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I’m not the only one who’s happy it’s Friday!!!!!!!! 💛
When you get to spend the day and the night and the sunrise somewhere that is ACTUALLY this pretty 😍 ay yi yi ~ Enough with the lakes They’re just wet and cold mirrors Inside out mountains
The Na Pali Coast from a magic carpet.
In between sets 😜
@adrian.hein showing us how to send it!! (Yes...that is a mini trampoline on top of that 80 foot cliff) #coocooforcocoapuffs
“What most artists are trying to do is trying to understand. I think what distinguishes creative people and/or artists from another type of person is perhaps a willingness to go headlong into uncertainty.” -@brandonboyd
It's still summer. Yep, it sure is. But its that time of summer where apple cider starts getting sold in the masses at the grocery store and you start seeing pumpkins and corn stalks stacked up and crowded all around the automatic doors. One of my favorite things to do this time of year is sit out in the back deck with an ice cold glass of cider and enjoy the sunshine 🍎☀️ That is where I will be at some point today as we are having beautiful weather here in the midwest! . . . . . . . . . #ohiofindithere #inspiredbyohio #ohiogram #ohioexplored #naturalohio #theohiocollective #myohioadventure #letsroamohio #beautifulohio #midwestmoment #ourwild #womenwhoexplore #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #radgirlslife #lakelife #ilovesummer #outdoorwomen #herwanderfullife #wildernessbabes #femmetravel #womenwhotravel #sheexplores #nightswim #girldiscoverers #wildlifegirls #forceofnature #gojumpinthelake #dogdaysofsummer #donutfloat
Fall is only a couple days away....and even though it’s my favorite time of year...I’m going to miss Summer. The hikes, the camping, the warmth. 💛
I could actually hear the birds chirping over the mosquito buzzing this time. I can now say I’ve been to this spot in every season! 🧛🏻‍♂️🦅🍃🦅🧛🏻‍♂️
Can you name the National Park? I used to be disappointed that we were not able to hike more in National Parks with Emma, but now I’m kind of thankful for that because it forced us to find other places. And I can tell you we found some pretty good ones we otherwise would have never seen.
This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy. 💚 ~ Susan Polis Schutz
One of our favorite moments in Kauai was meeting these dudes at Queens Bath. Sea Turtles are gentle creatures, and accepted us into their... squad? What do you call a flock of sea turtles? 😂🤙🏻
Remembering that time @johnmarkconklin and I were hanging out of helicopters. 🤙🏻
What’s cooler than being cool? Glacier cold. . . . 📸: @_.karinao
Summer cruising 🌾 // That flower is on the hood is a castilleja, also known as an Indian paintbrush. It's one of my favorite flowers of the west as it literally looks like it has been dipped in paint 🎨 // Also, sometimes all you need is a little duck tape #amiright . . . . . . . #womenwhoexplore #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #radgirlslife #mountaingirls #ducktape #oldjeep #dametraveler #Darlingescapes #outdoorwomen #herwanderfullife #wildernessbabes #femmetravel #womenwhotravel #sheexplores #thetravelwoman #girldiscoverers #wildlifegirls #forceofnature
If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love. ~ Steve Irwin
It didn’t feel like fall yesterday but we sure found some signs of it!
Now this is a sight I love to see!!!!! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
We went on a hike to this lake in hope to see the otters again and today was our lucky day! When we arrived two otters were hanging out in the water right in front of us until they realized we were there.
We just went on an epic overnighter 6 miles into the forest where we camped and bathed at some incredible natural hot springs along the river. With my fishing gear packed in, I was determined to find a few fishing holes in our hike back out of the river. Feeling a little discouraged on the trek back by not seeing much to work with, river running low, and probably what was fishable was too rough to hike into for the chacos on my feet. I kept my eyes peeled at any accesible hole and movement in the water. Running out of river access we stopped at our last stop just off one of the last foot bridges. We pulled off the trail and stared into what looked to be a nice little home for a fish or two. We stared and stared into the water looking for signs of life, a moving shadow, or a ripple in the water from a rising fish. Finally we saw a little head pop out around a rock...I though what the hell, I packed all my gear in I mind as well give it a go! With a nymph rig set up I cast out for a blind catch. Fingers crossed what I choose looked appetizing enough for a fish’s lunch. Before you know it, I saw my indicator tick, landed the fish and brought in a 3 inch brown!! Ha love catching the little guys! Just as I released the little bugger we saw a larger fish dart from the shallow water under the bridge to hang out in the hole near the rock catching meals as they flowed downstream past him. I thought I wonder if I can make another delicious meal for this guy?? With a few more meal changes on the rig, I found to have served the perfect dish! Hit and boom...Fish on! Landing this fish I had no idea that I would be catching my biggest brown to date! Super stoked and very happy to have packed in the gear and stayed patient. Our little adventure didn’t disappoint! I hike for moments like this.
Vines just keep on climbing 💚
Today felt a little bit like fall, so here is a #throwback to last year’s fall colors in Tahoe! Can’t wait to go see some pretty leaves again.
