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I'm not one to speak a lot but I've learned my lesson to say what you feel before its too late and don't regret a thing. ☣
Getchu someone who looks at you the way Josh looks at my butt (swipe to see what I mean lmfao) No long caption today - tomorrow is my birthday & I'm gonna MF relax this weekend. That is all. 🥂🎂🎈 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitfam #bootypump #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnesslifestyle #fitspo #fitspiration #motivation #fitcouples #swolemates #edrecovery #bootygains #eatingdisorderrecovery #relax #bootymotivation #girlswithcurves #birthdaygirl #iifym #iifymgirls #girlswholift #lift #liftheavy #squat #squatspo #bodypositive #bodybuilding #loveyourself #loveyourbody
So... My iPhoneX lasted 2 months... watch where you throw your weights kids 😩 cute bodysuit by @prettylittlething
That’s a big mud mask ☀️⛰
Fitness is 100% mental! Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it. 🍑 Photo cred: @cristina_tee
Today’s feature: @clara_lindblom from Sweden 🇸🇪 . . . . Repost By clara_lindblom: The heat in Sweden right now 😍💦
Who else has got that friYAY feeling 🍟😁 Thought I’d answer some FAQ’s which I get about the Free Style Libre for the T1’s who are looking into it 💛 — Q. Does inserting it hurt/ can you feel it in your arm? A. I don’t even feel it go in, the pressure/ speed which it’s injected makes it painless, and no I can never feel that it’s there. Q. Has it ever fallen out? A. Yes, a few times, however abbot are amazing at replacing them free of charge if you have a legitimate reason. I’ve found keeping pressure on my sensor for the first few hours of inserting it helps this massively. Q. Is it always accurate? A. For me 90% of the time yes, I collaborate my tests probably once a day at the moment, if they’re ever way out, again call Abbott and they will replace. Q. How many tests do you do a day with it? A. In all honestly, an absolutely obscene amount of tests, it takes 0.5seconds to do and it’s so accessible I probably test more than once an hour. Q. Is there a limit to amount of tests you can do per sensor? A. No Q. Do you get asked what it is by randoms? A. Yes, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, usually I just answer with ‘it monitors my blood glucose’... — Hope this helps some of you 💛 Any other questions you’d like answering feel free 😌
Jump into cleansing waters and fresh experiences. Thanks to this #beauty for her submitted pic @anyuta_fabula #yoke #beautyallaround #mermaidhair #summerfun #summervibes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Please check out & follow this model or photographer! For the most part (funny but true) the pages we follow and repost from to share examples of yoke or hindquarters are much more than just pretty pics. But accomplished and hard working people that are beautiful from the inside out! Please follow our pages @yokepics @hindquarters DM us if you would like to be featured. Check out and follow the pages we tag in our posts. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ #heartshaped #heart #booty #bootylover #bootyfordays #booty 🍑 #bööty #bootymotivation #sexyaf
If is isn’t messy and doesn’t look disgusting is it even nice? . . Some meal prep ideas! Chicken breast & scrambled egg with red onion and black pepper. . . Super easy, super quick and super yum! . . So this is a MAD protein meal - 3 large eggs & a @musclefooduk chicken breast = 62 WHOLE GRAMS 😍🤩 Fat: 22g Cals: 404
Ooops another booty post? sorry not sorry. Just so dang proud of my progress lately! Having gained weight has been super hard on me...so i’ve been looking for ways to boost my self confidence and show myself and my body a little more appreciation 😌 It’s leg day for me today and i’m hyppped for it💦 even though I know I won’t be able to walk for the next two days😂 i’ll be posting a workout later today for you guys if IG lets me🙄 #selfappreciation #bootymotivation #muscle
