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Hey guys I apologize for not posting new content today getting started at my new job so I have to adjust to my new schedule, but hope you enjoy this throwback to my anti-valentine makeup this February 🖤 #makeupenthusiast #throwback #blackeyeshadow #antivalentinesday #antivalentinesdaymakeup #posiek #posieklipkit #gloss #lipgloss #frankocean #cateye #thinkingaboutyou #eiffeltower #byov #beyourownvalentine #browsonfleek #brows
A re-working of an old sketch. #beyourownvalentine
Craving this #quinoa #coconutmilk #oatmeal from my favorite little Victorian Inn / Bed & Breakfast. Every February I treat myself to a stay here. I’m so looking forward to going back again for my annual trip. #goingfortheescape #stayingforthe3coursebreakfast 😆😉🤤 • #dates #raspberries #coconut #maplesyrup #rasins #pecans #walnuts #driedfruit #apricots#bedandbreakfast #breakfast #victorian #treatyourself #selfcare #solotrip #solotravel #travel #pnw #escape #beyourownvalentine #treatyourselfwell #falleats #fridayfeels #allthefixins #veganbreakfast
foto pro crush X foto prx migx, temos sim! ( eu tentando fingir costume e finessè pós lanchão do BK X eu não me aguentando de rir com os comentários do meu fotógrafo oficial!) 📸 @estefanobidaneto #bopo #saturday #bk #happiness #sejagrato #beyourownvalentine #petitejolie
Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything...... That's my Vesper 💜🐾 #kolossalk9 #kolossalkilo #newink #malinoislove #malinoisofinstagram #malinoisofig #malinois #belgianmalinoislife #belgianmalinois #mustlovedogs #pawprinttattoo #beyourownvalentine
I think about this often. The percentage of people who actually love their job is less than 50% of the population. People work because face if, this is what society tell them. They make you feel less than if you don’t. So when you are offered a job you take it. Just remember to make your 9 to 5 your side hustle...then do what you love and love what you do... #thursdsythoughts . . . #momowned #paintandbehappy #mommy #grateful #liveyourbrand #lifeisgood #liveyourbestlifenow #beblessed #brooklyngirl #highervibrations #femaleentreprenuer #beyourownvalentine
o Throwback de hoje vai pra 2016/17. Hoje eu tava fuçando minha galeria e achei algumas fotos dessas férias. Nessa foto eu tava um pouquinho mais gordinha ( no quesito peso, númeross!) que hoje. E eu tava me sentindo tão bem e tão linda que nada nem ninguém poderia me deixar pra baixo. Ontem eu tava um pouquinho bad no quesito corpo/imagem e hoje comi muito mais que eu deveria. Tudo bem. De momento até quis pensar em compensar e deixar de comer algo muito calórico ou muito fora do meu típico de dia-a-dia. Mas deixei fluir. Deixei ir. Vi essa foto e vi que: não são os números que importam, é a nossa mente. A gente pode perder peso, ganhar massa muscular, fazer preenchimento e o que for, sempre vai ter alguém melhor ou algo que a gente sempre pode fazer pra melhorar a nossa aparência. E tudo bem. Se é por você, faça!! A gente só não pode deixar essas vontades e influencias dominarem o nosso Eu e afogarem o que a gente tem de mais precioso: a nossa personalidade e nossa unicidade, individualidade. O ego e a alma. Não se perde nesse meio não, que eu tô tentando não me perder também 🍀💭🌻💪 #bopo #amordomomento #beyourownvalentine
Transformational diaries: 🌺These are my beautiful journals🌺. On this journey of knowing thyself one of the biggest challenges is loving thyself. We were never taught how to truly love ourselves. Playing in the matrix Taking care of the outside of our bodies, clean cars, house, nice clothes, mass friends, vacations, popularity , bad ass job, fine ass lovers, hair, nails, ALL A HUGE SHOW These things were taught to us to show us how to look like you love yourself. But the truth is you’re shallow, insecure, broken, hiding behind a mask, emotionally scared from all of the BS you have been covering up just to stay a float in this FUCKED UP WORLD. .....So now it’s time to do the real work on yourself start peeling back the layers and explore all the hidden aspects of yourself you were ashamed of anyone seeing or knowing about. This world is fake and superficial and coming out of it takes guts, true power and learning how to remove the illusion of Bullshit is the first step to loving yourself. Then follow that up with Excepting yourself wounded, regardless of what anybody says, thinks of you, or what you have or don’t have, is powerful in starting the process of truly loving yourself. It’s a lengthy journey but so beautiful and rewarding in the end. 💕🌺kb💕🌺 #selflove#selflove #loveyourselffirst ❤️ #loveyourselfalways #loveisthekey #drmorse #drsebi #healthehealer #spirtualjourney #spiritualhealing #valentinesday #beyourownvalentine #healingwithin #youtuberslife #youtuberlife #welltransformedsoul #consciousliving #conscious_god #conscioussoul #soulseeker #unconditionallove ❤️
