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I am so thankful for all the miracles that have happened these last 6 months. Though there are times of difficulty fighting the temptations the enemy places my way, I continue to stand up and fight! Even though the road ahead is uncertain and continuing to repair the many mistakes I made in life, I am continuing to believe in the promises. I believe in the beauty from ashes and I believe that my best days are yet to come! Thank you Father! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#recovery #addictionrecovery #sober #sobriety #soberlife #onedayatatime #beautyfromashes #trustingod #mybestdaysareyettocome #thankyougod #nevergiveup #motivationalmonday #motivation #motivationmonday #inspiration #inspirational #recoveryispossible #recoveryfirst
Sometimes you just need a push in the right direction! Tabitha*, one of our Bangladeshi missionaries shares how she and her husband helped a group of teens use their time more wisely: • • “In this six month duration, I and my husband went to preach the Gospel and we found lots of extremely poor people who are living hand to mouth, and their income was below a dollar a day. We sat down in the village and found some young people who were jobless and passing their time very idly and playing cards as a group, even though their parents are hard-working and are the income source for these youth. When we arrived to them, some were afraid to see us, but we called them to hear some words from us. • • We asked them, ‘This is the right time to work and earn money by selling your day labor in other people’s fields, so why are you not doing physical work?’ I told them we wanted to help them by giving advice. We advised that they may collect some money by selling day labor and then deposit the money to a friend who can keep it safely in a good account. After collecting money and depositing it, when it grows a little bigger, then they can purchase an auto three wheeler rickshaw (taxi) and one of the friends can drive it and return the daily profit. It would make the deposits bigger and then they can purchase another rickshaw, and it can be the friend group’s income source. • • According to our advice, the group of youth is now doing good work and earning a good amount. Now they have purchased three auto rickshaws which are their income generating tool, and helping to change their lives. So this is very good that the youths are changed and working hard to earn a good amount. Praise the Lord.” // #HarvestBridge #MondayMotivation #ConsciousCulture
Umm because I have a new obsession with alpacas AND @shannanoel always seems to be on point with what I need to hear. . When I think back to the year that almost took my life...I couldn’t see them all the ways God was preparing my Faith for the here and now. Sometimes the darkness was so black I existed on nothing but SHEAR FAITH. Have you ever felt the same?
My reminder to never wait for a special occasion because being alive is a special occasion ❤️ . My reason for being grateful that I can pull breath in my lungs without having to try. . My sweet boy that keeps me fighting for my JOY and health and encouraging others to do the same❤️ #ichoosejoy . What a precious gift this life is 🌎
Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.” Habakkuk 2:2-3, NKJV What vision has the Lord given you? What steps are you taking to see it through? Your first priority should be to devote everything entirely to the Lord. May HIS will be done. Get in His Word, seek wisdom and apply it to every area of your life. Once you place God first, you will notice that success and blessing will chase you!
You’ll never know your limits until you face them head on...so many times we think about our limits but we don’t stand up and walk towards them. I get it. I’ve been there. Walking to the edge is scary. Fear of falling is REAL! But flying is SO MUCH MORE FREE than staying still. I’ve lived in fear of falling my entire life. I stayed in my safe zone. I’ve told myself i can’t when i knew maybe i could. And then i realized that i wasn’t living freely. I wasn’t enjoying anything. I wasn’t setting an example for my kids. Has it been an easy journey to let go of the fear? No! It’s been hard and there’s been twists and turns and many difficult moments but it’s SO WORTH IT!!! . . So close your eyes....imagine the freedom....and walk to the edge and spread your wings... . . #momlife #fitmom #longhairdontcare #nurse #workingmom #keepingitreal #reallife #busymom #momboss #transformed #learningtolovemyself #progressnotperfection #nurselife #bossbabe #fitnessjourney #justbeingme #militarywife #militarymom #survivingmilitarylife #beyondfearliesfreedom #honestmotherhood #inbeautyandchaos #livebeautifully #diamondsfromashes #thrivewhereistand #beautyfromashes #restored #walkinginmylane
What is your ultimate purpose? Is it all about you, or do you want to give God His glory? Elevate Him. Make His name great. Once you have learned to humble yourself and give Him all of the praise, He will promote you. Remember: your promotion comes from the Lord, not fickle followers and fans.