☀️| @amirahdyme
@marlindegras you are, hands down, the most attractive woman I've seen on Instagram. I'd love to do a whole series of you. Follow her, people! . . . . . #fitnesmodel #bootymotivation #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #strengthtraining #girlswholift #webcomic #webcomics #comics #barbarianbabes #hotwomen #figuredrawing #nudeart #getnaked #frazetta #cosplayers #cosplay #cosplaygirl #loveyou
Photo by @kkelleyphotos 💕 Embrace feminity... #glutes #fitlatina #fitfam #fitness #momswholift #momswithmuscle #musclebooty #bikini #bodybuilding #girlswholift #gymjunkie #fitjourney #bootypump #legday #gluteday #fitnessgoals #fitmom #militarywife #wbffdiva #bootygoals #flex #bootymotivation #bikinicompetitor #fitnessmotivation #fitmomsofig #fashion #glutes #fitfrench #fitfam #fitness #momswholift #momswithmuscle #musclebooty #bikini #bodybuilding #girlswholift #gymjunkie #fitjourney #bootypump #legday #gluteday #fitnessgoals #fitmom #militarywife #wbffdiva #bootygoals #flex #bootymotivation #ebonyfitness @nutrition53 @zammexnutrition @lecharm_world @chopinthesinger @annabellaoflondon @lisagfit @bunny.fitness @missjaceymarie @fitchick1119 @fitbodyart @ambersstrong @lizfitness4life @anikopuhova @mis_nikol @alexandra_36personal_trainer @enbarnachumq @yeni_fit @rania_pugholm @ashleypuida @gretterrachel @ohyeah_itscrystal @breanneseward @marinaxxxcore @yarden_gur @adrianalashelle_fit @lucinda_keily @missjaceymarie @misslaradior @_faboz_ @shesgot_krvs @lenafrenk @katiacibele1 @jennfit_gym @jazminsteelfitness @cynnmendez @ezfitbeauty_wbffpro @juliashelley @elenacalvagna @katherineragia @usexybeast_ifbbpro @marchelitag @msloflo @ccpawprints @talbakker @bunny.fitness @lindsisanorfitness @fitflexylonster @viviancarias @justmia23 @buffbabynurse @blajut_ioana @dharveyfit @angeladovewbffpro @maryanna_parker @itsdaniborges @jo.young @karinaortizz1 @chelseyrosehealth @angelasouzabikini @beastchickk @lianna_lintonfitness @dani_lights @chopinathalie_wbffpro @colombaifbb @laurenbikininpc @anca_ward_pure_elite_pro @fitlife_by_jennifer
#flexfriday 🍑 p.s. objects in this picture may be smaller than they appear 🤣
Today’s feature: @sarasigmunds from Iceland 🇮🇸 . . . . Repost By sarasigmunds: When I started my Crossfit journey I would never have guessed that one day I would do a sponsorship deal with a product so close to my heart. There have been myths through the ages about water from Iceland. The phrase “There must be something in the water over there…” is commonly used to explain the success of Icelandic athletes. To me it is not just a phrase. It is the truth. There IS SOMETHING in the Icelandic water🇮🇸 . It is with great love and pride that I announce that I have done an endorsement deal with NICE Iceland PURE @WaterOfChampions. This is Icelandic spring water that is bottled at source in the Blafjoll (Blue mountains) area in the south of Iceland. Not far from where I am born and raised. This product is sold in every @Walgreens store in the US and I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend it as the best water in the world… because it is❤️ . I´m looking forward to a fruitful collaboration and I´m grateful for the opportunity to represent a product that I believe is one of the main reasons for my success💪 . 📸 by my great friend and amazing photographer @SnorriBjorns
✨Posing Practice✨ Heute lief es richtig gut und ich bin mega zufrieden. Und gegen alle Vermutungen tun mir bis heute die Füße nicht weh in den Cinderella Schuhen, hab wohl die perfekte Höhe für mich geholt. ✨ Was treibt ihr heute so? Wir backen dieses Wochenende noch eine Ritterburg für Noahs Geburtstag. Der kleine Mann wird schon 3️⃣. . . . #fitspo #fitfam #fitmom #workout #fitfamgermany #fitness #fitnessmotivation #abnehmen #transformation #motivation #shape #competition #athlete #flexibledieting #iifym #ass #bikinigirl #glutesonfire #bootybuilding #booty 🍑 #bootyworkout #bootyfordays #bootygainz #bootybootybooty #bootybuilder #bootymotivation #abgerechnetwirdamstrand
