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Deze #Magioni #vegan #bietenpizza van #ah was erg smakelijk. Tomatensalade erbij en nog een #pizza . #geenkookzin #tochlekkereten
Wij eten vandaag rode biet! Ik gooi er voor mijn oog nog wat rode paprika op. Ik ben benieuwd #droetker #bietenpizza #pizza #gastricbypass #gastricgirl #afvallen
Bitte ein bietenpizza! #bietenpizza
Lekker hoor deze bietenpizza 🍕👌🏻 Met geitenkaassaus, rode ui, kastanjechampignons, bosui en geitenkaas. #instafood #pizza #bietenpizza #food
Gezonde pizza! Ik vind nog steeds teveel ‘slechte’ dingen te lekker en in plaats van deze te bannen zoek ik naar gezonde alternatieven zoals deze groente pizza😋thanks @magionipizza #healthyfood #healthylife #gezondeten #bietenpizza #veggie #veggies #vegetarian
Veggie pizza en peulvruchtensalade 😋😊 #pizza #magioni #veggie #peulvruchtensalade #rodewijn #genieten
Vanavond hebben we weer heerlijke pizza op het menu!😋 #magionipizza #bietenpizza #wilnooitmeereenandere
We’re a little beet obsessed with pizza. A Veganini every now and then is the perfect solution for this kind of craving💕 So tell us, have you tried one? What do you think of the taste? . . . #magioni #veganini #bietenpizza #beetpizza #magionipizza #beet #redbeet #wholefood #vegetarisch #vegapizza
Are you listening?🎧 From tommorow on, Magioni will be available in almost all @albertheijn stores, yes we’re almost there!🙌🏻 Which flavour are you picking up first? . . . #albertheijn #magioni #magionipizza #bietenpizza #rodebiet #beetpizza #redbeet #veggiepizza #vega #vegetarian
Keuzes maken is soms lastig dus dan neem je ze maar allebei mee 😳. Ik ga ze wel netjes delen met de rest van de familie 🤗 #magionipizza #magioni #bietenpizza #bloemkoolpizza #team12februari2018 #teamfebruari #personalbodyplan #pbp #pbphome #girlswholift
It’s Pizza Time! 🍕 Hebben jullie de diepvriespizza’s met groentenbodem van Dr. Oetker al eens gegeten? Met Scoupy kun je ‘m nu voor €1,50 proberen. Ik heb de bietenbodem genomen en ook een hapje van de bloemkoolpizza geprobeerd. De bodem van de bietenpizza was prima, de topping was niet echt mijn smaak. De bloemkoolpizza wel! 😋🍕
Zijn jullie klaar voor een pizzaparty? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Dit zijn de nieuwe groenten bodem pizza’s van @droetkerpizza_nl te koop bij @albertheijn De pizza met de spinaziebodem is vega 🌱 Ik ben benieuwd als echte pizza liefhebber😃❤️🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 #newproduct #nieuwproduct #pizza #bloemkoolpizza #color #spinaziepizza #bietenpizza #beetroot #spinach #cauliflower #cauliflowerpizza #spinachpizza #veggies #vegetarian #vegetables #beetrootpizza #pizzalover #collaboration #samenwerking #collab #healthy #food #foodporn #foodphotography #photooftheday #instagood #instafood #foodstagram #droetker #yesitspizza
Vanavond deze proberen! Hebben jullie de groentenpizza's van dr oetker al geprobeerd? . . . . . . . #droetker #groentenpizza #bietenpizza #pizza #afvallen #loseweight #getfit #fitfam #fitfamnl #musclefood #protein #eiwitten #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet
This makes our heart beet faster, what about yours?♥️ . . . #magioni #magionipizza #pizza #bietenpizza #bieten #beet #kitchenlife #homemade #recipe #delicious #myplate #inthekitchen
Ik ga vanavond ergens eten.. en het heeft te maken met het land dat bekend staat om o.a. De lekkerste klassieke pizza’s.. raraaaa.. nu al zin in.. Krijg je zelf trek in pizza, maar ga je niet uit eten? Check dan even de blog voor diverse lekkere pizzarecepten. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #kuukskes #kuukske #kuukskesontour #pizza #pasta #grandopening #magioni #magionipizza #bietenpizza #tomaat #vriendenvanah