I’ve been learning a thing or two about peace this week. It’s easy to journal Jesus the prince of peace, he captivates my heart with his gentleness and all fear subsides. It’s journal heaven! Then, you realize reality is your heart is beating fast and your thoughts, well, they are going wild. How do you truly experience peace in the midst of chaos? I’m learning it’s ACTUALLY through discipline. Yuck, I know! It has such a bad rap! However, it’s the key to breakthrough. Discipline your mind to focus on the good, discipline your breathing- inhale, exhale, discipline your faith to believe and lastly discipline to worship and pray everyday. Don’t let the enemy steal your peace, you got this girl! Bibleverse: “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.” Proverbs‬ ‭12:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬
I’m a dreamer and I often find myself easily distracted by the smallest things. I’ve found for myself that the key to staying on track is to have a clear plan with well-defined goals. What helps you to stay on track?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to BE A PART OF an UPLIFTING, EMPOWERING community of women? A COMMUNITY that supports, encourages and loves?🤔 . There is so much hate in this world, and too much negativity!! YOU deserve* to mingle with AMAZING AF women like yourself!! We are just women building each other UP, living in a world that keeps trying to tear us down! We are working on being our BEST selves and sharing our struggles, wins, and silly moments Along the way! Our Mission Is to get healthy & fit TOGETHER. & My MISSION is to show you just how Beautiful and STRONG YOU ARE!❤️ . Sound like something you NEED? Comment below with your fave emoji or DM me! Our doors are ALWAYS open! & It just so happens our new group kicks off TODAY!! So come on in and have some fun!!! . . . . . . #ibelieveinyou
Wow. Holy Spirit showed up in a huge way this past weekend as Kareen and I, from the Steps to Breakthrough team, were invited by Bill and Beth Chaney to minister to pastors from a few of the areas in the Foursquare Central Pacific District. Freedom from lies, breaking strongholds, and refreshing that only Lord Jesus' presence can bring. Note the tissues!Several more Steps are scheduled, for info visit www.sueboldt.com/steps @echaney777 @mandylflores @aldjswife
'Look Mom!' Megan is twirling and grinning from ear to ear. There is something in every little girl that longs to be beautiful. I mean really truly lovely - the kind that shines from inside. And eventually most of us hide the vulnerable part that says, "Do you think I'm lovely?" We don't want the answer. Because we know that deep inside we're not that beautiful naive girl any more. I've been wondering if that is true? What if we still ARE that beautiful little girl (a little worse for wear maybe) but every bit as beautiful and worthy of adoration. What if we're hiding? We're scared? We have all been hurt - every single one of us. But does that truly make you unlovely? I have 3 daughters: 12, 13, 18. They have been sweet, naive, sinful and awful and NOTHING could make them any less lovely in my eyes. Your Father, the King delights in your beauty.
I can physically feel August 16 approaching. It seems like a big, dark shadow lurking just around the corner, waiting for me. And I think it’ll always feel like this. • For the past two years, my emotions have take a sharp turn around Father’s Day and before I can recover, there’s my birthday. And right about the time I think I would be returning to the land of emotional stability, I watch the anniversary of my dad’s death loom in front of me. • I have a tendency to withdraw into myself when I’m upset. That’s how and why I ran from my emotions around my dad’s death in the first few months. It makes me moody, sometimes I’ll say mean things and lash out, without even realizing it. It can be hard to show myself grace and patience when I get like this, especially because those around me extend endless grace and forgiveness. • When I feel these emotions taking hold and threatening to run my life, I know I need to take time to sit with them and process them. But for some reason, it always takes me ages to actually do this. Quiet contemplation, writing in a journal, talking, out loud, to myself, all help. I remind myself I’m not perfect, but I can be better than I was yesterday. Life may not be fair, but I can work to bring joy to those around me, instead on anger, hurt, and frustration.
