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Yes 🙌 “The word try, means nothing. There’s no such thing as trying to do something. The moment you begin a task, you’re doing it. So just finish what you’re doing.” -La Tisha Honor #inspirationalquotes #believeinyourself #beyourbestself #yolo #doordonotthereisnotry
👌🏻HOW WIN AT THE FAT LOSS GAME👌🏻 - My Daisy Dukes... - If you want to succeed at anything it makes sense to ensure the environment that surrounds you is having a positive influence. - If you're struggling with your fat loss journey then you need to look to take an honest look at you and your life and make sure it’s working for you not against you.. - There’s always one friend who is food and drink pusher.Someone who rolls there’s eyes at the word “no”. You need to learn to say “no thanks “ not caring what they think or reduce the amount of time spent with them. - Find a support network we all need help sometimes it’s a sign of strength to reach out and ask not weakness. - You are not the exception to the rule change has to happen it doesn't need to be huge or happen all at once but remember your current way of living is what caused you to gain fat in the first place. - 👉🏻If you reverse a car into a wall do you keep driving into the wall in a hope it mends the damage? - Keeping food in the house that you know may trigger a binge is really a form of self sabotage. If its out of sight it’s out of mind.If all you’ve got to pick at is radishes then most likely that’s what you’ll do. - I am yet receive a message saying “ wow that restrictive diet has done amazing things me long term”. - I am happy to see more people are starting to see that heavily restrictive diets aren’t the answer. That a bit of “party food” amidst an otherwise balanced diet is not unhealthy and will long-term lead to better diet adherence. - Being more organized daily makes your life easier. Make lists, keep your fridge stocked, keep your gym kit handy. - By setting positive behavior triggers such as gym kit by the door, water with you, healthy food on hand,it helps keep you on track and develop long term habits. - If you refuse to accept patience is necessary for fat loss especially significant amounts you will keep using extreme approaches that lead you further away from your goal. It's boring, it’s frustrating and it’s tough but that’s real life. - YOU can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. Say “I can and I will say” and most of all believe in yourself. - 💖Love you ❤
Heidi, Heidi ~ The mountains are your world. Heidi, Heidi ~ Because up here, you’re at home. Dark green fir trees. Green meadows in the sunshine. Heidi, Heidi ~ You need them to be happy... 😂 . I felt like Heidi this morning, when I looked out my window. 🙈 But I haven‘t seen Peter. Only his goats. 🐐🐐 . Whatever. Today, it shouldn‘t get so hot like the last weeks. Let‘s see what I am going to do. What‘s you plan for this weekend? . . . #fiogoesbeauty #fiosreise #youniquetravelerpresenter #focusonyourself #believe #believeinyourself #beyourbestself #liveyourheartout #liveyourlife #lifeisbeautiful #mlm #travelbeautyblogger #validate #curvygirl #heidi #curvywoman #girlboss #indepentend #iamamom #siciliangirl #travelblogger #travelgirl #empowerment #uplift #love #saturday #goat #mom #dream #goodmorning
Always be yourself, whether you are bad or good are still yourself.. and only you know about yourself, and never be compare yourself to anybody else.. every person has different way!!! Happy weekend guys ❤️😊😉 #selfie #beyourself #beyourbestself #lovemyself
How many times in your life were you about to give a presentation or a speech and you felt your heart pounding, hands sweating, beads of sweat rolling down combined with that chill down your spine and you just froze in the middle of your breath? Join this Powerful Workshop on Public Speaking without Fear on Sunday, August 19th from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm with Master of NLP, Ewa Ledeboer Click here to register http://ow.ly/vxxV30loy1D or call us on 04-3639307 or email us on info@miraclesworldwide.com #publicspeaking #overcomefears #awareness #transform #heal #clarity #beyourbestself #awarenesstalks #workshops #meditations #dubaiwellness #thingstodo #dubai #miracles
