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Naked Health’s ‘Movement for Mummas’ program represents Body Beyond Baby in Dolls Point, Sydney, Australia. . . Follow the link in our profile and click on Chris’s profile to find out more 🧡 . . @myfitmumma
Meet Chris ~ founder of @naked_health_pt and his ‘Movement for Mummas’ program located in Dolls Point, Sydney. . We are excited to have Chris as part of our team and love his focus on helping mum for the well-being of her whole family. . . Chris shares what being part of the Body Beyond Baby Affiliate team means to him.
Extract from the interview from one of our #vulva models towards our Asian vulva #photobook {Un}Inhibited. @kelvinlimartist Please support our #Kickstarter #crowdfunding !! #yoni #bodylove #beingwoman #bodyimage #sexuality #sexualconfidence #yonibook #singapore #sexed #crowdfund #loveyourvulva #pleasure #loveyourvulvamore #uninhibitedbook http://ow.ly/rEmv30m5btR
[#Science says “hangry” is a real thing.] ・・・ Have you ever been in a bad mood when hungry that had no other possible reason to attribute it to? ・・・ I have 🙋🏻‍♀️ ・・・ Sometimes you’ll hear it referred to as #hangry , a mix between angry and hungry. And boy, does it feel real! ・・・ A study from the University of Guelph actually proved this to be true. When mice were given a glucose blocker, they had higher levels of cortisol and showed signs of stress and sluggish behavior. When given a dose of an antidepressant, they perked up which shows that it was due to #stress and not just lack of glucose to the muscles. ・・・ So next time you’re feeling those hunger mood swings, grab a sandwich! Your body needs it!
Yes, yes, yes!
The unpopular topic, body image. We spend our time with media looking at unrealistic photos and videos of others “wishing” we looked like that even though we know the media has been modified. Since when did this become our society? Where we look at unrealistic images, KNOWING they’re unrealistic, but we still want to look like that? I’ve spent a lot of my younger years looking at other women’s hips, hour glass figures, small shoulders, petite arms, & bigger chest, wondering why I don’t look like that. I spent hours of my day in high school wondering when my hips would widen so my catholic school skirt would flow around them instead of being completely aline. I spent hours wondering why I couldn’t even fit into a women’s medium sized shirt, but I wear young girls sized pants. Then one day, I asked myself why I was wasting my time. I was past my growing ages, my hips will never widen, I will have a boxy waist, I will have wide shoulders & man arms, I will have a smaller chest than a man, and guess what, I do not care 😎🙌🏼. #ltemployee #transformationtuesday #progressnotperfection #powerlifter #calisthenics #powerlifting #women #bodyimage #media #weightlifting #weightlifter #positivevibes #1stphorm
A Blustery Windsday For Some Self Care 🍂 • I've been feeling good about myself lately which is surprising considering how huge I am right now • The #eatingdisorder #community is one of the most supportive, #bodypositive places to be, and also one where I feel I can be the most #honest • IRL, I feel huge #pressure to be SO HAPPY ALL THE TIME about being #pregnant and any #anxieties about it are quickly dismissed as #hormones#Pregnancy , #recovery , #anxiety - they can all be hard to deal with, and people may try to tell you you're being #toosensitive • They think they're being helpful, but it's not ok to dismiss someone's feelings • If you're feeling something and it's bothering you, it's ok! It's #oktonotbeok • Today, I'm going to feel whatever I feel and roll with it 🙏🏻 • #elliethinks #selfimage #bodyimage #bopowarrior #eatingdisorders #eatingdisorderrecovery #anorexia #ana #fuckyouana #selfcare #loveyourself #autumn #exercise #macros #healthypregnancy #fitpregnancy #27weekspregnant
#mortified So, real talk.... After having babies, I never really got used to my body again. I have worn a one piece for the past 12 years! Y’all, I’m only 32. I’d love to say it was for the sake of being modest, and it’s true...I don’t really love parts hanging out, and bouncing around while chasing toddlers around a beach. But let’s be real, if I was comfortable in my own skin, I’d rock this #mombod for all eternity for how strong it is! So it happened. I braved the wilderness in my cute target swim suit ✌️I could easily pee without having to get naked in a gross bathroom stall. I could tan my belly so I stop looking like I had a full white shirt on every time I’m naked. I could enjoy my friends without worrying about my back fat. Thank you to a few special girlfriends, some here that day, and some not, who always make me feel beautiful. Thank you to my husband who was soooo happy I tossed out my last whole piece. Thank you to my brain coach who cares enough to empower woman, and to my special tribe from 37 who have my heart forever! So yes, when my friend @kylejune wanted to snap a picture, for a split second I was mortified. But it quickly turned into a playful, confident, “sure”. #loveyourself I may just post some more, 😜.
