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So freaking proud of my girl, @megharvey23 for finishing the 80 day obsession with me!! She KILLED it and is killing this coaching and healthy lifestyle thing. I couldn’t be more proud!!!! 🙌🏼❤️💪🏻✌🏼💕✨ you inspire ME girl!!! This is just the beginning 🙌🏼☺️✌🏼🙊✨ #Repost @megharvey23 with @get_repost ・・・ So here they are...pictures on the left are from day 1 and the pictures on the right are from today, the day after finishing 80 Day Obsession! My Results: - ⬇️ 7.8lbs - ⬇️ 3in in my waist - ⬇️ 3in in my hips - ⬇️ 1.5in in each of my thighs - ⬇️ 1in in each arm - ⬇️ .75in in my chest This was an intense 3 months, and I am so proud I completed it because there were days I was ready to just stop! Thank you @autumncalabrese for making this program, you are an amazing trainer and inspiration to me! Thank you @coleweisterwellness for completing this challenge with me! * * * #beachbodyresults #80dayobsession #loveyourself #thisismylife #healthyliving #beachbodycoach #youcandoit #girlswithtattoos #pressplaytoslay #beachbody
It’s the season of giving.... so GIVE yourself the gift of health and stop GIVING into excuses! Your goal should be to fill your own cup so full that it overflows in abundance to others. That isn’t selfish! It is a way to make everyone who is connected to you a little better too, while you improve yourself. So stop waiting for the perfect time or AFTER the holiday! 🙄 Do this for yourself NOW because TODAY is the perfect time! ❤️ I was hesitant to “waste” money on myself in the beginning too. I get it y’all! But now if you ask my husband and my kiddos, they’ll will tell you that it was worth the investment. It gave them their mama and wife back. It brought a light back to my life that’s brightened theirs as well. I lost 70 lbs and gained my happiness while I worked on learning to change my entire lifestyle. This isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about improving yourself from the inside out! 🙌🏼 So if you still need to make your Christmas list..... add a home wellness program to it ladies, cause a fancy purse or expensive shoes won’t make you feel as good as taking care of yourself! 😘 When you’re ready, I’m here waiting on your message. Don’t be afraid to reach out! 💜
Another awesome back workout with the beast. I'm feeling stronger and I can't wait to see the final results after I finish #bodybeast . Although I might have to talk to santa about bringing me heavier weights for christmas lol. . . . . #beachbodyresults #backdayworkout #gains #noexcuses #nevergiveup #neversettle #grind #beachbodycoach #shakeology #dadboddestroyer #guyswholift #pressplay #backmuscles #workoutfromhome #homegym #beachbody #lifting #santabringweights #training #gettingfit #fitness #fitforlife #muscle
It’s true what they say- mood follows movement. I’ve spent the last week studying, and this weekend has been a cram session. I really hate that feeling when I’m studying and I just need to MOVE, but I can’t step away from studying. So between classes I walked downstairs to my gym with the shortest commute, no wait time, and no judgement to sweat it out a bit. I didn’t do a full workout today cause I need to get back to studying, and truthfully it’s just not in me, but I still moved. And who ever said you can’t have an effective workout in 20 minutes? No one 🙅🏻‍♀️
Tbh felt very sick throughout this whole workout. BUT I got it done! And I’m glad I did it. Sometimes, even when I’m not feeling well, moving my body is the only thing I want to do. It helps me feel like I’m maintaining at least a little bit of control over how my body feels. It used to be the opposite for me. If I felt even a hint of being sick, I’d hunker down on the couch and not move for 3 days. But that just doesn’t help me anymore. So here I am! Thanks @autumncalabrese for getting my blood pumping.
