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Every unicorn needs her pimp juice 🦄🌈⚡️ shine from within babes 🖖🏽 #nashvillesupersaturday #TIYP
Day 44 in the books! One more week in phase 2 and it feels like it's flying by!! Once I had realized I was eating out of the wrong plan (I had gone up one meal plan because I wanted to get some extra running in but never ended up adding it in---whoops!), the extra weight I wanted to lose has flown off! 8 pounds! Haven't remeasured the inches since the end of phase 1 but have lost at least 6 inches and down 1-2 pant sizes!! If you are interested in taking control of your health and want to feel better than you have in years, post a comment for me, message me, or call me. These programs work and you can do them from the comfort of your home! Why wait??? Get started now!! #beachbodycoach #beachbodyresults #nursepractitionerhealthcoach #80dayobsession #80do #fitness #healthgoals #exercise
20 weeks post op. Sorry for being MIA lately. Lots have been going on and I needed to focus on myself and my health. Fitness has been the last thing on my mind. Sometimes things happen in life that we will never understand, but in the end if you look at it the right way, it will make you stronger. I’ll be back at it in no time and be stronger then ever 💗 #abdominoplasty #tummytuck #tummytuckjourney #tummytucksurgery #tummytuckrecovery #tummytuckresults #bluehair #greyhair #silverhair #tattoo #tattooedmom #tattooedgirls #beachbodycoach #beachbodyresults #purplehair #21dayfixresults #21dfxresults #80dayobsession #80dayobsessionresults #beachbody #shakeology #fitness #fit #fitmom #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightloss #health #lifestyle #booty #purplehair
I am starting up a whole new 14 Day Workout Challenge Group! If you struggle to keep yourself motivated to make yourself active or even just to start your fitness journey, or maybe you just need an extra little kick to reach your goals, this group could be for you! This consists of 14 daily workouts, all of which are done online and can be done from your own home. Each workout lasts between 30-45 mins and don’t require any equipment. It’s also completely free and open to everyone across the UK. Get in touch if this sounds like something for you! #fitness #fitgirl #cardio #beachbody #beachbodycoach #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyresults #slimming #diet #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #fatloss #bodytransformation #fitspo #motivation #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslife #gym #gymmotivation #homeworkout #onlineworkouts #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #healthy #healthylifestyle #lifestylechange #personaltrainer
Rest Day! I took off yesterday because of a trip to the doctor for a 3 day migraine. I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow for a T25 Stretch session! . . . #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyresults #beachbodyworks #beachbodytransformation #beachbodyworkout #t25 #restday #takearest #chronicmigraines #fitness #fitmom #fitmomsofig #postpartumfitness #katiemcdonaldfitness
Transfo! 9 mois sépare ces deux photos.. Ainsi que 55 livres et beaucoup plus de confiance ❤ mon objectif de départ atteint 💪 on lâches pas! Chacun d'entre vous avez l'étoffe d'atteindre vos objectifs. Sufit d'y croire et d'y mettre l'effort 💪😊 Merci à mon entourage ainsi qu'à ma coach @mme_coach. De m'avoir soutenue ❤ #goals . #transformation . #tbbsupersaturday . #beachbodyresults . #fitness . #saineshabitudesdevie . #confianceensoi .