Today’s feature: @linuswerneman from Sweden 🇸🇪 . . . . Repost By linuswerneman: Ringarna & proteinpulvret är alltid med på semestern!😎💪🏼☀️ 1a veckan i Cannes rev jag & @gwerneman av 5 bra pass✋ 2a veckan i Split promenerade vi mycket & jag rev av 2 snabbpass överkropp ✌🏼 3e veckan här i dubrovnik har det blivit lite rörelser på playan & mkt trappor👌🏼😛 Många undrar hur man har tid att träna på semestern? 🧐Enkelt... Om man vill träna så tränar man, på semestern gör man det man vill!🤷🏼‍♂️ BTW ”LinusW25” om ni vill ha rabatt hos @bulkpowders_se 💪🏼 Jag brukar alltid luska runt efter bra rabattkoder på insta, trevligt med lite billigare😋 Min favoritkod just nu är ”MCRILLEN15” som @mcrillen har på sin sida så jag kan beställa lite billigare skor hehe👀PS. Om ni sitter inne på fina koder någonstans så får ni gärna tipsa mig här, bra att ha😀✌🏼Frågor på det?
Friday feels. Missing the weather but at least its near the end of the week 💪
💦Hydration💦 . 💦 . Staying hydrated is absolutely key to keeping both mentally & physically healthy! Ya body uses water for pretty much everything, keeping your brain healthy, your muscles active & lubricated. Humans are 60-70% water! . 💧 . Water is my absolute fav but others I know can’t stand the stuff & go for juice, milk, tea or coffee. Now although these aren’t necessary “bad” for your diet, drinking things like Coke or a Starbucks do add significantly contribute towards your daily macro intake, therefore invisible calories are consumed. 💥 . Also 💥BLOATING💥 I personally found when I cut out fizzy drinks from my diet (with the exception of a bev every now and then) & started drinking the recommended 2/3 litres of water a day, lost so much belly bloat & lost quite a bit of weight. I also feel so much more mentally clearer & awake! 🧠 I’ve realised that having a glass of water as soon as I wake up flattens my belly a bit more too. If you think about it you’ve essentially starved for about 8 hours during your sleep, so you’re dehydrated as soon as you open your eyes, so drinking a glass is a good start🤓 . 🥗 . It’s not all about drinking water though, foods such as lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, soup, peppers (I could go on) all contain mad levels of water, therefore you’re hydrating and eating so it’s a bonus🙃 . Although I’m bigging up water it is super 💥important💥 to try to not exceed the sufficient levels of water, as that’s not good either. So stay hydrated... but not too hydrated I guess? If you’ve had a heavy workout, or it’s mad hot outside then drink more than the usual daily amount! But otherwise, 2/3 litres a day is fab🤩 . Anyways, that’s my really philosophical note for you guyssss. Have a fab weekend!💕
Happy #Thursday #AbsAlert 🚨Tag your #WorkoutSquad ✨ Add @DivaWaist to your workout routine ‼️ FOLLOW 👉🏼@TheDivaFitness for your daily fitness and health inspo #TheDivaFitness RepostBy @kyritchfit : "Happy Friday!! I’m off to spend a weekend at the beach, celebrating the last few days of my twenties with some of my favs!! ☀️🎈🎉 Try incorporating these abs exercises into your next workout, I promise you- your abs will be on fireeee !! • Alternating Bosu Toe Touches • Hanging Knee Raises (feel free to modify by using the captains chair) • Bosu Side Slams • Hanging Alternating Knee Raises"
I said YES! 💍 For those who don't watch my story, my amazing babe of 10 years made me his fiancé 2 days ago 😍 Excuse my nails, I know they're rough lol 💅
