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Jimmy "Wink" Winkfield squeezed every last drop of life out of his 92 years on this planet. Born in 1882, in Chilesburg, Kentucky, Jimmy grew up working on a horse farm where his father sharecropped. Wink found his way onto one of those horses, winning the Kentucky Derby in 1901 at age 19 (as well as 160 other races that year) repeating the feat a year later in 1902. He narrowly lost in 1903, losing by 3/4 of a length. But he would be blacklisted after he dishonored a contract by racing for another owner. Paired with violence by white jockeys, big money betting and Klan intimidation, he made the decision to take his talents to Europe. With nothing but a Russian/Polish/English dictionary, he bought a steamer ticket to Russia. He won the Emperor's Purse, the Moscow Derby twice and the Russian Derby thrice. He also gobbled up wins in France, Germany and Poland. Needless to say, this little brotha was doing big things across the pond. He made $100K a year, lived in the luxe National Hotel in Moscow (with his personal white valet), and ate caviar and drank champagne daily while hobnobbing with Russian millionaires and aristocrats. In 1917 the Bolsheviks rose to power, soon shutting horse racing down. Jimmy led 250 outlawed thoroughbreds, Polish noblemen and riders across the Transylvanian Alps to Poland. This arduous journey was so hellish, they wound up eating several of the horses to stay alive, enduring the robberies by locals as well. Today, the bloodlines of some of those same horses he saved are some of the greatest stallions in Europe. Wink jump started his career before moving to Paris. He was the toast of the town soon after, opening a stable and speaking fluent French as he hung with Hemingway and Josephine Baker. In 1961, Wink returned to the States for one last time to attend the Kentucky Derby for the first time since 1903. Winkfield and his daughter were invited to a reception hosted by Sports Illustrated to honor the two-time winner. Still segregated, the black doorman wouldn’t allow him to enter through the front door. Wink stood his ground. Eventually they were admitted only to be ignored the whole time. Returning to France to live out his ...
Each day of Black History Month, I'll be posting an original for sale in my shop. I'm not only celebrating the past, but also the present and Afrofuturism. Today is a continuation of character and color studies. An attempt at making green tones a bit more majestic to reflect #blackboyjoy Purchase details or link in my bio https://www.etsy.com/listing/580857668/green-bhm-2018 #blackboyjoy #afrofuturism #blackhistorymonth #illustration
Before i forget. Happy birthday to a real one. The late great #hueypnewton #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth all that..
Sylvester James was born on September 6, 1947 in Watts Los Angeles, California, into a middle-class family. Sylvester and his family were intricately tied to the Pentecostal church. This is where Sylvester fell in love with the rich sounds of gospel music. Sylvester was aware of his sexual orientation at an early age and after a sexual encounter with a male congregational member, the church shunned him and Sylvester ceased regular attendance at the age of 13. Leaving home as a teenager, Sylvester was homeless for the next decade; depending on the help of friends and relatives. At age 15, he began frequenting local gay clubs and built up a group of friends from the local gay black community, eventually forming themselves into a group which they called the Disquotays. The group held lavish house parties, sometimes (without permission) at the home of their friend, rhythm and blues singer Etta James, in which they dressed up in female clothing and wigs, constantly trying to outdo one another in appearance. By the end of the decade, the Disquotays had begun to drift apart, with a number of them abandoning cross-dressing and others recognizing that they were trans women and undergoing sex reassignment surgery. Sylvester always considered himself male and began to tone down the feminine nature of his clothing, aiming for a more androgynous look. In the 70s Sylvester moved to SF to join The Cockettes, an avant-garde performance art drag troupe. The Cockettes parodied popular culture, were involved in the Gay Liberation movement, and were influenced by the ethos of the hippie movement, living communally, embracing free love, and consuming mind-altering substances. Sylvester was known for his staggering falsetto and piano capabilities through which he gained his own following; imitating several of his musical idols like Billie Holiday and Josephine Baker. Adding to his image, Sylvester used the pseudonym "Ruby Blue" & described himself as "Billie Holiday's cousin once removed." Fascinated by black musical heritage, he became a collector of "negrobilia"; in some of his Cockette performances, he played up to racial stereotypes of African-Americans in order to ridicule...