So here they are...pictures on the left are from day 1 and the pictures on the right are from today, the day after finishing 80 Day Obsession! My Results: - ⬇️ 7.8lbs - ⬇️ 3in in my waist - ⬇️ 3in in my hips - ⬇️ 1.5in in each of my thighs - ⬇️ 1in in each arm - ⬇️ .75in in my chest This was an intense 3 months, and I am so proud I completed it because there were days I was ready to just stop! Thank you @autumncalabrese for making this program, you are an amazing trainer and inspiration to me! Thank you @coleweisterwellness for completing this challenge with me! * * * #beachbodyresults #80dayobsession #loveyourself #thisismylife #healthyliving #beachbodycoach #youcandoit #girlswithtattoos #pressplaytoslay #beachbody
I finished 80 Day Obsession yesterday!! I loved this program! (maybe not while doing it every day 😜) Having 80 different workouts was amazing. I never got bored and I constantly felt challenged. . I am so proud of myself for finishing this program. Ever since we moved, my health and fitness took a backseat. I would try to start a program, but I would give up. I tried to join a gym, but then I never went. I couldn’t find the motivation that I had always had before. . I can’t thank @getfit_stayfit_kendra enough for reaching out to me to join her accountability group. I seriously don’t think I would be at the end of the program without her or that group. . I’m sharing my results with you all because I’m pumped about them! Thank you for the encouragement along the way. Starting shift shop and getting back into yoga tomorrow!! @beachbody @autumncalabrese @80dayobsession #80dayobsession #beachbodyresults
Still doing it...Saturday I had a rest day. 😊Just in case you were wondering! 😂😂
6 months post op...sorry for being MIA. As you know from my last post, a lot has been going on. It’s been an unexpected rough go with my health and after having surgery last week, I’m hoping to finally be able to get back to myself and back to my rock star drive that I had before. My eating has been shit and I’ve gained a few pounds and feel absolutely disgusting. This isn’t me. I can’t believe I let myself go a bit. I’ve had zero drive to do shit. But I guess when your dealing with emotions, stress and especially health issues, it can happen. I can’t wait for 2019, I’m determined to make it my ultimate comeback year as sometimes life is so fucking cruel, but it’s up to us to kick it back 🙏🏻💗 🙋‍♀️💗 #abdominoplasty #tummytuck #tummytuckjourney #tummytucksurgery #tummytuckrecovery #tummytuckresults #bluehair #greyhair #silverhair #tattoo #tattooedmom #tattooedgirls #beachbodycoach #beachbodyresults #21dayfixresults #21dfxresults #80dayobsession #80dayobsessionresults #beachbody #shakeology #fitness #fit #fitmom #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightloss #health #lifestyle #bluehair
This health journey is about learning to appreciate your body for all that it is and all that it does. Life gets a whole lot more colorful when you let yourself immerse fully in it. What would it mean for you to get your health on track? How would that change your trajectory, your thought process, and your life? There’s so much joy waiting for you in this process, I promise. 🌄
This picture is NOT from today. Lolol check my stories to see what this gal ACTUALLY looks like, but I just wanted to say I’m THANKFUL for this break. No, I’m not thankful for the flu, but for the REST! . And thankful for the slap in the face that happened to me yesterday....I was M A D and upset when I found out I had the flu. Want to know why? Because I knew wouldn’t get to workout for awhile....I preach all the time about how your inside is more important than your outside, and how you FEEL matters more than how you LOOK. . However when I didn’t workout yesterday I started hearing these thoughts in my head like “Hope you don’t lose all your hard work from laying on the couch all day.” “Don’t eat that, you’re not working out today.” “I bet you could at least do a low impact modified workout just so you burn some calories.” How STUPID. . After I let myself have a pity party for about an hour yesterday I stopped and told myself “WHO CARES”. Resting for TWO days will not stop progress!!! I don’t workout to earn my food!!! It doesn’t matter if I workout everyday or if I workout once a week; I am HAPPY and I am HEALTHY. I have family and friends that love me and my worth is not found in my workouts or in my body! My body needs rest, and that’s what I’m giving it! . Thank you, Lord for rest and restoration! ♥️♥️
Goood Morning lovely people. 7 days ago I started Shaun Ts, Shaun’s week workouts and here are my results after 7 days. I took my weight and Inches and I gained 1 pound and lost no inches however I can feel and see the results from these photos. I’m not at my goal just yet however, from looking at how far I’ve come I’m on my way to greatness. Today I’ll be doing yoga and started the 7 days over this Monday!!! I can’t wait to see how next weeks progress photos will look compared to now. How are you all today? It’s a winter wonderland over here in VA. . . . . . . . . . . #beachbodyondemand #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #yogagoals #fitnessgoals #womeninspiringwomen #yogapractice #yogafun #beachbodyresults #yogaasana #yogaaddict #yogaforall #fitnessinspiration #progressnotperfection #fitnesslifestyle #workoutgoals #workoutmotivation #workoutinspiration #fitnessjunkie #fitnessbody #womenempowerment #blackgirlfitness #blackgirlasana