Try these 4 glute exercises from @dtdfitness. Tag a friend who should do them! ...⠀ ☀️4 Simple exercises to help you build a great Glute 🍑 and build a strong core!⠀ •⠀ 1. Squat into a stiff lateral leg raise⠀ 🍑4 sets of 15 reps⠀ ⠀ 2. Leg butt lift⠀ 🍑4 sets of 15 reps each leg⠀ ⠀ 3. Plank Side Steps⠀ 🍑4 sets of 10 reps (on each leg)⠀ ⠀ 4. Reverse Lunges into a Knee up⠀ 🍑4 Sets of 15 reps each leg⠀ 🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️⠀ @fitsimplify Resistance bands are so awesome 👏🏽 4 reason why i like them⠀ 1. It don’t take up a lot of space⠀ 2. Easy to travel with⠀ 3. There are so many different exercises you can use it for to help you achieve your fitness goal⠀ 4. It comes in many different resistance level from light to extra hard. So there is a resistance band for your fitness level.⠀ I order my @fitsimplify resistance bands on amazon very affordable! #fitsimplifybands •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ Thank you to @cheyenne.forde for being my client and fitness model #fitsimplifybands #fitsimplify #resistancebands #resistancebandsworkout #bootybands #bootygoals #bootybuilding #glutes #gluteworkout #glutesfordays #outdoorworkout #workoutanywhere #bootymotivation #trainhardfeelgood #thursdaymotivation
Every shadow is created by the light. 🖤
Ohhh it is #thongthursday #yoke M:@kendralust #fitspo #strongisbeautiful #bootymotivation #sexyaf ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Please check out & follow this model or photographer! For the most part (funny but true) the pages we follow and repost from to share examples of yoke or hindquarters are much more than just pretty pics. But accomplished and hard working people that are beautiful from the inside out! Please follow our pages @yokepics @hindquarters DM us if you would like to be featured. Check out and follow the pages we tag in our posts. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ #heartshaped #heart #booty #bootylover #bootyfordays #booty 🍑 #bööty #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #fitnessmotivation #fitnessphysique #shesquats #fitisthenewskinny #fitissexy #fitisbeautiful #strongisthenewskinny #strongissexy
Its just amazing we can capture these moments of #mindfulness @bellathorne.xo.squad
In love with these colors, in love with this outfit and in love with life. Just enjoying everyday and the balanced lifestyle I have created for myself. 💫
Devoured two burritos and a shake before this 😆
Today’s feature: @kristinabergsvik from Norway 🇳🇴 . . . . Repost By kristinabergsvik: GREEN WEEK hos @xlife_no 💚 -30% på ALLE ordinære priser med rabattkoden "green30" ut dagen! Link i bio! Foto: @hogstol_com 📷
So today I graduated! 💙Already put it on my personal account (soz lol) but am so damn proud of myself!!!! Genuinely didn’t think I’d make it! . . treated myself to a box of McNuggets! Words can’t express how happy I am today! Not a fitness post but it’s a big movement on my whole life journey so here’s to me! 🍻
Hey lovelies and happy Thursday ♥️ I just wanna talk about these @asuno.uk leggings. Please take the time to read as their company is unlike any I’ve come across before! — Firstly, I promise I only promote products which I genuinely love/ use and fully back the company. Hand on my heart Asuno are one of the most incredible brands with such an ethical, distinguished ethos. — They are a charitable brand partnered with 3 charities. PLUMP’D: they supply a life saving food supplement to malnourished children in humanitarian crisis zones. TOYBOX UK: they provide birth certificates for unregistered children in Guatemala, without this they are not protected by law and lack human rights. WATER FOR AFRICA: they drill water wells in Gambia to provide a sustainable water supply. — Each item of there clothing supports one of these 3 charities. Each colour (charcoal [the one I am wearing in XS], purple and grey) is allocated to one of the above charities. — Aside from the unbelievable cause of the company, the leggings are flattering, squat proof and extremely comfy! I would be beyond grateful if you could give the company a follow (they are tagged) and look into their brand! — P.s the vid was inspired by my gals post today - @daniellapetersfit / #teamnophotoshop 🚫
