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Today. The sun is moving quickly across the porch, leaving my arms covered in goosebumps and my hands reaching for a hot drink. I’ve been taken to spending more time with my words recently, purposefully setting aside around 15 minutes a day to write, with no expectation as to what the end result will bring. It doesn’t come easily, and sometimes I hate it (writing, that is), but my gosh has it enriched my life. Has it allowed me to at least some sense of things—things that have the power to swallow me up if I’m not careful. Not just that, but it allows me to be there for others in a way I wasn’t able to before. And it’s true, sometimes I don’t want anything to do with it. Sometimes I want as much distance between me and it as I can get, but just as any worthwhile relationship, the distance, patience, and adjustments are what add to the richness of it all. Are what make things so fulfilling—do you know what I mean? Do you have those things that you know make you a better person, even if you can’t explain why? Anyways, back to planning for the event this coming Sunday (the 18th from 2-5pm) at @sunnyyogakitchen ! If you’d like to join us (please do!) tickets for it are in our bio #morethanlyme
Ladies Night Out is tomorrow night here at Tangerine Salon! 🍊 Here are the details: *10% off everything in the salon *Goodie bag with every purchase *Choice of free gift with $60 purchase *10% off all gift certificates! (Think stocking stuffers or a way to treat yourself and use it towards your future services!) *Free Kerastase Make Up Pouch with purchase of 2 travel size Kerastase products! *Elite Medi Spa and Monarch Medical will be here performing complimentary procedures *We will have champagne and refreshments *New stock of Holiday Collection Voluspa Candles! 💕 Come get some holiday shopping done and treat yourself! 🍾🎉
...::::This Thursday I will be playing a solo show at my friends wonderful new restaurant @dumpcitydumplings 7-9 PM ... While on tour I was gifted a beautiful new electric that I've named Rosanna. It will be her first appearance with me and this will be my last show in Bend before I move away for the winter so come say hello and water your brain with music! Cant wait to see you there ♡:::....
Such an adorable custom order going out today 😍 I’ll have similar sets of items at the craft fairs I’m doing the next two weekends 👍🏼 I’ll be at Mission Church #inbend all day Friday and Saturday 🙌🏼 . . . . . . . #thisisbend #wearebend #bendoregonevents #localcraftfair #craftfairprep #buffaloplaid #bandanabibs
....::::Come and dance this Friday at Hola! I'll be singing with Chiringa starting at 7 and Hot Club of Bend is on before us at 6! Going to be a stellar night:::... Sugar skull makeup welcomed!
Don't forget to mark your calendar for #TrunkOrTreat , October 31st at 6:30pm. The whole community is invited for this safe and supervised #Halloween event #inBend . There will be games, activities, costumes and of course...CANDY 🎃 🍬🕷 #kidevents #trickortreating #bendoregonkids #bendoregonevents
...:::Music as a catalyst to see some of my favorite people and grow our wonderful community in California. My heart is overwhelmed with appreciation for everyone who gave us their love this tour. I feel so thankful to have been able to spend so many sweet moments with family this trip, and although music is powerful, it's just a small piece in the puzzle:::Making quality time for the ones we love, listening to our elders and slowing to a pace in which we can hear ourselves more clearly is where our true essence lies. The road was so good to us... THANK YOU!:::....
...::::Original song, Gypsy Lover's Blues captured by the wonderfully talented @shreditate .... Link to full video in bio ♡:::... Kerry and I are in Chico tonight for a lovely house concert (if you're in the area and would like to come DM us). 6-8 PM. . The road has been good to us so far; we've met friends that will last a lifetime, been shown the warmest of welcomes in Ashland and Chico, and skinny dipped in the clear waters of the California mountains. . Were so appreciative of everyone who makes this journey possible. Thank you::...
Bye “Big Ink II”, hello “Water Tables”! Check out our new exhibit tonight during the opening reception from 5-9pm. #bendarts #bendartcenter #bendartists #bendoregonevents #bendfirstfriday #watertables
...:::Have you ever danced with a gypsy::: Heard her bells and whistles ring:::Watched her hips sway like the ocean:::Seen her hair fly in the breeze:::....Our First Live music video drops tomorrow! We're so stoked to release this original song, along with a beautifully shot video by @shreditate ... Keep your eyes open! ♡
Learn the basics of woodcut printmaking in our Intro to Woodcut class beginning October 11! Visit our website to sign up. #bendoregon #bendarts #bendartcenter #bendoregonevents #workshop #woodcut
....::::Gypsy Lovers Fall Tour:::..... ....... ... 10/3- Ashland l, OR- Oberon's Downtown 10/5- Chico- House concert 10/6- Sonoma - House concert (public) 10/7- SF (tbd) 10/13-SLO- Luna Red 10/14- Paso Robles- Sculpterra Winery Link in bio to see event details!
