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( SPAM x5 FOR A TBH & A POSSIBLE DM ) INDIANNA NEVÄEH BARNES! ⛓🖋💬 prefers being called indie. a thirty-five years old man who’s currently taken and engaged. bisexual. romanian. hella sassy with a great sense of humor. independent ass and actually doesn’t care about anything at all. a walking meme. looks like a rude dude but is actually a cinnamon roll. teen wolf & marvel stan. more a thinker than a talker. VERY DISTRUSTFUL. has a really good taste of music and also he loves art, poetry and history. sargent & tattoo artist. father of one. really loves his friends. . . . . [ tags: #anyrp #openrp #newrp #harrystylesrp #daddyrp 🌸 ]
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