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The writing's on the wall...
Of all the photogenic beauties in DC, she’s my fav... and she loves dogs of course. Being part of the performance art at the hirshhorn a wee bit ago. . #golightly #koons #hirshhorn #brandnew80s #igdc #purple #balloonanimals #museumbabes #mustlovedogs and #art #mpnw
Never sleep on the gift shop.
[Washington] Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. “Brand New: Art and Commodity in the 1980s.” #brandnew80s #washingtondc #hirshhornmuseum #smithsonianmuseum #instatravel #museums #80sart
📸: Feb 14, 2018. #brandnew80s #hirshhornmuseum
I see y'all out here repping in your Husband Hunt shirts! I LOVE A GOOD PARTY...AND I LOVE THIS PHOTO!! ❤❤❤ Regram from @call.me.fa - Fa Saturday Day And Night . . . Thanks to @ayana.m.evans for the dopest most honest shirt that got me on the @washingtonpost . . . #alwaysdancing #allthebestkids #funkparade #wings #hirshhorngala #brandnew80s #relax #ijustcameheretofindahusband
Fa Saturday Day And Night . . . Thanks to @ayana.m.evans for the dopest most honest shirt that got me on the @washingtonpost . . . . #alwaysdancing #allthebestkids #funkparade #wings #hirshhorngala #brandnew80s #relax #ijustcameheretofindahusband
HIRSHHORN SAYS RELAX! A night of fun and art at the Hirshhorn’s Spring Gala. Jennifer Rubell’s “Send in the Clowns” living sculpture dessert performance stole the show, but overall it was a great night of art and celebration. | #BrandNew80s #atHirshhorn @hirshhorn
Took some time out of my busy work schedule to attend @hirshhorn ’s annual spring gala, honoring Jeff Koons. I also got a more intimate viewing of the exhibit, Brand New, as well as a chance to interact with Jennifer Rubell’s new art piece, where you receive chocolates for playing along with clowns 🤡.
"Do you want to take a photo?" -Not me. 😂 🤷🏽‍♀️ __ #hirshhornhonors #brandnew80s #jeffkoons
Here’s to all the great mothers i know out there helping to raise another generation of strong, independent and visible girls. Happy Mother’s Day. Today’s moment found at the #BrandNew80s exhibit.
Old habits 💀 #35mm #brandnew80s
🖕🏼 #BrandNew80s
spending time with Gran Fury today #BrandNew80s
Last day to see #brandnew80s at the @hirshhorn , @jeffkoons was honored, and took it in, so should you! . #igdc #art #eatspend80s #reagan #thingstodoindc #free #retro
Last night I became a @jenniferrubell piece. #brandnew80s #hirshhorngala
A one-night-only commissioned dessert performance by @jenniferrubell 🤡 #brandnew80s
The after party for the annual @hirshhorn gala was incredible. We were able to see Brand New: Art and Commodity in the 1980s (today’s the last day!) and dined on 80s-inspired desserts. The inner ring was filled with @jenniferrubell ’s performance piece Send in the Clowns, where you interacted with each clown to earn a piece of chocolate. @jeffkoons received an award and mingled with guests. And the 80s tracks from DJ Jus Ske was perfect. How do you feel about clowns? 🤡 #igdc #brandnew80s . . . . . #mytinyatlas #livecolorfully #pursuepretty #bythings #fotodc #acreativedc #washpostphoto #washmagphoto #postitfortheaesthetic #theamericancollective #dcitystyle #shootermag_usa #peoplescreatives #washingtondc #thatsdarling #justgoshoot #iamatraveler #exploremore #usaprimeshot #passionpassport #artwatchers_united #strangersinmyfeed #dressedtomatch
one of my last dc soirées part two. beyond grateful to @hirshhorn for inviting a silly art school kid like me to celebrate the #brandnew80s show. also hi again to all the amazing local artists i danced to “i will survive” with. also hi again to jeff koons.