What are you doing today that is setting you up for the future you want? 💪🏼
The toddler and I were up super early today, whats early? 4am😂 These are my before and after photos from the fitness program I just finished, 8 weeks ago comparing to now. I can see changes happening, and I will continue to notice the results because I’m determined to tone this mama belly by summer! #dontbelievemejustwatch @breannefreeman @joelfreemanfitness @liift4 #liift4 #liift4life #liift4results #beachbodyresults #homefitnessprogram #results #beforeandafter #strongereveryday #strengthtraining #toning #mamabellybegone #fitmom #resultsareearned #hardworkpaysoff #notbadresultsfordecember #flex #gains #gettingthere #bodyinprogress #absinprogress #absloading #everydaygoals #everydayinspiration #ididthisathome
🔥MAY PROMO AKO SAYO! PM NA! ☑️ORGANIC JUICE NA PAMPAPALIIT NG TIYAN ☑️ORGANIC JUICE NA PAMPAGANDA NG KUTIS ☑️ORGANIC JUICE NA NAKAKA ANTI LAYLAY ☑️ORGANIC JUICE NA NAKAKABLOOMING ☑️ORGANIC JUICE NA NAKAKABATA KAHIT 10 DAYS MO LANG SUBUKAN BES PARA MANIWALA KA! HINDI LANG TO TUNGKOL SA PAGPAYAT KUNDI PARA SA KALUSUGAN MO! ULTIMATE GOAL TO! MASARAP NA, GRABE PA ANG EFFECTIVENESS! TRY NA! 😍 ORDER NA HABANG MURA PA! Contact us through Instagram Direct @weightwarriormanila or SMS/Viber 0917-788-8483 Facebook page: WEIGHT WARRIOR fb.me/weightwarriormanila #balikalindogprogram2018 #gacicamfever #GarciCamPh #GarciCam #garciniacambogia #beachbodyresults #befit #besexy #behealthy #papayatdinako #fitandhealthy #sale #promo #proveneffective #slimmingdrink #delicious
Glamorous life of a couple of nursing students during finals 🤷🏻‍♀️ ready to get back to a life of normalcy but taking it day by day for now. How’s everyone else surviving?!
#nsv of the week: being able to comfortably wear a towel & wrap it completely around my body. I know this might seem like something so incredibly small to some people but to me, it’s not something I’ve always been able to do. So to me, it’s huge 🙌🏻✨ NSVs are my favourite types of victories. Also- I am finally seeing a bit of muscle definition in my back 💪🏻
Our Fall/Winter ‘18 collection has landed. We think you’ll love our new Energy Mesh Strap Tank and Fusion Wave ⅞ Tight! Shop via the link in our bio. #BBGearUp
. 📸 At a Wedding Workout . ➖ 🤔 Maybe the first post in kind of fancy clothes and not workout stuff. . Know what’s a lot more important than your workout? . The relationships in your life. . So don’t let your “busy schedule” ever get in the way of major events or even making sure you give the time and energy necessary to the people in your life. . Your schedule and events will be ever changing, but relationships will be rock solid for life if you put the time in. . @linds_cor wrote this caption. . Maybe she should start writing all of them. Hmmm 😳 🐩 🐕 . #iCor #corcrew #corworkout . _ #pwrprogress #pwrprogram #tiu #tiuteam #tiuholidayhustle #beachbodyresults #shakeology #beachbody #21dayfix #transform20 #insanitymax30 #fit #fitmom #beachbodyondemand #transformation #fatloss #fatlosshelp #newyearsresolution #workoutvideos #fitspo #girlswholift 🍩 🐓
I’m still pretty new to IG, but I feel like everyone should know something about me. 🤗 (Anyone who is FB friends with me, will already know this. 😃) I absolutely hate MLM scams, and anything that remotely resembles it. I will never buy your shakes, makeup, clothes, and lifestyle. Ever. I’m quickly learning, the Instagram version of this is, “DM me babe! Would love to sell you shit, and manipulate you into thinking when we use your pic as our free advertisement, it actually benefits you! 💋” Now, If anyone wants to send me free treats, or Girl Scout cookies, or puppies, I am totally fine with that. You’ll get my honest reviews, pics, and I’ll promote the crap out of you. 🥰😎😁 I hope my rant post, saves someone from being scammed. I also hope it makes those involved, unfollow me. 🖤💋 Kisses #soundslikemlmbutok #mlm #scam #bossbabes #blessandrelease #pinkdrink #shakeology #lularoe #influencers #youniquemakeup #snakeoil #blessed #beachbodyresults #cantthinkoftheothershittybrands #pyramidscheme #ambassadorsearch #saturdaymotivation #rantstagram #sorryformyrant #sorrynotsorry #messagemefordetails #yourewelcome
My version of in n out burger....lettuce wrapped Turkey burger and steamed broccoli with lemon juice salt and pepper #healthyvibetribe #transform #beachbodyresults #workingoutwithshaunt #healthylifehappylife
Currently enjoying some cozy cozy Christmas shopping on this chilly day! ❄️ Yay for local coffee shops & weekends! Who’s with me??
