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We were packed up at 2pm. We got done with the old ore road at sun set on Sunday. The total drive time from pack up back home was doubled to 12 hrs. That’s #BigBend for ya!
Camp at #BigBend was a breeze in a dust storm inside our #Elevated #RTT
The gusts were real💨... bracing myself👽
If a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump it’s ass when he hopped... 🐸
Big Bend did not disappoint ⛰🌵🐻😁 #bigbend #texas #acolorstory
I'm obviously missing #brewstercounty something fierce. #bigbend #stelenacanyon #farwesttexas
Last sunset for me from the Rock House 🙁 What a wonderful time with great friends. Let’s do this again! #BigBend #BBNP
Bienvenidos a las zonas fronterizas ✨✨✨ After almost a year of living in our RV, during which time we've traveled to 30 states, played in nearly as many, and have made a life waking up in public lands, Walmart parking lots, and the driveways of friends and strangers alike, we've decided to park it in one place and plant some roots for the winter. I'm so incredibly grateful and inspired to be able to call this beautiful land, on the border of two countries, in a world all its own, our home for a time. Can't wait to see the songs and art that will come from life lived in this strange, special place.
Category is canyon light realness. #hiking #bigbend #desertlife #riogrande #outdoor #wanderlust
This is basically how I view Monday in trail form.
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