...:::Last night @boundlessfarmstead we had one of our sweetest stage set ups yet. The wonderful owners of this tiny home welcomed us to play on their porch as we accompanied the farm dinner made by @kitchenessays ♡ Most nourishing and delicious food ever! I'm so in love with our community and so thankful for everyone who supports local farms and artists. Keep it up Bend.:::...
Equinox:::.... Yesterday Kerry and I had our first music video shoot with @evogimbals ...Keep your eyes open for the release! There are so many wonderful events on the fall horizon starting with an event this Thursday at Spoken Moto 7-9 with Cosmonautical and Color Study! ♡ Happy Fall ♡
...::::As we were singing, I could see the crescent moon through the trees, shining brightly. I looked towards the crowd of beautiful, dancing bend folks and became so thankful for everyone who supports local music. ♡ Thank you to all who have come to the shows time and time again and have been there rooting for us.::::To say the least, it was a special evening singing with Chiringa for the first time! Their songs are powerful, poignant and uplifting. Looking forward to our next show at roots fest on Sept. 29th and to boogying with you all!:::....
Our 2018-19 season of "Cheers to Art!" kicks off this Wednesday, Sept 19 with a toast to Frida Kahlo, one of Mexico's greatest women artists. Join us at 7 pm for "art appreciation with a little libation!" $10/person includes wine. #arthistory #bendoregon #cheerstoart #bendarts #hispanicheritage #hispanicheritagemonth #womenartists #bendartcenter #bendoregonev #bendoregonevents #bendoregonevenings
...:: What a blast it was to sing with the wonderful Spanish band @tremoloco at @sistersfolkfestival this past weekend. Thank you for the invite! I'm so thrilled to be singing in my second language, especially because I will be joining Chiringa for their upcoming shows this month, along with performing as Lassen for a couple of super fun events: 9/14- Chiringa- Pine Nursery 9/22- Lassen - @boundlessfarmstead (farm dinner) 9/27- Lassen - Spoken Moto w/ Cosmonautical and Color Study 9/29- Chiringa - Bend Roots Fest Come boogie!:::...
....::::It was a blast dancing at the last show with everyone! It's been such a pleasure to incorporate more performance art into our sets lately, and fortunately it's been received well 😉 Tonight @sisterssaloon and the next two days at different stages, Kelcey will be singing with the band Tremo Loco at Sisters Folk Fest. If you're in the mood for a party, come check them out! Looking forward to dancing salsa and singing del corazon en Español. ♡ Hope to see some familiar faces::::.....
Have you ever explored the caves outside of Bend, OR? Come for a guided adventure and support @globalredemption in Uganda. All proceeds go directly to bringing young adults into an experience of being loved by Father God. #bendoregon #bendoregonevents #nonprofit #fundraiser #globalredemption #redemption815 #cavetour
Come on down to The Open Book for our first Annual Outdoor Book Sale! 9-3 (bag sale from 3-4). •mystery •romance • sci-if/fantasy •cookbooks •kids books •craft books • religious books •auto repair •fiction •non-fiction And much much more! Cash only sale. • • • • • • #bendoregonevents #bendoregon #centraloregon #bendevents #usedbooksale #visitbend #bendoregonlife
...:::If ya dont know now ya know! Were going to be groovin and movin on the LOGE Entrada Bend stage 6-8 pm this Saturday 8/25! Matt (not featured will also be joining us on percussion). I've been in utter awe while playing with these folks because they're all so gosh darn talented. You won't want to miss this special evening- there might even be a velvet pants special. Look out:::...
...:::Were feeling the momentum pick up once again! We've had a mellow August in terms of performing due to the need for introspection and self care... but today I'm appreciating our musical path more than ever because it gives us a way to connect with so many new people. Like music, the relationships we have with one another are intangible and impermanent, but the intangibility is what makes them so beautiful. The moments we spend with one another, connecting face to face are some of the best gifts life has to offer. At every performance, I meet people who change my life in some way, however small or lengthy the interaction ♡ Thank you to all who support the music and come to our shows. Lets keep making memories during these fleeting summer days! LOGE Entrada Bend Show with full band- August 25th 6-8 PM::::... See you there 💃 . PC: @caitlineddolls taken at @boundlessfarmstead
♡ My sister @bananabreezebees repping at the beach! We spent some much needed time together sittin by the fire, dancing in the sand and singing in the breeze. If you're on the oregon coast or need an excuse to take an ocean trip, we will be playing :::Naked Winery Seaside Sept 1st!::: ♡ We cant wait!