Good morning, beautiful souls! Be who you really are. – If you’re lucky enough to have something that makes you different from everybody else, don’t change. 🦋 Uniqueness is priceless. 🦋 In this crazy world that’s trying to make you like everyone else, find the courage to keep being your awesome self. 🦋 And when they laugh at you for being different, laugh back at them for being the same. 🦋 It takes a lot of courage to stand alone, but it’s worth it. 🦋 Being YOU is worth it! Have a blessed, healthy day. 💜 Love yourself 💕 Feed your soul 🙏🏻 Drink Green juice 🥒🍏 #beyoualways #beyoutiful #beyourownvalentine #beyou100 #loveyourselffirst #embraceyou #embraceyourbody #embraceyourweird #uniqueness #uniquenessisbeauty #selflovefirst
Just closed my laptop and I’m ready for the weekend! It’s been a full week of making new connections and renewing connections. . Tomorrow, we have family coming into town and I’m so excited to see them ✨🌸✨ . How was your week? And what are you most looking forward to over the weekend? 💌 Share with me in the comments! . PS - The heart envelope is my absolute favorite emoji of all-time 💌 It reminds me of the valentines boxes we used to have on our desk in elementary school! 😆 What’s your favorite emoji?! . #fridayfunnies #theweekendishere #wrappingupagreatweek #unsplashphoto #businessmindsetcoaching #beyourownvalentine #womenwhocowork #officesupplies #newmoonnewbeginnings #emojisspeaklouderthanwords
I’ve showered 3 times in six days, I’ve puked all over myself, I’ve lost 11 pounds since the new treatment, I’ve worn the same shirt for multiple days in a row...and yet, I STILL feel strong and pretty. Despite spending all day at the hospital today, I still LOVE all the setbacks this little body of mine has. Why? Because all those crazy things about my health....they still are allllll me. They make me who I am. Not to mention umm physics. The further back I go, the farther I’ll spring forward. Let me take a moment to say that it wasn’t always this way, me being completely content with anything my disease throws my way. With a lot of mental health exercises, I have learned to love all of my flaws, my disease, and myself as a whole because I deserve that love. Ladies, let me set one thing straight....you don’t need a partner to be loved. You just need yourself! There is a misconception young adults have— that they NEED to have a partner to be “in love”. Let me tell ya honey, #Selflove is all you need. My #chronicjillness moment for you is to hug yourself, tell yourself you’re pretty, and shake off all those negative vibes. #mindfulness #beyourownvalentine #lovethyself #selfcare #loveyourself #autoimmunedisease #rheumatoidarthritis #arthritis #migraine #girlfriend #love 🦕♿️🦋🧢🧜🏼‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️🌎💙
Nail technicians: We have a couple booths available for rent. File U Fancy is a great location to be your own boss and still have a supportive family to work along side.Contact Jennifer Heartly at (801)561-2288 #boothforrent #nailtechnician #nowhiring #westjordansalon #beyourownvalentine #workfamily #loveyourjob
Got something to say? Do it with a sticker! Design by winner @girlandcatstudio
可能就是因為曾經的風景太美,才會一直回頭。 #neverlookback #neverstopexploring #bebrave #bepositive #beyourownvalentine #staystrongandstaybeautiful 📷 @kevincheng_0104
#NormalizeNatural Unfiltered, no makeup selfie thread. I HATE that we live in a society where women feel like they NEED makeup. You don't. Even if your skin isn't perfect, trying to keep up with unrealistic beauty standards just feeds the patriarchy. LOVE YOUR SKIN, LOVE YOURSELF. The first step to getting back to a society where women aren't pressured to look like models is refusing to accept the voice inside you that tells you that you're not good enough, and showing your true face! Imagine the social repercussions of women everywhere rejecting makeup. So much of female friendships are hampered by insecurities and judging others worth based on how they present themselves. Rise above surface level. Be yourself. Here i am... Blackheads, no eyebrows to speak of... and i still feel beautiful and comfortable. I'm fat and my face is crooked. I go out every day like this, fully authentic. And many women judge me negatively because of this. Because THEY feel constrained, because THEY don't remember what it feels like to just be yourself and be comfortable. I KNOW that changing this perception will lead to deeper connection and empowerment in our world. I love you guys. I'm holding out my hand to my sisters and asking you to join me. #beyourownvalentine #selflove #selfkindness #empowerment #womenareamazing #lovewhoyouare #womenarestrong #bekind #womenarebeautiful #nomakeup #womenarequeens #beautifullymade 👑 #womenarepowerful #staystrong #staykind #womenareawesome #womenaremagic
Finally got the chance to wear my 20’s Flapper dress a few weeks ago!! It was so fun! @just_jai_michelle Miss you girl! See you Sunday!! Yay!