🇳🇱 Vanavond op het menu: Valentijns Pizza! ⠀ Een Fijne Valentijnsdag allemaal -x- Babies Kitchen⠀🌹 ⠀ 🇬🇧Tonight on the menu: Valentine's Pizza!⠀ Happy Valentines Day everyone -x- Babies Kitchen🌷
Best goed te doen. Erg goed zelfs... Mmmm...😍 #bietenpizza #vegan 🍕🌱
In het kader ; Heb net 600 calorieën verbrand met trainen , mijn calorieën tel momenteel... en🤷 ... er een 35% korting sticker op zat😊 , offer😋 ik mezelf op vanavond voor deze makkelijke kant en klare gezonde #vegetarische pizza 🙆 van #magioni in het kader van #weggooieniszonde ! . ☄Eet smakelijk, behave ... and be safe ☄ 🙋♡🀄 . . 🌸 Magioni veganini #pizza 🌸 606 calorieën 22.8 gr. vet 74.3 gr. koolhydraten 9.3 gr. suiker 4.9 gr. vezels 25.2 gr. eiwitten 2.3 gr. zout . #bietenpizza met kastanjechampignons, geitenkaassaus, bosui, rode ui en #geitenkaas ( voor een beetje extra pit, heb ik er rose peperkorrels overheen gestrooid en de randen besmeerd met olijfolie en wat verse #bio oregano) . . . . . . . #dinner #magioni #beetrootpizza #frontcook #foodie #aycookforyou #catering #homecook #vegetarian #yummy #fitfam #fitdutchies #fitgirlsnl #fitfamnl #sharefood #countblessings #oneL #empower
Maybe we should give these two Veganini’s some time alone👻🍕 Don’t you think?
Blue monday? Purple is more our colour😏
Due to some Instagram account issues my post just got deleted...🙉🙈 and I could not get my pictures a bit lighter or more or less colourfull..👊❤ thanks Insta ; wasn't expecting that when you asked me €45 to promote my account for 24 hours ✌🏼🙉 . Perhaps i should get a lawyer for that 🙉... But hey 🤷❤☜ positive vibes on forever right ? So ; i am going to give it another try and keep my money when you shut me down again ;) 😗 As i was writing down about how plans changed and i wanted something quick yet healthy and get me some macros to download before i finally go painting and stuff and how i really love this food and just wanted it to share with you guys, without getting paid for it 👌☄🤷 It was truly extreme delicious when you crave for pizza on a daily base 🙉; just try it first and then judge about it* ( message to private person😉😗*) . ☄ Enjoy your dinner and evening you all , indulge yourself with blessings ☄ 🙋 latur... 🍃 Magioni veganini Pizza🍃 . Ready from AH ; ( which i need official permission to # tag , since my account changed into a bizniz account...but i am not willing to pay for that 🤷🙉, 👊 bedankt ) With extra topping on one side ; goatcheese , pecan, balsamicosirup and on the other half ; ( from vegetarischeslager) #veggie #chicken pieces , fresh #bio oregano and dried #chili . Let s call it #shredding 🤷🙉 Oh and **t*** 🙉😄... go try it first 👌👊 1-1☜ . #aycookforyou #oneL #fitfam #fitgirls #fitdutchies #fitfamnl #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #yummy #dedicated #goals #inprogress #weekendvibes #selflove #pizza #dinner
NO MORE PIZZA OR NO MORE CANDY? 🙈 Its that time of the year again! Sinterklaas is going to bring us presents tonight and we’re allowed to eat as much candy as we like. Who doesn’t love ‘pepernoten’ and letters of chocolate? Would you give up pizza so you can continue eating it? What would be your choice: Pizza or Sinterklaas candy😈
This is one haute cuisine looking beetroot pizza! But as you well know by now, you shouldn't believe everything you see on Instagram. We're going to be straight with you.. It litterally took us 10 minutes to whip this one up😋 Pffoe, glad that is off our chest. #keepitreal recipe in bio!