There is a tiny little bit of forest by where we live. A number of years ago there was a fire in there. It has been amazing watching the burnt darkness transform into a place of beauty. There is a lesson to be learned there. #beautyfromashes #destructiontolife #ourtinylittleforest #lessontobelearned
Day 1/56 Feeling so good after getting my workout in this morning. I’ve missed lifting weights so much!
Ode to Monday’s. Coming back from vacation feels overwhelming. Like where do I start first? That trip was so needed even if I gained a few pounds along the way. I’ve been in a whirlwind of hurt lately. If you had sat in on any of my conversations you would have heard me asking why. So many whys. I struggle to understand why people don’t seem to care about the hurt they cause. Called by God, Christian people that see no problem in causing so much hurt in my life and act like I don’t matter. And why does it continue? The hurt had me spiraling and it’s amazing how the actions of others can leave you feeling so broken. What’s so wrong with me that I’m not worthy of the love we are all called to show. This trip was meant for me to breathe and find rest. And as I laid breathing God reminded me that He is the healer of those wounds. His grace prevails all those messages that are being stomped on my heart. So I breathed some more and what I found amongst the majestic beauty of the mountains meeting the blue oceans is His reminders. I laid my aching heart right there knowing that if I gave God the messy shattered pieces of my heart that He has the power to make something beautiful out of them. My redemption story is what He is painting. I can’t control the hurt people choose to keep inflicting, but I can keep trusting God to make beauty from ashes. So here’s to Monday, a new week, and continuing on with my story. #momlife #wecandohardthings #beautyfromashes #godhasme
Go on a little vacay couples!! Tag your spouse or mate!!
Y'all. We are getting a TRIPLE blessing this week! MBolden Ministry has graciously offered to do a 3 part teaching this week on pursuing our #Goals !! • • Get ready for some practical and sound advice from a woman dedicated to pursuing her God-given #goals ! • • • "We truly live in the land of opportunity. So many activities and prospects vie for our hearts and attention. What shall I pursue? Is this the right time for this opportunity? What is God calling me to do? All of these questions and concerns weigh heavily on our hearts as we decide which goals to undertake, knowing the best goals are those prompted by the Holy Spirit." • • Link in bio!
Do you notice the people around you that are lonely, hurting or depressed? Have you noticed that mom at the grocery story with her small children holding back the tears because she is overwhelmed? Or that teenage girl yelling at her mom in the parking lot? We encounter these people every time we leave our homes. What do you do when you notice these situations? You could show them the love God has shown you. Even if you look at them and think “Oh their lives are overwhelmed with sin they don’t deserve it”. Wrong. These are the exact people we are called to help. Jesus told us that love was the most important thing. Not to just love the ones that we think deserve it but to love everyone. • Tell these hurting, lonely, depressed people that you can… ‘cast all your cares [all your anxieties, all your worries, and all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares about you [with deepest affection, and watches over you very carefully].’1 Peter 5:7 • And that… ‘If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there; if you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath.’ Psalm 34:18 • The devil may have had you down, you may have felt defeated but, ‘Who could ever separate us from the endless love of God’s Anointed One? Absolutely no one! For nothing in the universe has the power to diminish his love toward us. Troubles, pressures, and problems are unable to come between us and heaven’s love. What about persecutions, deprivations, dangers, and death threats? No, for they are all impotent to hinder omnipotent love, Yet even in the midst of all these things, we triumph over them all, for God has made us to be more than conquerors, and his demonstrated love is our glorious victory over everything!’ Romans 8:35,37 • Blog written by @bushelandabeck • 📷 by @newgirlthemesong • Click the link in the bio for full blog! • #womenintheword #wellwateredwomen #womeninministry #shedelights #influencenetwork #givemeJesus #faithinspired #gracemakers #beautyfromashes #goodnewsfeed #soulscripts #tulsaoklahoma #lampandlight #youbelong #sisterfriends #faithblogger #rootedfaith #lifegivinghome #gospelcommunity #joyintheordinary #inspiringeverydaywomen #cultivatekindness