My brain currently feels FRIED 🍳 but I just wanted to quickly jump on here to tell you that I've just uploaded a in-depth bonus tutorial to the Promote Your Blog Workshop that covers EVERYTHING I know about growing a following on insta 📸 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you've already signed up for the Promote Your Blog Workshop, you'll find the tutorial with the rest of the course content 😘 And if you missed out on my Promote Your Blog Workshop when it first came out I have good news for you because I've reopened registration for this week only!💃🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In the two-hour workshop I share how to deal with imposter syndrome, fear of being boring, procrastination, indecision, confusion etc that comes up when you put yourself out there online 😅 I've also added a bonus insta tutorial that covers mindset and all the technical stuff 🙏🏽 And I'll be adding a bonus pinterest tutorial to the course this week 📌 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As many of you already know, I don't want to be a blogger who blogs about blogging (or an instagrammer that instagrams about instagram) 😂 BUT I get so much question about this stuff that I've decided to share what I've learned over the last five years 😘 As well as A LOT of mindset and perfectionism stuff, because that's what I love the most (and is so necessary) 💭 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The Promote Your Blog Workshop (as well as my other two blogging workshops) will be available as individual workshops until midnight (EDT) on Saturday, 25 August ✨ If you missed out on one of my workshops, make sure you pick it up this week 🤗 The link for each can be found via the link in my bio👆🏽This will be your last chance to get each workshop individually at a super cheap investment so make sure you make the most of it if you're interested! 😊 Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far xx
Love photography days when mum gets home from work and we offer to capture some shots for her. The stories of how all our Lily & Mortimer fans came into the world are so inspiring and are a reminder of just how amazing everyone of you (parents) and your little ones are. So remember to tell yourself how special you are this weekend, what a great job you are doing and enjoy a lie in! xx One of my goals through Lily & Mortimer is to create a business that really makes a difference to women. I speak to so many that say they are looking for more purpose in what they doing, want to find a way of spending time do more of what they love and an environment where they can do amazing work. I started by committing to using freelancers, creating flexibility in how people can work to achieve amazing results and it has meant I have worked with a fabulously diverse set of individuals. Secondly there are our trailblazer opportunities, these may suit people taking a career break and looking for something they can do on their terms, or people looking to be involved with a business that supports programmes you care deeply about. In our case we want to promote a world where every child can sleep soundly. Read more in link in bio If this sounds like you or someone you know don't hesitate to share/tag them and get in touch with me #mindfulhome #amazingparents #littlewonders #sustainablysourced #beyourbestself #bestnightssleep #sleepwelllivewell #familytime #womenforwomen
Just a reminder that if you have to tone down how you speak, write, think or live - you're in the wrooong crowd. Not here to please ya, here to change lives and give people the permission to make money by being their crazy badass selves, byee 😂🙏 Ps. If ya feel me, my group's the right crowd for ya // link in bio 👏👏
Rainy windy days are for a snuggly blanket, hot tea and a life changing book 😍😊 #themagic #personaldevelopment #beyourbestself 💕
Morning Wisdom 💫 Love yourself, believe in yourself, be yourself! Your a limited edition!! 🍃 . . . #limitededition #beyou #beyourbestself #quote #qotd #morning #saturday #morningwisdom #wordsofwisdom #instalove #wordstoliveby #beunique #fitspo #inspire #instaquote #iger #goodmorning
The second Tiger 🐯 movement of the Five Animal Frolics is trickier… it brings in a wonderful stretch for the lower back and builds strength in the legs, it also works with individual leg strength and balance… Qigong looks like you’re not doing much but it is surprisingly intense at times, this posture/movement is such a time! Five Animal Frolics starts Saturday September 22nd, 2018, its a 12 week commitment.
