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“O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water” (Psalms‬ ‭63:1‬). 💦 I love this verse. It speaks of seeking the Lord in such passionate pictures - seeking as one would if they were in the middle of a desert with no water. 💦 Do we recognize that the Lord is THAT vital to our life? Do we seek after His Presence with that much desperation? 💦 And do we also realize that the Lord fills us to overflowing in our passionate pursuit? He doesn’t leave us desperate and wanting. He fills us abundantly 💦💦💦
🏖Summer you were fun and I miss you. Winter go easy on me.❄️
Apparently, the older I get, the less flexible I am 😬 My little sis @bjoy_cheadle would probably laugh at this and say it’s an understatement because she’s the more free-spirited one...but, I REALLY like to stick to the plan. I don’t even have to necessarily LIKE the plan—I just like knowing that there is one 🤣 • About a week ago, we traded in an OBX vacation (aka my TOTAL comfort zone ☀️ 🏖) for a week of exploring Lancaster and camping in the Poconos. It was last minute, so there was VERY little planning, and I was SUPER anxious about how the munchkin would do sleeping in his pack-n-play...FYI...he knows how to climb out of it now 🤦🏼‍♀️ • But despite all of that, it was absolute perfection. Pure family time with ZERO distractions from the outside world and ZERO pressure to stick to a schedule (but believe me, I still tried!!). Just what we needed to reconnect as a family ❤️❤️ • Maybe you can’t go off the grid right now. But I’d like to challenge you to take yourself off the cyber grid for 24 hours. Turn off your notifications, and spend tomorrow focused on your people 💙 You won’t regret it 👌🏻
We busted out last night. It was a Friday to celebrate 🎉 I have nothing but amazing things to say about Sacred Heart. Every nurse, doctor, surgeon, case manager + at home care coordinator was INCREDIBLE. Not only did they care for my precious girl, they took the time to ask if they could do anything for me... It meant a lot to me because I was by myself through it all {besides all the love we were receiving through messages, visits, calls, gifts and more. I am forever grateful}. There is something special about being in a children’s hospital + how they work with kids. It was amazing to see the volunteers + the way they went the extra mile to make sure Emery felt taken care of. Some amazing older women came to our floor one day and made special pillowcases for each child. Emery was so excited about poppy after having to find out we had to put her back under to get her picc line in. We also managed to come home with some special animals + a new baby 🖤 . So we are HOME-ish. We have to stay in Washington for 19 days for home health care to make sure everything is going well, and to keep an eye on infection levels. Also, call me nurse Lacie. We have no idea what bacteria grew in her joint, which happens to be a common thing 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s also super annoying. I have 4 IVs I am in charge of at home, which has its own story + I have been on the phone trying to get issues fixed because I am a total #newbie at this whole thing. The people are amazing + I am learning to have grace upon grace for myself. Pretty sure emery exhausted herself yesterday is tired and sore today, but we are resting in a comfy house 🙌🏼 . I’m exhausted I’m frustrated I’m thankful I’m emotional I’m learning to receive I’m forever thankful for everyone. It take a tribe to do life sometimes. #herlifeoutloud
Trigger Warning: If you're religious, this post may cause anger or irritation. • • Kingdom people will often speak kind and encouraging words into the lives of others. Religious people might not speak to you at all, until they have a complaint or critical judgement. • • Kingdom people will be looking for ways to be a blessing to you, they'll argue with you over who picks up the lunch check, bring you food when your sick, and pray for you on the spot when you ask for prayer. Religious people will secretly hope you'll pay for their lunch, avoid you when your sick or going through a rough patch, and say they will pray for you and then go