First, be your own valentine! Love yourself! ❤️ Happy valentine’s day everybody!!! #loveyourself #valentinesday #diadosnamorados #beyourownvalentine #loveyourselffirst
Bem blogueirinha para mostrar pra vocês a make e look para a noite do dia dos namorados no plantão. #solteirasimsemplantaonunca #crazycatlady #myvalentine #beyourownvalentine
Desde os 15/16 anos, eu passei uns 8/9 anos namorando; não direto e não a mesma pessoa, mas quase sempre emendando relacionamentos um no outro. Eu achava o máximo amar e ser amada, e por muito tempo ter essa parte da vida “resolvida” me dava a liberdade de focar mais tranquilamente em outras áreas. Demorei muito tempo pra perceber que não adiantava receber tanto amor de outra pessoa, sem trabalhar o amor próprio; acho até que me meti em algumas roubadas por dar tanto valor ao próximo, sem perceber o meu. Acho que esse é um dos primeiros dias do namorados que não estou com alguém, finalmente numa fase mais adulta que passei a AMAR minha própria companhia. Isso pra mim, tem um valor enorme! Lembro que lá na minha adolescência achava uma “derrota” ficar em casa num sábado, e não gostava tanto de ficar sozinha. Hj em dia acho que não tem nada que eu goste mais do que estar só, fazendo o que gosto sem me preocupar com as vontades de outra pessoa, e tenho uma visão totalmente diferente desses momentos! Aprendi como a autopreservação é importante, não fazer coisas pela vontade do outro sem entender a sua própria, saber dizer não, entender meu tempo e o valor de cada momento que passo comigo mesma. Amar o outro mais que vc mesmo é algo tão danoso, e sempre buscar companhia (conscientemente ou não) por não suportar estar sozinha(o), mais ainda. É preciso entender que não existe ninguém que vai passar mais tempo com vc, do que vc mesmo, e ter uma boa relação com seus pensamentos e sentimentos, é essencial. Hoje em dia eu trabalho cada vez mais pra diferenciar o autocuidado de egoísmo, de me dar a atenção que mereço e saber o valor do amor próprio. Que nessa data puramente simbólica, vc celebre não só o amor do seu respectivo (se tiver) mas o amor consigo mesma! Não sei ainda se consigo dizer de boca cheia um “eu me amo” pois ainda foco mto mais no que tenho a melhorar, do que o que eu já tenho de bom. Mas sei que cada dia, estando bem com a minha própria presença, é uma conquista por si só! ❤️#selfloveisntselfish #selflovejourney #beyourownvalentine
" Compreendi a velha premissa de que “se eu não me amar, quem vai?” Se eu não acolher todas as minhas partes, boas e ruins, entender que fazem parte de quem sou, jamais serei capaz de mudar o que não gosto em mim e de me relacionar com outra pessoa e também aprender a lidar com seus defeitos e qualidades. Hoje, me amo como nunca me amei em toda a minha vida! Aceito quem sou, honro quem sou e trabalho diariamente no meu aprimoramento. Só assim serei uma boa companhia pra mim mesma e depois para os outros! Apesar de todas as dificuldades em lidar com certas questões internas, sigo, todos os dias, me amando e me curando um pouco mais. Que você também possa viver um relacionamento de amor genuíno consigo mesma! Que se acolha, se aceite e se ame a cada dia mais! " #@virandovegana 💚 #beyourownvalentine #sejasuamelhorversao #seescolhatodososdias #seame #amoproprio #resiliencia #attraversiamo #inlove #empaz #feliz
o que busquei e não encontrei. Me tornei. 🍃 #beyourownvalentine
Feliz dia dos namorados! ❤️ ⠀ Alguns de meus poemas preferidos📖💖, da autoria de @ryaneleao @ondejazzmeucoracao ⠀ Se você ainda não leu, recomendo que se dê de presente no dia de hoje! 💐 ⠀ ➡️Tudo Nela Brilha e Queima ⠀ #beyourownvalentine #tudonelabrilhaequeima #ondejazzmeucoracao #diadosnamorados #bomdia #amorproprio #transformese #chuvadebençãos #cachoeira #boralá #agradeça #medite #ore #integrese #conectese #transcenda #novaera #eradeaquario #quartadimensão #osquatroelementos #evoluirsempre #amese #ameatimesmo