Today we had the opportunity to have @red_rush_basketball founder Burke Ried Speak to the kids about not giving on themselves , staying focus and always being ready when your number is call .. legends and hero come in all size believe in yourself and you could achieve a lot stay discipline and you be alright . #heartoverheight #BallAboveAll #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth #HallofFame #Dawson #Mgcill #LeaderOfToday #Basketball #Montreal #BallIsLifeo
#WhyILoveBlackWomen 🖤 #MyBlackHistory #BlackHistoryYear #DTR360BOOKS - Thank you for this! #Repost @yarashahidi ・・・ I believe it's important to remember our culture and preserve the legacy of our ancestors. The stories live on through this digital collection dedicated to black history & culture⚡️✊🏾 #CelebrateBlackHistory with @GoogleArtsCulture at g.co/blackhistory #BlackHistoryMonth #WakandaForever #writtenbyme
Amazing job @abraham_realtor after amazing us on the stage with pure art -distributing his cd's.. I'm glad to be part of your night.. supporting #blackart #blackpanthermovie #blackhistorymonth #blackpantherpremiere #Afrobeats #reggaedancehall #dashikiattire #dashiki #AfricaToTheWorld #EastAfrican #WestAfrica #OneLove #MamaAfrica #melaninpoppin
#BlackHistoryMonth Fashion Spotlight: @aminahjillil is the woman behind the infamous big bow heels. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Aminah began her career as a dancer in Los Angeles for big names like Janet Jackson and Britney Spears. She's appeared in commercials for Pepsi, Mazda and New Balance. Aminah also had a lead role as Crimson in Cirque du Soleil BELIEVE. In 2012, Aminah launched her first women's shoe collection online and in LA boutiques. Her first collection went quite well when Rihanna decided to wear them for her music video "Where Have You Been." Let's celebrate BLACK WOMEN!!! #blackhistorymonth #blackwomen #blackisbeautiful #blackexcellence #shoeporn #shoedesigner #potd #fashiondesigner #style
last #blackhistorymonth post, my great great grand father was 1. an escaped slave 2. Highest ranking African American during the civil war 3. And founded the only town in the state of California to be founded, financed and governed by African Americans. 💗💗💗 colonel allensworth
Portland will never be the same and I have witnesses ✊🏿 #blackcomedyfestival #BlackHistoryMonth #blackpantherweekend #blackcomics
A reminder that this Monday, February 19th, is our first ever ABA Film Showcase! We'll be screening 10 amazing films by some of our most talented students here at @nyfalosangeles ! RSVP to ABA.ClubLA@nyfa.edu today to secure a seat and a lot of pizza 🎥🍕🥤🙌🏾 #ABAfilmsociety #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackFilmmakers #Showcase #NewYorkFilmAcademy #NYFALA
Fun night out with the family #family #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth
This child said that the other kids were teasing him because he wanted to grow an afro. He wanted to shave his head completely bald because he was tired of the kids bullying and teasing him because he wanted to grow in that fro. After I gave him this haircut I told him never be ashamed of your heritage and if you want to grow afro then you can grow an afro and I told him to tell the kids that if they tease him you just tell them that they're just mad because they can't grow an afro! We have to teach our young kids that they should be proud of their Heritage and not let anyone intimidate them into not being proud of their heritage. #black #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth #blackhair #heritage #february #blackpanther
#history did you know February also black history month #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth accorning to @history It was 50 years ago when nearly 1,000 Memphis Sanitation workers refused to report to work demanding higher wages, safer work conditions, and the recognition of their union. However, despite organizing boycotts, sit-ins, and marches almost daily, the sanitation workers were initially unable to lock down concessions from Memphis’ municipal officials. Martin Luther King, Jr. agreed to come to Memphis and lead a nonviolent demonstration in support of the sanitation workers, and on March 29 over 5,000 demonstrators, carrying now –iconic signs which read "I Am A Man," participated. However, things took a turn for the worse when some participants began breaking storefront windows. The ensuing violence resulted in the death of 16 year-old Larry Payne, who was killed by Memphis police officers.  The city then imposed a curfew, and mobilized the National Guard. MLK was deeply troubled by the violence and promised to return to Memphis and lead a peaceful demonstration. On April 3rd King returned to Memphis and delivered what would be his last public speech, the following evening he was assassinated. Nearly two weeks later on April 16, the Memphis sanitation workers' strike ended when the city agreed to issue raises to African-American employees and recognize their union.
Right on the money !! Called it I said @dannygarciaboxing Tko between 7-9 I didn’t see this going the full 12 even with Garcia having some ring rust, Started a little slow as usual and like I said he’s been gone for a year so he had to get some of that rust off but the right hand was there all night, and when he seen rios throw a lazy jab he put the finishing touch on it!! Who would you like to see Garcia fight next @showtimeshawnp @keithonetimethurman @errolspencejr winnner of @jeffhornboxer vs @tbudcrawford and how does he do against all of them!? And I think rios should get 1 last fight in with @itsvortiz #floydmayweather #miketyson #dannygarcia #donovanmitchell #AdrienBroner #vasyllomachenko #muhammadali #errolspencejr #keiththurman #anthonyjoshua #blackhistorymonth #Canelo #caneloalverez #allstarweekend #deontaywilder #groveseubank #mannypacquiao #garciarios #muhammadali #deontaywilder #GGG #blackpanther #GeorgeGroves #GennadyGolokvin #aboutbillionspromotions @boxingempire
This Amazing Lady @sahara_dez killing the stage for the #BLACKPANTHER movie Premier ..audience ,her and Myself are ALL dressed in African Print attire..it's beautiful ! #blackpanthermovie #blackhistorymonth #blackpantherpremiere #Afrobeats #reggaedancehall #dashikiattire #dashiki #AfricaToTheWorld #EastAfricanGul #WestAfrica #OneLove #MamaAfrica #melaninpoppin
Just Got Off Live From @hiphopdetroit ‼️‼️‼️Y’all Know I Show Major Luv To Our Detroit Artist That’s Making Noise🙏🏽‼️‼️‼️ Shoutout To @long_sleeve_mafia @lsmblack @skeetbusy @lsm_tr_phoneslappn_breadstackn #GiftedApproved #Hot1075
Dear black people☝🏾 ... #dontcorrectmyspellingeither
🌎 👊🙌 #blackpanther LEGENDARY.. #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth
Life is a gift from the Lord and He is our refuge and strength in good times and bad.💝🙌 #blackhistorymonth #blackbeauty #melaninpoppin #blackmatters #behappynow #livelifetothefullest #beunique
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