HAPPY HUMP DAY! 💞. . Easiest and fav juice when your craving something a little sweet! . Watermelon is my go to why I’m feeling like I need a sugar hit or I’m a bit dehydrated, I’m not 100% well at the moment so trying to get on top of it! 😣😘. . ALL YOU NEED!👇🏽👇🏽. 🍉🍓💦❄️🍋. . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitness #boxing #fitspo #fitness #inspirationalquotes #insperation #motivationalquotes #motivation #fit #fitgirls #boxing #gym #workouts #weights #squats #goals #gym #weights #weekend #fitlife #bodyimage #fitfam #workouts #healthyliving #healthymind #nutrition #goalsetting #noexcusses #fitnessmotivation #fitgirls #fitstagram #activewear #weekend #happy #love #friday
Call all heath enthusiasts. Join us to listen or as a guest on the Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast Super Health Edition.
When you realize that what you have been searching for all along is you, the freedom is magic! Nothing from outside of yourself will ever full the emptiness on the inside. Whether you suffer from addictions (food, love, alcohol, drugs) depression, self hate, body hate, recovery lies within. Connection to your true self, the one true energy that is in all of us we begin to heal. Self love is the start of the journey within. 😍😍😍😍😍 #selflove #selfhelp #women #seekingtruth #youareworthit #healnow #newzealand #womenempowerment #selflovecoach #lifecoach #recovery #mentalhealth #depression #sobercoach #alcoholic #addiction #bodyimage #bodylove #sexyselflove #embracelife #selfloveissexy #happyjoyousfree #loveyourself
Day 23 - a seriously free form monster. Honestly, no one wants be there, and I think you can tell.
#transformationtuesday is never an easy one for me. I get the post all ready then delete it, and I’ve already done that twice for this exact post. But I try to keep it as real as I possibly can on social media so here goes. • • • • • • • • • • • • • *My biggest transformation isn’t the physical one you see in these pictures. It’s the way I talk to myself. My mindset. My self love. It’s still something I am learning and working on every day, but I am damn worth the work.* March 2016) First pic is when I first decided to get into fitness. I was unhappy with how I looked and felt post-baby (Jax was almost 3). This was my first #fbg #bodylove accountability pic. I was working 70+ hours a week on a second shift schedule with a toddler as a single mom. I ate healthier than the average person, but had never touched a weight before in my life (maybe once or twice during high school, sorry to my vball coach). ⏭Fast forward to Sept 2017. I had finished two rounds of @annavictoria FBG program, followed wonderful fitspos like @whitneyysimmons and fell in love with weights (and @gymshark ). I started writing supersets and training days from countless YouTube videos, then made the decision I wanted to compete in bodybuilding. This was my first attempt at posing, seven months before my first competition. ⏭ Fast forward again. This was today, along with the last swipe. I have competed in three federations and three competitions. I am going to school at my dream school, @uwmadison. I have fallen in love with the sport, but more importantly, I am remembering to be a badass. I am finally getting through my first reverse with a much more positive outlook on this improvement season, despite loving the shredded and lean look of prep. I am healing. I am building. And I am making each day count. #fbg #fbggirls #fbgmoms #bodybuilding #competitor #bodybuilder #momswholift #girlswholift #fitchick #fitmama #girlswholiftheavy #strongwomen #mombod #momstrong
The doors to FoodFreedomFormula (link in bio) close tomorrow and the course is almost full. Only few spots left. . I know that some of you are on the fence. Maybe scared to commit. . You know... . I understand you. I actually do. . Change is scary. In particular if you have tried so many other things before. Maybe you have tried many diets, you have read a lot of books, maybe even joined some programs, but it just didn't quite work. . I know that you really want to make the change, but fear is holding you back. . This niggling thought.... what if this is just another of those programs and it is not going to work... . Fear of failure is what holding us back a lot of the time in life. As humans we always seek pleasure and avoid pain. And by having done many other programs before and then "failing", you have linked pain to it. So, I get you. That's why I have designed this program with you in mind. . You see, I understand human psychology and understand why we do what we do. This is what makes my program different. I link pleasure to making change - we will have fun, so that it is much easier for you to actually change how you eat, feel and think at the same time. . It is a transformation from within. . I am also not just a coach who has read books and is now offering programs. I have a psychology degree, I have suffered from binge Eating myself and I have been working with hundreds of clients. I am using proven tools and techniques that have helped others. I have learned from the best in the field so that I can teach you. . I have invested thousands and thousands of $$ and a lot of hours learning, studying, reading so that I can teach you how to stop binge eating in only 6 weeks. . Imagine feeling great, enjoying food you love, eating without fear and guilt, loosing weight without another freaking diet and having access to all my knowledge and expertise for 6 weeks and beyond (if you choose to) without spending thousands of dollars and long hours - in fact only $139 and 1.5 hours per week.