Tem um tempo que estou no processo do autoconhecimento, de crenças, hábitos, propósito, valores, etc... . Ao longo dos dias já encontrei várias coisas que fazia que na verdade não tinha muito sentido pro meu eu. Então agora tudo ficou mais leve, mais fácil, mais prazeroso (ou mais doloroso dependendo...). . DesapEGO, li ontem essa palavra e foi um tapa na cara. Pra mim. Prioridades. Não é porque eu to nesse processo que todos devem estar, imagina. Só é o meu momento e eu estou me curtindo dessa maneira, plena 🙏😂 . Resumo da ópera: #beyourownvalentine ! Se ame 💜🤗 . Copia do bem da @virandovegana 💚
Eu poderia postar uma foto minha com Marcelo aqui pra falar sobre dia dos namorados, mas não. Vamos quebrar umas regrinhas. Rs... Sempre fui uma menina insegura nos relacionamentos. Não me achava boa o bastante (e olha que era cada embuste!) nem merecedora de uma pessoa bacana do meu lado. Só depois de amadurecer é que compreendi a velha premissa de que “se eu não me amar, quem vai?” Se eu não acolher todas as minhas partes, boas e ruins, entender que fazem parte de quem sou, jamais serei capaz de mudar o que não gosto em mim e de me relacionar com outra pessoa e também aprender a lidar com seus defeitos e qualidades. Hoje, aos quase 30, me amo como nunca me amei em toda a minha vida! Aceito quem sou, honro quem sou e trabalho diariamente no meu aprimoramento. Só assim serei uma boa companhia pra mim mesma e depois para os outros! Apesar de todas as dificuldades em lidar com certas questões internas, sigo, todos os dias, me amando e me curando um pouco mais. Que você também possa viver um relacionamento de amor genuíno consigo mesma! Que se acolha, se aceite e se ame a cada dia mais! 💚 #beyourownvalentine #diadosnamorados #valentinesday
رسالة الى السماء... قيل لك ان الدنيا متاع زائل وأنك لا تحتاج الى الكثير منها كي تنال اخرتك .. كأن رغبات الدنيا لا تستقم مع سعادة الاخرة. وهكذا كلما ضحكت ذكرت بعذابات الاخرة. حتى تبهت حياتك بما لا يستقيم مع صلاح نفسك ودينك . تبهت الألوان.. ويصبح لحياتك ذلك المعنى المفرغ من الشغف والرغبة في اكتشاف الجديد.. وتتلاشى الكثير من رغباتك وربما طموحاتك تحت مسميات لا تنتمي الى الواقع تعيشه وتكابده أنت فقليلون يذكرونك بمعنى التوسط والاعتدال. الميل المحبب الذي يصفي لحياتك معنى . يقرأ شغفك ويغذيه بكل جميل . الميل كصفة المرونة التي أن بالغت توازنك وتعدلك . الميل بصفته عاملا خلاقا لحياة تشبهك وحدك تخلقها لنفسك وتؤسس فيها علاقاتك الخاصة مع ما حولك والمحيطون بك. الميل الذي يلهمك ولا يشتتك فيالله... ميلا يلائم روحي.. ميلا الى الجميل.. ميلا لكل خير اراه بنفسي بعيدا عن ويلات متسلط او سيط جلاد.. #تصويري ... سيشيل 1/9/2018
Dia dos namorados chegando...que tal presentear com um ensaio sensual a pessoa mais importante da sua vida?!? Você mesma, é claro!!! Quando cuidamos, valorizamos e amamos a nós mesmas somos capazes de devolver esse sentimento às pessoas ao nosso redor. Então que tal se olhar de uma forma diferente? Ver-se mulher além de mãe, esposa e profissional? Você merece essa experiência.... #SOUMAIS #soumaiseu #soumaismulher #valentinesday #beyourownvalentine #amorproprio #ensaiosfemininos #boudoir
Good morning, beautiful souls. The worst form of betrayal is self betrayal Life is all about expressing who we are fully and learning to accept, embrace, honor and treasure our authenticity, our uniqueness and our Divinity. You didn’t come here on this planet to blend in, to lose yourself in the crowd and to pretend to be something you are not. 🦋 You came here to honor yourself and to share your authenticity, your perfection, your unique and beautiful presence with the whole world. 🦋 You came here to shine, to share your unique gifts and talents with all of us and to make the world a better place with your presence. 🦋 Don’t betray yourself just because so many people are already doing it. 🦋 Stay true to who you are and in time you will be able to discover the power, the beauty and love that comes from doing just that. Don’t be like everyone else, be like YOU! “God has given you one face and you make yourselves another.” ~ Shakespeare Have a blessed, healthy day 💜 Remember to make sometime today to do something that makes your soul smile #betrayalhurts #betrayal #dontbetrayyourself #trustyourself #trustyourjourney 👣 #loveyourjourney #useyourstory #createabetteryou #createyourself #betruetoyourself #honoryourjourney #honoryourself #knowyourworth #knowyourselfworth #knowyourstrength #mindetiseverything #mindfuck #clearyourhead #beyourown #beyourownvalentine #beyourownfriend #beyourownyou #beyourownfan #acceptyou #acceptyourlife #acceptwhoyouare
