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“If not you, who? If not now, when?” - Hillel the Elder Another amazing story from @browngirllifts that spoke so powerfully to me😊 How often have you said one day I will...? One day you will buy something, one day you will call an old friend, one day you will be happy, etc. We postpone our present to the future, but we realize in our future that we missed out on the present. The present moment is so powerful. Waiting our whole lives for things to be right only to realize that changing ourselves or what we aspire to be only needs a moment. That moment is NOW. If you want something, start working for it and on it. If you think there is a perfect time for something, you are mistaken because there is no better time than now to live life to the fullest! I’m no fortune teller lol, but nobody knows the future so you might as well make each moment of the present day count towards what you want, hope for, and dream of as the best version of yourself to be😊🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅 #selfempowerment #positivity #productivity #hustlehard #achievegoals #bebrave #mindset #motivation #selfrecovery #buildtoday #allyouhaveisnow #presentmoment #presentday #gratitude #gratitudejournal #blessings #mentalhealth #facefears #livelife #livelifetothefullest #appreciatelife #shernibanke #believeinyourself #workhard #selfcare #selflove #bodyimage #nowornever
My beautiful ladies and I strike a pose, after my body-image and self-confidence class today. Thank you Nashville Peacemakers Back to Basics program for having me! Knowing that I can help make even the slightest difference in the happiness & self-esteem of someone feels like such a blessing to me! I love seeing the transformation in the way many of the girls carry themselves or the shift in their energy after we do the mirror of compliments exercise I created, because I have had a long journey in overcoming a negative body image myself, and I get what a difference it makes to even catch a glimpse of yourself for the beautiful soul and person you are. I'm so proud of the girls for being so brave and really participating!!! #bodyimage #selfesteem #plussizemodel #positivebodyimage #girlpower
Amable recordatorio a los "comentadores" sueltos por la calle : .. 💌Mi cuerpo no pide tu opinión .. 💌 Lo que hago con mi cuerpo es decisión mía y no te permite hacer comentarios .. 💌 Mi valía no depende de cuán sexualmente atractiva me ves. Valgo por el mero hecho de existir. .. 💌 ¿Realmente no te viene en mente nada mejor que hacer? @girlpowermagazine pic
Guys. I'm in LOVE. 💕💕💕💕💕 In love with this moment. 🧡 In love with my life. 💛 In love with my Self. 💚 It's been a journey. But at this point, I'm overjoyed to have unconditional self love down to an inspiring art. ✨ Now my job is to guide others to this feeling of freedom & fulfillment & share that it's possible for ALL OF US! 🤗 💓 If you're ready to learn how to fall in LOVE with YOU, tickets for my holistic self love workshop this Sunday are available via the link in my bio 🎟 😍
Getting off my ass and exercising two days in a row for the first time in ages makes me happy 👏🏻👟😱 #whathasgottenintome #exercise #smallprogress #results #healthyliving #bodyimage #weightloss #fatloss #fitness #selfie #confidence #ww #12wbt #happiness #motivated #goalstoachieve
My motto, my brand and my life revolve around this; Be Healthy Be Happy Be You ❤️ Be Healthy - in mind as well as body! This isn’t just about eating well and training, it’s about having a healthy relationship with food and exercise and a healthy body image. ❤️ Be Happy - find a type of exercise that makes you happy while you doing it and makes you look forward to it! Dance, run, cycle, swim, weights, classes, boot camp or a DVD in your living room. Train outside or inside, with friends or with music, with your kids or your pets, whatever time of day and with whatever you have available. It does not matter as long as you enjoy it because that is what will make it enjoyable and make it a lifestyle instead of a chore. Exercise increases endorphins which makes you feel happy!!!! 😄😄😄 ❤️ Be You - do it because YOU want to create a better life for yourself, a healthy one and a happy one. . . . . . . #rawformfitness #fitmum #postnatal #chickswholift #postnatalfitness #fitness #personaltrainer #adelaide #postnatalfitness #positivebodyimage #behealthy #behappy #beyou #fitmom #healthy #mumswholift #mumofthree #bodyimage
Can fitness really be defined?everyone classes different things as fitness but you know what that’s completely fine because as people we where all made to be different after all the world would be boring if we where all into the same thing wouldn’t it?