. A huge part of my recovery has been surrounding myself with beauty. I purposely make it a point to have pretty things in my office, and living areas. Creating an atmosphere of beauty, listening to worship music, surrounding myself with non toxic friends and being aware of my thoughts are part of my recovery lifestyle. What makes your day brighter? . . 🗣 5 years free from depression and suicidal thoughts - suicide survivor 🔅 🚦Need help? Text HELLO to 741741 . . . . . . . . . #worship #suicidesurvivor #Christ #ChristFollower #recoveryjourney #miami #celebraterecovery #recovery #suicide #depression #hopeless #thankful #attemptsurvivor #12steps #overcomingdepression #joy #love #beautiful #grateful #mentalhealth #Jesus #suffering #mystory #thankyouJesus #selfcare #beautyfromashes
We are made complete in Him! ❤️
IT’S BRUNCH TIME!!!! We are so proud to announce that we’re hosting our very own Networking Brunch!!!!! Come brunch & network with Christian entrepreneurs, influencers & creatives from the Tri-State area! RSVP with the link in our bio! ✨ The dress code for this event is posh & professional 💋 . . #brunchphilly #christianblogger #bedeeplyrooted #shemeansbusiness #networkingbrunch #christianinfluencer #christiancreative #christiancreativebrunch #heythrivegirl
I got LUCKY and got 5 Besties who do this... one day, I'll have a fella, but for now... these bitches LOVE me like no one ever has!! @byrdnest11 @esmery7_t @sassybritchesup * #bestiesforlife #bffs #mybitchesarebetterthanyours * #phoenix #beautyfromashes #irise #isurvive #istand #makinglemonadefromlemons
On Saturday my parents celebrated with 91 of their closest family & friends, the renewal of their vows 🌻❤️ 🐘 Words really can’t express how the love sown between them as husband & wife has planted seeds they probably never dreamed of. They understand that marriage isn’t about our own personal happiness, but about Christ’s holiness refining us and drawing us closer to His own heart. Jon, Rebecca and I had such a gift to look to as we prepared our own hearts for that “till death” promise. Thankful that Katie & Jeff get to be a grand part of it now too. We love you, Daddy-o and Mama. You are LIGHT to sooo many. Jeff & I pray we do it half as well and honest and transparent as you have for our own kiddos 😊 #westilldo #marriage #beautyfromashes @littlefoxandgrayfan
On the blog: Mending a Broken Heart "Reading this article will not fix or heal you; only prayerful application of what you’ve read in a trustworthy relationship with God and someone to keep you accountable will begin to heal you. I pray you love what seemed unlovable, forgive what seemed unforgiving, and heal from what seemed distant from healing." Read more at sheleadsdaily.com . . . #sheleadsdaily #love #healing #thatsdarling #womenintheword #bedeeplyrooted #propelwomen #yourinfluence #influencenet #influencenetwork #makeithappen #givemeJesus #faithinspired #gracemakers #beautyfromashes #goodnewsfeed #shedelights #thecaptivatingwoman #chooselovely #leadhership #womeninministry #womenwholead #gritandvirtue #theuneditedmovement #pursuitcommunity #thepointedlife
My daughter pointed out these flowers while on a family hike recently. They were beautiful and strangely peculiar. What flowers grow within the rock?? My curiosity led me to research. ___ Rock flowers—as pictured above— develop a root system and grow to maturity with very little disturbance. The winds may shake their petals, the rains may bear down heavy, but their roots are established and sturdy. ___ Sometimes things bloom in the most unlikely of places. Growth takes place, and beauty emerges from the hard. ___ Are you in a hard place right now? Would you believe that God can make a way where there seems no way? ___ Beloved, much like the rock flowers whose delicate roots are strengthened in the secret places— hidden within the dirt— so too can God tenderly grow you in the hard and messy places of life. ___ Lose not hope. Beauty certainly emerges from the ashes. Strength is developed in the midst of the hard. ___ “For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.”(James 1:3-4) . . #BeTheeInspired | #BeautyfromAshes . . . . #mondaymotivation #beautyinthehard #faithtested #onlybelieve #rockflowers #dailyverse #biblegram #dailydevotion #christianinspiration #womeninministry #hardlessons #strengthinweakness #hopewriters #shetheroar #propelwomen #joyfullife #instagood #inspiredbygod #gritandvirtue #thebrokenway