Had a great day off in #sanfrancisco and now it's time to head towards#bendoregon for our show tonight. Come catch us at @thecapitol_bend at 9pm! . 📷 by @ralphtheruckus
Bend friends! The lovely PJ and I are super duper excited to bring you THREE hours of juicy nourishment August 13th and September 17th. So mark your calendars and go ahead and register✨ guided meditation, intention setting, an hour of yin, an hour of yoga nidra, and a nourishing nutrition discussion + treat. Could ya start your week off any better!? Hope to see some of you there❤️❤️❤️
...:::The idea of becoming a full time musician has always had my heart a little torn... mainly because I've seen friends and many other stellar performers become mentally and physically unhealthy while on the road. Wonderful musicians start to neglect their bodies and minds in order to entertain, but this doesn't have to be our reality... We can choose self care. We can choose to get 8 hours of sleep (when possible). We can choose not to have that drink. and we do this, not to limit ourselves, but to have limitless opportunity for energy and joy in our lives. ::: We're looking forward to another wonderful tour through California in October! Keep your eyes peeled for dates 🌾:::....
...:::Four years ago, after having one of the worst manic episodes of my life, I was diagnosed bipolar. The episode was around 3 weeks of sheer mania, anger outbursts, delusional thinking, irrational spending...the list goes on. Once I recovered and found my bearings, I started a healthier path, learning more about mood stabilization and positive habits. Knowledge is power and learning more about my diagnoses gave me the courage to start living a more stable life and speaking my truth. I've leaned on music and songwriting as my positive outlet in times of stress or worry and have not had a full blown manic episode since. What are some of your positive outlets for mood stabilization?:::... PC: @caitlineddolls
...:::What a night shared with wonderful musicians and dancing friends ♡ Our next show in Bend is August 25th @logecamps LOGE Entrada. We will have a few special guests that night so make sure to swing by and say howdy!::::... Thanks for the sweet shot ms. @s.lowe_
Did you miss the last glass making class? We are offering another one because it was so much fun!! Call and reserve your spot and help support youth finding a place to belong in Uganda! #fundraiser #diy #bendoregon #bendoregonevents #nonprofit #glassmaking #globalredemption
...::::For the love of movement:::... I'm consistently boggled by the human existence. Unlike trees, sunflowers and mountains, we are able to move around this earth as much as we please. Were moving throughout most of our lives, without even pondering the wonder that is being able to run, dance, bike, drive cars, fly in planes, and rollerblade (the best way to move)... Tomorrow (thurs) evening our full band ensemble will be moving and grooving with all of you wonderful friends who come @spokenmoto 7-9pm... Woo hoo let's move! . PC: the crazy talented @caitlineddolls
...::::Heaven erupted and graced us with it's evening wonders:::.... . . . Photo and edits by the talented: @mihi_mcflykoi
...:::Have you ever danced with a gypsy::Heard her bells and whistles ring::Watched her hips away like the ocean::seen her hair fly in the breeze:::... Come sing and groove to the gypsy tunes with us at Spoken Moto 7/26:::...
...:::Summer::::.... When life gets crazy and we forget where the important places are... let's take a walk through the woods, listen to the streams, and admire the rainbows under the waterfalls that are perfected by the sun's rays. PC: the beautiful @absababss
♡ We'll play music for wine. ♡
Had so much fun playing for this special event at Sunriver Resort. Come hangout at our next jammin show at spoken moto July 26th! We will be joined by Kyle pickard on drums once again. Thanks for the video @kileywirtzjennings . . #music #livemusic #guitar #bendoregon #originalmusic #acoustic #acousticguitar #band #kelceylassen #songwriter #sing #harmonies #mandolin #soulmusic #soul #folkmusic #latinmusic #playmusic #live #songwriter #singer   #musictherapy   #bendoregonevents   #standwithsongwriters #cello #gypsyfolk #gypsy
Such a cool event! Only 6 spots available! Call quick for your place and help support @globalredemption in Uganda! #fundraiser #bendoregon #bendoregonevents #nonprofit #winetoglass #diy #uganda
...:::What a lovely jam in Sunriver looking out towards the field of horses and a glimmering lake! Wow. music sure does take us to some wonderful places. Thank you @kileywirtzjennings for having us be a part of your special event ♡:::.....