When you are ready for fireworks instead of sparkles, I will come for you.
gotta love yourself first
Me about to go to bed alone (liking it like that mind you), tired but content after a great night out with #frenz , seeing @kiddo.christmas in a movie and having a sweet dinner date with @ongeface and @hennessy_rich and then diggin’ on @roddcummings and the Vibrators at #BishopsLounge #OpenMichael 😌#latergram at #theDSpot , early 02.14.18 #fuckValentinesDay #beyourownValentine #loveyourself #OOTD #outfitoftheday #thriftstorechic #choker #chokerIhardlyknowher #raccoonwoman #shamelessselfie #mirrorselfie #tealhair #tealhairdontcare #sidecut #girlswithsidecuts #justKellyDthings
Yes!!!! I saw this on my FB feed and had to share. So many times people want to be in a relationship or they want to attract someone. Have you ever heard of #TheSecret ??? Like attracts like. If you are negative, you’ll attract negative attention. If you’re positive, you’ll attract positive attention. Stop messing around by saying you want something serious. Start acting like the person you want to be in a relationship, speak truth and positivity into your goals, and things will fall into place. Don’t believe... read up on Jim Carrey... watch or read The Secret... invest in yourself. How can you expect someone else to love you if you can’t love yourself??? Love Val . . . #datingadvice #quote #quoteoftheday #powerofpositivethinking #ekharttolle #rhondabyrne #likeattractslike #beyourownvalentine #datingcoach #datingadvice #loveyourself
Be your own wcw! Love yourself and don’t wait for a man or another person to tell you how beautiful and special you are! #spreadthelove #love #beautiful #beyourownwcw #wcw #beyourownvalentine #beyourself #loveyourself #youarespecial #youareloved #positivevibes #positivity #girlpower #womenempoweringwomen
Don’t wait for praise, for adulation, for likes or comments to big yourself up, be your own cheerleader and already know how fucking amazing you are, this 21st century illusion of social media popularity really messes with your mind sometimes, the creators have tapped into our brains dopamine receptors so with each like or comment we get a little boost, we all like this feeling (including me) but we also have to learn how to get this feeling on our own, a simple way is to really love yourself, there is no one in the universe like you, there is no one that can be better at being you, than you! So big yourself up, every time you see yourself in a mirror, give your lovely face a big smile and give yourself a thumbs up and like 💗
Classic Philly Cheesecake with Nutella🍫♥️ At the all new @chantillythecafe , Bandra West . . @foodtravelproject #BeYourOwnValentine #ChantillyBandra
Buy yourself your own damn flowers, kitten. Be the best Valentine you’ve ever loved. Wake up in the morning and rub the half-moon slice of your belly for good luck and call yourself Buddha. Learn yoga poses to blow your own mind during sex and laughter. Be a sunflower and always seek the light, always lean towards what glows bright as hope and sunshine. You are beautiful, and the way you live and love is pure. . . #phx #phoenix #arizona #desert #tempe #life #igphoto #igphotooftheday #igphotos #pictureoftheday #thatsdarling #livepretty #wildandfree #style #magic #boho #design #bohemian #selfworth #livethelittlethings #designlovers #sunflowers #lovethyself #beyourownvalentine #beyourownbuddha #selfcare #selflove #glowup #freshflowers #littlethings
Lmaooooo I ❤️ this #Repost @dr.davidsieber with @get_repost ・・・ That's right. #beyourownvalentine and love yourself too! ☺