Giveaway! I love God’s Word and I love giving it away. Starting today through Wednesday, May 18th, 5:00pm PST, I am giving away a hand-covered-leather Passion Bible (TPT) Have you read it? Take a look at one of my lightly colored posts to get an idea! So beautifully written for devotional use along with your study Bible. The 6"x 8" Bible contains the New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and Song of Songs. You may enter up to five times on this post and on any similar same posts from Monday, July 16, through Wednesday, July 18th, at @sue_boldt and @purposefully_ living_. To enter, simply follow @sue_boldt or @purposefully_living_ and tag at least two other friends in the comments below. Different sets of friends are appreciated for each comment if you enter more than once. I will announce the winner Wed eve, July 18, in the comments on each post and DM them. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram in any way and is open to U.S. Domestic only. There is only ONE Bible being given away, however, the Bibles, in various versions, are available for purchase at www.sueboldt.com/books. 100% proceeds are returned to ministry.
Stop breaking promises to yourself. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start next week. It doesn’t matter what you are working towards in your own personal journey, STOP breaking promises. I haven’t been able to commit to myself for four years. I start something + I quit within a few days only to find myself super frustrated, and further away from where I want to be. Have you been there? . Start committing to yourself and see how things change. It’s seriously a whole new world 🌎 It has taken a lot of personal development to get me into a mindset of being ok to fill my cup first knowing it will allow me to be the best version of myself. . Today I started a new lifting program along with my half marathon training. 8 weeks to a better + stronger woman. Building confidence and self-esteem in myself, and showing my children what it looks like to fight to be the best version of them. #herlifeoutloud #livelifeonpurpose #liift4
JULY theme Hat (Police,Puzzled & the Protocol Son 🚔) I was so down the last two days because of a bizarre incident where my car was searched and the UCI police actually harassed me (one woman in particular), which is a blessing if it is out of 8 individuals. I was thinking about my singular desire to make the Lord known through the nations, and how I was honorable even when I was being harassed unjustly. I almost wanted to stop making these hats. I was disheartened by the two Christian officers who accused me of being backsliden, though I have walked strongly for the Lord for 15 years . But in the end, does of that matter ? Do I seek the praises of man or God? I have prayed for one man, Greg, for over a year...I was in the waiting game of “being still”. I knew that God had him for me. People though I was foolish, and if the police think I’m foolish for trying to be artsy to celebrate our reunion, it is okay. All the gifts I had saved for a year, I wanted to give him. And as his discrete film crew and surf buddies picked up all the gifts. It was worth it. I’m glad to tell the story so here’s your love story .....from my perspective ❤️💕 #beautyfromashes ($35 for the hat)
