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These two ladies have molded me into what I am and inspire the shit out of me. Anita doesn’t even know it because I was a secret ghost watcher 👻 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve never talked to her or even told her she inspired me. She was brave enough to share her successes AND horrible hardships. On days I thought about throwing in the towel and giving up, she popped up in the back of my head how even in the DARKEST times...she never gave up...and I shouldn’t either. . . We aren’t perfect, we DONT have it all figured out, we have different stories and different struggles... . . but the one thing we ALL have in common is that we are STILL here and we aren’t going to stop because maybe...just maybe, we can inspire and help more women. . . Because they’ve inspired me...Ive realized its in my heart to do the same for you. I don’t know if I’m secretly inspiring you...but if I am...all I can say is my arms are open if you feel ready 👭🙌❤️ . . All you have to do is reach out 🤗
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A new adventure begins! I came to Costa Rica for a week for surf coaching. And with it came a swanky place to stay. So this week my accommodations have been upgraded! And I am SOOOO excited to be here with my friends from @sirensurfadventures. Coach Cat and Kristy are going to rock my world. . What adventure do you have planned for the weekend? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #wetakeyouplaces #surflifestyle #surfcoaching #surfadventure #adventureawaits #getoutside #followyourdreams #getafterit #beyourbestself #womenwhosurf #womenwhoexplore #currentsituation #singlefin
Don’t wait until you’re 65 or 75 before you decide to live your life. Don’t get so strung out on perfectionism, excuses or people-pleasing that you forget to have a big juicy creative life. It will break your heart. Don’t let this happen.🙏 -Unknown #lifecoach #lifequotes #lifeyourlifetothefullest #liveyourpassion #liveyourbestlife #liveyourstory #liveyourpurpose #purposedrivenlife #beyourbestself #beyoubebrave #liveanawesomestory #liveandenjoy
Don’t let others determine who you are for they don’t lead the life you lead #beyourbestself that only you can be and no one else!!!🔥🔥❤️💋☝🏻
Got it done this morning before all hell broke loose! . Right now, a group of my teammates are at our annual conference and I love seeing all of the fun and training that is happening. I can’t wait to go next year. . I love this team, and this company and I believe in their products and all they have to offer. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be part of it. I’ve tried other things, but always come back to this. I have made so many new friends, and we have the most amazing mentor. That’s a win-win right there!! . #chaoscoordinator #mombosslife #lovemytribe #desertliving 🌵 #fitfamily #vamosmexico #liift4 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #beyourbestself
I want to just take a moment to thank everyone who has called, texted or sent messages checking on me. I have my moments and some last longer than others but I'm a fighter. And this is real y'all. I was putting whatever energy I could muster up into making sure I was ok, my family and clients. Unfortunately, everything else had to take a back burner. The past few days have been much better but I still wanted to completely regroup before posting regularly again. I missed you guys both on social media and seeing everyone in real life. I'm good and I'm back. Time to get busy! Remember, its not how many times you get knocked down, its how many times you get back up swinging! #mentalhealth #thestruggleisreal #fitness #fitnessistherapy #beyourbestself #falldown9timesgetup10 #weightloss #weightgain
I get lots and lots of questions about my pink hair. It's now been a shade of pink or purple for over a year and I've never felt more "me" than I do now. #pinkhair is here to stay. . For anyone who wants to do this, understand that your hair has to be bleached first, and this is not something I recommend you do yourself. My awesome stylist @acequeen here on Maui is hands down my go-to gal... but if you're not on Maui, find a reputable stylist that tells you the truth - you cannot get platinum hair in one sitting. It takes several! . Originally my hair was colored with Pulp Riot and I use purple shampoo to help with yellowing. But then I discovered @overtonecolor conditioner and it not only deposits color into my lightened hair, but it conditions as well (and I'm not being paid to say this!). My favorite is a combination of the pastel silver and pastel pink. If you could try any color, what would you do? . . . #hairstory #myhair #mauiphotographer #mariahmilan #selfie #mauiphotographer #mauigirl #lipbalmandmascara #pcos #weightloss #healthy #healthymama #healthylifestyle #holistic #holisticnutrition #beyourbestself #momboss #mompreneur #bosslady #bossbabe #letsglow #amplifiedhealth #wellness #healthiswealth #lifestyle #glow #rise #bethechangeyouwant