Still looking for a christmas present? These beautiful boxes full of flavour are waiting to be unwrapped🎁 Surprise your beloved ones with these seriously yummy pizza's. We're not joking😉
To do:  1. Make yourself a pizza 2. Take pic for IG 3. Eat pizza like no one is watching😏
The perfect one-man dinner! Preferably eaten in your sweats, on your couch accompanied with a glass of wine🍷
5 tips for the pizza party of the year!🍕 Watch and learn people. This weeks blog helps you throw an out-of-this world pizza party your friends wil remember forever. (link in bio)
This week these two are having a friendly battle. Are you team Spicy Pumpkin or team Veganini?😝
We are happy to say that our company is expanding. The last year went by faster than you could say ‘pizza’! Our team is getting bigger and a bigger team means a bigger office. Stay tuned because we will keep you posted🙋
What’s next? We decided to ask you guys. Tell us what kind of veggie you would like to be the star of our next pizza base. What new flavour would tickle your taste buds? Put your creativity hat on, and let us know in a comment below!👇 Lets go on a pizza adventure together!💃🏼
This is a real battle! If you had to choose.. Which one would you pick?😏
If you're looking for us... We’re killing it in our jackets 🍸🍕
Forget milkshakes, this pink Skinny carbonara sauce brings all the boys to the yard😏 Can you handle it? Find the recipe in our bio!
This little chef is going to be a real pizza-master, for sure! Isn't it a-do-ra-ble?💛 How do you make sure that your kids are eating enough veggies? Thanks for this one @fitmommynl
Important decisions to make on a Friday: Where to go? What to drink? And most importantly which pizza recipe to use? Fortunately we're here to help you out with that one!😉 @kekdelft , thanks for this one!
If you think back on your childhood, there are a few memories that will stand out. Some of them are bad memories, like all the times your parents tried to feed you disgusting soggy brussel sprouts and broccoli🌚 there are some ways you can sneak in veggies for dinner! We've some simple tips in this weeks blog (link in bio)😌
If you’re wondering what our pizza crust brings other than veggie-based deliciousness, we’d be glad to tell you but it’s kind of a long list and we’re trying to keep our posts a bit shorter these days although now we’ve used up a lot of characters with this explanation and it’s already a pretty long post anyway, so if your interested, we’ve made a real fancy graphic design which shows you all the benefits of all the veggies in our crust😏 As you can see.
We’ve been freezing our asses of all day! With these temperatures we’re in desperate need of seriously comforting and steamy recipes. And this pizza carbonara definitely is!😏 The creamy sauce with a pink twist makes this stunner a real eye-catcher as well. The recipe is in our bio!🙌🏼
Vegetables. As a kid, this was the type of food that you didn’t want to find on your plate at the end of the day, so when no one else was watching, you secretly fed it to your dog or cat or fish. Ofcourse your mother was always there to notice, and you were not allowed to leave until that last green thingy was gone. But, here we are with out veggie-based pizza crusts which secretly contains a huge amount of veggies so even kids will like them. Poor dogs, and cats and fishes..👻 Want to make your own? This cauliflower turmeric pizza crust is available @jumbo this week! Go get it!💛
This green skinny pesto is super easy and seriously delicious Move over regular pesto, 'cause this one's a winner for sure🙌🏼 A killer combination, especcially for the adventurous pesto lover😏 You should really try this at home!
When we stumble upon a great photo made by one of our followers we cannot resist to repost this💛 @culinessa really hit the spot with this beautiful photo of our new pumpkin pizza base. We love it when you guys capture Magioni moments and share them with us😏 Ready to make your own? Show us what you got!