😴 Touching on my swimming past again I had swimming lessons from being real young I can’t even remember maybe 3 then like I said at 10 years old I joined a club swimming 6 times a week dedicating many weekends to competitions &swimming was my life for 8years I loved it and at the time that was my fitness💁🏼‍♀️ (Also erm did I actually have a better tricep in my swimming days than I do now like what the fck have you seen that picture😅😅ps people use to see this picture at my grandads house &think this was my cousin because he’s a big lad&that it wasn’t me) Now I’m on a different fitness journey by weight lifting which makes you stronger bulkier as a girl gives you curves in all the right places and by working hard you get a shape and bum you can be proud of 🍑From my journey I’ve learnt it’s freaking hard &you have to push yourself to your limits just like with everything though I guess if you are determined you will do it.These are just examples for me some people choose cardio or even gymnastics through everyone’s eyes their fitness journey is a different thing and NOT 1of those paths is WRONG 🙅🏼‍♀️ I believe that we really need to stop criticising others on their own approach to fitness it’s that persons individual journey& if they choose to share it then good one them 👏🏼👏🏼 bcos it’s so interesting to be able to see other people’s journeys as everyone is on a different one and we all have our own set of goals! If you are doing something that YOU LOVE that’s makes YOU HAPPY makes YOU FITTER &helps YOU created the BODY YOU WANT &helps YOU LOVE YOURSELF that’s all that matters at the end of the day ❤️ #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitnessmodel #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #bodytransformation #bodypositivity #selflove #selfworth #fitchick #bodyimage #fitnessblogger #fitspo #fitstagram #gains #strength #weightlifting #bodybuilding #powerlifting #gymlife #girlswhosquat #fitness #gymshark
So as I now have 8 weeks roughly to my next competition I want to take a bit of time to really work on my upper body strength but more specifically my over head strength ✌🏼 training bench is one of my all time favourite things but I often don’t do enough strict pressing and shoulder accessory work and also don’t do enough body weighted exercises 👆🏼if you can’t train with your own body weight yet that’s the best place to start!! . . .(p.s. one of my goals this year is to be able to hold a strict handstand) . . . #strength #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #upperbodystrength #shoulderworkout #pushday #pushworkout #bodyweighttraining #calisthenics #calisthenicsworkout #powerliftingmotivation #powerliftingwomen #strongwomen #femalestrength #strongnotskinny #bodyimage #trainallday
#authenticselfie I was crying yesterday, I've had to rehome one of my beautiful dogs and it makes me sad thinking about it. I decided to take a photo because I really want to encourage you all to feel all your emotions. It's not healthy for you, or natural for you to be in a constant state of happiness. Now you can be in control of your other emotions, even feel a sense of peace around them, but we have all the emotions we have for a reason. For us to only celebrate happiness is in fact unhealthy, unrealistic and creates bad habits in people. Suppressing emotions is dangerous. The thing is, happiness is more comfortable for us and those around us so we like to act like everything's ok so we don't upset people or even acknowledge our true feelings to ourselves. It's like we know it's not socially acceptable to be sad, people don't like it so we hold it in. We aren't built for comfort, and we aren't here just to make others comfortable. For us to make changes in this world we have to get angry and want to fight for injustice, we need to feel sadness to want to act and help people. We need our emotions for so much, they helps us process the world around us, they help us get through situations. So instead of pretending everything's ok, I'm sharing with you a healthy range of emotions to encourage you, that all your emotions belong, you don't have to be happy all the time.
Picture No. 62: A big part of #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery is learning that we really are all beautiful, there is no "perfect" & we don't need others' approval of how we look. Let's all challenge ideas of the 'perfect body' or 'perfect lifestyle' wherever we find them. Let's all be free to enjoy our bodies & our lives #sockittoeatingdisorders #antidiet #berealcampaign #bodyimage #bodypositivity #recoveryispossible #recoveryisworthit #beatingeatingdisorders #highgatevillage
The activities from our Charlie's Tales events at @westfield are still available online. Download, print and complete with your children to focus on values including kindness and individuality. Image credit: @franparker_ at @westfieldfountaingate
Ooo I am so excited to be launching my Clean Eating & Lifestyle program soon @nakdhealthcoach #watchthisspace
We invite you to take a behind the scenes look at Sophie Shingles’ work, currently exhibited as part of Threads. . Sophie first began embroidery as an alternative way of expressing her drawing style in a textured medium. As a plus sized, gender queer identifying individual, her work is constantly returns to exploring gender identity and/or body image issues, using multiple strands of floss to depict bold, visually abrasive figures. . Threads is current until 25 February. . Sophie Shingles, ‘Paperweight II’, embroidery floss on cotton, 30x27cm . @shinglessss #threads #embroidery #exhibition #sophieshingles #art #bodyimage #gender #queer #emergingartist