gossip about your problem behind your back • • Kingdom people tithe and give offerings to the ministries the Lord directs them to. They want others, including their leaders, to prosper, because they understand Kingdom abundance and know their Daddy supplies all their needs. Religious people believe poverty is holy, don't tithe or give into ministry, and dishonor the 5-fold ministry by always consuming and never supporting the work of the Kingdom. • • Kingdom people are citizens of heaven. Religious people are members of a church. Kingdom people are purpose driven. Religious people are at cross-purposes with the Kingdom of heaven. Kingdom people carry the Presence of God. Religious people carry the stench of the grave. • • The Kingdom of heaven is an upside down Kingdom. Going to church, reading your Bible, and listening to Christian radio, does not a Kingdom person make. A Kingdom person has counted the cost, laid down their lives, and determined to change the way they think about everything. • • #beauty #daughteroftheking #sonoftheking #nolack #nofear #godseesyou #beautiful #womanofgod #loveyourself #righteousness #peace #joy #kingdompeople #beautyfromashes #shine #kingdommindset #kingdompurpose
So guilty. 🙈😂
This season finds me the most untethered and confused about God that I’ve been in twenty-four years as a Christian. My mind feels foggy, my spirit jumbled, and my heart in pain almost constantly. There are few ways I “hear” from God - never audibly, rarely when I’m pleading for it, and almost always for others and not myself. But this theme, this repetition, of “mountains” has come up over & over & over & over in the last couple of months - so often that I can’t not notice it. An image and location oft used in scripture and on regular rotation in worship songs & modern Christian conversation: “mountaintops, hills, valleys...”, but I don’t want to assume what it’s meant for in my right-now-weakness. I saw this image today and couldn’t help but think of how mighty beautiful the mountains are and how desperate I am to see beauty made from these ashes. Hoping for clarity as I sit in the dark. Wrapping my mantle around my face like Elijah ...hiding in Horeb ...desperate for God to pass by. 🌄
Perfectionism.... one of my personal favorite pitfalls. We all want to be well thought of, but to be free, we need to be who Jesus made us to be. We will always fall short but when we fall short, that's when Jesus gets a chance to shine through us. I hate that I'm not perfect, but it's the times when I mess up that God gets to show up and turn what seems ugly into something good and beautiful. #absolutelyalexandria _ Romans 8:28 (ESV) "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."
Sneak peak of a little something we were working on today. Excited to see what’s going to come from this . . . #nosmalllife #beautyfromashes #redemption #whenGodredeemsyourstory #livealifeworthcelebrating #riseabovethecircumstancesthatkeepyourlifesmall
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Don’t say you’re not an artist. The Creator of the entire universe knit together your design. You have creative capacity. You’re a story teller, not only with the memories you make and words you wield, but with every twinkle in your eye and tear that you cry. And no matter what’s in your past, the gift of your personality is too lovely to grasp. Don’t waste another breath beating yourself down. Listen to the voice of the Father. He rejoices over you. He delights in you. The God who spoke and turned nothing into all that is, He looks at you and calls you His. How extraordinary. This exchange of humanity for heavenly citizenry will last for all eternity. When the day arrives when you enter the gates before His throne, every fear you held will be no more. So keep your eyes lifted and embrace the truth that you are gifted. 🌷 Thank you for capturing the moment @nicksuarezphoto 📸 and to @simply_gorjess_hair and @labellevisagenj for hair and makeup 👄 and to @cocorocha for encouraging me to feel every beautiful emotion ✨ and to @jamesedwardconran , @thisisharri and the entire team for welcoming me into your home. I will always treasure my experience at @cocorochamodelcamp. ❤️