Parce qu’il y a meme pas 1 an, jouer par terre avec mes enfants était un défi... vive la transformation santé #plaisirdelavie #beachbodyresults
Really feeling this dress. Bought it a size down from what I was previously and it still needs taking in, in a few places but I’m so chuffed 💃🏼 #beachbody #Liift4 #liift4results #beachbodyresults #newpurchase #boohoo #polkadots
15lbs. When I first started my journey back in October (last day of September) I wasn’t sure how far I’d go or how much of a difference I’d actually make in myself. For years I’ve repeated the same cycle of going hard at it for a week or two max and then taking an extended rest day. When I say extended I’m talking months and months of a “break”🤦🏻‍♀️ but here I am two months in and I’ve actually made some real changes. Both mentally and physically I’ve gotten stronger, I now have muscles in places I didn’t even know I could get muscles and I’ve lost way more weight than I expected to 🌟 my journeys not even close to over but I love checking in every now and then to show myself just how far I’ve come 🙏🏼 slowly but surely I’ll get there 💗🤟🏻 #girlswholift #girlswholiftweights #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightlossjourney2018 #fatlossjourney #curvyandfit #curvywomen #thickandcurvy #curvyconfidence #bodypositive #bodytransformation #beforeandafter #t25results #beachbody #beachbodyresults
Well that 80 days flew by!! So happy to have completed another program and cant wait to start a new one in January!! If you want into the January group let me know ❤ it's not going to happen overnight. It's a lifestyle change. Consistency is key!! #beachbody #beachbodyresults #80dayobsession #80dayobsessionresults #consistency #gettingfit #autumncalabrese #wefinished #inthebooks #lift #squat #startnow #change #healthylifestyle #intuitiveeating #gotitdone
I tried a sample workout of our new step based cardio program and I’m fairly certain these 20 minute workouts are gonna be challenging in a short period of time and give us KILLER RESULTS! Whoa! I’m so ready to TRANSFORM! 🙌🏼 Wanna join me?!? Send me a message or comment below! Limited spots available! Let’s do this!!!!
Day 1 of 80-hoppin on the fitness journey🏋🏼‍♀️and I got pups to do it with 🐕🐾 #beachbodyondemand #80dayobsession #beachbodyresults #80dayobsessionresults
I love showing you guys my pull-ups because I feel like 1. I get most excited about improving in this exercise right now. And 2. I can’t hide my struggle when I do pull-ups. With a lot of other exercises, I can act like the pain isn’t there when, I promise you, it always is. With pull-ups though, hiding that is impossible. I go until I fail because I’m working on my max goal. So here’s to almost getting 6! 🎉
TURBO-CHARGES YOUR TAN WITH A NATURAL TAN ACCELERATOR with @sunshapers @sunshapers @sunshapers 🧡sunshapers SPF30 Sun Cream contains MelanoBronze natural Tan Accelerator which boosts natural melanin production and is proven to increase the tanning of the skin even in the absence of the sun 💛 Helps to build a tan faster and protection against UV-rays #prebioticsskincare #luxuryskincare #anticellulite #bodyshaping #flatbelly #tanaccelerators
I need summer all year round!
What’s holding you back? Identify whatever it is, and leave it behind. You are made to live a fulfilling life. Whatever gets you excited and amped up, go after that. You deserve to be loyal to yourself.
