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Good Morning!!!!... Is humpday!! Haha, I am ready to get the sweat on!! And while I am at it!! ... Be that kind of person that makes the earth shake ( in a good way 😊😉). #strongnotskinny #iamworthit #powerofshe #screwthescale #shapesquad #enjoylife #lifegoals#staycommitted #setgoals #strongmindstrongbody #dontquitgetfit #fomo #bestme #keepgoingstrong #goalsetters #chickswholifts #metime #itsme #myrule 💯 #mylifemyway #teamsupport #workandplay #teamwork #beforeandafter #fitlifestyle
Anno 2011 😳 il tempo passa così in fretta #ricordi #piccolame #dress #memories #picoftheday #bestme #likeforlikes #tempofa #2011 #girl
Full time Daddy #lifestylechange #bestme #livingmybestlife ♥️
WOW WOW WOW.... Some unreal results coming in from our @crossfithf 6 week challenge! . Swipe ——->> to check out just a couple of the pics we’ve been allowed to share. . ITS ONLY BEEN SIX weeks and these guys are looking amazing, MORE importantly are feeling like brand new beings! . The feed back is emotional for me, but that shit happens when your living your true purpose and changing people’s lives 💜 . You don’t have to wait for the right time, you don’t have to exercise at our gym, (or any gym) to take part, you just need to commit some discipline to shane and I, we have figured the rest out for you! . Click this link for more info, register now, pay later - https://mailchi.mp/1725983192cb/6q3pr765xw . #crossfit #crossfithf #crossfitmun #transformation #fitness #weightloss #nutrition #fatloss #sixweekchallenge #foodie #health #healthyfood #bestme #wednesday
Education is the key to success....if we don't practice our talents push ourselves everyday we will loose it.... Be mindful of ur talents ur passion ur drive...Everyday u have a new beginning and everyday we are given the opportunity to learn something new... #mindset #queen #slay #blessed #blessedlife #woman #dreambig #womanofdreams #boldwoman #bosswoman #livestrong #bestlife #passionate #inspired #durban #success #positivevibes #positivequotes #loveyourself #selflove #selfgrowth #bestlife #bestme #carolinemichael #lifestyle
• Classic Breakfast • • 246cals (F11g C26g P10g) • Something of a classic breakfast for me now to give me balanced macros: chocolate and peanut butter porridge. Swipe for ingredients, all together in a bowl and two minutes in the microwave. Always a winner ❤️ • #4weekbodyblitz #the4weekbodyblitz #breakfast #healthybreakfast #cleaneating #healthybody #healthyfood #instafood #foodporn #foodstagram #whatiateforbreakfast #breakfastclub #bodypositive #carbcycling #highcarb #lowfat #macros #caloriecounting #myfitnesspal #foodblog #bestme #foodie #fitover40 #trackingmacros #homemade #ukrunchat #running #runner #nutrition
I choose to S M I L E 🤗 Its proven to boost your mood, immune system, is the universal sign of happiness and highly contagious! . .. . Bags under my eyes and the sweatiest hair you ever did see but smashed a leg sesh at my 2nd home and managed to add some weights so zero f’s given - yay to no more broken bones 💪🏼💗🏋🏼‍♀️ . .. . #happywednesday #strongnotskinny #smile
I’m back rowing and exercising (ish) which means I’m back to eating like there’s no tomorrow. That’s how it works right?
Don’t hold back. Step into the arena and allow your true self to show through. 💓💓
Love this 💖 So, many times our beliefs about who we think we are hold us back. Beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not valuable” or “I hate the way I look” hold us back from achieving our full potential. Your beliefs are your own creation based on events in your past, they’re not facts, they’re choices about decisions you made about yourself, you don’t have to stick with them, you have the opportunity to re-create yourself any time you choose, why not be like Madonna or Kylie and reinvent yourself by reinventing your beliefs about who you think you are, why not choose to be a more confident and more empowered version of yourself? Wouldn’t that FEEL GOOD? #motivationalquotes #motivation #feelgoodnow #feelgood #selflove #onelife #bestme
Love this 💖 So, many times our beliefs about who we think we are hold us back. Beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not valuable” or “I hate the way I look” hold us back from achieving our full potential. Your beliefs are your own creation based on events in your past, they’re not facts, they’re choices about decisions you made about yourself, you don’t have to stick with them, you have the opportunity to re-create yourself any time you choose, why not be like Madonna or Kylie and reinvent yourself by reinventing your beliefs about who you think you are, why not choose to be a more confident and more empowered version of yourself? Wouldn’t that FEEL GOOD? #motivationalquotes #motivation #feelgoodnow #feelgood #selflove #onelife #bestme
One of the best skills we can learn in life is learning to control the mind. This can be done by practicing mindfulness and meditation in only a few minutes a day. 🙏🏼🧘‍♂️ Do you meditate?