When its summer and finally she can wear those heels the way they should be worn. #yoke M:@gianna #beautyallaround #sexyaf #classynottrashy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Please check out & follow this model or photographer! For the most part (funny but true) the pages we follow and repost from to share examples of yoke or hindquarters are much more than just pretty pics. But accomplished and hard working people that are beautiful from the inside out! Please follow our pages @yokepics @hindquarters DM us if you would like to be featured. Check out and follow the pages we tag in our posts. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ #thongthursday #thongbooty #legsfordays #booty #bootylover #bootyfordays #booty 🍑 #bööty #bootymotivation #sexyaf #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotos #blackandwhitephoto #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhitephotograph #blackandwhitepic #blknwhite #lightandshadow
Sometimes I don’t wanna do it. Sometimes I wanna sit and bed and watch Netflix and eat an entire Party-sized bag of @lays potato chips. Sometimes everything hurts so bad and I have no energy left and i’m frustrated and I just wanna cry. And sometimes I actually don’t do anything. I think we all have those moments. What’s really important, though, is how you take it. Do you wake up the next morning and think that this day is going to be the same as the last? Or do you push through it and realize you have an amazing opportunity at a fresh start to make the rest of your week fucking awesome? Up to you. 😎
Ass + Abs anyone? 😂 Chillin home w/ my watermelon sorbet bcaas from @womenbest 😍 so yummy actually shocked I have even the slightest appearance of abs, I’ve been more attentive to my eating habits, eating more portioned and filling meals, making sure I’m getting enough protein & healthy fats🥜🍳WITHOUT restricting myself in any way exciiting news though, i’m going on my 3rd vacay trip this year in August with hubbs and were going to FL☀️it’ll be my first time in Orlando and i’m excited for the adventures to come 🍹 #abs #fitwomen #igfitness #ass #bootymotivation #selfconfidence #muscles #instagood #womensbest #bodybuilding #fitfam
Faro illa de Arousa #quotes @ashly.glass
Today’s feature: @linnlowes from Sweden 🇸🇪 . . . . Repost By linnlowes: Proud of every little muscle on this bod because man - they don’t come easily for me 😅 Whatever goal you have with your fitness journey - stick to it! No matter what others say or do along the road. Stay true to yourself because only you can create the magic. ⭐️
💥ATTENTION💥 Need a workout to add to your day?! 💪🍑 _________________________ Try these pulsing kick backs! They're great for targeting that gluteus maximus aka the 🍑 _________________________ • Interested in FREE training DM 📥
Are you making progress or are you making excuses? 💁🏼‍♀️ Tag a friend ✨👇🏻 Model: @hgwolf Gym: @offthegridfit
Repost @hanamorgann ・・ One thing that has always been important to me is to ALWAYS give 100% of myself in what I do; to dedicate myself fully to accomplishing whatever goal I set in life whether it be in the gym, in my academic career or in a relationship. I wholeheartedly believe that the moment you begin to give less effort or passion to a situation, you begin to compromise the outcome. Always give your all, always give your best! • • One of my favorite quotes ; “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”
Today’s feature: @sido.g.fitness from Sweden 🇸🇪 . . . . Repost By sido.g.fitness: Focus and hard work! Nothing is for free! Sometimes some people ask me about my food ”isn’t it boring?” Or ”you are not drinking tonight!!” The think is how should I sound to people if I will start to ask ”you are drinking a lot tonight” or Your food looks unhealthy and fat” even more ”You should lose weight” . . Live the life you want and let me live MINE! Still we can be friends 🙌👊 Á bon entendeur, 👋🏼 📷 @thereal.sanel . . . . .