Finished day 74 Booty! It also is the end of Phase 3. The top photos are after Phase 2 and the bottom are from today. Can’t believe there is only peak week left. It’s been an amazing 74 days. I feel a lot stronger and healthier. This program is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. . . . #80dayobsession #beachbody #day74of80 #beachbodyondemand #bod #fitness #fitgirl #bootyday #beachbodyresults #phase3done #peakweek
I’m a big advocate of taking time to rest. I hope this Saturday is a relaxing one for you. Take some time to take care of yourself however you need to. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• When I started Beachbody 6 months ago, I remember thinking, “I’ll never be as strong as I once was”. I started my first program, 80 Day Obsession, 25 lbs lighter than my healthy weight due to sickness. I felt helpless and fragile. It was a frustrating place to be in. I truly felt like maybe I was going to be a weak person from then on. But then I started Beachbody, and within a week I was feeling improvements, and now, 6-7 months later, I feel stronger than I’ve ever been. I decided to take care of myself even though the idea of failure scared me. I was scared that I would have it confirmed that I was no longer the powerful, muscular woman I’d been before my sickness. I was scared that my body would fail me and that it would affect my confidence even more. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to stick to the program and that I’d get too discouraged by my frail body to push forward. But all of those fears turned out to hold no weight. All of those fears were lies trying to keep me from what I wanted deep down. I’m so thankful that my current coach reached out to me to try Beachbody because I’m not sure how I’d be feeling at this time in my life if she hadn’t. I hope that you all can feel the courage to try something new, whether it be Beachbody or marathon training or taking a walk that you wouldn’t normally take. Just start. Because living in that fear is going to keep you exactly where you are, but stepping into the fear will take you closer and closer to where you want to be every single day. I’m here for you, and I would love to be the person who gets you started on your journey to a healthier life. 💙
The fact of one busy girl- but a happy girl! I could be mad that I haven’t had time to breathe since my day started, but I choose to be grateful. Grateful that my school work is getting done, grateful that I am able to work my job!! A busy life means you’re filling up you life! Choose to look on the brighter side of life 💖
Happy Friday All!! 5 unassisted chin-ups complete after my workout today!! Inbox me for more info!! @tonyshorton @carldaikeler #beachbody #beachbodycoachlife #beachbodyresults #beachbodycoach #beachbodyresults #nevergiveup
What’s keeping you from doing what you want to do today? What’s holding you back from going for your goals and really pursuing your desires? I know that life gets complicated, and some decisions take a lot of thought and deep consideration. But some decisions are honestly just simple, like the decision to invest in making yourself a stronger, more confident human being. Who doesn’t want that? I want you to know that you’re capable, and you can do this whole Beachbody thing. It works if you work. 💙 Get in touch with me to get started.
Want to get to where you can do this? I can help you get there! 🧘‍♀️ _______ The right nutrition and exercise for your body can do wonders! 🍍💪 ___________ Ask me how! __________ #piyopushup #fitfam #girlboss #beachbodyresults #pittiemom #fitness #results #piyo
Good morning body... Let’s put you to work #girlswhotrain #triathleteintraining #underarmourph #trifactor
Recently hitting the mark of being down 50lbs in just under 6 months feels amazing. I didn’t realize the changes because it’s a slow change day to day. But putting them side by side I can definitely see it. I can tell the difference in how I feel and what I can do. I am almost done with my first program #insanityworkout which has elevated my cardio health and pushed me further into the direction I want to go. This program has shown me you can get solid legitimate results from home and in some cases on the road while I travel for work. I want to thank @jimmiebrenton_ for getting me started, and of course @shaunt for putting together such a great and challenging workout program. If anyone is interested in giving it a go, doesn’t have to be this program, there are so many to choose from you can find the one that fits you best. I am here to help you if you want support in hitting your goals while I actively work on my own. Let’s do it together as there is power in numbers and support to make goals a reality. For more information feel free to send me a message. Let’s finish the year off strong! Y’all have a good one. #50lbsdown #beachbodycoach #weightloss #bettertodaythaniwasyesterday #consistencyiskey #putinthework #lifechanging #hardworkpaysoffs #dedication #betterhealth #heretohelp #digdeeper #dontforgetyourshakeology #whoswithme #whowantstotryitwithme #finishstrong #teamwork #familyman #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyresults #beachbodyworks
What I want to get across with sharing my story here is that YOU CAN. 👏🏽🌙 it doesn’t matter where you came from or what you think your reasons are for not being able to go after the life you know you really want. IF YOU WANT IT AND PUT IN THE WORK YOU CAN! {{swipe to see my former reality}} . I was always the underdog, I even had trouble believing in myself, I struggled with body image since I can literally remember, I have had to do A LOT of work (and I’m still working) to undo all the messed up beliefs systems that were ingrained in me growing up about myself, the world around me, success, food. Everything. . The reason I’m so passionate about the business I’m in is that not only has it helped me on a deep level, I was able to build it from the ground up even though I’m a woman who was a high school drop out, grew up on welfare, and didn’t go to school for business. All that didn’t matter!!! What mattered is my heart, my journey, being authentic, my work ethic, my passion for what I offer, and my ability to get out of my own way and serve others. 🔮 that I could do!! . My passion is empowering women to OWN THEIR LIVES. To be empowered to become their healthiest, to overcome limiting beliefs, to build something that is theirs, to empower other women through their stories, to USE the freedoms we now have a women that so many before us fought for!!!! 🐛🦋 I love building up my team of health and fitness coaches/influencers to be their personal best and share their magic with the world! 📿 . Digging into my emails and the applications to join my #TIYP team 💌 if any of this resonates and you want to be a part of the movement drop a 🦄 below and I’ll get you the deets!
