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You have no Idea Lala about how much I respect you and Love you. That one day , almost a year ago I met you for maybe 10 mins max but in those 10 minutes you were so humble and polite that I can never forget those moments. The pictures the hugs the Autograph and the T-Shirt :D You are very Important. You need to stay happy safe and healthy. Praying for your safety health and success Every minute :)))) Love and Hugs xx (Lil Sis) :D @ashrafbilal #AshrafBilal #BilalAshraf
Can’t wait for you to follow @ashrafbilal Team Bilal Ashraf / Facebook. #BilalAshraf #AshrafBilal
Cute and 💋 #humsafar
Random video ..p.s (its not me )😂 THIS MAY MAKE YOU SMILE.
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Yellow Yellow and Yellow @mashionpk
This scene is so CUTE @mahiraxkhan
Tumhare liye kya lao ? @mahirakhanx
Why so serious bro? :p @ashrafbilal #bilalashraf #ashrafbilal
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