Beautiful day for the #nwcrossingfarmersmarket here in Bend. The fresh produce makes this a great time to do the #10daycleanse ! . . #summerishere #summerproduce #eatlocalgrown #feelgoodfood #foodismedicine #eatright #beyourbestself #summerfit
Times are changing and the world is evolving 💗 with that, priorities change. If you asked me 10 years ago if I’d be a Mum of two kids, I’d laugh and say “heck no!” If you asked me 3 years ago if I’d be a business owner & entrepreneur I’d also laugh and say “yeah right! Me?! No!” But here I am married with two beautiful boys owning two home businesses 😍 I craved purpose and fulfillment in my life. I needed something I could be proud of. Sure it’s not “traditional” and there was a time that I wanted to continue to pursue my Management career in a 9-5 job setting, but I wanted more for myself. I wanted the freedom to be with my family. That’s important to me. So I went for it! I’m so happy I did. Turns out, this was exactly what I needed. Yes, it’s scary to put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone, but nothing changes unless you do! Success is based on failure, and my only failure is not giving it my best shot ❤️ I’m living life inspired and motivating others to do so as well! Life is short! LIVE IT! Do what makes you happy! #beyourbestself #inspired #motivated #liveyourlife #dowhatmakesyouhappy #freedom #dreamer #neversaynever
Stand out in the crowd and wear whatever makes you happy!! I love everything about this look especially our model @kourtneyredstrom ! When she’s not posing pretty you can find her pool side 🏝 or teaching 👩‍🏫 the first graders at Morgan Mill. We are so proud to call her our friend.
I don’t know about you, but I feel like it took me a long time to figure out exactly what made me me, what lit a fire inside me, what made me shine...and now that I know there’s no going back! Are you doing what makes you shine? * * * * #hardworkpays #workingonme #beyourbestself #believeinyou #selflovejourney #progressnotperfect #progressisprogress #findyourpurpose #findyourbliss #womensupportwomen #girlbosslife
Be your own motivation..... #Beyourbestversion ....#beyourownboss .....#Beyourbestself .....💪😘😍😘💏
"Committing to be your best self does not come with a guarantee everything will happen the way you want. Knowing that nothing is promised is our permission slip to go full out for what we do want. To find the goodness in the good days knowing that tomorrow will have it's own set of circumstances. To relish when the sun come out. Life is the present moment and love is our secret weapon. Our strength is in not needing for it all to be together to still stand tall and choose to love." -@charreah ❤ • • • Another month. Another book. Shout out to my mom for surprising with this great read that came at the perfect time. I flew through this book in a week!! Whether you're already married, in a relationship or planning to be married one day or not if sure if you want to be married this book is for you. Charreah's message is insightful as well as inspiring. Don't be afraid to be a boss and have a loving romantic relationship. It can be done you just have to understand the balance and while demanding your worth and living in the moment. Boss Bride is a very helpful guide to having your dream career and prioritizing your needs. Highly recommended to my ladies. This book will open your eyes and make you think because it's open and honest... Don't be surprised if you get this as a gift. That means you're sort of my 😉 Thinking about starting a book club and reading this one again. • • • #readabook #bookreccomendations #fourthbookof2018 #stayinspired #motivation #thebestisyettocome #yougotthis #nevergiveup #putyoufirst #beyourbestself #positivevibesonly #mypositive365 #mycreativebiz #makersgonnamake #makeithappen #creativepreneur #sayyestosuccess #creativeentrepreneur #bossbabe #womeninbiz #embraceyourjourney #bossbride
Blessed to spend time with my bestie getting our sweat on with our favorite Super Trainers! This event is so empowering- I can’t wait to help others change their lives the way this lifestyle has changed mine. These little things have a ripple effect that compound every day. #summit2018 #compoundeffect #fitnessjourney #fitnessjourney #inspiration #besties #sweatyselfie #workout #blessed #beyourownboss #beyourbestself #smile #bodypositivity #lifestyle #happiness #happysaturday