Fun little relaxation session post-workday. It’s FRIDAY!!! 😭🙌🏼😍 Hey, I have an idea for what you can do this weekend! START BEACHBODY! 😉😉😉 seriously though, message me! #beachbody #yoga #notayogiyet
The best part about my workouts are having my favorite guy by my side🧡
Giving up is SO last season. ✌🏽🌈🌙 #TIYP #IGNITEYOURPASSION
Affirmation of the day: I am happy and free because I am ME.... . . These pictures were taken over the summer while vacationing in Hilton Head with my family. I was hesitant in posting these pictures of myself wearing a bikini on social media because I didn’t want people to judge me or make negative remarks. BUT these pictures depict how happy and care free I felt that day on the beach and this is a glimpse of ME!!! . YES I am a beachbody coach and I love helping others with their fitness journey. It took me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin to post pictures of myself. I work hard to be fit and healthy. I’m in my mid 40’s, married, have 4 children, AND work full time as a critical care nurse practitioner. It isn’t easy...I struggle like everyone else with my workouts and with my nutrition BUT I strive to improve every single day. I have come to realize health and fitness is a journey NOT a destination and changes do not happen overnight. I’ve also learned to trust the journey! . . I find the time every single day to become the BEST version of me...and so here is ME...being happy and free!! . . #positiveaffirmation #thisisme #happyandcarefree #beachbodycoach #beachbodyresults #bestversionofme #fitnessisajourneynotadestination #fitmomof4 #fitnursepractitioner #liift4results #80dayobsessionresults
”Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.” – Les Brown . I have always had the want to be healthy and fit, who doesn’t, right? . It wasn’t until January of this year that I became hungry for it! I set my goals and haven’t looked back. . There have been many obstacles along the way, but having that hunger and motivation to push thru the obstacles, has me living my best life! . I am surrounded by a tribe of women who motivate and encourage me everyday. Without that support, I would have one more obstacle to work thru. . My tribe shares healthy recipes, tips and tricks on how they are staying on track and pick me up when I’m struggling. . So on this fabulous flex Friday, I am PROUD to show off what my hunger and $160 investment 😊 has help to create!! 💪 . #flexfriday #pumpkins #gethungry #lesbrownquotes #makesallthedifference #beachbodyresults #alittlemoreobsessed #momoftwins #grandmaswholift #fitmusclemom #setgoalsandcrushthem
I had a client message me yesterday and tell me thank you for showing up during hard times. 💜 She was so sweet and told me that when I show up, I help her see that she can be strong too. Y’all I haven’t felt very “strong” this week. My life is upside down and grief over my fur babe is consuming me. However I promise you, I will show up. It won’t be pretty everyday but I’ll be here doing my thing regardless of what life throws at me. I won’t let my current life chaos determine how I care for myself or how I care for my clients and my team. I’ve been down that grief spiral before I changed my lifestyle, and I won’t let it take me this time. This time I have healthy coping techniques... my home workouts, a nutritional shake to give me extra energy, a community of support, the knowledge of what food will fuel me best, and a job that fills my heart with love. . . I will show up for me and those who depend on me. I made a promise to do that and I don’t plan to break it. So here I am checking off my morning workout and flexing.... cause it’s Friday and I challenged my online accountability group to show off their guns to celebrate their journeys thus far! 💪🏼
