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Winter I love ya, but you’re being let go. It’s time to put my shoes anywhere that doesn’t include snow.
Location: Havasupai, Arizona. This was taken at Havasupai yesterday. There was light rain in the night in the canyon and while I was hiking out on Sunday, saw light dusting of snow on the canyon walls. This pictures sums up Arizona perfectly with cactus, canyon, waterfalls. Only thing missing is rattlesnake. Camera: Sony A7 + Sony 28-70 Settings: ISO 50, 41mm, f/25.0, 1.6sec
Mountains are meant for hiking. For climbing. For skiing. Mountains are meant for inspiration, for exploration. Meant to be written and read about and meant to make memories at. Mountains are meant for camping under and for summit dreams. Mountains are for everyone but just like the rest of the planet mountains do not belong to us. Mountains belong to Mother Nature we are just guests. Friendly reminder to leave the mountains as you found them and to adhere to Leave No Trace principals.
After a day on the mountain, the fire sure feels perfect. 🧡
"There will be no one like us when we are gone, but then there is no one like anyone else, ever. When people die, they cannot be replaced. They leave holes that cannot be filled, for it is the fate—the genetic and neural fate—of every human being to be a unique individual, to find his own path, to live his own life, to die his own death. I cannot pretend I am without fear. But my predominant feeling is one of gratitude. I have loved and been loved; I have been given much and I have given something in return; I have read and traveled and thought and written. I have had an intercourse with the world, the special intercourse of writers and readers. Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure." -Oliver Sacks
We brought our good friend ,@carlynherroz ,with us to her first peak bagging experience and she loved it! ❄️ Gotta love some sketchy trail! 🙌🏽 [📍#CucamongaPeakTrail , #IceHouseCanyon 3.8.18 ]
My mountain man at our go-to mountain for snow hikes. 🌬❄️🏔 [📍#CucamongaPeakTrail , #IceHouseCanyon 3.8.18 ]
We completed the last missing stretch of the Coastal Trail in Half Moon Bay today! Next time we have to come back with our bike and stop for a drink at the Ritz Carlton Yappy Hour.
If you're not lost, you're not much of an explorer.
Mama allowed us to fill the bird bath and buckets with water on a daily basis for almost 2 weeks, as there wasn't a water source on our property. It was a true test of trust when she would rush over to the freshly filled water before we would even make it back into the house. Respect goes a long way in nature. Glad this mama trusted us so much! #MooseSeries _________________________________________ #TheAlaskaLife #SharingAlaska #NatureAlaska #Alaska #WildernessCulture #GoatWorthy #OurWild #BisonRoaming #GreetTheOutdoors #OptOutside #NatureAddict #Nikon #OurPlanetDaily #Gnarbox #AwakeTheSoul #Outside_Project #ILoveAlaska #WildernessNation #TheDiscoverer #Nature #AmongTheWild #LiveOutdoors #GreatNorthCollective #GoneOutdoors #OutdoorLife #FoundWildProject #NatGeo #Moose
First overnight of the year! Definitely some sore muscles but oh so happy!
Getting some lovin' and noms from mama! On this particular wake-up, I was lucky enough to be able to watch out our bedroom window on a cool, crisp Spring morning - coffee in hand - as they bonded and got breakfast #MooseSeries #OverExposedAndABitShaky ________________________________________ #TheAlaskaLife #SharingAlaska #NatureAlaska #Alaska #WildernessCulture #GoatWorthy #OurWild #BisonRoaming #GreetTheOutdoors #OptOutside #NatureAddict #Nikon #OurPlanetDaily #Gnarbox #AwakeTheSoul #Outside_Project #ILoveAlaska #WildernessNation #TheDiscoverer #Nature #AmongTheWild #LiveOutdoors #GreatNorthCollective #GoneOutdoors #OutdoorLife #FoundWildProject #NatGeo #Moose
While we are surrounded by avalanche danger, I find myself sitting inside, reminiscing through old photos and videos....and then jackpot: The Moose Birth _____________ This was from about 4 or 5 years back when a mama gave birth to twins in our front yard and we were lucky enough to witness it all. _____________ It felt like we were watching National Geographic for the better part of 2 weeks! From birth to running around, this was, hands down, my favorite Alaskan experience to-date! 💓 #MooseSeries _______________________________________ #Alaska #Moose #Playtime #OneWeekOld #GentleGiants #NatureAddict #MoosinAround #Nikon #GreatNorthCollective #GoneOutdoors #OutdoorLife #Nature #NatGeo #ExploreCaptureRepeat #FoundWildProject #LiveOutdoors #DamGoodDays #AnimalsOfInstagram
Moss and fungi....you must be in Oregon! 😊💚
Footprints in the sand 👣
It’s my favorite time of the year right now! The creeks are flowing, the grass is green and the air is crisp. Perfect weather for hiking!
Oregon is pretty, even when it's trying not to be.
