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Warning: long post. Here’s a little peek at my workouts here in Tanzania: 1. I always start with point release (traps and upper back, lower back, glutes) using a lacrosse ball and then a general dynamic-ish warmup. (Not pictured.) 2. THEN 3 rounds: Plank- 45s-1:30 Cobra- 10 reps Side plank- 30s-1:00/side Glute bridge- 10reps w/band (or 45s-1:30) Pushups- amrap with good form (7 today) Pallof progression- 10 reps Face pulls- 10 reps Squats- guided down, drive up 3. “Bar work” with a broom some days 4. STRETCH. My favs: pigeon, couch stretch, single leg forward fold, spider (lizard? perfect stretch?), and any way I can stretch my QL/low back. ▪️ Almost all of these movement are part of a progression, hence the range of times. Today I did the shorter times but by the time I leave I’ll progress to the longer times/harder versions of the movements. #bodyadapts #increaseintensity #itsacycle ▪️ Where’s the cardio?!! Uhhh walking 10,000+ steps a day is my cardio. 😂 I live in one town and work in another and several days a week I travel there and it takes about 3 hours round trip: walk + bus + walk. ▪️ Y’all I HAVE to do this stuff every day. At the very absolute least, the dynamic warm up. My work is just sitting doing interviews so my muscles get tight REALLY easily. ▪️ My back and right knee have been really bugging me this trip so some of these movements have been altered and other taken out completely. 😔 But hey I’m just trying to make the most with what I have. ▪️ Stick around for more posts today because it’s SIKU KUU! (Eid El Fitr) 🎉🎉🎉🎉 ▪️ @bgbarbellclub #bgbarbellclub #unitedlifters #fnxfit #fnxambassador #weightlifting #usaw #pwaweightlifting #bgbc #bulgarianbarbellclub #bgbcmethod #fitness #olympicweightlifting #headspace #Tanzania #daressalaam #eidelfitr #sikukuu #planks #squats #GAINZ
Power of the human body. Kind of a scary moment for @stoked3 and his family. Ted had his wisdom teeth out and came home and took the doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory and pain killer. Hours later Ted had a seizure that landed him in the hospital. But the body doing what it does best, adapt, brought him back into balance. Doctors “think” that because Ted NEVER takes medications for anything that his body reacted to the anesthesia and the pain killers by expressing a seizure. Looks like he should start taking more pharmaceuticals. I’m 100% kidding. Here he is coming out of unconsciousness and then proceeding to do his Dr TJ’s Spinal Hygiene while still sporting the lovely hospital gown and trimmings. Ted’s body expressed the health it should’ve when being exposed to that level of toxic substance. And it did exactly what it does once the seizure was stabilized and he balanced himself out. We should be thankful for this country’s emergency care system. That is reason to celebrate health care. He’s got a strong family unit and I love seeing triumphs in the name of health and function. We’ve always got so much to be grateful for and our health and power inside of us that runs our body should be #1 ! Happy Holidays you guys. #spirit #strength #gratitude #neverstopmoving #spinehealth #spinefirst #performance #adaptation #bodyadapts #whatitdoes #health #healing #mentalhealth #rehab #physicaltherapy #therapy #drugsarebadmmmmkay #emergencycare #lifethreatening #onlytimeforahospital #trainlikeababy #wellness #meditation #meditativemovement #nomeds #spinalhygiene #drtommyjohn #tommyjohnsolution
Dudes. I am SO sore!!! It's so crazy to me how even when you're working out regularly and are "in shape," the second you change it up, you realize quickly that you aren't as strong as you thought!!! 🙄😂. But really. The body's ability to adapt is ASTOUNDING. But it's also what makes continual progression hard. You have to stay on your toes, always be mixing it up, or you'll find yourself only maintaining!! Progress is happiness!!! So you've got to keep pushing!!! Want to train with me?! DM me!!
Topping this morning off with a big mug of Joe. Caffeine is my start to the day and ready to get after it. I'm hungry for more muscle and I will stop at nothing to put my body thru exilerating and exaustion to become the meanest bad ass bodybuilder I can be. #nopainnogain #bodyadapts #relentless