This #fullmoon 🌕 is stirring some long held “stuff” up for me 🔥 some stuff that does not serve and has held me back for so long... my relationship with my body 🍑 •what is the first thing you see in 📸 number one? Is it my smile? My dynamic energy? For me, the first thing I see is my stomach. I don’t notice anything except the instant, conditioned response I have to any photos of myself - do I look fat? Then my relationship to the photo and myself is determined by the yes or no of my answer 🤦🏼‍♀️ • I’m tired of perceiving my own value based on what I weigh or what I look like. I’m tired of it being so deeply conditioned into me that I automatically “suck in” when I undress with my lover (it doesn’t even change if it’s a new one or a familiar one) 📸 number 2 was literally within 24 hours of number 1 - just from a different angle (I actually typed more flattering and edited myself - see? So conditioned) • photos 3 and 4 both taken within the last month, so many friends have commented on my recent weight loss (not all of which has been healthy weight loss or desired btw) with “you look great, you’ve lost weight” and suddenly the two are inextricably linked. • I’m tired of the conversations that revolve around weight, body shape, body image and value as a human being. Your body does not determine your value, nor does your weight... I know this... and yet - the deep conditioning that started when I was tormented at school for being “fat” - the awkward young woman in 📸 number 5 who weighed over 100kg and hid from photographs - the 20+ years in the gym, the diets, the supplements chasing an aesthetic 💔 and the self loathing and shame that came with it 😔 like some kind of pre installed software that operates in the shadows of my subconscious 🧠 • this full moon I’m declaring my intention to embrace healing this relationship, to uninstall this unhelpful, unkind pattern of viewing my body as something to be ashamed of, that needs changing, that’s unacceptable as it is 🗑 • it seems there’s a few of us feeling this way rn... I’m sharing my story to empower and also to be held accountable too - there’s power in declaring something out loud - big love 🙏🏽♥️
Tonight! Get the skinny on being a slender guy in a world that celebrates #thicc culture. Tonight @rubberliam and @mtwhel chat acceptance, body image, femme shaming, and celebrating our twinks! . 📸 @tomorrowisanotherday_agency . . . . . #gaypodcast #queerpodcast #gayradio #queerradio #sexpodcast #hasjoy #joypodcasts #lgbtiradio #lgbtipodcast #gaytwink #twink #twinks #skinnylegend #skinnyguys #yearofthetwink #bodyimage
I feel the burn in my thighs, leg and arms but not enough in my abs and abdomen. Which just means tomorrow need to train more in the stretches and ab workout until I feel the burn. 🔥 #gym ... back to the #grind Let’s start slow and build our way up. #lifegoals #bodyimage #bodygoals #healthgoals #healthandfitness #dietitianjenfoodnation #iceling4ever #lifeasweknowit #thegoodlifemylife #success #power #beauty #selfie #selfietime #beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder #pcos #pcosawareness #pcosweightloss #pcoswarrior #pcosweightlossjourney #pcoslifestylechanges #pcoslifestyle #day3
And that’s a wrap on the free mini sessions! We talked about EVERYTHING .....careers, body image, relationships, and how to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.....🦋 It was amazing to see how deep we could go and how much transformation we could get out of 40 mins of focused coaching!! 🤸‍♂️ Mini sessions are the latest line up - they’re affordable, super fun, and genuinely helpful! You can find them on my website #linkinbio Thanks to all you lovely ladies who jumped on board with this new service 🙏✨💕😘 I’m so grateful for your support and openness to change. I’m off for a run now!