{BLOG POST: The Steepest Path} My feet felt heavy, like someone had filled my trail shoes with rocks. I followed the path before me. Each step brought me closer. . I stumbled, but eventually regained my footing. I could make out a fork in the road just ahead. The cadence of my heartbeat increased. My feet slowed. I found myself at the intersection of fear and faith. Which way would I go? Which path would I choose this time? . After my husband died in 2014, I faced many fears as a young widow. I often felt overwhelmed and vulnerable. He had been my anchor, the one who helped me feel secure, and empowered me to run after my calling. Without him, I second guessed my decisions and agonized over the future. I feared financial ruin and being alone for the rest of my life. One of my biggest fears was that I would not be able to parent my children well. . At the time of his death, my girls were ages 2, 5 and 8. My husband and I were partners in parenting. We prayed for our family together. We agreed on discipline. We tag-teamed when the other person was tired or frustrated. Now I had to be the mother and father in parenting. . Although my faith was strong, my fears frequently reared their ugly heads. I had to make a choice. Would I run down the path of fear or pivot toward the steeper path and run with faith? {More over on the blog today. Link in profile} #parenting #widowlife #lifeafterloss #singleparent #soloparenting #christianblogger #beautyfromashes #1000gifts #faithoverfear 📸: Photo by Unsplash
There are so many thoughts and emotions and thanksgivings and answered prayers wrapped up in these two. We love everyday of seeing those things alive in front of us.✨
Here to drop a little hermeneutics (bible study) on ya: Abraham had a father. (Shocking, I know) His name was Terah which meant wanderer/loiterer. In Genesis 11, he was tasked with taking his whole family to a land called Canaan (which is the future location of the promise land that God gave to the Israelites). However, he never reached it. Instead he SETTLED in a place called Haran and died there. You know what Haran means? Parched. Do you know where God told Abraham to go after Terah’s death? You guessed it, the promise land. In his obedience to God, he fulfilled the quest and is now recorded in our bibles as the father of all nations. While you’ve probably never heard of Terah before. Because he settled. What are you settling for just short of the promise land? Is there a dream you think is dead? Do you think you’ve messed up too bad for God to use you? Is it leaving you dry and parched? That is all a lie. You can’t mess up the plan. And His plan will always be the best plan - the one to bring the most fruit, the greatest blessings, and the greatest glory to God. Don’t give up in a dry place. What’s stoping you from taking that step towards the full potential God wants you to live in? As long as you have the breath of life in your lungs, it is never too late to say yes to God. His plan will be fulfilled regardless of if you take part in it, but He gives us the opportunities to have faith and trust in His plan so that we can be a part of the victory. Don’t miss out on your promise land. Be an Abraham. Not a Terah. #pursuepretty #thehappynow #communityovercompetition #inbeautyandchaos #lovelysquared #shereadstruth #seekhimfirst #intheword #butfirstjesus #gritandvirtue #thepointedlife #pursuitcommunity #shedelights #makeithappen #faithinspired #gracemakers #beautyfromashes #goodnewsfeed #leadhership #womeninministry #wellwateredwomen #womenintheword #biblestudymkments #propelwomen #womenlivingwell #yourinfluence #bedeeplyrooted #abidingartists #darlingweekend #thatsdarling
When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t. Remember, not one drop of your self-worth depends on the acceptance of others. ✌🏼 #mondayfeels #knowyourworthandaddtax #loveyourself #newweeknewgoals #truthbombs #notallwhowanderarelost #beautyfromashes
It’s the beginning of the week and I’m starting off reading beautiful Psalm 62. It’s a Psalm that’s has been radiating in my heart lately. The Psalm is about having unshakeable faith, and really that is my life’s pursuit. Standing strong in God’s love, guidance, and grace all of my days. At times this isn’t easy for I am naturally drawn to figuring out problems on my own, but the closer I grow to God the quicker I am being pulled back to Him when I lose my focus, my source of strength and love. - Friends out there, nothing is impossible with God. For when the world was the darkest the unthinkable happened, He stood victorious over the Grave. Fix your eyes on what God has already accomplished and it will help you remember who it is who walks with you and loves you. - Hey, what’s your favorite Psalm and why? 👇 #motivationmonday #psalm62
My lifeline. My anchor. The One thing that remains. Upon the Rock I stand.