Feeling super excited to help even MORE women with fitness goals! - When I started my business over 10 years ago I wanted to help women achieve balance - ❌no crazy diets ❌no overtraining ❤️develop body love! - Life’s too short to hate your body, spending hours in but gym punishing yourself + starving to save calories but then ending up binging. - I help women end the cycle of guilt, have confidence + feel happy because their getting awesome results! 👏😆 - @livingbeautyfitness - Photo @nelsonazevedophoto Hair @hairbyselinachhaur Make up @chloeellouise.com.au Nutrition + Workouts @livingbeautyfitness - #onlinecoaching #fitmum #fitmomof2 #oxygenmagazine #oxygenmagau #fitnessmom
All is welcome we going to do it the fastfitness way #makeithappen #workingtogether #stayfocused #bestme #family #fun #battleropes #gohard #goals #teamwork
You are winning as long as you learn something every day. I learned how important getting ready can be, between a workout and nice clothes you really can take on the world. Maybe getting ready won’t happen every day but there’s definitely a lot of power to it. What is one thing you learned today? • • • #learning #superpowers #momlife #bestlife #bestme #newme #letstalk #reallife #dreams #goals #nobaddays #momeverything #postpartum #goodvibes #momoftwo #boymom #girlmom #mom #igmotherhood #stayathomemom #fall #sweaterweather #hi #accountability #positivity #magic #create #fitness #weightloss #momsofinstagram
After a rough night up with Quinn lastnight & only about 3 hours sleep, I needed to source some energy from somewhere this morning.... . I took myself out the back and did a @romwod in the sunshine, I absorbed all the rays and energy while getting swole and flexy, LoL. . it’s made me feel real fucking good at a time I was feeling real fucking shit. . Happy hump day, may it be filled with positive vibes only!. . #crossfit #crossfithf #crossfitmum #bestme #energy #sunshine #workswonders #vitamind #humpday #wednesday #swoleandflexy #romwod
#TransformationTuesday Almost the same smile but I am happier now 🖤 I am so proud of myself and how far I've come. I am my only competition and baby doll goes hard! Each day in every way I am getting better and better. Each day I am being the best me I can be. I've overcame a lot to get here and I am so excited for all the days to come #Infinite #Improvements Stay tuned to my YouTube videos on my #mastercleanse experience and weight loss. I'll also be doing videos on weight gain which is what I am currently doing. From the beginning to end of my weight loss journey I lost 63 pounds my lightest was 127 pounds. I am currently working my way up to 145 pounds since muscle weighs more than fat 👍 ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾ #BurgundyBlxck #HippieGothFitness #BestMe #WeightLoss #SundayFunday #Motivation #Inspiration #Positivity #PositiveVibes #FitnessModel #Gains #Strength #Improvements #Gym #ChallengeDaily #SlimWaist #ThickThighs #Affirmations #LifeGoals #Inspiration
So.... about that coconut obsession... 🥥🌴😆💕 . . I was never addicted to pop (soda? 😆) but I did like Diet Dr. Pepper and would have one a day for years just for the caffeine. Then I figured out how bad the artificial sweeteners are and gave them up. But I do miss the fizz! . . I’ll grab one a La Croix a few times a week, guilt-free, when I have a craving. So imagine my sheer joy when I saw the coconut flavor now available 😊💕🥥 . #sodavspop #coconut #coconutobsession #lacroix #betterchoices #fizz #fitmom #cleanereating #tuesdaytip #momlife #momofgirls #girlmom #fitnessjourney #flavoredwater #obsessed #givememore #yesplease #bestme
What does everyone do when they feel lost without their baby? 🤷🏻‍♀️ He’s started pre school and I got 7 hours to myself without him! So use to spending time with him and attending to him all day....I guess that just calls for house work 😂 The time with him goes so fast and time without him goes so slow 👶🏼
Just 2 more days and I’m 1 year sober #noboos #happy #whole #relief #freedom #bestme #journey #addictionisreal #sobriety . This is scary to share but I hope it reaches someone that might need to reach out for help. I’m here for ya 😘