Focus on the goal. Some days it's hard to quiet the thoughts that try to intrude and distract. Push through them. Let them go. Keep moving forward. #fitlife #workoutmotivation #focus #womanofstrength #beautyfromashes #figure #goals #fitover40 #musclesandtattoos #beyourself #youareenough
About last night...it was so amazing seeing and hearing the stories last night about how God used each messy imperfect past of these amazing artists to create TRANSFORMATION and HOPE in the lives of everyone who hears their music. . ✨They had to OVERCOME their fears, shame, and doubts in order to live out the callings God has for them. . 💭Imagine what kind of impact God is waiting to create rig the mission he gave you. . 📸PS- I’ll be posting pics of our family fun last night on IG stories later today
Heart work is just as important as physical exercise ✨ Actually, it’s more important. It’s the most important thing. 💫 Matthew 12:35 #womenintheword #bedeeplyrouted
Hello, Autumn! This time last year I received a promise of healing, I was daydreaming of our "one day baby", my husband and I got matching tattoos representing beauty from ashes. Today I'm healed. I'm holding our baby in my arms, I'm walking through the beauty that used to be our ashes. Thank you, Jesus! _________________________________________ #hellofall #helloautumn #firstdayoffall #september #rowennaseli #hope #beautyfromashes #healing #promise #thankful #miracles #favoriteseason #seasons #bestisyettocome #prayer #stayingido #dreamscometrue #goodnesslives #leaves #cider #pumpkins #throwback #memories #thenandnow #infertility #pcos #fourthtrimester #beingmama #usthreeroberts #thankyoujesus
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“I know our situation isn’t considered the ideal success story of foster care. I’ve lived all sides of it now. The reunification that worked, caring for a child for years to have family come forward, and now adopting children who have neither of the other options. Each story is both beautiful and heartbreaking in the same breath. . Beauty and pain aren’t mutually exclusive though. We can live them all, experience life with more feeling than we ever knew existed, and still somehow survive, learn and hopefully make this world a better place in the process.” . An excerpt from my letter to the Secretary of the Child Youth & Family Department . #beautyfromashes #pain #joy #fostercare #adoption #fosteradopt #ourstory #family #ideal #feeling #mom #adoptivemom #heartbreak #learn #success #truth #pain #healing #survive #maketheworldbetter
What are you dreaming about? Chestnuts aren’t all that great, you know… Read more. See link in bio YOU page. #thymeinfluence #chestnuts #disappointment
#Repost @snowwolfunleashed with @get_repost ・・・ . "I looked in the mirror today and almost cried almost broke almost gave in to defeat and insecurities. * my body, once a breathtaking meadow. * smooth colorful and full of life. * now an ancient battle field flawed cracked and worn. * I hesitantly traced my terrified hands across scarred hills of truth. * fingertips anxiously exploring a scorched earth dimpled with mistakes. * tainted by self destruction sealed by happenstance and wrapped in self doubt. * I pleaded with my heart to hold back the embarrassment swelling behind my eyes blinding my light. * I argued with my mind to disperse the forlorn fog building in my ribcage restricting my breath. * I mustered all the courage in my knees and hope in my bones to stand just long enough. * to find a reason to not give up. * to love to accept to understand what happened to my ash covered wonderland a woman’s kingdom vacant of beauty. * and I teetered there for awhile until I heard a voice say. * You are more than skin You are words You are emotion You are brilliance You are love and as I straightened my posture I roared, and I AM A SURVIVOR. ...a warrior of life and that is BEAUTIFUL." * -J. Miller . . "This piece is dedicated to all women: embrace your cellulite, stretch marks, scars, under eye dark circles, crows feet, birthmarks and so on. You are more than skin, you are intelligence, kindness, compassion, fighter. Let that shine thru and unleash your inner LIONESS." -@indelible_thoughts . Amazing artwork by @poetryncolor . . . . #beautyfromashes #loveyourself #embraceyourself #noregrets #warriors #workinprogress #iamwomanhearmeroar #instawoman #instatruth