At some days you don’t feel like cooking a fancy dinner or you simply don't have time to release your inner masterchef for a couple of hours. However, even if you're the kind of person who doesn't pay much attention to what you put in your mouth, you might be surprised by the fact that some of the ready-to-go meals from your local supermarket are more healthy than you might think. Obviously, we're not recommending you to eat them everyday instead of fresh fruit and veggies, but it's good to know for the moments you don't feel like cooking🙌😏 Curious? Check the link in our bio to find out more!
It's fridayyy! The perfect day to have a drink (or two🍸) and a few bites! Looking for a new way of healthy snacking? Put a pizza crust in the oven and make some dips, like this skinny yoghurtdip with garlic and herbs. Cut the crust in bite pieces and you're ready to enjoy your friday evening guiltfree😋 We promise you, this will work! Check the link in our bio for the recipe.
Probeer de zomer nog even terug te halen met deze pizza met vijgen en rauwe ham! ☀️ Beleg de pizza met rucola, vijgen, rauwe ham, geitenkaas en een drupje balsamicostroop en het genieten kan beginnen. 💛  @lifewithlot
Een veggie party! @ana.banana.amsterdam maakte deze pizza met tomatenpuree, cherrytomaten, champignons, paprika, rode ui, zwarte olijven, basilicumpasta en rucola. Typisch  geval van vegan comfort food! 💕
Zo'n r*k dag hebben op je werk dat je het liefst zo'n dikke vette NY pizza weg wil werken, maar jezelf herpakt en dus een gezonde pizza gaat halen bij de supermarkt. Kleine stapjes zijn ook stapjes 😳 #magionipizza #veganini #bietenpizza #lekkâh #goedgekeurd #team14augustus2017 #personalbodyplan #pbp #teamaugustus #pbphome
Allway trying something new. Bietenpizza. Verrassend lekker 🍕 #bietenpizza #bieten #somethingnew
Zoet en zalig, bietenbodem met vijgen als topping. Voor de zoetekauwen onder ons. Wij combineerden dit met geitenkaas en balsamico, wat kies jij? 😌
Woensdag en de week is weer door midden. Drukke dagen vragen om snelle maaltjes, niet? Deze knapperige pizza schuif je zo de oven in👌  Zit je binnen een paar minuten aan tafel. Enjoy! 📷 @melanie_eetcoach
Pumpkin spice ‘nd everything nice😗 Pompoenhummus, zongedroogde tomaatjes, geitenkaas en wat rucola. Moet je proberen hoor, echt een favo hier op kantoor! Thanks to pizzabaas @theearlymorningblog
Hartstikke rond en gezond en super vegan😍 Een halve kilo groenten, perfect knapperig en een flinke dosis vitaminen! Thanks @veganblisslove , we like!
Bij gebrek aan bietenbodems, smeert men bietenhummus on top. Vol met vitaminen en vol met kleur, dus lief voor je lijf én lief voor het oog! 🙋
Een classico gaat nooit vervelen, en deze al helemaal niet! Perfect voor deze donderdag. Bloemkoolbodem met tomaat, burrata, serranoham en basilicum, meer zeggen we niet😻 Thanks @getfit.janneke
Geen zin om te koken? Mooi, wij ook niet! Die 3 uur keukencardio slaan we vanavond even over. Maar gelukkig is er dan deze verdomd lekkere pizza die voor je klaar ligt. Even in de oven en genieten geblazen👏
Fruit op je pizza? Wij zijn fan. Geitenkaas en perzik met een drupje balsamico. Combinatie hoor!🍑🌱
Simple summer pizza! Oh kijk nou, deze verdomd frisse zomervariant knallen wij op het menu vanavond. Als de zon niet uit zichzelf naar ons toe komt, zorgen we zelf wel voor wat frisse zomersmaken☀️🌴
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