Today’s feature: @elisabethsletten from Denmark 🇩🇰 . . . . Repost By elisabethsletten: Hurra for den uken som gikk🔥Skikkelig god trøkk på trening, en kropp som vil mer og som har mer overskudd. Jeg har ikke gjort annet enn å smile! Når jobben man legger ned gir resultater, og kroppen responderer som den skal. Jeg har så mye jeg har lyst å dele med dere, men holder kortene tett til bryster litt til🙋🏽‍♀️🔥 Trening er så mye mer enn bare å løfte vekter dere☝🏼 Håper ukene fremover blir like bra både for meg og for dere! Ha en fantastisk uke alle sammen 💕
Gisteren trainde ik mijn benen, deed na lange tijd weer een deadlift, en trok 110kg van de grond🙏🏼 vandaag train ik rug en biceps. Morgen vertrek ik naar Almere, om mijn lieve vriendin @melisfit84 te gaan bezoeken. Hebben jullie al leuke plannen voor het weekend? . . . #fitnation #fitgirl #gymmotivation #gymshark #fitgirlcode #fitandstrong #gains #bootybuilding #fitfam #fitsporation #bootymotivation #girlswholift #strongfit #sexycurves #sqauts #workout #healty #fitdutchie #dutchgainz #femalemuscle
Welche Farbe wird mein Bikini haben? ✨✨✨✨Werbung✨✨✨✨ ✨ Farbe steht fest und ich freu mich schon wahnsinnig darauf ihn das erste mal zu tragen. ✨ Ihr könnt ja mal in den Kommentaren raten welche Farbe es wird. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💖 . . . #bikinigirl #fitspo #fitfam #fitmom #workout #fitfamgermany #fitness #fitnessmotivation #abnehmen #transformation #motivation #shape #competition #athlete #weightloss #flexibledieting #iifym #ass #glutesonfire #bootybuilding #booty 🍑 #bootyworkout #bootyfordays #bootygainz #bootybootybooty #bootymotivation #abgerechnetwirdamstrand
Today’s feature: @maritanaess from Norway 🇳🇴 . . . . Repost By maritanaess: Just wanted to hang there for a second🤷🏼‍♀️ Thorwback to @frenchthrowdown 🌟 ______________________________________________ 📸 @petewilliamsonphotography
Ignited Booties = Ignited Spirit 🍑🔥🍑🔥🍑🔥🍑🔥🍑 Loving these #bootybabes and all their booty glory. • 1st day of Booty school was a BLAST! Catch us performing on Aug 22 at @thesirenmorrobay for 90s Dance Party with @meremerebeware and @josemadre • Want in on the 90s Booty School session!? Registration open until July 25 🔥 link in bio @makeyourmoonshine @shyre3 @shawna_moxi#bootybootybooty #bootyempowerment #bootymotivation #womenempowerment #womenownedbusiness #morrobay #pushitrealgood #slocal
The positives to gaining a little extra cush 👀😂 #dirtybulk #putdownthedonut #cardiotime
Suppose my country:)? Let's talk on Snap 👻 💎👻LINK IN BIO👻🎁
Nothing like having a tan. Amiright? Only two more days to enter the #ladygfitgiveaway (☀️back two previous posts) on that post tag your pale friends who need a tan 😱 for your chance to win a bottle of @rossaselftanning tropical bronze self tanner in my #ladygfitgiveaway ! Make sure you are following @lady_g_fit ! See previous two post for rules and details! #beatskincancer #selftanner #selflove #feelconfident #confidence
I miss the World Cup finish. And since the new winning eleven will be released at the end of next month we have to make a reservation⚽️🚨⚽️🚨⚽️🔥⚽️🔥 #尻stagram #bootystagram #bootythursdays #bootymotivation #bootyvibes #worldcup2018russia #MVPは納得のモドリッチ #たわわなお尻が好き #今週日曜は座架依橋でBBQPARTY #highlife
Brb while my ass is catching🔥 No joke try hip abductors w/resistant bands omfg. Excuse me while I can’t walk for the next couple days #hurtsogood #timeforgains #bootyworkout #hipabduction #resistantbands #glutegrowth #bootymotivation 🍑🍑
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