WORKOUT WEDNESDAY with a difference. The Dubai Fitness challenge starts on Friday-30 mins of exercise every day for 30 days. Are you up for the challenge? BActive will help you through the challenge with a day by day guide to the challenge. So today, here's a video of the BActive Circuit 1 that you will need for week 1. Look out for my youngest copying me in background 😁 After a warm up of 3 mins. Complete 10 Squats 10 Press Ups 10 Ballet Squats 10 Russian Dancers 10 Sit ups 10 Plank up & down Repeat 3-5 times. Look out for the full 30 x 30 plan tomorrow. #fitspiration #workoutwednesday #dubaifitnesschallenge #bactive #dubaifit #fitnessindubai #mydubai #challengeaccepted #bodyimage #bYOUtiful #becauseyoucan #keepfitdontquit #2018goals #mydubai
Embracing me in all my sizes. #TransformationTuesday to all my shapes and #TransformationTuesday to all my mindsets. Still loving me in all my seasons. Take it from me, hating your body gets you nowhere. Need to talk? I'm here. #BodyPeace #BodyImage #BodyPositive #GRRRLarmy #GRRRL #TogetherWeRise #NotYourCompetition #fitness #bodybuilding #fitfam #igfitfam #SelfLove #TryingToBeActuallyFit #LikeIveBeenRunningYouGuys
Long body image post. I was looking through old pictures today after Zumba class kicked my butt (in a good way) 😂 and I was brought to tears by these pictures. This is me at my lowest weight, February 2017, and me now. I can not believe how much my body has changed in under 2 years (boy do I have the stretch marks to prove it though 😂). I went through one of the biggest trials in my life, got really sick, and dropped down to 106 lbs. Now, for my height and body type, that was NOT healthy. I wasn’t able to work out, I could barely hold food down, my energy was super low, and I was sick ALL the time. When I moved back home my friends freaked out because underneath all my makeup, I looked like a skeleton (with really bad acne). No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep the weight on. This journey has been hard. I have some body dysmorphia that I’m going to have to work through, but it helps to remind myself that my body is strong, I don’t get sick nearly as often (still fairly frequently, but I work with children, there is no stopping that 😂), and, most importantly, I can do the things I love again; Zumba, hiking, playing with my students, swimming, etc. So I may not love my body yet, but I’m proud of it and I’m proud of me. Thank you to everyone who supported me on this journey. Especially, @keepeaton for making me love food again 😂😘 #bodyimage #bodypositivity #itsaprocess #intuitiveeating #intuitivemovement #loveyourself #loveyourbody
not gonna lie, i got a little emotional when i found the photo on the left last night. this was like 4 years ago and then 2 years ago at my surgery.. feels strange to see myself without a bag, and even stranger that it’s hard to remember what it was like before i got it... 🙁 sometimes i wish i could have a reversal. but then i remember how i used to feel and i don’t want a bar of that. we all have our days. today is one of mine. but super grateful to feel the way i do.. 💜💜 #mybody #crohns #crohnsdisease #perianal #perianalcrohns #bodyimage #confidence #disease #hospital #sick #nocure #crohnsawareness #ibd #stoma #stomabag #loopileostomy #purple #crohnsstoma #ileostomy #dailylife #crohnie #inflammation #poop #chronic #pain #effyourbeautystandards
These skin folds are something I have never experienced before. My mental illness has taken its toll on me physically as well. I am not comfortable in my skin. My clothes no longer fit and I don't possess the funds to replenish my wardrobe at this time. ▪ Since my first post on this Instagram & my first REAL post on Facebook since becoming diagnosed with GAD, PAD, Depression, Anxiety and Agoraphobia, I have felt such a weight lifted. ▪ It is so good to know that the people who have been wondering just what exactly happened to me - that I no longer take their calls or reply to their messages or follow through with plans when I've always been the first person to show up - it's so good to know that these people, who mean the world to me, FINALLY know my secret. ▪ I feel it is important for me