This can't be more true. At the beginning I would always have to make myself find time to get a workout in but now I find myself making sure I have the time I need to get a good workout in. Beachbody not only gives me access to hundreds of workouts but also a number of professional trainers to help me meet my goals and help motivate me along the way. I couldn't be happier with beachbody's workouts and excellent performance supplement line. It's amazing how much they can push you to do in such a short amount of time. Dm me and I'll hook you up too. . . . . . . #beachbodycoach #shakeology #energize #recovery #menwholift #gettingfit #beachbodyresults #dadswholift #dadboddestroyer #gains #noexcuses #results #beastmode #bodybeast #p90x #bodybeast #workoutfromhome #weightlifting #neversettle #nevergiveup #gymlife
💪🏻Our Friday Flex pose this morning 😂 I absolutely ❤️ how he’s taken an interest in exercising!! Although he only sticks with me for a couple of minutes, usually seconds at a time, he’s always watching! 👀 I want to be able to keep up with this guy for as long as I’m physically able! My goal is to try and be in the best health so that I can do just that! 🙌🏻Lead by example 🙌🏻Practice what you preach #boymomlife 💙 #fitmamas #healthyandfit #beachbodycoach #workingmomlife #beachbodyresults #workhard 💪 #noexcusesmom
😶 Wow. I cannot believe it! Evidence of the compound effect in real life -> small daily changes making a difference over time 01/29/18 on the left 12/07/18 on the right 35 pound difference But really it's a 6 month transformation because I didn't start working on it until the summer. I remember when I started this whole thing, I was discouraged because I didn't have a significant transformation. I didn't think people would take me seriously because I hadn't accomplished anything. Well... needless to say my life has changed. For real, so excited about what's happening! What you CAN'T see is the mental change, and that's the real win here. This is freedom. P.S. Hugs from my brother are the sweetest 💙 #weightlosstransformation #healthjourney #bingerecovery #weightlossbeforeandafter #beforeandafter #notascam #eatingdisorderrecovery #family #worthit #worthy #confidence #beachbody #beachbodyresults #weightlossresults #homegymresults #ilovemybrother #compoundeffect #veganweightloss #plantbasedweightloss
How I feel about it being Friday and getting a little extra breathing room to get my workouts in, cram for my finals, and spend time with people I love. What’s everyone else looking forward to going into this weekend?!
Attempted to do 30 minute workout today only got to about 20 mins !! There will always be an excuse !! But , Trying to get back at it !! Only 25 days till the new year My workout partner never fails to join me . Starting new group December 10th 21 days of Fitmas !! Who’s with me ?!?! #momlife #boymom #postpartumbody #coachinglife #getfitstayfit #gethealthy #beachbodyworkout #postpartumjourney #momfitness #postpartumfitness #challengegroups #shakeology #beachbody #gethealthynow #foodforhealth #21dayfix #goals ❤️ #fitness #fitmom #goodfortheheart #heartofawarriorfitness #winwin #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #heartofawarrior #teambeachbody #beachbodyresults #beachbodyondemand #beachbodycoach #coachlife
This is me. The person to the left didn’t exercise and had all the excuses in the world to not exercise. The one on the right decided to try it out. Now I’m Obsessed! 💪🏼🏋️‍♀️ #80dayobsessionresults #80dayobsession #beachbody #beachbodyresults #shakeology
#millenialeats 🥬💁🏼‍♀️
. 😳 Arm Stuff Supersets . 📌➡️ www.innercor.fit ⬅️ Your Workouts . ➖ 1️⃣A. 16 Reverse Fly to Overhead Raise 1️⃣B. 13 Hammer then Angled Curl 🔁Sets: 3 . 2️⃣A. 16 Underhand Raise to Reverse Press 2️⃣B. 13 Squeeze Crusher (3 Seconds Down) 🔁Sets: 3 . ➖ 💀 Skull Crusher Tips: . 🍩Whether you position your arms with: . ▪️Your elbows are lined up directly above your elbows here or, ▪️Your elbows are behind your shoulders or, ▪️Your elbows are behind your ears . There is one golden rule of skull crushers. . Ready? . 🤗 Treat others how you want to be treated. . I know, wrong golden rule but it’s a good reminder. Practicing this will put yourself in the other person’s body to help you become more empathic, compassionate, and really gets you outside of your own head. Moving on... . 👏🏻 Keep your upper arm still and I mean COMPLETELY LOCKED IN place.. DO NOT MOVE IT AT ALL! . 🧐 “But... what’s my upper arm?” . This is the part of your arm between your elbow and your shoulder. So your bicep and triceps, keep those as still as possible and perpendicular usually to your body. . 😱 “But... what’s perpendicular?” . 😳 Where were you during math?!? . It’s when a line (in this case your arms) meets or crosses another line (your body or the floor) at 90° right angles. . If you’ve continued to read this far you must love spreadsheets and numbers as much as I do. Thank you friend I’ve never met. . Or you accidentally stopped here as you were scrolling for music credit. I love you too now please keep scrolling. . ❤️ . #iCor #corcrew #corworkout . ➖ 🎵Remember - Gryffin ft. Zohara ➖ #arm #armworkout #homeworkout #bbg #bbgtransformation #bbgprogress #pwrprogress #pwrprogram #tiu #tiuteam #tiuholidayhustle #beachbodyresults #shakeology #beachbody #21dayfix #transform20 #insanitymax30 #fit #fitmom #beachbodyondemand #transformation #fatloss #fatlosshelp #newyearsresolution #workoutvideos #fitspo #girlswholift