I’ll just leave this right here.... Before I started the 80 day challenge on the left and now. I’m on day 61, so I can’t wait to see my results at the end! And for those wondering “how much more weight do you want to lose?” I honestly am pretty close to the same weight I have been for years, but I have lost so much of the flab and gained SO much muscle over the course of this program. Y’all, when I tell you I love Beachbody, THIS is why!! Get in on this! Let me know if you want some info!! #80dayobsession #beachbodycoach #beachbodyresults #beachbodyondemand @autumncalabrese @jessicamcornett
ONE DAY LEFT! I have a secret to share 😆 . . I switched day 79 with day 80...and I've been doing this through phase 3! Want to know why?? Bc I prefer cardio on a Saturday! So, this has worked for me, and has helped me keep going! 💪 #bootyday kicked my butt! Phase two booty day is the perfect combo of weighted legs and tough resistance workouts. It's my favorite of ALL the workouts in the ENTIRE #80dayobsession program 💕 . . Y'all, I've worked out for 79 days. Like, what's happening to me?? 😂💪💕 #goodlifechanges . . #80dayswithautumn #80daystochange #80dayobsessionobsessed #80daysobsessionworkout #beachbodyfamily #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #beachbodymom #beachbodyrecover #beachbodyresults #beachbodyenergize #shakeology #fitnessforlife #fitfam #fitmom #momswhoworkout #morninggrind #morningworkout #fridayworkout #mombod #fitspo #fitspiration
When someone at the "gym" stinks but your the only one in the basement 😂😂😂 I used to hate cardio day. But now, I've come to love it. I love finishing my workout knowing I gave it my all. I love feeling exhausted. I love the sweat. I love the calories burned. I love that feeling of complete satisfaction. You have to put you first in order to take care of those around you to you best ability. You need to make the time because you will never find the time. #lift4 #fitmomof2 #athomeworkout #8weekprogram #liftforlife #makeitcount #morningworkout #progress #thestruggleisreal #thatwasadoozy #joelfreemanfitness #coachlife #beachbodyresults #sweetsesh #selflove #selfcare #myworld #healthylifestyle
Brunette to blonde, no abs to baby abs. Crazy what time can do. 😜 Here’s to Friday. 🍻 I think we all need it to be the weekend. #joelfreeman #liift4 #80dayobsession #results
Transformation Friday! The picture on the left is from over a month ago, and the picture on the right is from today. Not too big of a difference, but definitely a difference. I’ve been doing the 21 day fix for 17 days, and continuing with weight watchers for about 20 days. And confession: not consecutively counting points. #day17 #transformationfriday #transformation #losingweight #loseweight #beachbody #beachbodyworkout #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyresults #beachbodyworkouts #21dayfix #21dayyoga #21dayyogafix #21day10minabs #motivation #motivated #accountability #nevergiveup #friday #fridays #fryday
In this cold morning weather ☺ your man wakes up and finds you making a pose looking like this, 😋 he would obviously be crazy to look elsewhere!! 😋 Get your man to view you the way @sallonaaswimwear views women in their #lingerie 💋💋get yourself this lingerie from @sallonaaswimwear at a cheaper price and run to @kay_artistic_ for such and an amazing awesome picture #lingeriemodel #beachbodyresults #bodygoals #body #beachbody #bedroomgoals #sexy #photogenic #faceofsallonaa #Sallonaa #swimwear #bedroomwear #sassy #relationshipgoals #goals
6/sept 135.8 lbs. ➡️ 18/oct 128.6 lbs. Y lo que faltaaa 💪🏽 #beachbodyresults #insanitymax30results #herbaliferesults