It’s Monday. A new week. A fresh start. A chance to do things differently. A chance to start over. Break a habit. Quit something. Start something. Monday’s get a bad rap but the beauty of a fresh start cannot be overlooked. There is something about new beginnings and having a chance to start over. The beginning of the week feels like that for me. Last week is gone and so can the way we’ve been living or whatever that thing is we’ve been wanting to quite or start. It’s a new day to a new week and it’s just another example of God’s redemptive heart. Another example of do overs, second chances, fresh starts, new life. 🍃 He makes all things new. Trust the process and enjoy the journey! . . . . . . . #hemakesallthingsnew #hemakesallthingsbeautiful #beautyfromashes #newday #freshstart #monday #mondaymotivation #inspiration #jesus #bible #scripture #plantlife #nature #beautiful #youaremysunshine #youarebeautiful #secondchances #redemtion #thelivingword #lifeisbeautiful #love #hope #hopeinjesus #instagood #photography #sistersinchrist #christianblogger #graphicdesigner
Follow along for daily Christian encouragement, helping you to live in the truth that you are marvelously made. That same God who made you, also sees you and walks with you always. My prayer for you today is that you boldly and confidently walk with God and live in His truth about you 🤗❤️ #forevergreenfaith
I can’t even tell you how incredible this trip has been for my soul. I haven’t seen my brother in 5 years which is far too long. We had the best time together. There was a lot of laughter, adventure, and some tears. Two days definitely didn’t feel long enough but I came home with such a sense of healing. I was able to visit my Dads gravesite for the first time and let go of alot of the baggage that I have been carrying around for 35 years. It has been so freeing. My cup is beyond full. He is the greatest blessing my dad could have ever given me and for that I am so thankful. I’m so proud of the man he has grown up to be ❤️ Thank you to my sister and Aunt and cousins who took care of our kids while we were gone. Without you this would not have been possible #beautyfromashes
“But now, this is what the LORD says— he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah‬ ‭43:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬ 🕊 . . #ThrivetalkTampa was such a blessing! Girls came from all over Florida and were empowered to get out of their dry season by holding onto hope that there is life beyond their circumstance. It was a night of vulnerability as we delved into open conversation with God about what we considered to be our own personal dry season. We claimed our restoration and sealed it by declaring, “I will exalt you” and “I will trust you”. God surely had His way and that is all we could have asked for. 🙌🏾 . . Thank you to all the ladies who came out to be a part of our fellowship and all of you that prayed for us! We truly appreciated your presence this weekend and pray that we continue to be in fellowship with one another. So so soo much love 💕 💗 . . #womeninministry #bedeeplyrooted #womenoffaith #prayyourwaythrough #wearerestored #makejesusfamous #thrivetalk #heythrivegirl
Today marks day 1 of my 8 weeks! I am so ready to transform and be the best version of myself yet! This brand new lifting program is exactly what I’ve been missing for a while now, it works perfectly with my busy summer schedule. So I know I’m still going to be able to get what I need in physically & keep up with all things work as well. Here’s to the next 8 weeks!!
Good Morning! In all of the hustle & bustle of your day, try to remember that all you can do is all you can do. There are things you can do, action steps you can take, then let the rest go and enjoy what is. We don't get a do over of yesterday, but we can create a happier right now. #mondaymotivation #freshstart #serenityprayer #seizetheday #createyourtomorrow #betheauthorofyourownstory #enlightened #vibratehigher #goodvibesonly #maketodayyours #beautyfromashes #tooblessedtobestressed #potd #instadaily #motivation #elevateyourconsciousness #soul #encouragement #couragetochangethethingsican
Rebuking fear in my life has been a “slower than I would like” learning curve. I easily let fear rule especially when I focus on my circumstances. . Being a single mom can bring to the surface all kinds of fear and feelings of helplessness. Learning to speak life over myself and claiming Jesus’ authority over my life is the only remedy I’ve found. But it is so hard! . #jesusfixit
Make today awesome.