to be as authentic in my journey as possible for me to truly feel the release of the pressure. For so long I have been maintaining an image of the person I was before my diagnoses but the truth of the matter is I HAVE CHANGED. And through this change I will GROW. And through that growth I will FLOURISH. ▪ For me to truly connect with the world of support, I must be honest with myself. ▪ Everyone's journey looks different. And we are all beautiful. Embrace the change. ▪ #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #Awareness #CureStigma #Depression #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #GAD #BPD #MentalStrength #Strength #Strong #Health #MyStory #Life #Struggle #Understand #Help #Beautiful #Health #SelfHarm #SelfLove #Grow #Change #BodyImage #BeYourself
This is not a pregnancy post. It's a mental & physical health post 💚 ▪ Stretch marks have covered my arms, stomach, thighs, hips, back and bust. ▪ Mental health takes its toll in so many different forms. #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #Awareness #CureStigma #Depression #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #GAD #BPD #MentalStrength #Strength #Strong #Health #MyStory #Life #Struggle #Understand #Help #Beautiful #Health #SelfHarm #SelfLove #Grow #Change #BodyImage #BeYourself
2018 Workout: 332 Stayed in Zumba for 45 minutes. Definitely not my favorite instructor for Zumba- even though she rocks Kickbox cardio. Decided to spend some time in the sauna to stretch out after a lot of exercise today!
How good would it be if you could reprogram yourself to genuinely love exercise? . If getting out of bed in the morning to go for a walk, run, cycle, stretch or swim was viewed as the ultimate pleasure instead of the ultimate pain? . If everyday you felt genuinely happy and justified about prioritising exercise? . It’s possible. I did it! And I lost 20kg in the process. Now I genuinely love teaching other women how they can do the same. . If you would LOVE to learn my 6 step strategy, I would love to teach you. Message me to set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation, or click on the website in my bio. . Not only will I teach you how to lose all the weight you want. I’ll teach you how incredibly easy it is to keep it off forever!!! . 💗😊👙🌷#glow360 #theattractionadvantage #lawofattraction #youridealphysicalexperience #enlighten #inspire #empower #embrace #embraceyourself #selflove #weightlossjourney #weightloss #loseweight #loseweightforever #bodylove #bodytransformation #bodyimage #thinkyourselfthin #motivation #beyourbest #beyourbestself #inspiredliving #empoweredliving #enlightenedliving #loveyourself #bodylove #perfecthealth #wellness #appreciate #happiness #gratitude
✨Transformation Tuesday!✨ My view of exercise and nutrition uses to be so obscure! I honestly used to think that girls only worked out to be skinny... It never occurred to me that hey, maybe they wanted to gain muscle, live an active lifestyle, prevent injury, increase their energy, or MAYBE THEY JUST PLAIN ENJOYED IT! 🤯 I used to view exercise strictly as a short term solution to weight loss. I used to view nutrition strictly as either you’re following a fad diet, or you’re not! In my mind there was no in between! There was no balance! Hell I used to go to the gym and get McDonalds on the way home! 🤦🏼‍♀️ So HELL YEAH I’m proud of my transformation! Hell yeah I’m proud of my lifestyle! Hell yeah I’m proud of my mindset! You will NEVER hear me refer to my nutrition as a “diet”, and if you ask my kids why I exercise, they’ll tell you “so Mommy can be healthy and strong!” I get one body, one life and it’s about damn time I start giving it the love it deserves! I have a lot more life to live! ❤️
1 giant bowl of salad please. Thanks boo for getting up early and making me the chicken ☺️❤️