It takes some work, but not what you’d expect! I’ve carried 2 beautiful girls in this belly and I’m damn proud of that. I remember after I had my oldest how quickly I lost my baby weight but with the second it was much harder. I’ve worked hard but also not that hard. I haven’t had to spend hours at the gym 5-6 days a week. I know I can get quick and effective workouts done and get AWESOME results! But I’ve also fueled my body nutritiously and also lived life and enjoyed food and drinks when I wanted (within reason) you really can’t HAVE it all!! Its called moderation and planning! I’m continuing to work and challenge myself in new ways all the time, but I’m proud of where these ABS are headed!! #mombod #strongerthanyesterday #livinglife #moderation #beachbodyresults
We’re keepin’ it casual in our Modern Fusion Tank! The split back lets you customize your fit – wear it long and let it flow, or tie it up to show off your results – either way, our super soft drirelease® fabric will feel like butter on your skin. #BBGearUp
It’s time for a Healthy Harvest y’all! We are going into the hardest time of the year to stay on track.... but this year instead of gaining the dreaded holiday pounds we are going to learn to treat our bodies well and have a healthy holiday season. . Do you want lose 5-15 lbs in 3 weeks guaranteed?!? I am looking for only 10 women! Those who are serious about making a change in their health and ready to invest in themselves. This group will be catered to those needing a fresh start, looking for a solution at home, and need extra support. . . You will participate in a home fitness program with workouts for all levels of fitness. You will follow a portion controlled clean eating plan that focuses on balanced clean eating rather than a deprivation based food plan. You will enjoy a daily nutrient dense shake meant to supplement your nutrition to help you reach your health goals quicker. You will be added into a private online accountability group that will give you resources you need and the extra support to increase your success. . . Space is limited and group will be filled on a first come basis. Comment below with “I’m ready” and I’ll message you with more info. We get started 10/29.... so reach out to to secure your spot!!
My lil triceps and bum are finally growing again (in a good way!) No magic pills, no waist bands, no keto diet; just working out 4 days a week from home and working on a balanced diet! I haven’t cut out any food groups (yes I still eat sweets and carbs), but I’ve been working on #beachbody portions with their containers and am finally back into a lifting routine which has helped with muscle growth! I’m far from perfect but I’ve been working on being a better version of myself! ✨ Thanks #liift4 & @joelfreemanfitness for helping me change my mindset, tone my body and get me back into an amazing routine!! A little over 2 weeks to go! ✨ #liift4results #beachbodyresults #liftresults #growingmuscles #finally #strongwomen #fitwomen #bootygains #tonedbody #tonedbooty #workinghard #tricepworkout #gainingstrength #gainingmuscles #dailymotivation #motivation 💯 #eatforfuel #beachbodycoach #workoutroutine #beachbodyresults #bod #moderationiskey #positivethoughts #selflove #strongnotskinny #happyhealthyhumble #onehealthchoice
Don’t be afraid to fail every so often. Failure doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. You are not defined by your failures, and failure does not define you. Failing allows you to grow and change, just don’t fail to change. — You will make it through these hard times just to come out so much stronger!