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Saw this on the internet today & cringed so hard at this guy’s statement that I had to speak up. First of all, I know so many thin people who aren’t disciplined and eat whatever the heck they want and don’t workout out and still don’t gain an ounce. Second of all, you can be eating clean and working out and still gain weight and here are some of the possible reasons: 1. Some Autoimmune diseases make you gain weight 2. Hormonal imbalance 3. Medications (antidepressants especially) 4. Menopause 5. Stress 6. Not enough sleep 7. Digestion problems Then there are list of life crisis like grief- when you can’t even think let alone meal prep and workout. There are also times when people get injured and can’t move for months and all they need is comfort food. These are the type of comments that cause eating disorders and body shame in girls. Skinny should never be the motive. Feeling good should be the motive and for everyone that looks different. While we make food choices all day long it still does not determine our overall health and well being. You should have seen the shock on my face when I found out my body fat % was higher than the girl with a bigger stomach. There are also skinny people who have cholesterol and other health problems. You can also be physical fit yet have a wounded soul which can also cause health problems. The point is it’s never just skinny = healthy, it’s rather about integrated health- the whole person: body, mind, spirit and soul. If one is lacking the rest of the parts suffer. We should work on ourselves from the inside out not the other way around. ❤️ #loveyourself #insideout #bodyimage #bodypositive #selfcare
I’ve warned you all before... Embracing your body should come with a warning! If you want to learn “how to” Embrace, head to the link in my profile! If you already Embrace, then you’ll relate to the uncontrollable and undeniable joy expressed in this video! Don’t waste another day being at war with your body... just Embrace it! 😘 #ihaveembraced #embracethedocumentary #princeforever #prince #embracethedocumentary #bodyimage #dance #spreadingjoy #tarynbrumfitt #selflove
🚑🚨Somebody call 911 I just killed my workout (& quite possible it may have absolutely killed me)). These little bands look like absolutely nothing when your holding them in your hand. But, securely fastened around one ankle & around the bottom of your other foot —> it’s GLUTES, Hammies, & B O O T Y on 🔥. . . . #jerseygirl #southflorida #outdoorsgirl #latenightthoughts #bootyfordays #bodyimage #progressnotperfection #onedayatatime #wedorecover #oneworkoutatatime #moveofthenight #browardcountyfl #weightlosstransformation #dailyinspiration #everysingledayofmylife #healthylooksgoodonyou #nikeshoes #smallchanges #noexcusesjustresults
There is nothing wrong with your body. 🙌🏼 #bodyposipost #bodyimage
BODY CONFIDENCE. Is a mind set. It’s separating yourself from societies standards and choosing to love yourself right now. It’s being grateful for what your body does for you, each and everyday. It’s making friends with your body. It’s an understanding that your soul is so much more than this human body. It’s being YOU. In all your GLORY! ~EDx . . . 📸 @pixierouge_photography #emmadarragh #womensexconfidence #coach #confidence #connection #girlgang #sexualempowerment #bodyimage #change #selflove #bodylove #beyourself
Save this post for life. Credit @saggysara ****************** Sitting down and sucking in vs relaxing 🌿 Anyone else have those times when you’re sitting and feel your tummy touch your legs and think that nobody else has this problem? I always used to suck my tummy in when I sat down or posed for photos because I felt like people would judge me for the way my body looks relaxed. Still to this day I sometimes find myself sucking in uncomfortably because I have conditioned myself to do it my whole life. But in reality we all have some degree of fat on our tummies. We are meant to have fat on our tummies. It’s there to protect vital organs. Next time you feel like this, thank your tummy for keeping you safe and looking cute!!! Cause there is nothing wrong with this. It is completely normal for your skin/tummy to look like this and make folds, rolls or mush into a bunch!! You are perfectly human and you’re amazing. Don’t let a thing like this ruin how you view and feel about your body. 🌴☀️ ------------------------------------------ . . . #bellyfat #flattummy #loveyourbody #bodyimage #bopo #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bodydiversity #selfacceptance @RepostIt_app
#TipTuesday *STYLE TIP* Your grooming makes such a difference to your overall look. Styling your hair, adding a little makeup, and making sure there are no stains on your clothes, scuffs on your shoes or loose threads hanging out make all the difference to the way others perceive you! Next time you get dressed, take an extra 5 minutes to groom yourself. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes! . . . #styleblogger #whattowear #whatthestylistwore #beautytips #beautyblog #styled #styletips #styletip #styleguide #stylepost #styleblog #colouranalysis #bodypositive #bodyconfidence #bodyshape #bodyimage #bodylove #loveyourbody
We can know what we need to do. We can logically understand the concepts. We can read all the books, listen to all the podcasts, take all the courses, work with all the coaches, but if we don't integrate it into our body we'll still feel stuck. Integration has been key for me over the past year. Integrating some things has come easier than others, but I know with consistent intention and effort the things that feel sticky, will give me the most momentum when they do land. Everything is happening in perfect timing and I'm grateful to be on the journey. #eatfromlove
It is so easy to pick ourselves apart. One of the hardest things for me to do is look in the mirror and be okay with what I see...Even harder to love what I see. #motherhood #striveforhealth #loveyourself #Zumba #groupfitness #zumbainstructor #healthyliving #mentalhealth #bodyimage #learnfromeachother #lifesylechange
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