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HOLY FLUFF!!!😫 at least I’m making gains...
Progressing steadily - 425 x 5 went up nicely today 🥞 Carnage x Lil Pump - i Shyne 🎵 • • • • • #deadlift #progress #personaltrainer #strength #powerlifting #bodybuilding #fitness #yyj #yyjfitness
100 lbs dumbells for 12 reps on the incline AFTER 345 x 5 with slingshot and 275 3x5 touch n go on bench . Huge P.R! I'm thinking fresh.. maybe 14-15 reps. 💪 bodyweight 197 lbs . 10lb weightloss in 5 weeks! #powerlifting #powerlifter #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #iifym #squat #bench #deadlift #diet #dieting #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #tbt #fitness #fitfam #fitlife #gym #weights #atthebar @sarah.hudson.wellness
Rest Day Beach Day! If you are a gym rat like myself, when the dreaded rest comes around, you have to find something to occupy the time you'd normally spend on the gym. My depiction solution to that is to do something that keeps you active and that you enjoy as well!
💯 Class times for tonight 💯 🥊Kids 1: 5:20-6pm 🥊Kids Advanced: 6-6:50pm 🥊Teens kickboxing 6:00-6:50 🤼‍♂️ BJJ (Brazilian Jiujitsu) & MMA: 7:00-8:00pm🤼‍♀️ 🥊 Adults/Fighters Boxing&Kickboxing 8:00-9.00pm #SydneyFightGym @hersydneyfightgym
Las sentadillas con banda elástica se realizan de pie, con las piernas ligeramente separadas y la espalda ligeramente arqueada. La banda elástica se coloca bajo las puntas de los pies. El movimiento se efectúa flexionando las piernas hasta llevar los muslos a una posición casi horizontal. Se toma cada extremo de la banda con una mano diferente, manteniendo los brazos estirados. A continuación, se inspira flexionando las piernas, manteniendo la tensión de la cuerda al máximo. Luego se vuelve a la posición inicial, espirando lentamente sin curvar la espalda. Este ejercicio trabaja principalmente  los músculos cuádriceps y losglúteos, y en menor medida los músculos de la espalda. Según la tensión de las bandas elásticas, las series de 10 a 20 repeticiones proporcionan los mejores resultados. #livintips
Enquanto não mudar a si próprio, não enxergará os caminhos para as vitórias desejadas! . Academia @btmhardgym Médico @drmarchiuslima Fisioterapeuta @niladechen Farmácia @farmaciaannaterra Paradinhas #GenericLabs
GET FIT: Eat cleanly, get your body moving, drink lots of water. (Side affects may include happiness, radiance, and amazing health). #JFit #JSTFIT #JFitElite #GirlsOfJFit - @JfitPH ELEVATING #Lifestyle x #Performance - Check us out at @SupplementHub HQ: 2nd floor, Titanium Bldg, Holy Spirit Drive, Diliman, Quezon City _ Contact us at 0927.282.0670 0908.971.7744 (02).576.0734 🌎WE SHIP WORLDWIDE🌍
Try this super set next time you work out chest. 1️⃣Incline bench(same one I’m using) dumbbell presses. Do 3-5 sets for 8-12 reps. 2️⃣Then, followed immediately with no rest by incline alternating bicep curls. Do these for 10-12 reps or more for each arm. With these you don’t need to go too heavy. You’re already using most of your strength explosively in the primary lift. (incline press) 3️⃣ the objective of this secondary exercise is to focus on full range of motion with a faster but controlled & focused tempo, using a lighter weight to stimulate maximum blood flow throughout the chest and arms to create a nice fat burning effect. Needless to say, the pump is insane. 💪🏼✊🏼
Although everyone's definition of success is different. I know that I like to challenge myself and not be just be an ordinary, living day to day, paycheck to paycheck guy. I live my life with a hustle that allows me the time🕛 and 💲💲💲 freedom to live a purposed filled life. You can too!!
#5weekstogo shifting gears 💪🏼🔥#happyhumpday
Only 4 days and I get to go back to my favorite place. #ireallysuckattakingbreaks #missmybeard #looklikea12yearoldwithadblchin #flexcomics
Here’s a low pin @ 605. Bad idea #1 . Hey, let’s lower the pin a notch from my usual. Bad idea #2 , I’m sure I should relax on the bottom! 👀
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