Throwback Thursday Two months ago i was weighing heavily on the decision to sign up for a home workout program called Beach body on demand. Back then I was a gym rat so didn’t consider home workouts- Slowly but surely, life started changing as my roles evolved and my focus started to shift... 💜In 2016, I lost my son at 24 weeks 👼🏻 and the light in me dimmed and I gained up to 190lbs 😣.I tried to get back to healthy eating but my focus wasn’t there. 💜In 2017, we did a half marathon to kick start our plan to get back to being fit and went down to 180lbs from trAining 🏃🏻‍♀️. I also gave birth to my daughter in dec 2017 early due to pregnancy complications 👶🏻 and from there my life changed. 💜I wanted to love and appreciate life again and stay healthy for her, & for my husband. I slowly and steadily started losing all my pregnancy weight (210lbs max) with pumping milk for her, using our home elliptical and eating healthier. But I needed more... I missed the gym and the interaction and just working out with my husband. 💜Going back to the weight room while having an infant at home, working nights as an RN and going to school for my Masters- was just not ideal. 💜Not to mention keeping up with my home and wifely/family duties. In comes Beach body... I followed a special mom while Faith was in the Nicu @saraengland1 becauSe her precious baby was also a Nicu baby AND she had time to do her home workouts. Through her encouragement and reality of dealing with a preemie- I found I was able to relate to her and was completely Inspired. 💜I didn’t need to go to the gym to get healthy and fit again. At least for now, I can enjoy all the workouts I need at home. I am completely loving the program at home and in combination with eating healthier/lowcarb/ modified (lazy) keto meals- I have lost almost 50lbs since my pregnancy weight- & I am currently now at the weight I haven’t been in 10 years & fitting In jeans I wore in my 20’s. 💜I’m happy to be healthy for me and my family and to have a platform to share with people who care about the same thing 💜🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼
It's about #progress not perfection I'm a mom who wants to be healthy enough to chase after my kids, to enjoy new adventures with family, to have the best life I can and be the best version of me!!! I have #goals what are yours? #whatsyourwhy #bestlife #bethebestyou #beachbodyresults #80dayobsession #healthynotskinny #fitnessfanatic #fitmom
Another reason I love Beachbody On Demand...it’s easy to do on vacation!! I’m lost in a gym—I love having my trainer always with me🤗 3 mile run on the treadmill + upper body fix & 10 minute abs 💪🏼👊🏼#beachbodyondemand #21dayfix #workhardplayhard #fitmom #run4fun #liftweights #beachbody #beachbodyresults #momof3 #girlmom #littleeyesarewatching #leadbyexample #fitnessmotivation
• network marketing • is just making new friends through social media. and through this avenue I have been able to share my journey in order to help and inspire other people. yesterday, my success partner, Jaimee Phelps and I started going live together on our Instagram platform. I’m interviewing her every afternoon { 1:00 cst } through Wednesday the 24th and then starting Thursday, the 25th, she will interview me. if you aren’t following me on Instagram - now is the most perfect time to start. and if you are a network marketer, Jaimee and I will both attest this - STOP marketing the products. share how they are are changing your life. I mean...... I initially didn’t start BeachBody because I wanted a BeachBody ..... I already had that part covered YO. I’m all about sharing my story with zero fucks, and the best part of this entire journey has been witnessing my own growth AND making best friends like Jaimee. what’s your hang up? hope to see you over there. LIVE. LOVE. MATTER. xo A #ChangeYourMind #ChangeYourLife
** Transformation Thursday ** Yes you can get results working out at home with 30 Min workouts & only 4-6 days a week. Why go to a gym, don’t know what you’re doing, sweat in other people’s sweat, no meal plans to follow, pay extra for a trainer, feel uncomfortable ??? Or Workout on your time, have a designed meal plan just for you, have a set workout schedule so you know what to do on what day. & Get real results !!! Stop thinking about it & Just start. I can Help - ask me how.