In college and grad school we learned all about using person-first language so instead of saying a “deaf person” or an “autistic person” we should say a “a person who is deaf” or “a person who has autism.” Honestly I used to think that was kind of crap. That it didn’t change anything. But I’ve come to realize how important person-first language really is. I used to think of myself as “chronically ill” and “a sick person” but I’ve changed my mindset and now think of myself as someone who gets sick often and someone who has a chronic illness. While on the surface it’s only a change in syntax, it’s truly helped me push past my illness to be the best me I can be. I never would have tried to exercise today after being sick all day yesterday this time last year because I was a “sick person” and I couldn’t do it. But today I’m not a “sick person” I’m just Megan who happened to be sick yesterday but felt better today. So I pushed past the preconceived notions and I feel SO much better because of it. So to all my fellow persons who have chronic illnesses, know that you are so much more than that and when you change your mindset great things can happen 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Who here is glad the weekend has come? What is one thing you look forward to on the weekend? . . I finally went to my spin class @burncyclesea and was able to do it! I’ve been so worried that I wouldn’t be able to cycle since my foot surgery. I did have some discomfort but with some adjustments it all worked out. And it felt great to sweat 💦 it out like I did. It has been hard to find some good cardio for me to do without causing more pain to my foot, so I’ve had to adjust. . . Main thing is, don’t let fear stand in your way of trying. Every day is a means of progress. If you set your mind on the prize, on your goal, on the end point, you’ll get there. You have to want it bad enough to make it happen and have patience too. . . Try these moves out this weekend. Tag a friend to do them with: . . Each move 1 min repeat entire exercise 3x . . 10 Squats, 10 squat jumps Squat down to chair and up Push up on Chair with Alt leg lifts Frog jump to Squat jump to side shuffle V sit up with leg shuffles Bicycles, 10 on each side then stagnant hold 10 sec on each side Superman lift then turn into V sit up . . . Leggings + shoes @adidas shirt @___goldenshop___
#heartofafighter #warrior #marine #vet #veteran #femalemarine #femaleveteran #live #lovelife #beyourbestself #lifeaftercancer #cancersmancer Being raise #dirtpoor on #govermentcheese gave me an appreciation for the social responsibility that comes with #monetary #success I believe in #handsup not #handouts with #determination anyone can #riseabove a difficult #childhood .
My weekend mood ✌🏼💖. I spend a big portion of my week working super hard at work and on the blog. I have more of a 5-9 instead of a 9-5 😂 but I wouldn’t have it any other way right now. When the weekends roll around, I try to fill them with less work and more happiness in my heart✨. Double tap if you’re having an awesome weekend! 👯‍♀️
| I N N E R 💪 S T R E N G T H | ______ Hop in tomorrow's live class, 'KETTLEBELL & CORE' with @KelvinGary , the Founder of @BodySpaceFitness at 1 p.m. ET at WWW.FORTE.FIT.
Choose love for yourself and others by snagging this essential oil from our shop. Cedarwood brings people together to experience strength, belonging, and community. It brings forth the message that it’s okay to lean on others and ask for help. This oil assists the heart in opening to receive love from others, as well as give love.
🎉🎈🎉HAPPIEST BDAY TO THE SWEETEST SOUL I KNOW! . Im not sure what I did to deserve someone who would bring me so much joy and share so many unforgettable experiences with me. . You are and will forever be the sweetest angel sent to me to show me what unconditional love from a man feels like. Im so lucky. . To many more crazy experiences filled with laughter, love, passion, travels, food, drinks, and dance of course. . Je te souhaite une incroyable nouvelle année Vincent d’amour! Célèbres! Tu mérites tout le bonheur qui se retrouve dans ta vie en ce moment! . Xox8
| S W E A T 💦 S Q U A D | ______ at @TrainingWithHeidi 's @SquadWOD Class at @PerformixHouseNYC on Wednesday's at 6:30 p.m. 💪 #SquadGoals
In the spirit of the World Cup #soccerislife ⚽️⚽️⚽️
“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” - Dr. Seuss ❤️ #drseuss #beyou #beyourbestself #family #youaretheonlyone
Want a bathing suit body? Put on a bathing suit! 👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙 Your family and friends don’t care about your cellulite! Your family and friends don’t care about your extra fluff! Your family and friends want you to be involved. They want you to have fun! They want you to be present. Put on your bathing suit and rock your summer! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #flabbyfashionista #plussizestyle #plussizefashion #bodypositive #bodyconfidence #bathingsuit #familyfun #beafunmom #weightlossjourney #bodytransformation #plusizeswimwear #plussizeblogger #beyourbestself
It's been a week since Utah and I love the expected and unexpected changes that have been happening since the trip. I expected to feel more on fire and to have lots more ideas on how to help more people, but what I didn't expect was the internal freedom I've experienced since being there. I don't think I'm alone in saying that it's hard to feel vulnerable at times and it's way easy to be too hard on myself, but pushing past those fears, taking leaps of faith, and tearing down the walls of my comfort zone has been SO worth it in every single way. 🎉 Do I want to live "safely" and risk letting others have control over my dreams and future or do I want to live ADVENTUROUSLY and run after my dreams? I'm gonna choose the second options 💕👊🏼😍#shootforthestars #therewardisworththerisk #bebrave