There is nothing I love more than being a mommy. There just isn’t. This little guy is the light of my life & he makes every day brighter. . But guess what? Some days he drives me BONKERS. 🤣. Like hide in my bathroom, count to 100, deep breaths, kind of bonkers. . Does that make me a bad mom? HECK NO. It makes me dang sane. 😂. . Listen up mamas (and mamas to be)— the social media portrayal of “my kids are perfectly behaved, go to bed on time, eat their veggies every day, never back talk, make their beds and I have my hair and makeup done by 6am”... is just that.. a portrayal. It ain’t real life I’ll tell ya that much 😂. . But it’s shocking to me just how many women use THAT as their standard of parenting. Seriously ladies?! Let me let you in on a little secret... NONE OF US MOMS HAVE OUR SH** TOGETHER. 🤷🏻‍♀️. . Motherhood is like herding a bunch of wild ducks hopped up on pixie stix... the minute you think you’ve got it one duck starts flapping out of control squawking at the top of their lungs. It’s a circus. . But it’s blissful. Because no one loves you like your crazy ducks. So do me a favor would ya? Give yourself and other mamas some GRACE. Because we’re all in this together. So if you see a mama chasing a duck... help her out. 🦆🖤✌🏼
Being strong is my absolute favorite. 💥 Something about picking up heavy weight and being able to put it back down, over and over again. 😈 I did back today & hit a PR on cable lateral pulldowns 😛 I have noticed a huge downfall of mine and that’s cardio :’) I need to add more of it in my life. Yesterday I added in 25 minutes of stair master, and today I did 15 min incline walk. I {still} work at Orangetheory so I realized how effective adding that into my workout split will actually be. I’ve said before, I do a class and I’m dead for 4 days in a row 🤣 which apparently makes me want to take multiple breaks from it. But theeeee best way to grow is to be uncomfortable, so I’m going to start doing at least two classes a week. Watch me get better 😈 hope y’all week is good so far!! #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #bestme #beavisionary #selflove #selfmade #selfcare #workinprogress #mevsme #bestself #womenempowerment #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #strongnotskinny #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #backday #backprogress #backmuscles #musclesaresexy #strongnotskinny #buildyourbody
Turn IT UP TUESDAY!!!! 3 more days until my new year of life and I am coming into my new year ALL GAS NO BRAKES , NO HESITATION I declare that I will have enough discipline and determination to Level UP !!!! I declare that A growth mindset is my only mindset ! I declare that every goal will be met. I declare that the old me is no longer welcome I declare that I be relentless in all my endeavors! I declare I will plan and prepare for success I AM READY !!! #bestme #bestlife #dreamchasers #goalgetter #bossassbitch #bossbabe #humblebeginnings 🎂 🎊 🎈 #dominate #spreadlove
Sprints yesterday taking that heart ♥️ rate UP & DOWN; Today we kept it steady UP! #getupgetoutgetsomething #BestMe #fitat50 #IGotStamina
The myth that women shouldn't lift heavy is perpetuated by women who fear hard work and men who fear strong women. 💪 #bouldershoulders #bestversionofme #inmyownlane #momswholift #gymmom #fitmom #fitish #utahfitfam #bestme #dowhatyoudesire #dowhatyoudeserve #donthateappreciate #deaffitness
@tergramhardy thank you for sharing your inspiration with us. Our best selves is the only thing we should ever aspire too. . . . . #inspird #womeninbiz #femaleentrepreneur #bestme
A dziś, to nawet #kickfit wleciał. A pro po... Zastanawiałaś/-eś się kiedyś na tym co jest dla Ciebie priorytetem? Kolejna rundka CS'a, trening, zadowolenie innych wokół Ciebie? A co jest ważne dla Ciebie? Sama nie mam się czym chwalić, bo kucie np. słówek i epok do 2-3 nad ranem, gdy się wstaje o 6 To bardzo zły przykład. Jednak co i raz Bóg otwiera mi oczy. Nie mogę tak, moje ciało nie wytrzyma i wtedy to wszystko się skończy. Już nie będzie powrotu. Staraj się być lepszą wersją samej/-go siebie, ale NIGDY kosztem zdrowia i życia! #chodagang #choda #fit #fitness #teenager #ewachodakowska #cardio #health #gym #gymgirl #gymhero #bestme
Today was our first day of my schools run hard running club for our 3-5 graders! We are coaching them in training for a 5k! I’m super excited to teach these kids in a different way then I typically do and get to work on my health at the same time!! 👟👍🏽 #bestme #bbgteacher #progressnotperfection #bbgsouthcarolina #bbggirls #cardio #5ktraining #coaching #septembergoals #strongnotskinny #fitlife #motivation #liss #fitcommunity #racetraining
I spy with my little eye 🐈 #throwback