6 freaking months. 😱😭😍 Now THIS girl inspires the hell out of me. 🔥 ⠀⠀ My friend Ashley is a busy mom just like the rest of us. But she decided to make herself a priority 👊🏻 + holy crap 😳 look what can happen?! ⠀⠀ That’s not to say that results like these come easy. 💪🏻 She knew she couldn’t outwork her diet— so she followed the meal plan as written (no guesswork 🤷🏼‍♀️) + then pushed play on her 30-45 min workout! (No hours at the gym!) 🏋🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀ What could you accomplish in 6 months? 🙌🏻 Or even 3 months?! October 🍂🎃 is right around the corner + I get SO FREAKING excited 🙊 for the girls who join me this time of year!!! ⠀⠀ Why?! Cuz come Jan 1st when everyone is setting those resolutions 🥂... you will already have 3 months of results babe! 😉💪🏻 ⠀⠀ I’ll be adding 10 more girls to my bootcamp Oct 1st!! Girls who are READY to get serious about changing their lives! ❤️ ⠀⠀ Here’s the deets: ⠀⠀ ✖️ 4 day a week program, 30-40 min workouts (no repeats!) ✖️ Simple nutrition, family friendly meal plans ✖️ Built in treat yo’ self days 🍕🍹 ✖️ Virtual accountability + motivation in a private bootcamp ✖️ Daily superfoods 😋 and/or kickass supplements ✖️ Me as your forever coach! 👯‍♀️ ⠀⠀ Today is YOUR day girl. And In 3 months, you will be so thankful you started now!! 🙌🏻 ⠀⠀ Drop your favorite fall emoji below 🍂🎃 or shoot me a message to claim your spot friend! 😘
I don’t know which of you need to see this—but there is nothing in your story that will keep God from making something beautiful from it. You may be feeling like you’re at rock bottom, or that you’re failing your kids, your spouse, or your family and friends. You may be experiencing loss, depression, or crippling anxiety. But my sweet friend, you are worthy of greatness. You are enough. Your story is redeemable. • His promises are true: He will make beauty from ashes. Your story has the power to change someone else’s life. You were made for this. The same God who gave the oceans its borders is the same God who created you. Just hold on. *tag a friend to remind them that they are more than enough because Jesus is enough* • • • #intentionallife #HoldOn #Purpose #ExtraordinaryLife #BeautyFromAshes #YouAreWorthy #Redeemed
Love and Gratitude in all things; for ourself, for others, and for the struggle that burns us into the ashes we rise from 🙏🏻💕
Sqwaaaa💯❤️💋 . . Remember that time I wore a sweater to go out in the middle of September? That was nice. (It’s 90° here at home & will be until November ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) . Considering moving somewhere a little cooler 😅
When you put a seed into the ground, it doesn’t grow into a plant unless it dies first. Then God gives it the new body He wants it to have. Our bodies are buried in brokenness, but they will be raised in glory. They are buried in weakness, but they will be raised in strength. So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless. #1corinthians15 #beautyfromashes #newcreation #bestrong #unshakeable #church #deathwhereisyoursting #gravewhereisyourvictory #victoryinjesus #keepgoing #faith #after11n11 #g42life #ouradventure
Who prayed this prayer before dinner when you were growing up?? 🙋‍♀️
. THE FIRE WITHIN SARAH🔥 {full story link in my bio} . Sarah struggled with a very debilitating chronic illness for 6 years and her testimony is so amazing. Even if you have not struggled with an illness, her story will apply to anyone going through something hard, and I really encourage you to read it. I will leave you with an excerpt from her story. . “If you are falling, flailing, wishing your life felt sturdy and safe, know this: there is a “But then God” waiting to catch you. It may look and feel different than you think it will, but God will always give you more than you could’ve hoped or imagined. Soon, you will be watching God make the bad thing good. Soon, you will be flinging gold to all you meet.” . Sarah also is trying to raise awareness for the treatment she found, Dynamic Neural Retraining System, and has links in the story on how to find more info on that! Thank you for reading and showing her love for her strength. 💙 #thefirewithinher #thepowerofstory #beautyforashes @sarahjacksonpanther