Congratulations to gala honoree #JeffKoons 🎉 Koons is one of the most recognized artists living today. As one of the leading artistic figures to emerge in the 1980s, his groundbreaking work from that decade features prominently in #BrandNew80s . Koons’ role in exploring the relations between art, commodity, and marketing played a crucial role in defining contemporary art for the past three decades, and his contributions are acknowledged around the world. #HirshhornHonors 📷: @erinschaff. Director @melissawchiu and @jeffkoons. Jeff Koons “New! New Too!,” from 1983. (Private collection, New York) © Jeff Koons.
thanks @jeffkoons for your generous support #brandnew80s #springgala
DJing Spring Gala #BrandNew80s #Hirshhornhonors @hirshhorn Great Exhibit
Spontaneous midnight decisions are the best. Couldn't be happier with my daytrip to DC to catch the last days of my friend Gianni Jetzer's important exhibition "Brand New: Art & Commodity in the 1980s" at the Hirshhorn Museum. Loved so much. Perfect treat to walk it alongside the curator, and leave New York in the late 2010s to travel back in time at an important moment where our DC certainly resonates with the DC of the early Reagan years and experience how seismic shifts in politics, economics and also technology brought about a golden era of contemporary art in New York in the 1980s. Gianni, pictured with Barbara Kruger's seminal work Untitled (I shop therefore I am), 1987 🇺🇸🚇💙
#IWroteSomething - Yesterday was a museum day at the @hirshhorn. The exhibit I saw yesterday was called Brand New: Art & Commodity in the 1980s. I took the Curator's Tour with curator-at-large @giannijetzer. I wasn't always into museum tours because I like to move at my own pace. However, I had a change of heart after my guided tour of @louisvuitton ’sVolez, Voguez, Voyagez exhibit this past winter. Hearing the backstory of the works on view provides more context, which allows me to draw a more informed conclusion on how the art currently relates to society. • The 1980s is my favorite decade. Firstly, I was alive for seven years of it. Secondly, it was an experimental time in music, fashion, branding, and commerce. Hip-hop culture, and the rap music it spawned, were gaining legs, disco morphed into house music, Michael Jackson redefined pop music, street fashion made more of an impact than what you found in editorials, and leading bold, spendthrift lives was the name of the game for those who chose to play. The artists in this exhibit also experimented by taking 'a radical approach to making art - often striking out in ways quite opposed to the artists who commanded the greatest market interest at the time.' • Looking at the art in each room while listening to Gianni's lecture, I thought about how culturally we're in the same place today. There were works about feminism, social status, consumerism, mainstream media programming, immigration, and more. Jessica Diamond's "TV Telepathy" (swipe left) sums up the direction branding and commoditization took in the 1980s to now. All the aforementioned topics are popular today. However, people outside mainstream media can now promote their views and opinions to a global audience, thus making it seem as if this all this is brand new information. Living through the era of Ronald Reagan, and now Donald Trump, I realize once again the more things change, the more they remain the same. #BrandNew80s
"It was probably the last place, the last time, that one city, one neighborhood was capital of the cultural world. Everybody was there." As said by the excellent Jeffrey Deitch during a fascinating conversation with Gianni Jetzer on New York and the 1980s, and how seismic shifts in politics, economics and also technology brought about a golden era of contemporary art in the United States, particularly in New York. Everybody should see my friend Gianni's fantastic exhibition “Brand New: Art & Commodity in the 1980s,” at Hirshhorn Museum. Totally worth the fun Amtrak adventure ride to DC! 🇺🇸🚇💙
"The Boutique from the 1984 Miss General Idea Pavilion" with reflection of Matt Mullican's "Untitled (Death)" #eightiesnight #generalidea @hirshhorn #brandnew80s
James Welling is featured in 'Brand New: Art and Commodity in the 1980s,’ on view at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden through this Sunday, May 13. Photo: Cathy Carver. @jamescwelling @hirshhorn #JamesWelling #Hirshhorn #BrandNew80s
Last weekend for Brand New - Art and Commodity in the 1980s. Go if you can! #hirshhorn #brandnew80s
FINAL WEEKEND: Don’t miss #BrandNew80s ! On view through Sunday! 🗓
Final days to see “Brand New: Art and Commodity in the 1980’s” #BrandNew80s #washingtondc @hirshhorn #barbarakruger • • • • • • • • #jeffkoons #richardprince #guerrillagirls #haimsteinbach #andywarhol #barbarabloom #1980s #lovetravelart #artexhibition
#TBT to April 25, when #TeamLily and some @thelilynews readers took a private tour led by curatorial assistant @sandyguttman of the #BrandNew80s exhibit at the @hirshhorn. Swipe to see photos from the tour. (photos by @mayasugarman )
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