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Thought I try out this #agechallenge 2010<2011<2012<2013<2014<2015<2016<2017<2018<2019 17 years old (turning 18) to 26 years old. I’m tryna make 2019 transform into 2015/2016 lol 😂 Ya boi was smaller back then, I was rocking size L shirts for the first time in my adult life. #melaninmagic #myblackisbeautiful #gettingold #dapper #90skid #wisdom #growth #changes #naturalhair #comingofage #evolving #blackmenkillingit
🚨New Episode Alert 🚨This episode Mel and Jon talk some clairvoyant shit. They touch on whats fake vs whats real. Are aliens among us? (Can you tell these are Jon’s thoughts? 😂) Also in this episode "Is working hard, enough?" "Are we really just products of our environment?" Mel also grills Jon on why he never lets up on his point. And of course, Jon thinks his opinion is the only one. Listen to these Unsolicited Views now available at the link in our bio! We’ve changed up our episode numbering, so now we’re live with Episode 35!
Stay encouraged! Whatever obstacles you are going through is preparing you for greatness! #motivationforblackpeople
Happy nappy hair never truly cared. Unruly to the fullest big UPs to the 1's
Have you listened to our latest episode yet? Jon basically be talking his shit this episode lol. If you’re a listener, you already know what it is 😂. Go listen now at the link in bio! Episode 35: Jon Be Like...
When someone tries to tell you who you are... tell them exactly who you are with your chest. 👔: www.queendomcreates.com
Every time we see @igregoryjohnson he’s in a suit closing deals. I don’t know about yall but I’m coming into our next #shutupandcode event with a suit! I’m up next! #suitandtie 👔 Who’s coming to our next Shut Up and Code January 24th, 2019?
~ K I N G S M E N ~ … looking good isnt self importance, its self respect - charles hix … CONGRATULATIONS @onikez & @_iyobosa_a_ God bless your new home! 📸 #weddingphotography by @minphotographyy #groomsuit & #groomsmen #welldressed in GNATION #gentlemenwithstyle #groomsinspiration #sartorial #moda #homme #styleoftheday in #shades of #blues #fashionwedding #weddingdigest #bespokesuits #tailoredsuits #blackmenkillingit #poses #squadgoalsachieved #mensclothes
Definition of #CultureAnywhere Mark out in an Australian Reserve representing @queendomcreates 🇦🇺🇬🇭🤴🏾 This romper is available along with a different variation on 🛒 www.queendomcreates.com #brownsugarsocial
Definition of #CultureAnywhere Mark out in an Australian Reserve representing @queendomcreates 🇦🇺🇬🇭🤴🏾 This romper is available along with a different variation on 🛒 www.queendomcreates.com
You know what would be cool? This emoji 💃🏽 in African print. 🛒 www.queendomcreates.com link in the bio
How good does 🤴🏾Mark look in @queendomcreates ASANTEHENNY ROMPER? 🛒 Available on: www.queendomcreates.com
Fried or Fertilized? 🍳🖤
Tag Him 🖤
Tag Him 🖤
Tag Him 🖤
The Adventure continued....into the Thar desert. . . Me, 2 camels, a cook some duvets, pots & pans and in anticipation of a good HUMP day 🐪🐪😊 we embarked on the journey through the desert. . . The amazing feeling of sleeping under a 1000 stars over sand dunes with no one else in sight and waking up to some magical sunrise. . . This was my excited face before and surely the same after 😁😊
When @tysoncbeckford look alike models for your fashion line 😍🤴🏿🇬🇭 Ghanaian King Mark. Make sure y’all shop @queendomcreates
2009 - 2019 lmao 😂 God works miracles
My daughters first time at the batting cage. It’s been a few years for me. Batters UP ⚾️
Real or fake y’all? Either way this black man is a vegan and killing it in the gym.
Are you ready for your life to change? Learn about the #1 step most people skip when trying to change their lives on our new podcast! Swipe up on our story to listen✨ #motivationforblackpeople
2007 vs. 2018.
Cold days call for heart warming hugs from this good boy + good outerwear. This fur-lined parka is under $60 right now and perfect for fighting the cold weather in style! Shop this look via screenshot through @liketoknow.it ! ✖️ http://liketk.it/2zjqI #liketkit
The Unsolicited Views Network 💪🏾 We talk about things that you may or may not give a damn about each and every Tuesday. Check us out on SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, and Spotify 😜
its a beautiful day, so smile 😀 @brianmsafiri
Go get it, love yourself and y'all keep the resolutions going 💪🏿💪🏿 #melanin
Black People +Pinterest= Melaninterest Support @melaninterest today!
I'm jamming right now fuck what it be or mean . She wasn't the best but I still treated her better than the rest
Stop worrying so much! Be patient with your process. Your blessing will come right on time✨ . Swipe up on our story to learn more about our big project with @1meccanism & to answer a few questions! #motivationforblackpeople
. New @creating.while.christian Episodes coming soon 🙌🏿——————————————————————————————— 👕: @neweclectic.co . 🎥: @iambkem ——————————————————————————————— #AsSeenOnMe #bkem #blackmen #blackmenkillingit #blackmenwithstyle#beautiful #california #christian #creators #creatingwhilechristian #dmv #fineboynopimple #hypedviral #hypebeast #hybeaststyle #jersey #melanin #model #newyork #nigerianfashionbloggers #orlando #pennsylvania #sponsored #streetwear #streetwearfashion #top .tags #urbanwear #yoruprince
Who else has rollover goals that they keep every year for New Years? 😂🙋🏾‍♂️
Retro Jordan 12: OVO Black Stingray.
Which Pair Do You Think is Better? Retro 1: Shadow (2009 Pair) & Retro Jordan 1: Shadow (2018 Pair)
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