I used to think I'd always struggle when it came to my relationship with food. I believed that I couldn't have a normal relationship with food, and frankly had no clue what that even meant. If I wasn't restricting what I was eating, I was compulsively eating and feeling completely out of control. I ALWAYS had food on my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Food was either something I was fighting and felt like my enemy, or was something I sought comfort in and felt like my best friend. I approached my relationship to food very logically. I tried to think, plan, control and manipulate my way out of the struggle. I was missing the whole point. My struggle with food distracted me from what was really going on under the surface for years. I thought if I could just get control of food, everything else in my life would improve. I would become more confident and happy. I would enter relationships and make more friends. I would get better at communicating my truth and setting boundaries. I would finally find and go after my purpose. I would become sexually empowered and free in my body. There were so many things, but food was not the culprit. Food was another symptom to what was also under what blocked me from having these things I desired. My relationship with food just hurt the most and created the most amount of suffering so that's what I focused on. Once I began to look underneath the food and do that work, my relationship with food actually became normal. Yes, I've discovered what normal is! Let me tell you, it feels good. It's about trusting your body and easily being able to honour her needs. I just made some homemade chocolate as I've been working with a naturopath to heal my gut and following a Candida protocol. I haven't had chocolate in a couple of months and it's been easy. Tonight I decided I wanted some, so I made homemade Almond butter cups with Stevia, so they're Candida friendly. I ate 2 mindfully enjoying them and put the rest away. There is no need for willpower because I'm truly satisfied and my mind isn't compelled to eat them all, like I would have been in the past. Continued in comments..... 👇👇👇👇👇
Because tacos are life and if it fits your plan...eat it!👌 . Sadly my husband and I discovered this summer that we hold a LOT of water weight when we eat anything with tomatoes... including salsa. . That being said, we've found other ways to get some crunch in our tacos without pico de gallo everytime. This one used diced zucchini! Don't tell the kids. 🤫😜
I wish that no one felt the need to try and monochromize the world. ‬ ‪Sameness does not accommodate growth. Please check out my blog to see the newest post. ‬ ‪#윤기 #민윤기 #Suga #MinYoongi #Yoongi #BrandonSanderson #Warbreaker #BTS #LoveYourself #Bodyimage #UN #UnitedNations #LetterstoNamjoon #Simplethings #Youdomoregoodthanyouknow #JulianneBartholomew #Bolmae #볼매 ‬ ‪#Unicef #Beauty
This Venus Retrograde in Scorpio has got me really introspective as of late. My values and core beliefs regarding interpersonal relationships, body image, and spirituality have been fleshed out and reinvented. - I think it’s so important to have difficult conversations with yourself. Experience is a great teacher, but so is introspection. Any of y’all feel extra pensive as of late? 🤔✨ - - - #photography #austintexas #utaustin #portraitphotography #selfportrait #selflove #canon #canonphotography #canont6i #austintexasphotographer #laredo #laredotx #laredotxphotographer #astrology #venusretrograde #scorpio #scorpioseason #bodyimage #bodypositive
Garlic parm zoodles, Italian shrimp and cheesy bread for dinner tonight! • There was a time, not so long ago, that zoodles would have been a pasta substitute for me 🤦🏻‍♀️ not anymore! Now I only eat zoodles when I want zucchini. • If there’s one thing I’ve learned through intuitive eating, it’s that restriction causes binging and that crazy feeling around food! I may have been able to avoid cravings with some kind of substitute food, but it was only a matter of time before I was binging on all the things, feeing guilty and promising myself I’d start again tomorrow. • Now when I really want something, I have it and move on with my life. No binges are around the corner, no guilt, no starting again on Monday. Just living life without food preoccupation! • I know it sounds crazy and you may be thinking ‘but I can’t be trusted to eat whatever I want’... believe me... that was me! When you let go of trying to control food and feeling guilty about choices you make, food will eventually stop controlling you.
