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Oregon is so beautiful. Don't you agree?
Camping fashn: wool socks and tevas
Beach Day 🏖
Breathe in peace, exhale gratitude. Repeat.
"Oh, you're the shape of my days. Oh, you're my holy place. And I know, Everything's good Everything's just as it should be." • Vance Joy ✌🖤🌊
Somewhere beside the road, the view begged to have its photo taken. I love our Oregon coast!
The #chef has been all about perfecting these miniature maple walnut #cheesecakes 💛 • #madewithlove #sweetplate #delish #cheesecakelover #saffronsalmon #sweettooth
It finally feels like spring and the sea slugs are out in force. These Aeolidia nudibranches are prowling for sea anemones and I found several with their heads straight down an anemones mouth. Hard to tell who's getting the meal...
The weather was fabulous in Bandon yesterday! #thepeoplescoast #coastexplorer #bestoforegoncoast
High five, friends!! It's the weekend! AND it's going to be sunny!! Will your travels lead you to the #gemoftheOC ? 💙🌊💙 Beautiful shot by @thehikerpup
Sea Pancaaaake! ✌🖤🌊 Skate cutie.
📍Cape Kiwanda, OR // I’ll never forget this feeling🌅
One of our photos of Silver Point. Use #experiencecannonbeach for a chance to be featured.
Hello beautiful, thank you for sharing your evening with me. After the last person drove away, I hung out watching this small herd bed down with the most epic of views. Incredible that they call this place home.
The highlight of our trip ⬆ We watched these seals for about an hour. They hung out right next to the shore, just floating along in the waves. When the waves went out, we could count about 20 seals at once. #photography #oregon #nature #seal #coast #ocean #oregoncoast #coastexplorer #bestoforegoncoast #beautiful #picoftheday #instagood #global4nature #inspirenaturenow #canon #TeamCanon #explore #travel #cute #animals #animallovers #iloveanimals #oregonphotographer #oregonphotography #oregonexplored #OnlyInOregon #RealOregon #iloveoregon #thisisoregon #ThatOregonLife
With Friday’s arrival will it be the road, a plane, or simply your footsteps that guide you?
A radiant, good morning from Yachats! Who has plans to hit up the coast for the weekend? There should be sun! 😍 Stunning shot by the ever talented Ruth @pic_from_my_lens
Goodbye Thursday. I want to like you but I prefer your next door neighbor Friday. #peaceout
I am thrilled to introduce to you the newly appointed Sanderman Summer Sippy Cup of 2018. Big thanks to the other contestants that came out to compete this year. We are looking forward to many adventures ahead in the coming months pertaining to wine, liquor, champagne cocktails, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. #namethatrodgersandhammerstein
"She wasn't bored, just restless between adventures." -Atticus
When nature imitates...nature. 😂
It was a gorgeous morning to take my cell phone for a swim. I just couldn’t let that #razorclam get away. In the last month, I’ve drowned an iPhone & a drone in the ocean. Expensive mistakes, but all in the name of serious FUN! 😬
Take me away.
A morning beach walk with good company sets the tone for an amazing day ☀️🌊🐚
Welcome back to the world, Mr. Sun Man - Mr. Golden Sun. You can shine down on me erryday.
I don’t post too many iPhone shots, but you couldn’t take a bad one last night.
Today I shall be there in spirit.
Damn, my town sure is pretty. 💕⛵☀⛅🌈
‘To all my friends You'll find your way Some summer night I hope I see you again’
The world (just barely) beneath. This morning's reinstall and monitoring left just enough time for a little exploration of these miniature worlds before the tide came in.
Daydreaming of dunes
Sometimes it's just...it's more about the moment, the feeling, than anything. I want to take you here with me. I want your eyes to adjust to the dusky darkness just after the sun has set. A slight breeze shakes the leaves of a bamboo patch in the forest. The sound is so delicate. It's intoxicating. There's no pain in this moment. No fear, sadness. The world isn't unjust in this moment. Simple. Natural. Sacred. It would of happened with or without my presence. I'm so thankful I was a witness. I'm so thankful you're here with me. 🖤
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