*Тут мала бути якась класна цитатка про книги* 😂 . А якщо серйозно, то читайте більше, друзяки. Ідеально було б десь 50 книг у рік, одну в тиждень, - за 10 років це б дало більше 500 книг, близько 150,000 сторінок геніальних ідей, незвичайних думок і безцінного досвіду професіоналів своєї справи. Але почати треба з однієї, ну і хоча б із 10 за рік😌☝🏼 . #ilovethisgame #iambrand #beyourbestself
In 2013, with few resources and connections, I set out to pursue my dream full time. This journey has been incredible! Today I am a small business owner AND an author with a very reputable publishing company. I didn't have it "all together" in the beginning. But I had the passion and drive that is necessary to succeed. I put my faith before my fears and didn't look back. Bottom line- you don't have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great! #allthingsarepossible #dreambig #thendreambigger #FITforsuccess #fearless #inspired #transformed #author #coach #speaker #pageantqueen #beyourbestself #followyourdreams #pursue #perserverance #motivation #theresmoreinyou #getyourblessings #beyou #newyou #newlife #yolo #keepgoing #goals #focus #favor #faith #believe #achievetheimpossible
Life can feel pretty lonely sometimes and sometimes your situation and your brain tricks you into believing you’re actually in this by yourself. But that’s actually never the case. Whether you have family, friends, a spouse or a support network surrounding you, there’s always people who are willing to stop and help and sometimes those people you might not even know. That’s what I love about humans and our connection to one another. We can’t deny it we all want to feel it! . I’m not here to talk too long about the negative, but I am here to spread the positive. You are loved, your life matters, your health matters, your happiness matters and what you do matters. I’ve known for a long time that my dream and ultimate purpose has been to help people. If you’re struggling I want to fix it. If you’re happy I want to celebrate it, if you’re hurting I want to bring to you back to life and no matter the problem is - I believe I can find a solution. I trust myself because of the way that I’ve changed my life. . It hasn’t always been happy-go-lucky for me and I haven’t always been a bubbly ‘helpful’ person. At one point I was dark, selfish, hurting, unmotivated, cold and numb. I needed help, I needed other people to help me and I needed support. Making a choice to live my life sober was in some ways very easy, but it’s the work that’s been hard. My inner demons, my broken relationships, my lack of self love, my anger and hurt - it all came up because it was always right there. The greatest gift I’ve given myself was the gift of letting go and giving in. And that’s what I want to give you. . I want to give you the ability to live a fruitful life! I want to give you the opportunity to be yourself and to grow into the person you truly want to be. I want you to have the confidence to evolve your identity and to create your everlasting empire. I want a front row seat to the true becoming of YOU and all that you are, and better yet I want to help you get there. I’m just a small city girl sharing her life, her struggles, her happiness and everything in between.I’d love to meet the real YOU! Not ready to share that with the world yet?! Let me help you!😘
No motivation needed. Just 5-4-3-2-1 🚀 Blast off. #braintrick #thanksmelrobbins A few months ago, I found myself heavier then any adult weight my body had ever known (outside of being pregnant... and hello... I’m 4 years post-partum). I was living in a new locale, I wasn’t gainfully employed in the profession I went to college for, and I was consumed with #momlife . And I definitely wasn’t living MY best mom life. I wasn’t satisfied with how I was spending my days. I mean... I barely had motivation to get outta bed after the 4th time I hit snooze on the alarm. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I felt like I was trapped in someone else’s life. You know one of #thosemoms I had zero motivation to do anything. And I mean ANYTHING. The dishes stayed in the sink, the laundry bins overflowed, I definitely didn’t maximize the time my kids were at school by going to the gym or getting work done. My passion and drive to be a productive human was nil. I almost didn’t recognize myself. Procrastination, excuses, laziness got in the way of my goals and dreams. You see, only a few months prior, I was in peak physical condition. I was fulfilled. I was leading a team of motivated individuals on a mission. I had purpose and passion. I couldn’t wait to jump up in the morning and get to work. I didn’t need a brain trick to stay motivated. It was intrinsic. Then, my life veered off course. We moved across the country, I parted ways with a close friend, my business took a dip, and I found myself lonely and uncertain. And then the excuses came. For a time, I forgot that I’d done this whole relocation thing a dozen times before. In total, we endured 6 major cross country moves in 11 years. 😳 #iknow But this time was different. There was something about the finality of this move. All of our previous moves were chosen for us #militarylife but this move, we choose. I let this change consume me. I started telling myself “tomorrow” every time I had the inclination to do something. In reality, all I needed was a way to start something, anything. But how? How could I get motivated to start all the things I’d been putting off? 🧐 I came across a Ted Talks of Mel (cont. in comments)