Workouts are DONE for the week! 👏👏 Buuuuut who am I trying to kid!? I'll be doing something extra tomorrow. After today's HIIT I think I might actually decide to lift weights. 😏💪 TGIF! That means 15 days until CUBA! 🇨🇺⛱️🍹☀️ #hiitworkout #hiit #LIIFT4 #liift4life #liift4results #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyresults #cardio #legday #tgif #friyay #weightlossjourney #weightloss #hardwork #progress #trusttheprocess #workout #healthy #strongnotskinny #thickthighs #thickthighsprettyeyes #fitness #travel #cuba #cayos #christmasvacay #workhardplayhard
Earlier this week finished the 80 Day Obsession and wanted to share my results. Loved this program and have been impressed with how it changed my body in so many ways I didn't think would be possible after having children! Down at least 2 pant sizes...fitting in clothes I haven't looked at since my wedding 10 years ago and have so much more energy to spend with my family. Get obsessed with your own fitness and nutrition and you'll be surprised where it'll take you! Comment with an emoji or send me a personal message and I came help you hey started today! #80dayobsession #80do #beachbodyresults #fitness #fitnessgoals #findingyourinnerstrength #nursepractitionerhealthcoach #beachbodycoach
Week 5 done!💥 I’m officially down five pounds and 4.5 inches!! Almost to my goal! This is how I feel after one hell of a leg day 😝 #liift4 #beachbodycoach #legworkout #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyresults #happyfriday #loveyourself #selfcare
Taking some time to reflect on the past year. I started 2018 with one goal in mind: to run the Mini Marathon. I just wanted to finish it. I spent the first 5 months of 2018 training. On May 5, I completed my first half marathon. After that I began my @beachbody journey. Since May, I’ve completed two full programs and by the end of the year I’ll have finished 3. • 80 Day Obsession taught me I can do hard things. It taught me to respect myself. It taught me how to change my mindset. It taught me about portion control. It taught me how important nutrition is to weight loss. • LIIFT4 taught me how strong I can be. It taught me to push past the limits I have set for myself. It taught me to be humble. It taught me that no matter how good of shape I think I’m in, I can be challenged to be better. • 2019 is quickly approaching and I’ve got big goals in mind. I’m starting my year with @shaunt and @transform_20 and I cannot wait. I changed so much in 2018 and I can’t wait to see how much I transform in 2019 🙌🏼 • • • • • #beachbody #beachbodycoach #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyresults #liift4 #liift4life #80dayobsession #transform20 #tbt #throwback
Can you hear me scream??? Aaaahhh!!!! Yay! My Christmas gift to myself is here!!!!! . I cannot wait to start 2019 with @shaunt !!!! 🎁🎉💪🏻❤️ . This is going to be awesome!!! . Say the word if you want to do it with me!!! Happy Friday!!!
I love my home workouts!! ❤️ It’s so helpful that I can do them around my schedule. I didn’t have to wait for a specific class time this morning, my trainer shows up when I do! 🙌🏼 And speaking of trainers, this morning during my workout he said in order to have incredible results you have to love yourself through every step of the journey, especially where you are TODAY! That extra little bit of motivation this morning reminded me to be grateful for where I began, where I am now, and where I am going! 💪🏼
When I was underweight & unhealthy (left picture), I would hear comments like “I see the weight loss in your face”, and I’d wonder what they meant by that. I remember thinking things like, “This is the highest potential for my beauty” because I thought that having a thinner face meant having a prettier face. And I thought this because people were commenting on it in completely innocent ways, and my brain was taking what they said and turning it into total lies that had nothing to do with the words that actually came out of their mouths. I remember thinking, “So this is the bone structure God created me with. Now you can see it! This is how I’m meant to look!” GUYS! I was sick. And admitting I had those thoughts at all is hard to do, but it’s just true. The transformation I’ve had through Beachbody has been more than a physical one. Although my face has regained its healthy shape and my body has grown stronger, my mind is shifting as well. I don’t waste time thinking about things I want to change about my body or wondering if this is my full potential. I just live my life in a healthy way and am grateful to have a body that works FOR me and not against me. You are beautiful in every stage of life, and there’s no such thing as reaching your full beauty potential. Ladies (and honestly gents too), I know you know what I mean. You are stunning, and there’s no need to waste time wondering about that. #hyperthyroidism
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