying enough is enough I’m going to impact the world. You see strollers, I see moms who are done watching there husbands be stressed out with jobs they hate. You see strollers, I see mom that wanted to stay home and raise their babies and still make money. You see strollers, I see a company that says bring your family along on your journey. You see strollers, I see a company that says family is important. You see strollers, I see people that are leaving a #legacy #timeforchange #wanttobeastayathomemom #wanttomakeadifference #nowisyourtime #beabossmom
When purpose chase you down you commit to your #DESTINY .... when it has nothing to do with you but all to do with God. Born to inspire , failing forward and turning fear into fuel! #chosenlovedNprotectedbyGod #HumbledNConfidentingod #ReleasetoPeace #beintentional #bebold #befree #bebalance #beabossmom #borntoinspire #residualsincome #Girlholdmyhand #finishstrong #SoarwithEagles #Transformtofly #Mompreneur #DivawithAdestiny 👠
Please come celebrate with........ Author Pierra Collins #bookSigning #launching #Clear Vision through cloudy eyes👀 " My Mess became My Ministry " #birthing #Newseason #Newbeginnings #thejourney #forward #obedience #ServantofGod #Transformtofly
When your girlfriend supports you and purchases #2 book for her & Mona Gracie 👄 LOL #2 #books thanks Dana your genuine support and love is greatly appreciated!💕💕💕👄 #beintentional #bebold #befree #bebalance #beabossmom #Borntoinspire #residualsincome #Girlholdmyhand #finishstrong #SoarwithEagles Clear Vision through cloudy eyes bit.ly/clearvision
Happy Friday remember to live love and laugh😄😄😄😄#fixyoface #beintentional #bebold #befree #bebalance #beabossmom #borntoinspire
STAY WOKE !! Clear Vision through cloudy eyes #beintentional #bebold #befree #bebalance #beabossmom #borntoinspire #divawithadestiny 👠
This is my burnt chicken. I made a commitment that beginning in 2018 I would not cook dinner. I do not enjoy cooking as a general rule. I do not enjoy feeling obligated to cook because I am female. I do not believe that because I am the mom that I should be responsible for dinner or even planning dinner. So I do not cook. I do not plan. I do not feel guilty. But I do ..... occasionally and because I WANT TO ... cook. Here are the results of tonight's "want to cook". Burnt chicken. It is a reminder to myself to do what I do best. #runabusiness #beabossmom #beamomboss #mamaboss #bossmama #iamthereformykids #ijustdontdoitbycooking #ishowmydaughtertobeherself #putwhatyoulovebestfirst #iplanbest
Grateful morning💥 TODAY begins a New Journey for me! The Lord has shown himself strong on my behalf and has given me a mandate to tell my story. I am no longer a shame of my past but now embracing my future. Please go to Amazon . Com and pre-order my E-book today Clear VISION Through Cloudy Eyes #mystorymystrength #MymessbecameMyministry #Divawithadestiny 👠 #beintentional #bebold #befree #bebalance #beabossmom #borntoinspire #residualsincome #Girlholdmyhand #finishstrong #SoarwithEagles #Transformtofly #Mompreneur #Bosspreneur
5 steps to becoming a boss mom by @jillianharris : ... 1️⃣ Embrace your inner and outer babe: you have extra lumps and bumps in places you didn’t even know existed, you lose some of your hair, you breakout, you get stretch marks, you’re emotional … you have a mom bod. But guess what?! Screw it. Screw all of it. YOU ARE STILL A BABE!! . 2️⃣ Dress Comfy: leggings and sneakers are your jam. . 3️⃣ Schedule everything: google calendar is also your jam. . 4️⃣ Take me time: put it in your google calendar. . 5️⃣ Be kind to your body: eat good, drink water, and sleep when you can. ... Share your advice for other Boss Mom’s out there!! Comment below! . . . . .. . . . . . . . #muslimmom #bossmom #bossmuslims #muslimboss #muslimkids #leadership #beabossmom #workfromhome #minime #collaborationovercompetition #momwins #momlife #momtruth #jillianharris #workhardplayhard #rolemodel #momsrule #muslimmommy #inspireyourkids #beabosslady #bosslady #Bossbabes #bossmommy
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Insane results for Laura 😍🙊🔥 . 6 month progress between the two pictures! 4 months on plan, 2 months maintained 🤸🏼‍♂️⚡️ . . "Iv never ever been able to maintain and feel as amazing as I do now. 2 dress sizes dropped, my health and wellbeing is better than ever. Skins finally acne free, digestive problems have improved massively, nails and hair longer and stronger than ever, insomnia gone and I now always feel full of energy. And that's only some of the benefits 🙈😍 The day I said "let's do this" will always be one I will never forget as it has completely turned my life around and I finally feel like a healthier happier version of me"
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Healthy colourful lunch! 😍🤤 . Tomatoes and bell peppers Tuna pasta with feta cheese...... sooo good!!!
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I LOVE Mondays 💕🤩✨ We have a new whole week to achieve our goals 💪. A new week to start what we always wanted to do 💪 #lovemondays #newweeknewgoals
#AIBNATION 👣👣 NO AURTHOR LEFT BEHIND TOUR I'm super excited about this new Journey , God has planted my feet on! Thankful to be connected with genuine people that are pursuing with purpose and passion for others just as I'am ...... Clear Vision through cloudy eyes #Divawithadestiny 👠 #beintentional #bebold #befree #bebalance #beabossmom #borntoinspire #residualsincome #Girlholdmyhand #finishstrong #SoarwithEagles #Transformtofly @im_luvashia @shya_boo @amerigajap
#HappySassySunday 👄👄👣 Enjoying Sunday evening with love and my G baby! Live Love and keep laughing😍🤣🤣🤣✌🏿 #Teamcozy #TeamCollins 👠 beintentional #bebold #befree #bebalance #beabossmom #wefight #residualsincome #Girlholdmyhand
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Let’s start the day with extra power today!!! 💪🔥 We have the whole day planned, playing at a fun barn and pet zoo, to finish with a lovely afternoon tea and maybe some dinner??? 😅 I might have my first cheat day 🙃🤫 My shake and premium capsules will not disappoint on giving me all the energy I will need for the day 🤗
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