First before my long winded post....love this new @kagedmusclesupps tank @thenickholt hooked me up with. Now I have a couple theories on how our lives play out. I am wondering what others feel about this ride we call living is all about. I think that we have all this different variations of our life or dimensions I guess we live it. I feel liek the life I am in now can be one of 2 things. I think I am on the fence of doing great things and or being the one to figure out what my true meaning is in life. I have this feeling from the deepest part of me that I am suppose to do great things with my closest friends. I don't mean that I will make a ton of money and conquer the world. I am meaning I could possibly have a tremendous impact in a positive way on/in others lives. The goal I have every day my feet hit the ground is to project such a magnetically positive vibe so others can feel comfort in coming to me for help. I haven't had scaring tough life but I have learned and opened my mind to any issue I have come across. I am always continuing to search for ways to reach out and share my experiences. Selfishly I want to be the person with the most powerful vibe so that when I meet someone new they can feel that their best interests are secure with me. Luckily my job lets me tap into this daily and allows me to grow. I wish I could express this better but for now this is all I can come up with. :) #fitness #blahblahblah #rant #bepositive #bestme #vibeout #letsvibe #yourvibeisyourtribe #birdsofafeather #instafit #instaflex #flex #flexyourheart #careforothers #beardgame #gainz #motivation #iwishiwasbetterwithwords
• I WEIGH • In Stone, LB’s or KG’s?? I have NO CLUE! In WHO I am as a person? All of the above 💜🙏🏻. Plus: stubborn, disorganised, easy going and messy! ⚖️ It’s 2018 and thanks to social media we’ve come to value and compare how much we weigh rather than who we are and the mark we can leave on the world. With all the time, energy, worry and frustration spent on thinking about our weight and our bodies....imagine what we can do if we put that energy into really going after our passions, dreams and beliefs?! 💜 I absolutely love what @jameelajamilofficial has done by creating the @i_weigh movement. I’ve followed this account for a while now, and every time I come on here it’s a Ray of light ☀️ on the sh*t storm that is social media. I also urge you to listen to the interview Jameela Jamil did with Krishnan Guru Murthy for his Podcast ‘Ways to Change the World’ - she is so honest, articulate and a total breath of fresh air! 👉🏻 I got tagged by @zannavandijk and @thephitcoach to share this, but I want to tag all of YOU! I encourage you to share all the things that make you special in the comments or perhaps share your own image with all the qualities that make up who you are!? #iweigh #selflove #girlgains #BestMe
These results tho! #ridiculous Our #newtechnology will literally #flushtheFat from your body!! Do yourself a favor and order this product! It will be the best #present you EVER BOUGHT YOURSELF!! sometimes a picture is all we need for PROOF 😱 our #NewTechnology is amazing🔥🚀 Are you #sick and #tired of feeling sick and tired?? I was too. I used to be an #achey #cranky #exhaustedmommy until i #changedmyvitamins #3simplesteps #changedmylife I am the #bestme I have ever been! I am #happier #healthier and i feel 20 years younger! I #ageinreverse Message me and I will #hookyouup The Business is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! I literally just get up🌞 take my FREE product, feel amazing and share that experience with others.  People these days are very busy, over worked, underpaid, tired, and they just want to feel better❣❣ Thats me in the first pic then some of my friends!! 💟💟 I look forward to helping more people live the absolute best life they can and that YOU DESERVE!! Only you can turn the key and open the door to taking the first step in the journey the best version of you❣💃 I hope you Dance 💃 ~MM~❣
Homemade cottage pie with leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Packed with onion, pepper, peas & spinach. Could have had extra veg on the side, but I am SO tired tonight I’m just proud I actually cooked. I need more sleep 😴 #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #balancedliving #fitness #bestme
For someone who didn't like gnocchi a few weeks ago I think it's safe to say I'm converted to loving it 😍 Tonight we had creamy pesto pan fried gnocchi with pancetta, courgette and tomatoes and it was absolutely delicious! I loved frying the gnocchi instead of boiling or baking it to give it such an amazing crispy texture - definitely one to try if you've not had it before