LOVE this little video @petej.ohnson made from our day out on the river. You can see the happiness on my face because that’s what days like this brings me. There is nothing like spending a day on the river. When fishing, you loose track of time. Yesterday we spend 6hrs in nature. No phone and hardly any conversation. Just listening to the sounds of the river and my fly line whipping through the gentle breeze. Fly fishing is a form of meditation and connection for me. I have been finding this more and more to be true the more I’m out therr. It’s all about patience and rhythm. It’s all about the cast. It’s not always pretty but when it’s the perfect cast, boy do you feel it. Everything just falls perfectly into place. It’s beautiful when you watch your fly lay so gently into the water and float where the river takes it, then patiently waiting with anticipation for the perfect timing of a fish to strike. When they do you have a split second to react and gently pull back on the line in hopes to get the catch. Adrenaline now pumping through your blood, no matter the fight of the fish you always feel the adrenaline, love this feeling. The dance begins as you try and reel him in without loosing a fly and of course the fish. One hand on the rod and the other on the net, then like a hole in one, the fish has landed right into your net. Victory dance time. You take your trophy picture, give thanks to the fish for a good time, carefully remove your fly from its lip and release him back to the river to live another day. Fly fishing is my meditation. #catchandrelease
Throwback to 2 years ago when the bison spent spring break over seas in Italy! #BisonRoaming #GoBison 🤘🏼
Sometimes the most simple things in Nature can be the most breathtaking...
As a gal that has spent a lot of time on the road, I can't help but feel the deepest sense of appreciation when I return to the deserts that raised me. 📸: @jay_hippy
My Animas river curse is finally broken! Caught my first fish 🎣 on the river today. Yup a whopping 3inches!! 😂 but soon after was able to snag Uncle Brown for the win! Stoked.
Here’s Ellie hanging out in downtown San José del Cabo at an art walk! #BisonRoaming #GoBison 🤘🏼
Location:Bohemian Switzerland , Czech Republic Camera: IPhone 8+ 📱 #diewocheaufinstagram #theweekoninstagram#wildernessculture#ic_adventures#theoutbound#sublimewilderness#TheGreatOutdoors#WeLiveToExplore#lifeofadventure
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Who knew that wild winds in the mountains near Phoenix, Arizona would warrant a beanie and a puffy jacket in the middle of March? #hikearizona #superstitionmountains
#throwbackthursday to summer in the Canadian Rockies. I’m thinking about all the great places we’ve seen so far and there is still so much more to explore! So many great choices! If you could choose to visit a state/country where would you go?
Two very different sceneries for Laura and Dani!! LP is in warm Arizona hiking Camelback Mountain! While Dani is trying to stay warm ice fishing on “The Big White Shell” !! #BisonRoaming #GoBison #BisonPride 🤘🏼
Blue sky’s and some tan lines for Maddie and Brooklyn down in Cabo! #BisonRoaming #GoBison 🤘🏼
Entering Timberline Lodge. This place has a piece of my heart. 💙
Welcome to the New England "Spring Break" 🌨
This child rockin the mauve bison on a hike is everything. I’ve always been super fond of the mysterious bison and this bison on a sunset hike is basically all of us , deep in thought, after a long day.. especially during this first week of Daylight Saving. Mercy. | Ridiculously cool child and photo credit via @matthughes23 #daylightsaving #parentingishard #indyandbear #bisonroaming #introvertlife #hikingismagical #instakids #genderneutral
Check out our California girl, Monica, exploring Yosemite National Park!! With the whole fam repping ndsu soccer! #BisonRoaming #GoBison #BisonPride 🤘🏼
Watching a waterfall from your dinner table...just about as good as being outside exploring the waterfall!! 💦
Welcome to my crib!
Made it through 100' of slab and I could see her technique improve moving up through the route! Making her do the hard stuff so everything else is easy. Next up is 100s of feet of offwidth and she'll be granite multipitch ready.
Does anyone know how tall the Twin Sisters falls are in Cuyahoga Valley National Park? I haven't been able to find it. Here is a photo looking up the sister to the right, frozen in time. I am going to guess at least 100 feet! _____________________________________________________ #ohiofindithere #inspiredbyohio #ohiogram #ohioexplored #naturalohio #theohiocollective #ohio #naturalresourcespark #myohioadventure #letsroamohio #beautifulohio #midwestmoment #ourwild #canonusa #justgoshoot #welltraveled #greatlakes #adventureculture #wildernessculture #hikingculture #findyourpark #leavenotrace #visualambassadors #visualscollective #publiclands #artofvisuals #modernoutdoors #ourwild #modernoutdoorsman #awakethesoul
Check out where, current junior, Mallory is! She’s catching some rays in South Carolina visiting family and roaming around Charleston!! #BisonRoaming #GoBison 🤘🏼
Sunset on the summit 💖
No sudden movements...
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