FOCUS. 📷 See this photo? Now scroll over to the second photo. 📷 Both photos are of the same exact spot. But there is one big difference isn't there? That's right. My focus. . I was trying to focus on the budding plant in this first photo, but my focus kept shifting to the plants in the background. And when that happened? The budding plant disappeared from my sight. 📷 Life can be like this too, can't it? We focus so much on the future that we can't see what's right in front of us? We miss the lesson. The beauty. The blessing. We miss the growth-the budding-and strengthening that is taking place in this season. We are so focused on what may or may not be ahead, that our focus completely blurs out the blessing of today. 📷 Take some time today to refocus. Take your eyes off the future for a moment and refocus on the beauty placed in your path. Right now won't last forever. 📷 . . . . . #focus #blessings #todaysblessing #macrophotography #lessonsfromnature #lessonsfromgod #beblessed #focusontoday #throughthislens #throughmylens #instafaith #trustgod #beinspired #encouragement #shetheroar #christiancreative #christiancommunity #communityovercompetition #hisgracegirls #saturday #saturdaymorninginspiration #saturdayinspo #dailydevotional #dailydevotion #beautyfromashes #christianjourney
This little girl makes me want to be a better woman. A better role model. A better human, because I know she’s watching and learning from me. . . . #daughter #bearolemodel #love #loveher #mothersanddaughters #beautyfromashes #bettereveryday #sunrise #sunrisebythebeach
We're captivated by the wonder and sheer magnitude of how brokenness evolves into beauty. . . . And yet, here we are, each of us, unaware of our own beautiful brokenness ~ Trying to hide it from the world.. . . 👉🏽YOU Are a Natural Wonder! . . 🧡Learn to LOVE all the beautiful broken pieces of YOU! . . . . . . . . #GrandCanyon #RiseUp #AriseAndShine #Love #BeautyFromAshes #Grace #Peace #BeautifullyBroken #DryBonesComeAlive #Joy #Beauty #LeakLove #Magestic #BeYou #YouAreAmazing #TellYourStory #ShowYourScars
My jaw is still on the floor as result pictures keep rolling in!! Check out these 8 week results! 🙊🙌🏼 Seriously, I was the girl who said you had to eat VERY strict, workout 1-2 hours a day 6-7 days a week or results like these, just wouldn’t happen!! Thinking back now, I wasted SO much time ⏰ and MONEY 💰 because my mind wasn’t open to trying something different. I thought I had a great routine and I was “good” 👎🏼 I was wrong. I admit it! ALL of these results came from showing up 4 days a week, no more than 40 minutes per day, enjoying treats AND all from HOME 🏠🙌🏼 Are you ready to rock your fitness? Seriously? Are you ready to FINALLY get results WHILE living? It’s YOUR time! • 8 week commitment {Starting 10/1} TODAY is the FINAL day to get your kit so it arrives! • 4 workouts per week {on the most convenient days for you} • 3 rest days • Meal plan that allows a treat meal each week • Family friendly recipes • 30-40 minutes a day • Lift, HIIT and Core daily • Workout from Home OR the Gym • Super Trainer Coaching & ME for life ❤️ • SO MUCH FUN! 🔥 If this is you - drop an emoji below and I’ll get you some special pricing! This deal only applies for this group so don’t wait! 🔥 Let’s have you UNRECOGNIZABLE for Christmas 🎄 Dinner this year! 🙊😘🙌🏼
This is a letter for you. I've wanted to say this for a long time and I'm finally writing it now. You were made with purpose to be alive today and tomorrow and all of the tomorrows after. If you disappeared anytime soon, every person that loves you wouldn't recover. There'd be a missing gap in the world that couldn't be filled. Even if you feel life isn't worth living for yourself, it's worth living for your friends and family. Just by staying alive you are one of the strongest people I'll ever know and I'm so proud of you for making it this long. I know the road isn't always kind and it feels unbearable but you will survive. Because of this very hard time, you will leave it, having a better idea of who you are and how to follow your dreams. I want you to know that I believe you and that I believe in you. You are so priceless and nothing will ever change that. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm only a text away. If you need to talk to a professional, call 1-800-273-8255 or text TWLOHA to 741741. I love you 💕