Remembering a time when I was a healthier weight. Harder than losing any extra plush I’ve ever had is trying to gain some back. I am at a weight that I haven’t been since I was about 15 years old. Since I got pneumonia one year ago I’ve been trying to get back to a state I feel comfortable and healthy in. I will admit I often struggle to find the right foods to eat or bring with me when I’m out and about(which is probably 70% of my waking time) and it’s taken a toll on this body of mine. I always try to take care of myself but doing that in a physical sense hasn’t always come easily. Especially as a vegetarian, at times it’s difficult to find food that’s quick and easy on the go and instead I, all too often, end up just not eating enough throughout my day and I know binging on the few days I do have the time and energy to cook isn’t the best option because I’m still so hungry on the days I do eat what, on a normal day, should be “enough.” Almost constantly, I’m unsatisfied but still not able to eat more due to my shrunken stomach. It’s something I’m working on all the time and the days I don’t eat right I know it’s something I need to correct. I guess I’m sharing to break that common facade on the Internet that makes everyone look like they have it all together and to others in similar situations, know you’re not alone (or maybe I want to know I’m not alone). Kind of a vulnerable post but if anyone has any experienced advice it would be deeply appreciated. 💕 Be safe, be kind, be healthy. #askforhelp #bodyimage #tryingtogainweight #vulnerable #skinnygirlproblems #weightgain #howtoeat #food #notenough #feedme #iwantpotatoes
A LETTER TO MY BEST FRIEND MY BODY I love you NOW The way you’ve carried me through life It’s no wonder we’ve been up and down You’re a reflection of my circumstances A reflection of the inner dialogue The way you put up with me throughout our time here You’ve never left Not even when I put you through hell You’re really not given enough credit are you? The way I speak to you through the mirror When I look down at my legs When I say man there are bumps here and look at that fat It’s no wonder you feel devalued and unworthy I LOVE YOU GIRL I love the way you’re always there in the background The way you have my back And thank god there’s been nothing too serious For that I am grateful. Here’s to getting to know you more intimately Here’s to days where I now hear your ‘cries’ for help when you tell me to loosen up All that emotional weight you’ve carried around for me – damn you’re incredible. Look how incredible you are when you create and nourish both me and baby How you prepare yourself and me for motherhood Look how incredibly natural your process and instincts are when you allow nature to take her course. You’re here to serve me in whichever way I CHOOSE. You’re here to gift me creation You’re here to gift me the ability to birth children, new worlds and consciousness. The VALUE you represent is PRICELESS. No tag could ever be put on your worth. YOU ARE WORTHY JUST AS YOU ARE I appreciate your power and your glory my love. Thank you, but you don’t have to carry this anymore I’ve got it from here You are fucking incredible And this has all been for me Just to bring me to this realisation of just how fucking incredible you are. Here’s to listening Here’s to slowing Here’s to knowing and pausing Here’s to breathing through life when shit gets tough Here’s to letting breath work carry us through pain Here’s to loving YOU Here’s to loving ME. Here’s to YOU, Here’s to US. #embraceyourcycle #femininepower
TWENTY EIGHTEEN put this body through the wringer ... . It has one less organ. Unintentionally lost 15kg in 3 weeks. It's taken 10 months to regain 9kg. It's in a state of amenorrhea and hair still washes out by the handful. It graces stretchmarks branded in early teens and this chest has had pneumonia more times than fingers and toes. . The number on the scales received greater focus than medical attention as to why my mind wasn't co-operating with my body. Some stress eat, I stress non-eat. My body and mind don't get along when it's on the edge of a cliff. . This body is not "real" body, there is no such thing! Every body is real. This is a women's body. This is my body. This is body positivity.
I'm feeling pretty low energy today, but still was able to bust out a pretty sweet flow 👊💪🤸‍♀️
💪🏼🌞Back to when the flow was real 🌊 Ab workout: Hanging leg raise: 3x10 Scissor kicks: 3x10 Superset: lying leg raise Plank: 3x1minute Seated Russian twist: 4x15 #fitness #absworkout #healthylifestyle #youvsyou #growtogether #youcandoanything #fitnessmotivation #bodypositive #bodyimage
Happy WEDNESDAY everyone!!! 💛💛💛💛 . . ***swipe right to see how I cut my carbs this morning!!!*** . . Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed! I adore a sturdy yet flexible nutrition plan combined with a healthy and realistic body image!! . . . . . #wafflewednesday #humpday #wednesdayvibes #october #morningmotivation #enjoyyourself #waffles #carbs #carbsarelife #nutrition #eatrealfood #selfcare #loveyourself #fuelyourbody #foodiesofinstagram #foodpost #plantbased #plantbasedfood #bodyimage #wellbeing #wellness #consciouscorreen #mindfulness #cheatmeals #sugarfree #cutcarbs
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