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[1 of 3] My boys @louandmatthew let me snap some pics from a show this fall. Fun fact, my first concert I shot over 5,000 photos. I shot less than 50 photos here. Film photography is teaching me to slow down and wait for the shot. I’ve really started taking the pressure off of myself of getting every shot but rather getting the right shot!
08 декабря Martyrdöd (Swe) выступили в клубе Mod. @martyrdod @infinityconcert @mesmika #martyrdöd  #martyrdod  #infinityconcert  #месмика Photo by @birulyan
‪So happy to see so many of my photos in @brightonsfinest best of 2018 and for the nice comments and likes I’ve had on them recently. Always think I’m a terrible photographer but I must be doing something right 😊 here’s a few of my own favourites from 2018 . . . . . . #yonaka #genderroles #yearsandyears #elvana #bandphotos #brighton #brightonmusic #gigphotography #livemusicphotography #liveconcertphotography #concertphotographer #bestmusicshots #rockphotographer #concertphoto #musicphotography #bestband #concertphotography #musicphotographer #livephotography #musicphoto #bandphotography #gigphotography #bestmusicshots
Courtney Barnett Taken for Gigging NI
sabrina carpenter 🌟 #jingleball shot for @nytimes
This Saturday!!! Catch me hosting and performing for the homie @jusbdot album release and @matchboxtony giving yall vibes that will touch the soul!! Doors open at 7. Show starts at 8! Link in the bio!!
Festive edits with photos I almost tossed.. If @larrykeel and his clusterpluck cats singing Christmas Times A Comin' doesn't get you in the holiday spirit then I don't know what will. You should take a listen here... maybe start with the Whipping Post if you want to ease into the xmas tunes . https://archive.org/details/lke2018-12-09.litz.sbd.akg414.flac16 thanks @keithlitz ! . . #songisstillstuckinmyhead #embracingthosereds #thiseditinspiredbytrafficlightsandkeelxmastunes . . . @jonstickleytrio @horseshoeshandgrenades @larrykeel @abbeybar 12.9.18
We caught two very special shows in Perth recently. ... Icon Australian band THE CHURCH are celebrating the 30th anniversary of #starfish with a national tour.. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ and #punkband THE HARD-ONS have played a special tour in WA ‘ No Sleep Til Western Australia’ ... Find these stunning galleries on our website. Link in bio. ... 📷 @_awii_ .. 📷 @klowe_photography
In 2014, he released his debut mixtape, The God Complex and he’s been making hits since. @goldlink 🌍💥 pleasure meeting this guy!
Artist: @grandson Venue: Newport Music Hall / @promowestlive Photographed for @framethestage1
few days away from @rollingloud and I’m like. 🙀 @lilpump
El foco intenso de Andrew Neufeld liderando la visita de Comeback Kid al Gier Music Club de Buenos Aires. Foto para @headbangers_latinoamerica
Bring me back to this summer when seeing @niallhoran had become a regular thing 💜
I think I will be going back to Prague for concert coverage 😊 This photo almost didn't happen because I lost my photo pass sticker. Fortunately I found it and got to the photo pit 😀 @dimmuborgir did an amazing (but too short) show in #forumkarlin Looking forward to the next one 🤘 . . . #shagrath #stiantomtthoresen #dimmuborgir #europeanapocalypse #hatebreed #bloodbath #kreator #nuclearblast #corpsepaint #blackmetal #norwegianblackmetal #norway #concertphotography #concertphotographer #htbarp #photopitforever #chasingthelightart #bestmusicshots #portrait_mood #portraitphotography #blacknwhite_perfection #bnwphotography #masters_in_bnw #nikontoday_bw #nikonartists #martinarusalka
Sweetness, can you believe this? @anthonyraneri has the voice of an angel.
Menzos & TMP just fkn sendin ‘er last night.
Wintersleep’s music isn’t the type I usually gravitate towards but after seeing them tonight I’m completely mindblown. If you ever have the opportunity to see @wintersleeptheband play a show, I 10/10 recommend. 👏
Sunday mornin, rain is fallin 🎶
Lost count of how many times I’ve seen @smanifesto - they were my first show at 14 and have blown my mind every single time I’ve seen them play. Streetlight - bless your souls for playing Everything Goes Numb in its entirety. Fucking phenomenal show. Also, taking photos in focus is seriously challenging when you’re dodging crowd surfers and mosh pitters. I did my best. ...and sorry mr. bouncer for capturing your focus face in my pic. Ya look p dumb. #SkasNotDead
Long live the Nil. Thanks @indie88toronto and @thedirtynil for a wicked night and the free tix 🤙 See ya at @operahouseto
Heckin amazing time at @fidlar and @dillydallyto last night 💕 Pretty rad way to spend my first night back in the city 🤙
Wicked awesome time at @jeffrosenstock last night 🤙 Also wicked awesome meeting Stefan from @puptheband 😍 #whatatimetobealive #lifeiscool
Menzos are the bestos #righton
Plot twist: Ska punk IS still cool 🎸🎷
🎤🎸🎉🎶 The Beaches & DFA blew my mind. Fantabulous night.
S/O to Streetlight Manifesto for the best start to BIRTHDAY WEEKEND 🎉 @smanifesto you make my heart happy af 💕🎷🎺🎸🎉
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