Don’t ever give up. The change inside is always easier for YOU to see than for them to see. . . Keep going. . . #healthandwellness #mamabear #fitness #lovemylife ❤️ #kateandthechaos #beachbodyresults #pushyourself #youllchangewithin
Pour ces journées du mois où tu te tens enflée, laide, ne supportes rien d'ajuster, tu n'as pas d'énergie et surtout TOUT t'énerve il y a ces leggings qui peuvent sauver une journée :doux, léger, remodeleur de silhouette, c'est comme être en pyjama au gym!!! 😍 😍 ⭕Le lien est dans la bio pour commander le tien! ⭕ #ChicAuGym #mantafitnesswear * * * * * * #leggingslover #leggingslove #leggingsarelife #leggingsarepants #over40andfabulous #over40fitness #over40fashion #laval #gymclothes #workoutclothes #workoutwear #fitnesswear #fitnation #fitforlife #bbgmontreal #beachbodyresults #beachbodychallenge #mtlfitness #fitmomstrongmom #fitmomover40 #secondskin #legsday
“Don’t be a product of your circumstances. Be a product of your decisions”. My question today is - what do you want to do?? The picture on the left it’s me 3 months ago. In the beginning of my journey as a Beachbody coach. It’s super hard to share myself looking that way but at this point of my life what I want to do it’s show you how possible it is to dream. And how a simple decision can change your life and everything around it. The picture on the right it’s me today. This morning actually after my day 8 doing #80dayobsession . One of the hundreds fitness program from Beachbody. This company, the one I DECIDED to BELIEVE 3 months ago. The one I decided to commit with, to not only transform my body, but my career, my income and my life in general and which has been the vehicle for me to find that freedom I’ve been looking for since got to the US. 3 months ago I decided to change my life and I decided to help other to do the same. To find not only a financial stability but emotional and physical as well. I am not a fitness or health expert but I do work hard everyday to improve myself and my team. I encourage you to look up and take that dream back to you again. Take it in your hands and just don’t let it go, commit to it, work hard and see how there’s more than living somebody else’s dream. There’s more than a 8-5 job. There’s more than spending a few hours with your kids. There’s more than just a weight. YOU ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN YOU THINK. there is more out there... do you want it?? DECIDE...COMMIT...SUCEED. It’s that simple. 💪🏼 #decide #commit #succed #fitness #businesswoman #busymomgetsfit #healthylifestyle #pembrokepines #weston #fattofit #weightlosstransformation #beforeandafterweightloss #mamadedos #beachbodychallenge #beachbodyresults #myfitnessjourney #motivation #getfit
Non scale victory!! After I had June I was out shopping for something acceptable to ware in with my new and transformed post-preggers shape. I found this shirt for like $3 and I just couldn't resist even though it didn't even sorta fit. I knew I wasn't going to stay the size I was so I just bought it. I had no idea it would take 2 1/2 years to fit it but look at that!! Thank you self, for having faith in me, and making a change for the stronger and the slimmer and the satisfied!! We all have goals hopes and dreams. Are you ready to make those happen!?? Making your dreams a reality is only one decision way, and then continuing to keep making that one good decision. Before long those decision just become habits! Trust me it works!! #nonscalevictory #beachbodycoach #beachbodychallenge #beachbodyresults #fitmom #sweateveryday #momgoals #setgoalsandcrushthem #setgoals #momlife #theyfit
We got our workout done and when I say we, I mean me, and I had an audience. 😉 . . First things first, cause I know y’all want an update on my fur kid... thank you for all the amazing messages. I’m trying to keep up with them as quickly as I can. 😘 Sadie had a very restful night. Our sweet vet gave me a medication yesterday for some pain we thought she was having yesterday, and I believe it’s helped a ton. She has had a great morning so far and even ate all of her food and has been up walking some too. 🙌🏼 One minute she seems like she feels bad, and the next she’s reminding me of her old self. It’s a rollercoaster ride for sure. We’re just taking it day by day and hoping for a little extra time. We’ve been given several good days already and I’m so thankful for them. I will do whatever it takes to keep her happy, comfortable, and loved. That’s a favor I’m grateful to be returning after her many years of companionship. 💜🐾 . . Now on the workout.... it was cardio. I hated it. That’s all I’ve got. 😂 Have a great Thursday friends. 😘
I may not be where I want to be but at least I’m not where I used to be! #progress 💗 Yes, I work out: even on “vacation”..❗️ So many people ask & they also ask what keeps me motivated with an addiction. How do I do it? How do I stay #sober ? It’s not easy & there are times that it’s literally our by hour. . Temptation gets the best of us sometimes but! I keep a very real and true visual in my head and in front of me at all times! I am a very visual person and knowing yourself helps with this. The left photo is of me where I am now but I am not where I want to be! The right photo shows what is my screensaver and what I strive for. Will I be tall? No, I’ve given up on that LOL but I can have that rockstar body and those abs. I’ve been doing 60 sit ups a day with a goal I’ve set for myself! This is to inspire others, find something or someone you look up to and never stop reaching for the top of the coconut tree! 🥥🥥 xo In case you are wondering, I am so proud to call this woman my #LifeCoach & friend! @tiffanyhendra 👑
Don’t stop. 💙 I am overwhelmed by the amount of support I am getting for my last post! Thank you!! It means so much to me to hear feedback and see the number of people my fitness journey is reaching. If you want to start your own success story, I’m here for you! I’m a Beachbody Coach, and my job is to provide support and help figure out what programs are right for you! I’m part of an incredible accountability group that keeps me focused, and I add everyone who joins me to that group. You can do it. Reach out to me today! I’d love to hear from you and will always respond!