They were actually sitting at a table, like two old friends, not like the hunter and the hunted. And it wasn't especially awkward. ~ Janet Evanovich, The Heist
Summer in the city. // I have found a few books all about the many waterfalls in Ohio. One is called 200 waterfalls of Ohio. It amazes me that there can even be a book with 200 Ohio waterfalls, but its real! Some are seasonal, and it lists when they are best seen. There is even a google map of all the waterfalls of the cuyahoga valley and northern Ohio. Check them out and #gowaterfalling ! ☺️ . . . . . . #ohiofindithere #inspiredbyohio #ohiogram #ohioexplored #naturalohio #theohiocollective #myohioadventure #letsroamohio #beautifulohio #midwestmoment #ourwild #womenwhoexplore #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #radgirlslife #ohiowaterfalls #Darlingescapes #outdoorwomen #herwanderfullife #wildernessbabes #femmetravel #womenwhotravel #sheexplores #thetravelwoman #girldiscoverers #wildlifegirls #forceofnature #longlivesummer #chasingwaterfalls
Following bear trails - praying I don’t run into bears - Seems a bit counterproductive - so I switched to following a dried creek bed. Alaska is truly the ultimate adventure. I found this mountain, saw a line, and followed game trails for a better view. 🐻🏔🙌🏻🏔🐻
Sorry TLC, but we always go „chasing waterfalls“ if there is one around! #waterfallwednesday
I love northern Minnesota... #onlyinmn #capturemn #thisismymn #cabinlife #campfire
It’s not a waterfall, but this stretch of river to me is just as beautiful as one. 💙💦
2 hours away from celebrating 32 laps around the sun. I took this picture on one of the highest mountains in the world, watching a volcano erupt in the distance. I’m reminded that hard times and devastation create conditions for new growth to arrive. It’s been a wild year. Here’s to all the adventures that are to come, the new growth that will arrive, and a glass raised to the beautiful thing it means to be alive. 🥂
I really liked the look of this dried out ground, but I would have preferred to find water in the lake!
Bison March. The fence does not keep them contained. I had to explain that to a few tourists that thought it would be ok to walk right up to them since they were "fenced in." . . . . #discover_wyoming #tetoncollective  #grandtetonnationalpark  #gtnp #wildlifephotography  #nikon  #nikonusa  #naturalwyoming #naturephotography  #nature  #nakedplanet #naturegeography  #nationalpark  #nationalparkobsessed #nationalparkgeek  #wyoming  #wyomingonly  #visitwyoming #bisonroaming #bison #jacksonhole  #usinterior  #amongthewild #ourplanetdaily
A person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree, one is not part of a plot of land. Mankind has legs so it can wander. ✨ ~ Roman Payne, The Wanderess
Shine over me, Ohio sky! // Admiring the southern sky just outside Columbus. I pumped the clarity up 100% 4x using a selection brush to make the milky way pop. While I could see it with my naked eye, I love revealing light in post production that the camera recorded using a long exposure. // Taken with my Canon 5D. . . . . . . #ohiofindithere #inspiredbyohio #ohiogram #ohioexplored #naturalohio #theohiocollective #myohioadventure #letsroamohio #beautifulohio #midwestmoment #ourwild #womenwhoexplore #sheisnotlost #Darlingescapes #outdoorwomen #herwanderfullife #wildernessbabes #sheexplores #thetravelwoman #girldiscoverers #wildlifegirls #forceofnature #columbusvisuals #columbusalive #onlyincbus #expcols #lifeincolumbus #livecolumbus #asseenincolumbus #614living
First Alaskan Fall and the foliage is fantastic ❤️🍃🍂🍃❤️
Still hanging on to our memories from Colorado for #mountainmonday
Happy Monday!! 💚 Hope you all have an amazing week!!! ✨
Queen of the forest on her throne! 🌲🌳
"No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile. Pursuit to be happy, only laughing like a child. I never thought life would be this sweet."- @macmiller #bestdayever R.I.P Mac. When my wife told me of his passing by drug overdose I was just flat out sad. This song encouraged me to enjoy every single day. Facebook reminds me with "on this day" many times I quoted this song in post. I used it as music for videos. I to this day randomly text those closest to me have the best day ever. To me it was an anthem to love life & purse your passion. Given Mac Miller's influence on me & his tragic ending he now has almost became a Ying & Yang symbol to me. Love life & depression is no joke & to take care of your mental. I picked this photo of my son & I because overall this story is similar to what I would like to be an example of & hopefully instill in Elijah which is to love life, purse passions, take care of his mental & also constantly be checking in with those close to him. #LAshots #cityofangels #la #losangeles #california #losangelesphotographer #seela #seelosangeles #lostinla #losangelesshots #discoverla #losangelesart #canon6dii #2470G2 #withmytamron #upperleftusa #earthfocus #bisonroaming #CanonWhatElse #wishyouwerenorthwest #exploringtheglobe #pnwadventuresquad #pnwwonderland #canon_photos #teamcanon #VisiTtheUsa #getoutstayout
That moment, when the day hikers all have left and it becomes real quiet. Just sitting around the lake and watching the trouts jump and the stars light up. That’s my favorite part about backpacking.
Seeking solace before solstice. ✌🏻🕴🏻❄️🕴🏻✌🏻
Dawn was breaking, like the light from another world. ✨ ~ Alfred Jarry
Snack time! The most important part about hiking for Emma.
Sometimes nature just takes over 💚
That’s how we ended our long weekend. Soaking in a heart shaped hot spring with mountain views. Can it get any more perfect than this?
It is good to know that out there, in a forest in the world, there is a cabin where something is possible....💛 . Sylvain Tesson, Dans les forêts de Sibérie
Hello, striped friend! 🐯 // Wow nature is just so cool. Check out these stripes. I think butterfly wings look like stained glass. The scaffolding of veins and the way the light shines through the pigment in their wings. This one's wings are a bit tattered but after all, butterflies only live a matter of days. Something so beautiful yet so fleeting. Such is life, right? Enjoy it! (my deep thought of the day 😆)
Backpacking isn’t all about that grand adventure, it’s about having fun! We really take our time when we hike to our camp site and take lots of breaks to take it all in and play in the many lakes we pass.
My whole life I’ve been coming to this place on Labor Day weekend. It is full of laughs, love and memories that will never fade. ❤️
We are back! One day earlier than expected, but the weather was just not right for us. It was fun nonetheless! Now we are all ready for a shower and a comfy bed.
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