Every 35 days your skin replaces itself Every month your liver replaces itself , your body makes these new cells from the food you eat. What you eat literally becomes you. You have a choice in what you’re made of 🍒 #healthinspo #nutrition #fuelyourbody #eatclean #nourish #fruitjuice #beetrootjuice #fitness #inspo #gym #abs #beyourbestself
Welp 🤷🏻🤷🏻🤷🏻 #🤷🏻 #welp #beyourbestself #selfie
Imagine a world where everyone looked at others without judgement and with kindness .... I once read something that said every time we judge someone else, we reveal an unhealed part of ourselves ....... That’s something to contemplate .... #kindness #love #positivevibes #positivity #nonjudgement #mindset #mindfulness #weekendvibes #wisdom #wellbeing #lifelessons #spiritual #truth #mind #quotes #quotesaboutlife #yoga #yogateacher #BeYourBestSelf
I would go to Disneyland every year because it's the happiest place on earth. Since becoming a health and fitness coach, which that title alone still makes me laugh🤣I've found another place I call the happiest place on earth, my virtual fit-family team. It's not a physical place but it's a place where your dreams can come true. I came into this wanting to lose weight for my wedding. I had no idea that this is where I would be today. Being a part of this community is magical, spiritual and exciting. I'm so passionate about helping people get back on track with their health and fitness journey. I'm just as passionate about sharing this business opportunity and helping people build their own business from home. I love masterminding with my teammates and knowing that every person we help build a business is changing so many lives. To be a part of that is a gift. I've opened the doors to a six figure income and there is no cap. I have huge goals and I know I'll achieve them. I'm looking for more people to join this team and set some goals too. We are hosting a sneak peek of what we do. If you ever wondered how to start your own business from home just by inspiring people with your health and fitness journey, this would be a great opportunity to learn everything we do. You can just be a fly on the wall and listen or ask any questions you might have. It's this Monday, Aug 20th. If you're interested drop a ❤ in the comments below or dm me. #businessopportunity #beyourownboss #beyourownbosstoday #entrepreneurlifestyle #womenempoweringwomen #womenhelpingwomen #womensupportingwomen #workfromhome #job #jobwanted #jobneeded #6figureincome #norules #workhardplayhard #beyourbest #beyourbestself #youarecapable #balleralert #baller #goodvibes #positivevibes #positivevibesonly #disneyland #disney #transformyourmind #positivemindset #freebird #dreamcather #healthishappiness #healthiswealth
Good morning positive, and powerful people! Have an amazing day! #nevergiveup 💪 #selfconfidenceiskey #beyourbestself #positivity #power #takechances #stayfocused
✨"Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself." -Paul Bryant 💯 #beyourbestself #doyou #hype #bigthingscoming 🐺 Modern Zeal™ Apparel by Joule Sack coming soon... ⚡JOULE SACK at (www.joulesack.com)
When it comes to wealth consciousness & wealth creation, one of the biggest lessons I’ve ever learned is to take radical, massive self ownership. These are all actual conversations I’ve had with private clients & students of my courses. ‘Everything always goes wrong...’ When you complain (all the time) you become a magnet for negative energy. You will continue to experience more and more things to complain about..... what you focus on, expands. ‘My ex husband robbed me blind’ ‘It’s my employees - they just can’t keep it together’ ‘Society just doesn’t have room for the little guys like us....’ When you blame others for your circumstances or situations, you render yourself powerless to ever being (or earning) more. Yes, things happen. But you get a say in how you handle it. By giving your power away to others, you reside yourself to all that you are in that moment. ‘That’s for rich people, not people like us’ ‘Money isn’t that important’ ‘Being rich is being greedy’ .... Justifying only allows you to keep comfortable where you ARE. It makes it okay, to not be your best self in all areas, to not receive all that you are deserving of. It makes it okay to be mediocre when deep down inside, you dream to be magnificent. Stop these three behaviours, even just for 1 day, and notice the change in your experience! Love, light and a High Vibe High Five, J xx ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #moneymindset #financialabundance #lawofattraction #lawofattractionquotes #manifesting #manifestation #manifestationmindset #universallaws #whatyoufocusongrows #selfhelp #personaldevelopment #spiritjunkie #spiritualgangsta #spiritualawakening #abundancemindset #abundance #successtips #selfownership #itsuptoyou #youcreateyourownreality #beyourbestself #abrahamhicks #secretsofsuccess #millionareminded #theuniversehasyourback #visualise #morningritual