There’s always opportunity to be the best version of yourself, though some folks miss it as it’s often disguised as a great attitude, defined motivation and old-fashioned hard work. 🙌🏻 happy weekend, wherever you are 😁
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Do you exfoliate often?? (This was something I admittedly did not do before R+F. 😳) By exfoliating, you’re not only increasing your skin's cellular turnover process, but you’re actually helping your products be more effective. If you’re not exfoliating often, all those dead skin cells on your face will start to pile up...and your products won't actually be able to reach down to where it’s important and do their job. (See diagram below🤓) This step is especially important as we age! So if you have exfoliation on the brain now, here are some of our best products/tools to check out... • Micro-Dermabrasion Paste (spa in a jar- use 3x a week) • AMP MD Roller (literally takes 1 minute to use - 3x a week) #exfoliate #healthierskin #confidenceisbeautiful #beyourbestself #RFJourney #weareaDISRUPTOR #bestinclass #RFCanada #RFAustralia #USNumberOne #Australiaskincare #GoingGlobal #getglowing
🍑 Gains! I like big butts and I cannot lie... 😉 Actually, I always hated being thick, but I am learning to love my curves and relish in being stronger all the time! #lovetheskinyourein #bootyfordays #fitness #girlswholift #persist #health #wellness #gains #thegymismyhappyplace #thickthighssavelives #loveyourself #loveyourcurves #beyourbestself
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Lerne die Regeln, damit du sie richtig brechen kannst. Dalai Lama #happy #trusttheflow #motivation #positivevibes #alwaysfindaway #thankful #beyourbestself
This is Dope - Why do 95% of people who attempt to make money online fail? Your Credit Card is NOT Required for This! This is FREE! - Link in bio @mogulsmindset - Follow @mogulsmindset Follow @mogulsmindset - Turn On Your Notifications - - - - - - - - - - Surround yourself with people who want to see you happy. via @influencive Thank you! You should definitely checkout @influencive if you like this pic! #mogulsmindset
I am getting a late start to my day, but I got my workout in first thing. Today's #fasterwaytofatlossvip #legday was tough, especially the finishers shown below. The great part of fitness is that there is something for everyone if you are willing to sweat a little. Love how great I feel AFTER my workout- we won't talk about how I felt during the 3rd set of finishers. I will be enjoying a treat a little later today once I decide what it is...hahaha... What are you up to today?? . . . . . #fasterwaytofatloss #fasterwaytofatlosscoach #macromama #healthymom #fitmomof4 #intentionalliving #livewithintention #macrogangsta #beyourbestself #health #wellness #healthyfamily #intermittentfasting #intentionalexercise #carbcycling #weighttraining #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifym #leanlegs #cleaneats #wholefoodnutrition #investinyourself #cuttingedgenutrition #FASTerWaytoFatLosswithEm #strongasamother
Something is done to the soul when you have a quick sweat session with your partner in crime, while wearing matching dinosaur shirts and @buffbunny_collection leggings! • • “Don’t just exist, live!” • Back, shoulders, and abs: 1. Megaset (4 rounds) - wide grip lat pull downs (x12, x10, x8, x6) - close grip rows (x12, x10, x8, x6) - crunches (x20) 2. Megaset: (3 rounds) - rope face pulls (x12) - bent over dB rows (x15) - Russian twists (x12) 3. Superset: (4 rounds) - dB lateral flies (x12) -bench v-ups (x15) • • This was a quick hotel workout and we were done within 30 minutes with arms feeling like spaghetti! #beyou #beyourbestself #standout #bedifferent #hotelworkout #beempowered #fitlifehappylife #fitnessjourney #npcbikini #livewithintent #workoutroutine
Work mornings are the best! Yup... I actually look forward to working. I believe that you should always love what you do! If you don't love what you do... you should do something else! Yup... I said it! I am thankful that I get to do what I love and I love what I do! You should too! #purpose #wellness #happy #abundance
Habits matter. Dedication to something, matters. Character...really matters. And finding yourself through struggle is the truest test of a person. These and more lessons from a speech given at one of my Alma Maters. I am always looking to others to grow. Link in Bio
Did you know we had a gang? A super-cool-awesomely-positive-do-good-fantastically-amazing gang? We do. Wanna join? Apply at www.shoplacle.com . . . #dogoodgang #refocusbands #shoplacle
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