I'm going under, I'm in over my head Then you crash over me, and that's where You want me to be. I'm going under, I'm in over my head Whether I sink, whether I swim It makes no difference when I'm beautifully in over my head. (In Over My Head/Bethel Music) 🔸️🔸️🔸️ Whether I sink or swim - such an easy thing to say for those that are much better at swimming than sinking - i definitely put myself in the latter category. But as a line in a message i listened to today went - "life doesn't begin until you cross the chicken line..." and my 'chicken line' is going in over my head, to the point where my feet are no longer touching the ground. Anyone else at that point now, where you can only put your faith in the waves crashing over you, trusting that if you can look past the fear you'll discover the beauty in it all? . . . . . #womenintheword #graceupongrace #faithblogger #soulscripts #wayoflife #verseoftheday #faith #bibleinphotos #shereadstruth #risingtidesociety #insta180 #theinstagramplan #theinstagramlab #dailydevotion #fingerprintofgod #propelwomen #faithinspired #beautyfromashes #gracemakers #goodnewsfeed #chooselovely #gritandvirtue #intheword #coffeeandjesus #lampandlight #surf #surfsup #inovermyhead #bethel #bethelmusic
This week I encourage you to keep pushing ,growing and loving . The world needs the gift God placed in you 💕
Accurate 👌🏻
Dare to live! Don’t let others hold you back. Do it for you! You deserve it! #freedom #life #encouragement #personaljourney #girlwashyourface #beautyfromashes #inspiring
She woke at 5am acting like she was awake for the day and couldn't go back to sleep 😂 I told her that she needed to lay back down bc it was only 5am... * Now it's about 7:30am, and she's sleeping 😪😴 #haylieelizabeth #momprovenrightagain #mommabear #mycrazylife #mykidsaremylife #phoenix #beautyfromashes #irise #isurvive #istand #makinglemonadefromlemons
🎯 Happy Monday ! Remember you're the first priority. ... Now while you think about that -- check out the link in my bio & read the memoir about following your dreams. ··· dreams are real, but they remain dreams if you fail to act on them. you can do it ! . . ........ #womensempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #womenempowermentquotes #womenofgod #beingwoman #women #empowerment #blog #bloglife #beingawoman #goingplaces #girlgang #girlboss #empoweringwomen #womensupportingwomen #girlpower #welcomeconglomerates #female #beauty #inspiration #motivation #womenshealth #postivevibes #thefutureisfemale #beautyfromashes #nickkieandco #liveyourbestlife #withlovenickkie #standupforsomething #happiness
One of the greatest gifts in life is to have a companion that sharpens. The “sharpener” can take many forms. It can be a friend, a sibling, parent or spouse. Whoever it is, there is great worth in having someone who…Inspires, shares wisdom and provides accountability. Who in your life sharpens you? I grateful for my hubby, my sis, my in-laws and various sisters in Christ. They each help me grow in different ways. If you desire this but don’t have it, ASK! Ask God for provision. Pray for direction regarding someone you look up to and ASK them! More than likely they would be surprised (and honored) by your request. 💛 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #morningmanna #womenintheword #bedeeplyrooted #propelwomen #yourinfluence #influencenet #influencenetwork #givemeJesus #faithinspired #gracemakers #beautyfromashes #goodnewsfeed #shedelights #thecaptivatingwoman #chooselovely #leadhership #womeninministry #gritandvirtue #theuneditedmovement #pursuitcommunity #thepointedlife #savorthejourney
Before I knew what I am, I already was. #alchemist #beautyfromashes #destinedforgreatness - Credit to @1.spiritual : #alchemist 💭♥️ #love #1spiritual
PRAISE BREAK!!! Thank God I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through 🙌🏽 #daughteroftheking #dvinewomenwithapurpose
Breakfast in Croatia. *sigh* #croatiafulloflife
Introduction! 🌼🍃🌞💛 My name is Zoë Zupan! My heart is for every woman to know she is Loved by God. When we seek to put Him first in our lives we can truly walk in the freedom of who he’s called us to be. Facts about me! - 1. I love to paint old furniture and pretend I’m on the show Fixer Upper 2. Cards are my love language 3. Turquoise is my favorite color and yellow is my 2nd favorite 🌼 4. Flowers make me the happiest (daises and pink teacup roses) 5. God put an amazing church in my life recently! 6. Internet friends are the best. 7. Two internet friends ended up living 20 minutes away from me and now they are my best friends! God is incredible 8. I’m obsessed with dunkin coffee and I have the most complicated order ever. The people that work there memorized it 🙈 9. I have two brothers! I’m in the middle 🕺🏽💃🏼🏃🏽‍♂️ 10. My favorite bible verse is “If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man's religion is worthless.” ‭‭James‬ ‭1:26‬. 🙈 11. I love Instagram and how it connects people who share a heart for God.
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