Day 10 is done so I am Trying confidence on for size and showing a little more skin. (Please excuse how blindingly white I am. I stayed out of the sun this summer, because...baby). Would you believe that I had a baby 3 months ago ? 😜. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear a bikini any time soon (really my stretch mark are THAT bad) but I’m becoming more and more confident with my physical appearance. I know there are some women who snap back almost instantly. But I taught myself to stop comparing myself to others and simply focus on the amazing progress that I am making every single day. Im noticing how much stronger I am than I thought I was. I’m noticing how my clothes are finally starting to fit again, or looser. I’m noticing my face doesn’t look as round. I’m noticing I feel healthier. And that’s all that matters. #teambigleaps #teambeachbody #beachbody #beachbodycoach #day10 #80dayobsession #fitgirl #fitness #nutrition #girlboss #healthy #loveyourself #lovewhoyouare #beyourbestyou #beyourbestself
So much accomplished today and into this evening. Unexpected lunch date with @joanna_925 at #themainbean this afternoon. Lots of delight on the docket for tomorrow as well as the rest of the weekend. A hubby that goes above and beyond on a daily basis. Being married to the love of my life. A feline who makes me laugh constantly. Friends and family who are a joy to spend time with. Big plans coming down the pipeline for the future... • Grateful for these blessings, and so many others not mentioned. • Feel free to share your own gratitude today in the comments below. 👇 • • • #positivity #journey #BeYourBestSelf #spirit #connection #abundance #manifestation #gratitude #LoveLightAndBlessings #cloudporn #cloudgasm #cloudobsession #clouds #skyporn #skygasm #skyobsession #sky #instasky #lookup #picoftheday #photooftheday #dailypic #trees #bluesky #blessings
Today. Today I got a business license. Today I converted my insta to a biz acct. Today I moved forward. ❤️🌈 Those of you that know me personally know that I'm intensely private. I don't really social media personally, I've never had a FB. I absolutely, positively, never ever use my name online. Did you notice that my name was nowhere on this account for the past 2 months?? Lol. Well, that changed today. This is my business. This is my future. This is my life. I am an artist. Hi there. I'm Linds Miyo. THANK YOU soooo much for coming along with me on this adventure. 👋😘 Let's go. 😍🙏😏🤩 . . . #makearteveryday #torontoartist #torontoart   #abstractart #abstractpainting #artofinstagram #artoninsta #artistoninsta #artistofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #contemporaryartwork #modernart #artoncanvas #instaart #instaartist #artmakesmehappy #happyart #makeprettythings #businesslicense #trusttheprocess #artiststudio #studiolife #rightplacerighttime #nowisthetime #creativelifehappylife #beyourbestself #creativelifehappylife #momtrepreneur #artistmom #paintpaintpaint
Be your own strength! Trust in your own inner strength. You got this! #findinnerstrength #strength #beyourself #selfhealing #loveyourself #selflove #beyourbestself
What if everything you’ve been doing has prepared you for this? - What if you don’t have to wait for some magical moment for everything to be perfect? - What if you already have everything you need to get started today? - What if.... now is your time? What would you do? - #saturdaymood #liveyourbestlife #makingdreamscometrue #whatif #nomoreexcuses #youareworthit #worldchanger