REAL TALK * What diet do you follow? That's a common question I get asked. We are constantly bombarded with the latest trends in the media- paleo, gluten free, intermittent fasting, macro tracking and the list goes on.. In the wellness industry there is a perception that if you aren't drinking protein shakes, drinking matcha, eating organic foods or killing yourself in the gym, then you are not healthy ENOUGH! . But you know there is no perfect version of being healthy- it doesn't exist! Each one of us has our own journey with our own set of obstacles to deal with. So healthy means something different for each of us. . As a busy mum of 2 teenage sons (younger one with ADHD and ASD) I like to keep things simple. I have no room for complications in my life- emotionally or physically! I adopt a balanced approach to my physical and mental well-being. So I like to nourish my body with what makes me feel good. Real food that's uncomplicated! I engage in activities that will challenge me but at the same time enjoy doing. . Here are some truths: 1. I don't count calories or follow a restricted or elimination diet. 2. I love green smoothies, oat bowls and salads but I'm known to indulge in red wine, G & T, dark chocolate or even a slice of carrot cake particularly over the weekend. 3. I hate matcha but love coffee. 4. I'm not a fitness freak who spends hours in the gym- I do a combination of quick home workouts and gym classes that include weights, Piyo, spinning and dance classes. I don't always achieve this in a week but I'm flexible because I'm a mum and life happens!! 5. I practise self-care as best I can by spending time on myself but also being present with my loved ones. My favourite is just entertaining and sharing food with friends. . But I'm human and things don't always go to plan and that's fine with me! This is my healthy journey and it works most of the time for ME! There is no one size fits all so you need to figure out what works for YOU! I hope I can inspire you somehow with real food, quick workouts, lifestyle tips and real honest mum talk. Follow me @angela.poole 📷@vasphotographywoking . . #myhealthjourney #keepingitreal #realme #realmum
This is me at one of my heaviest points in life. I believe in this photo I weighed around 160lbs. I am only 4ft 10in tall. I was depressed, angry, my self esteem was at its lowest. I never want to go back to that. I am working on myself one day at a time. I cant wait to take everyone on this journey with me. #weightloss #bestme #newme #healthylifestyle #lowcarb #highprotein #bosslady #noturningback
I just saw this and thought of @victorianiamh if you don't follow her you should. A couple of her posts have had me thinking. So much in this lala land that is social media makes you want to 'follow this or follow that...' but @victorianiamh will tell it like it is!! . I also was reading about fingerprints today for a little project. Did you know fingerprints are more unique than DNA. Why don't we think of ourselves as a fingerprint? That it's just not possible to compare one to another. Now I'm just going to leave that thought with you 😉 . #fingerprint #unique #haveabreak #andbreath
Home from feeling super rubbish, down in the dumps & poorly and what does my lovely fiancé do? Cook me up all the veg he can find in a big warming bowl (with pasta of course 🍝). It’s days like these when it’s so easy to fall off track, stuff that chocolate in until you feel sick & wallow in self pity BUT NATTTT TODAY GIRL!! - - With my super foods this morning, pot snacks, healthy lunch & now this. I’m fully on track to having a clean week YASSS, all thanks to my new program ☺️🙌🏼💛
Holistic Kitchen Mastery Program Over these three weeks we learn how to: -Shop to save money -The process of taking the guesswork out of 'what's for dinner' -Food Prep Less than 60-90 minutes a week -Daily health-building, time-saving tricks, and habits -Foods that heal & improve health -Cook Meals in under 20-30 minutes -Assess and shift some of our mindsets in regards to nutrition This program will be held in a private group where I will be active daily! I will be sharing daily cooking and kitchen education through live coaching sessions, video tutorials, printable worksheets and docs...SO much value in this program! You'll be so glad you joined us, BEFORE the holidays! Early Registration open now, so click INTERESTED OR GOING. https://www.facebook.com/events/1818376904919161/
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