...:::Look at these sweet lil babes rockin the new t-shirts for Lassen Music! And we now have tote bags for summer market season ♡ @whiskeyymouth on the design and @flashinkshirts on the prints! Support local artists y'all.:::...
...:::Lassen music is officially a duo! and...We have returned home after going on our first magical tour! Along the way we made some incredible friends, swam in wondrous waters, (may have ridden a mechanical bull), and were reminded of the power that music holds when it comes to connecting with one another. It was a joy to sing with everyone who made it to our shows, and we are so thankful for the support, as it allows us to be independent artists! ♡ Keep your eyes peeled because we have some exciting projects in the works:::...♡
Join us for the Biggest Lancome Event of the year with National Makeup Artist, Darais and his team! Space is limited so stop by the Lancome counter at Macys to book your appointment or call 541.317.6358 #macysbeauty #lancome #lancomemakeupartist #lancômemakeup #bendoregonmakeup #bendoregonevents
Crossed the border!... This was our first take 😉 we are at @almendra_winery tomorrow night 6-8 #lassenmusictakescalifornia
...:::As if this babe didnt crush hard enough, she just purchased a loop pedal 😻... That's one beautiful aspect about music: there are infinite ways to expand your horizons. #playmore :::....
...:::I've dreamt of the day when I would find someone who is as passionate about sounds as I am. Thanks for being my person @kereshee. I love when we look at each other and laugh because we're overwhelmed with the power of the music... and I'm so thankful for the wonderful people who became dear friends this weekend at our house concerts. It was lovely to share squishy hugs and tears and laughter with you all. Can't wait for our next road trip to Chico for our show at @almendra_winery ... Onward bound! ♡♡♡::::....
...:::"If I Wander" tour kicks off mañana! Then we have some fun events coming up in Bend to put on your summer calendars♡ Here's a few to start:::.... Also, one of my goals this year was to play concerts in 5 new cities. After this, we will be at 4... where should we go next?:::.... PC: @caitlineddolls
♡ We now have farm fresh eggs, thanks to @integrativebooth , to serve with our wraps♡And we are so excited to be celebrating our one year anniversary tonight with live music by @lassenmusic , local art and specials for the evening, including personal pizzas!!! Join the fun tonight @purejoykitchencafebend - were in the alley off of Colorado and Lava! . . . . . . #glutenfree #vegan #purejoy
...:::About a year ago, I was returning from South America with plans of sacrificing what inspires me most for a job that was accepted by society's standards. Without fully realizing it, I was looking to please everyone else in my life before asking myself what I wanted and needed. The thought of being able to turn my passions into something profitable was absurd, and subconsciously, I was accepting the fact that work would always be something to dread. After dealing with chronic pain for too long and losing my wild sister @taylornieri , I finally gave myself permission to start LIVING the life I desired, but was too scared to reach for... so I traveled across the country to pursue music, scuba dive with my family and rollerblade by the ocean, while nourishing and healing my body. And now I've landed in Bend, this time with greater intention. I'm now fortunate enough to continue pursuing music and be part of an amazing community at @purejoykitchencafebend where they understand and celebrate the multi-dimensional lives we lead. ♡ Tonight, @kereshee and I will be performing at Pure Joy for our anniversary party 6-8 pm. Hope to see you there to celebrate this wonderful cafe!
