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Turning the majority of your workouts into a competition is a surefire way to get injured, burned out, and essentially get no positive results. I trained in this manner for close to a decade. Every workout, I forced myself to grind out another rep or and another 5 lbs to the bar, even if my form went to hell. I dumped adrenaline as if I was on a battlefield. I ignored sore joints. And I even witnessed my excitement for training turn to dread. . What did I have to show for it? A torn labrum, constant fatigue, and an annoying regression in strength. And I’m not an anomaly when it comes to this. Every one of my friends/colleagues that pushed the envelope like I did experienced a similar fate. . So here’s an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. It will may require a mindset shift. Think like a high performing athlete. Treat training like an athlete treats practice. Work on improving. Getting better. Perfecting movement. Competitions are few and far between many practice sessions. So maybe a few times per year you compete in a strength sport. Or maybe you test yourself on occasion. Or maybe you get crazy with an old training partner from time to time- for old times sake. @jayferruggia But the majority of your training should revolve around getting better, not beating the sh!t out of yourself. #fitnesstruth
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This is the first part of a series where strength coach Matt Wattles discusses the bench press. Here Matt quickly discusses scapular (shoulder blade) position while performing the bench press. In essence we want to avoid letting the elbows get too high so that the shoulder can remain in a stable and safe position. #benchpress #scapularstability #stengthcoach #movelikethis #athleticdevelopment @bodybuildingcom @liftlifefoundation @edgemeridian @delbarka
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