APPRECIATE THE LIGHT🌞Moving to FL🐠has taught me to appreciate the light. Not talking about sunshine☀️but streetlights‼️ I struggle with night driving with lit streets. I have to believe the founders of FL🐠must of believed it’s romantic to have the darkest streets known to mankind! I was pulled over when we first moved here because I had my brights✨on. After explaining in my Italian Chicagoan way that” I CAN NOT SEE ! 👀WHERE ARE THE LIGHTS AROUND HERE? 👀THIS IS CRAZY DARK! IF THE CAR WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE BRIGHTS WHY ARE THEY PART OF MY CAR? “ So the nice officer told me to go home, sure he was scared of the🤪lady from Chi-Town! Darkness can keep us in a pit if we choose to stay there. It’s a slimy pit and so hard to climb back up. The Lord🙏🏼in His kindness reaches down and pulls us out. Sometimes He allow us to stay in the pit to learn something and be “ok” in our “not ok” place and wait for His perfect timing. I have failed over and over in this place, but oh so grateful for the Lord’s never-ending ❤️and kindness. I am continuing to learn, trust and grow in Him. He is continuing teaching me beauty begins from the inside out and it shines ✨when we know WHO we BELONG to. BeYOUnique is the motto for SuzVIBE🌸. Learning to live and love your own beautiful, crazy🤪, fun, vibrant, silly self. It has taken me quite a while to get to that place and it is a continual daily battle for sure! Come join our tribe at SuzVIBE🌸 to encourage one another to be beautiful and to be HIS. Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. 💐#shetheroar #suzvibe 🌸 #beyounique 🌸#modelforapurpose #womanencouragingwoman #jesusandfashion #beautyfromashes #lovelifelivelife
Saturday mornings are for making coffee in your favorite mug with no agenda in sight ✨
Small businesses thrive from their sales. Last night I had a dream Contemporary Grace had a store front, but it wasn’t just a normal store. Everyone was kind and loved Jesus. They embodied the words “Contemporary Grace” and had our mission at heart. So head over to our store (link in bio) and use our coupon code “GRACE25” for 25% off. God Bless, E ♥️
Ahhh I love crisp, fall Saturday mornings! A big cup of coffee, messy hair, pjs, the house is so quiet and cozy. Hubby still snoozing.. Life may look nothing like we thought it would, but choose to choose joy. It really is so often in the little things that we find peace for our soul. The little moments that make your heart overflow with thankfulness. #gratefulheart #positivemind #infertility #ttc #endometriosis #choosejoy #beautyfromashes
If I can be transparent with y’all ... Once you go deeper in him he’ll show you in a form like never before .
My favourite frock I shamelessly recycle on special occasions is this khaki maxi frock from the hideously expensive but irresistible @camillaandmarc ⭐️ . I’m going to ask somebody to make it for me in navy 😂 . . . #womenintheword #bedeeplyrooted #propelwomen #yourinfluence #influencenet #influencenetwork #makeithappen #givemeJesus #faithinspired #gracemakers #beautyfromashes #goodnewsfeed #shedelights #thecaptivatingwoman #chooselovely #leadhership #womeninministry #womenwholead #gritandvirtue #theuneditedmovement #pursuitcommunity
"You will not recognize me. This time, I put my pieces back differently" 💎❤ #brokennessisbeautiful #beautyfromashes #quaintcoffeeshops
Tomorrow is the big day ! I’m super excited 😆 I can’t wait for you ladies to see what we have in store for you ! Come ready to celebrate
Tonight was amazing! Had a great time at the @envisionprovensuccess masquerade event .Came out to support @the.restored.couple and @sheirrahaine congratulations ladies 💗💗
Change starts within 💌
A special happy birthday to my little/big brother @ladarrw I am so proud of the man you have become!
Le Sigh to the gym I Go 🙄
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