#Repost @thevoguishchaos (@get_repost ) ・・・ LOVE YOURSELF AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO BE LOVED. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ This Valentine's day, make sure you promise yourself to make yourself a priority in your life. It is so important to take care of yourself coz it is your own relationship with yourself which sets the base of your relationship with anybody else. If you don't love or appreciate yourself for who you are, how could you expect others to appreciate you or love you. But loving yourself also doesn't mean that you should expect others to love you. What's required is, to embrace the glorious mess you are, own who you are, be yourself & let the right people love you for that. On this Valentine's day, don't forget to make yourself feel special,, coz you are. So here's wishing you all a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. ✌️💕😘 #thevoguishchaos #beyourownvalentine #loveyourself #ownwhoyouare . PC 📸 @meenal_14
Desayuno en la cama porque hoy es día de consentirme #beyourownvalentine
Okay #SelfLoveIsBYOV last one is to make a collage of your favorite memories .... One year ago I went to sleep at 2am without having packed my backpack and I was so tired but I said fuck it , I’ll wake up at 4am and pack and make it to the airport by 6:30 comfortably. My ass woke up at 6am and stuffed my backpack with way too much clothes... I missed my moms ride to the airport and had to call an Uber and ask him to rush me to the airport . I got there just in time to get online at the gate- I left to a foreign country for the first time on my own. Initially just to get my yoga certification but I ended up reawakening my relationship with God in the most Universal, Divine way and I committed to really delving into what #selfloveis to me. So - to mirror my experience a year ago - of course, bad habits are hard to break and I think procrastinating will be a forever challenge. Last night I stayed up until 2am trying to get all of my selfloveis #beyourownvalentine projects completed and i told myself that I would be up at 4:30am to finish editing this video recap of my time in Thailand... it’s taken me a whole entire year to go back and import video and pictures!!! That’s nutty. My plan was to share it with u all today but of course - the curse of every videographers - frozen computers and troubleshooting bs. Also! I had to remind myself that this time last year I told myself that instead of striving for perfection I would focus more on consistency and just getting content out there. So I really am quite disorganized in the way I’m editing this but idc ! It’s not going to sync up with each beat (of course it will be @chancetherapper plying in the background) but yea, these memories are for me... time and time again my YouTube channel and blogs have helped me out of my dark down moments. As I remind myself how abundant my life has been, how many good times I’ve had, I’m able to break through the chemical imbalances in my head and stay warrior strong ! I’ll let ya know when this video is done and if u have tips on getting my final cut to work hmu #notperfect #thatsokay #thailand #travel #finally #recap #beautiful #yoga #fun #friends #love #believe #inspire #remember #smile
Remember when I told you to #beyourownvalentine ?! (Link in bio if you forgot) Well here is one way to keep the valentine #selflove and #selfcare going! Take a spa day!! This was shot at @pganational 's gorgeous spa area where I had a dope massage and the best pedicure of my life (seriously) Remembering to take your vitamins, drink water, and a daily walk are easy and free ways to #begoodtoyou too!! #ad #knowyourotcs #wellnessblogger #palmbassador #okdanitravels
#SelfLoveIsBYOV @self.love.is #beyourownvalentine challenge : treat yourself to a Reiki or massage session... originally I figured I’d hit up my girl @therainbowflame for a massage this month but honestly my body doesn’t deserve it- I haven’t been training like I’ve been supposed to. And thats important for #selflove .. it’s important to be honest with yourself - u can’t reward yourself if you do a half ass job because then u lose standards... this next month im guna go hard though so I’ll certainly be hitting her up . Instead, I gave myself a Reiki session using some of my crystals. If you are interested in receiving please DM me for rates and an appointment time I am Reiki level 1 and 2 certified and I enjoy chakra balancing in particular and creative visualization work. #reiki #loev #crystal #chakra #balancing #live #love #selfloveis #boundaries #spiritual #blessing
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