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#day52 of #365daysoffirstchapter The highly requested shirt dress is finally here..... Call or app to have good custom made. +263774167137 #firstchapter #bebold #bebeautiful #beyou #mywork #grabyours #itstime #itscomingtogether #grateful #freshstart
#day52 of #365daysoffirstchapter The highly requested shirt dress is finally here..... Call or app to have yours custom made. +263774167137 #firstchapter #bebold #bebeautiful #beyou #mywork #grabyours #itstime #itscomingtogether #grateful #freshstart
my heart is at ease knowing what is meant for me will never miss me and what misses me was never meant for me. as if everything was rigged in my favour. - rumi wow @iamsofiagoggia @ragmow @lindseyvonn 👑👑👑🙏🏻 and big bravo to my teammates @_corinnesuter_ & @tina_weirather 💪🏻❤️ #diploma #bebold #freedom
Wednesday words of advice... #beyou #bebold #loveyourself #liveyourlife #makeithappen
This is My Command #BeStrong #BeBold #Emmanuel
Added some cinnamon to my coffee grounds this morning. ☕️ Still missing my #bulletproofcoffee but it was fun to try something besides black coffee. What other #whole30 ideas can I try??
I am.....most powerful two words. Be sure you follow them up with something equally as powerful!
- 與其虛假的假裝自己很快樂, 不如真實的面對自己的心靈 - 🌹[SurfAce 酒紅比基尼上衣] 🌹[SurfAce 酒紅比基尼褲] - 🥀surfaceapparel.com
The Love in me Salutes and Honors the love in you. I pray that your day is filled with and courage. Be the courageous and try new things, learn new things. Your on a path to your purpose to love all and all things. #becourageous #bebold #bethelight #highlyfavored
💜💭Surround yourself with people who lift you higher🙌💙🙌 People who encourage and inspire🙏❤🙏 People who speak life☝💚 People who talk about their dreams instead of about others. ❤💭 #bebold #beyou #behumble #makeadifference #bekind #showlove #beaspark #blessed
Action is important (ok, it’s seriously THE ONLY way to grow your business), BUT it’s nothing without mindset work, strategy, and a framework for EASY AND FUN execution behind it! * 🙃That’s why I’ve created a program that flips learning on its head by teaching through action, so that you don’t have to get bogged down in learning or lengthy videos or classes that require a huge time commitment but, instead, can take action in short amounts of time every day and learn through doing. * I call it “Take BOLD Action: Get BIG Results Group Coaching Program for Go-Getters!” and it’s unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever done! * 😴Here’s the most fun thing though: I thought of Take BOLD Action: Get BIG Results completely out of the blue while I was napping! I literally dreamed it into existence! And yet, it could have stayed a dream. * 🙌🏻I mean, don’t we do that type of thing all of the time? Have inspired ideas that get us so excited but then quickly make excuses for why it’s not practical or possible? * ✔️We’ve got to hold on to our inspired ideas, no matter where or how they show up, and take ACTION. Because, when we combine an inspired idea with ACTION, BIG results almost always occur. * ❌And when we don’t take action, even just one tiny step, it can be easy to make excuses. Way too often if we don’t act immediately, we don’t act at all. * That’s why I created this program, to help you take daily action in your business in fun, easy, ways allowing you to create visibility, package your offerings and market & sell them in a way that FEELS GOOD, ultimately supporting you in creating more cash and clients in your business. * 💥Let’s be honest, you don’t really LEARN something until you DO it. * I hope to see you in the program and, remember, be willing to HEAR your ideas. Don’t second guess them. Take action to move TOWARD the idea. When you do, a path paved with the right people and opportunities will appear! * 👉🏻If you KNOW that you want to create consistent income, have the life you’ve dreamed of and impact more lives while building a successful business AND are ready to go ALL-IN on making that happen, then check it out (#linkinbio )!
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