Today I am grateful for a lot of things, starting with my husband! He planned a surprise weekend getaway to Jim Thorpe, PA for the two of us, to do some of our favorite things: hiking to the top of Glen Onoko Falls, biking, a scenic train ride, shopping downtown in the cutest little stores and a concert! For me, getting out into nature takes away my stress. I love breathing in the fresh air, clearing my mind and finding new inspiration all around me. I also love watercoloring. And the fact that we climbed to the top of this waterfall, where he scheduled time for me to throw a quick watercolor together of the view, was just perfect. What can I say, he knows me well! What is it that you like to do to take a break and refresh you brain from the chaos of life? Do it! If you’re busy, make the time! By doing what you love, you are taking care of you. Once you take care of you, then you’ll be refreshed enough to take on the world! #bemoore #beyourbestself #begrateful #bepositive #becreative #beinspired #beoriginal #thepowerofpositivity #lawofattraction #glenokonofalls #jimthorpepa #newtravelwatercolors
"Not worrying about what people think frees you to do things, and doing things allows you to win or learn from your loss---which means you win either way. Hear me now: you are better off being wrong ten times and being right three than you are if you only try three times and always get it right." @garyvee . . Such an important thought, especially for me because I've always been someone who, frankly, at times has cared too much. . Since starting this journey with my husband of self improvement, and being on the path to live our best life the way we want I have read so many powerful things. (This being one of them) . . I encourage everyone to make time to read something, even if it's only 10 min a day. I didn't think I'd be into motivational or self improvement books, but they really make you take a look at your life and ask good questions.(looking forward to reading the new @edmylett book coming out soon!) . Am I doing the best I can? Am I the best person I can be? . When we take time to make ourselves better I think we make the world better🌎...one person at a time. It's our responsibility. 😙 . #beyourbestself #doyou #lovelife #selfimprovement #maxout #keepgrowing
If This Isn’t’ Your Mood. Move Over, I’ll grab your bag as well. Let’s Go! Move Around.
#FBF Are you ready to rewrite your story? I was. I remember exactly how I felt in that photo on the left... never again. I choose health & wellness! ❤️#youcantoo #Ishapeme #fitness #healthyrolemodels #isalife #isabodycanada #beyourbestself #theskyisthelimit #curves
How big are your dreams? 😊 #DreamBig
Feels good to be back 💕
Hawaii with the fam! God is good!
Don’t be fooled by her size. Connie is fired up and on a mission. She’s already lost 3kg in her first week using her Herbalife Nutrition Program and in the 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge learning how to live & manage a healthier lifestyle. But through her results, she is also looking to help more people feel great and achieve their best results just like she is experiencing 🙌🏻😀 . . . *Results are not typical. Individual results may vary.*
If being an entrepreneur was easy everyone would try! It takes guts persistence and determination!! Never give up #happy #
👆🏻 That is the gospel truth! ♥️ . I mean I am still on my #healingjourney and honestly, hope and expect myself to continue to grow. To improve. To love better. As a woman, sister, mother, friend and lover. . B U T So far... I have been left with this huge desire TO love. ♥️ It’s absolutely amazing and a bit startling. Recognizing my errors and why I made them... and WHY I effing made them, has done such miracles for my soul. . . . mini rant: Pretty sure he is liking all the “I hate her” posts in here. The “Better off without her” “She didn’t love you right” etc etc. I loved you as best as I could with what I had going on inside of me. But, however small it was on your rating scale, it was genuine. Ask me about my ability to love now bro. . I’m doing that. I’m becoming my best. And it involves this loud want TO LOVE. I want to love & be loved again so that is what I am becoming: L♥️VE . #belove #loveisallyouneed #poweroflove #learning #loving #lovinglife #inmyfeelings #happiness #hopeful #newaccount #aboutlove #selfreflection #transformation #reinvention #loveable #imperfect #ideservelove #iamworthy #iamenough #letslove
Think this is so true. Make sure you have enough of each, balance is absolutely key #loveyourself #bettereveryday
When you're born society gives you guide lines to live by, although there is a place for all the structure and rules don't let it dictate your life. Live on your own terms and peruse ambitions that will make you happy, not society, cause at the end of it all you're the only person that counts. #findyourself #livepostively #wokenation #loveyourself #knowthyself #gratefuleveryday
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