...:::Help us celebrate the wonderful @purejoykitchencafebend this Friday for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Free music by @kereshee and myself, along with a delightful menu filled with wondrous items... like our vegan pizzas and chocolatey chocolate cheescake. Local artists will also be featured! ::: We are in the secret alleyway off of Colorado and Lava ♡ See you there friends! :::.... . . . . . .#vegan #purejoykitchen #glutenfree #bendoregon
Join us this Friday for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! Live gypsy-folk music by @lassenmusic and featured art by Ben Schade along with specials for the evening! ...Personal pizzas: veggie marinara or mushroom pesto with a side Caesar... we will also have an assortment of desserts like the chocolatey chocolate cheesecake, lemon bars, and much more! As always, keto options available and everything is grain, gluten, and dairy free! . . . . . . . #livemusic #vegan #glutenfree #bendoregon #firstfridayartwalk #purejoykitchen #bendoregonevents #bendoregonrestaurant #foodie #veganpizza #dairyfree #organic #local #lassenmusic #bendoregonmusic
This weekend of shows was wonderfully eye opening. With every concert, I feel like I learn 100 new things about the art of performing. More and more, i'm realizing how much value the intimate venues hold, where you're able to hear the intonations of the artist's voice and truly experience the music. Where I can see the expressions on the audience members faces, whether it's of joy or sorrow, and share a special connection... @kereshee and I will be playing this First Friday @purejoykitchencafebend for a special event of music, wonderful vegan/gluten free food and unique art. We would love for you to join us in celebrating the changing of the seasons! Music starts at 6 pm. See you there ♡
...:::Every Memorial Day, I reflect on how fortunate I am to have these amazing veterans in my life. My father and my grandfather have both shared their personal stories of losing dear friends to combat and I'm reminded of the sacrifice countless men have made for either our freedom and/or another nations freedom. And when our soldiers do come home, often times, the hardest part is yet to come. Many have physical and mental challenges that await, from physical trauma to PTSD...This Friday evening we are putting on a musical event in support of our soldiers. All music donations will be gifted to @woundedwarriorproject on memorial day and even better- they are matching donations made on this day! We have an awesome set lined up to start your weekend off right and the event is free to enter!!! 🥂🎸🎻🎼 When: Friday, May 25th, 7-9pm Where: @dudleysbend Who: @lassenmusic @kereshee and Kyle Pickard on drums.:::... . . . . . . #memorialdaymusic #woundedwarriorproject #singforsoldiers #airforce #army #memorialday
LOGE has put together a stellar evening with @arcirismusic and myself this Saturday 5:00 pm! I will be joined by Kyle Pickard on drums and we have an enchanting set for you all. 💫 link for event is in bio 👌 Come dance and say Hey! 🥂
The big day is tomorrow and we hope you can make it! Registration is available on site! See comments below for more information.
...:::We have an abundance of awesome shows to look forward to this summer! Our first outdoor concert is this Saturday where we'll be singing for you and the sunset @boundlessfarmstead ...music starts promptly at 6. There will also be stellar grub provided by @123ramenbend !!! Get ready to laugh, sing and eat!:::... and of you can't make this one, check out the link in bio for more events! PC: the amazing @caitlineddolls
Join the ranks in Bend, Oregon! May 19, 2018. Larkspur Park. See bio for details!
...:::These girls have the sweetest hearts I've ever encountered. And I've never seen anyone more excited to get free swag! 💛 Woo hoo! Don't miss @kereshee and I playing @boundlessfarmstead this Saturday at 5 30! You can grab tickets on their website 👌 ...:::Sending love from the road:::...
Why do you run? I’m running for kids like this one. His name is David and he lives in Honduras. Children all around the world walk for water every day. Join us to end their daily struggle for humankind’s most basic need. May 19, 2018.
The link to sign up is in our bio!
We have another fun event planned!! Come learn some gardening techniques and get some seeds for your garden. #bendoregon #bendoregonevents #nonprofit #globalredemption #fundraiser #garden
Sign up today! This is a fun run that will change lives! Link in bio! #thumbsupbend @bendparks
Maybe you can walk or run 6K, but can you do it carrying water? A full jerry can of water can weigh up to 44lb. Women and children around the world carry this burden each day in the pursuit of the most basic human need, water. Join us on May 19, 2018 to make a difference!
...:::Friends! @kereshee and I are Jammin tomorrow @mtbachelor 1:15 -2 for Earth Day Fest! We can't wait to celebrate with you 🌿 . ..:::These are photos from our last sweet house concert in Bend:::... Bringing community together through music is something so spectacularly special ♡ If you can't make this show, check out the link in bio for more events coming up! PC: @greyfilmphotography
TIME FOR ANOTHER POP-UP! 💖💖💖 This time I'll be setting up in Bend, OR at @whiteaspencreative on Saturday, May 12th from 10am-4pm which is Mother's Day Weekend so bring your mama, your grand-mama, and your whole mom-tribe for a fun day of shopping and macarons! Ill be announcing a flavor list later on so make sure to follow us to keep up on the details 👍 Link to the event can be found in my bio!
...:::All smiles after last night's house concert in Bend. ♡ I'm so thankful for the community here that allows me to pursue something I am so passionate about. @kereshee and I are even more stoked for the upcoming season of MUSIC:::... Check out link in bio for upcoming events and shows :)
“Together we can do great things.” - Mother Teresa #global6kforwater
Lassen and @kereshee dates!💃👇🎵 4/14- House Concert -Bend 4/22- Mt Bachelor Earth Day Party 4/28- Live music yoga- @wildthingbend Bringing the soul shaking harmonies and gypsy folk to Bend! 🎼 So many funky, new songs that we cannot wait to share.
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