That’s really me. I know- how vain of me to post this photo. But the truth is, it’s more about progress. I’m actually surprised at how much my whole being has changed in such a short time. Thank you @beachbody and thank you dear God for answering the prayer I made for motivation. Thank you @tiffanybalexander for being such a positive influence on me. I knew I was living an unhealthy life. I knew I was compromising my future health, maybe even my longevity on this earth. I knew I was not honoring my Creator with the way I was eating or taking care of the one body I’ve been given. That has all changed with clean eating and daily workouts. And the journey will continue...#51 #cleaneating #progress #beachbody #fitnessjourney #dailyimprovement #liift4 #21dayfix #beachbodyresults
Here’s a snippet of today’s workout. I have jell-o arms again (that lets me know it’s working!!) but I pushed. . . A great little thing about taking a video of yourself working out: if you don’t have a mirror it’s a great way to critique your form! Yay! . . #lovemymorningworkouts #healthandwellness #mamabear #fitness #lovemylife ❤️ #liift4 #beachbodyresults #kateandthechaos
17 days straight. That means I have 63 days left! 63 days guys! Now not including Sunday’s I have 63 days left of 2018 which means I will also be done #80dayobsession . But uhh where has the time gone! It’s almost time for phase 2! 😱 #beachbodycoach #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyperformance #beachbodyresults #beachbodychallenge #teambeachbody #teambeachbodycoach #teambeachbodycanada #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitspo #fitnessjourney #fitfam #fitspiration #fitnesslife #fitstagram
T25 Lower Focus😱💀 To anyone wondering how out of shape I am, I’m already dying and sore! I will say I feel more strong even if going up the stairs and going to sit on the toilet is a struggle💁🏼‍♀️ That’s Day 3💪🏼. . . . . #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyworkout #beachbodyworks #beachbodyresults #beachbodytransformation #t25 #t25lowerfocus #lowerfocus #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitmom #fitmomsofig #katiemcdonaldfitness #postpartumfitness #sweatingitout #mombod
Day 2 baby!🙌🏼 T25 Ab Intervals Alpha! Took off last night for a baby boy who always wanted Mama and it wasn’t much different today. Made it difficult to finish the workout so we paused in between until I could distract him enough to complete it! Felt really good today! Who knows, maybe I’ll do another😬💃🏼 . . . . #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyworkout #beachbodyworks #beachbodyresults #beachbodytransformation #t25 #t25abintervals #abintervals #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitmom #fitmomsofig #postpartumfitness #katiemcdonaldfitness
Day 1💪🏼 T25 Alpha Cardio! Mannn was I sweaty after this! I loved where my head was at this morning and a little after brunch I decided I’d go ahead and get my workout in! • • • • #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #beachbodyworkout #beachbodyworks #beachbodyresults #beachbodytransformation #t25 #t25cardio #cardio #cardioidhardio #fitness #fitmom #fitmomsofig #postpartumfitness #fitnessjourney #katiemcdonaldfitness
Here we go; Day 0💪🏼 Started with T25 Total Body Circuit! I’ll be tracking my journey on this account and would love to have you along for the ride! (Helps with accountability 🙈😂) • • • • #beachbodyondemand #beachbody #beachbodyworkout #beachbodyworks #beachbodyresults #beachbodytransformation #t25 #t25totalbodycircuit #totalbodycircuit #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitmom #fitmomsofig #postpartumfitness #katiemcdonaldfitness
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