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NEW EDIT BABIES 🤤 i know it’s really basic, but that’s it . -Hailey Orona is the new definition of beauty 😻- . . I’m so pround of this edit! Hope she notice me that time 😔 Help me tagging her in the comments ❤️ . IM SO HAPPY, ITS SUMMERTIME IN BRAZIL!!! YAAAAASSSS 🔥🔥 . audio from: @plottwistaudioss
You don’t like me? 🤣 - i’m sorry for being inactive tday, i’m have been very busy 😔 - . . . . thank you guys so much for the love and support on my last edit 😭❤️ I’m really happy with all the love 😊 Please, tag Hailey!! . . . follow me for more 🐻
HAPPY 4 MONTHS MY BABYS 😻❤️🥰 . . i love them so much! they deserve to be happy, i’m so glad that they found happiness in each other ❤️ Hailey is so sweet, she’s just an amazing person with a big heart! Brandon is so kind with her, always support and makes her feels loved 😍 ILYGSM 😭 . . CREDITS FOR VIDEOS AND PHOTOS: @bronastheshit @brona_4life - - @real.ona @beyondbrandon @iambeyondb @ona.bean @ona.bean @iambeyondb @beyondbrandon @real.ona . Okay, this is DEFINITELY my worst edit 🙄 Idk, i didn’t liked but it’s for Hailey and Brandon, so i have to post it ☺️❤️ . Help me tagging them 😛
Who lipsync better? 🤧 -another battle ❤️- . COMMENT YOUR OPINION 😛 . I’m sorry for another battle bbs, i’m really sick tday so i can’t edit a new post rn 😔 . DONT REPOST!! follow me for more ❤️ - - #kristenhancher
TIK TOK BATTLE 🤫 -comment you opinion!- DONT REPOST!!!! . . my opinion: Ona and Carlos ☺️ . . i’m sorry, the last post was way too heavy so the quality wasn’t that good if your internet it’s bad, so i deleted 😭 . . Please don’t forget to follow me to see daily posts about my Hailey Bear 🐻
BITCH WHERE??? 😹 i miss vine so much omg i can’t 💔 ————- @real.ona @ona.bean @iambeyondb @beyondbrandon TAG THEM PLEASE 😭❤️ DONT REPOST!!!! ————- . I’m so so pround of this, please don’t let it floop, i really hope that @real.ona notice my edit😻❤️ i love her so much, she’s pretty with makeup and without makeup! i’m so pround of her!!! you don’t need makeup to be pretty, but if you wanna use it, SISS... You can use it!!! You can do whatever you want! Makeup isn’t about to be pretty or ugly, its art ❤️
WHAT WILL HAILEY GIVE YOU FOR CHRISTMAS? 🎄💚❤️ - - me: Iphone XS MAX 🙀 my dream!! lol @real.ona i’m waiting boo 😂 —————— Comment your gift and tag her 💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚 ——————- @ona.bean @real.ona @real.ona @real.ona @ona.bean @ona.bean @real.ona
RECENT TIK TOKS 🤠❤️ - - DONT LET IT FLOOP AGAIN😢 it took me so long to do it, so i’m reposting bc i loved the result 😔 - - Hit or miss, i guess they never miss HUH 😂
boy 🤣💀💀 @ has left the chat lol - - - GO LISTEN TO “GET DOWN” rn 💗💗 @real.ona @ona.bean @ona.bean @real.ona @real.ona @ona.bean @ona.bean @real.ona @real.ona @ona.bean
Watch until the end ❤️ Boy, her laugh 😂 I’m dying lol - - - DON’T REPOST IT!! - - - i’m sorry for being a lil inactive and tday, i’m helping my brother with school and i have to walk with my dogs twice a day for now on🤦🏻‍♀️
HAILEY TB 2018 COMPILATION ☺️🌸 (part 1) - ———— This was a really important year for her, i’m so grateful for everything that she won, she deserves it! ❤️ ———— - Do you follow her on Tik Tok? the user is: @real.ona 😛
i miss X guys 😭 #ripxxxtentacion 💔 - ————- i really love his music and i appreciate his talent so much! i wish he was alive rn 😔 but i have to accep his gone! ————- - Were you a fan of X? me: a lot, since the beginning of 2017 🤐
HAILEY COLLABING WITH MUSERS 🤩 - - Which one was your favorite? COMMENT YOU OPINION 💘 - - ——————— Okay guys, i’m really tired rn but I've been approved at school!!!! YAAAAAASS 🥳🥳 ——————— @real.ona @ona.bean @loren @blesiv #lorengray #alexguzman #leaelui
#BrandonTeam [emoji de flamingo]
WHO IS GOING TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND? 🤪🤞💗 - Me: Lea 😍 I’m so lucky lol - ——————— Heyy, i love you guys so much!! Thanks for supporting me ☺️❤️ ——————— - @mfkingdesii @desireemontoya @leaelui @malutrevejo @daniellecohn @ona.bean @real.ona TAG THEM PLEASE ❤️ - #leaelui #desireemontoya #malutrevejo #daniellecohn
hɑiley is so fucking beɑutiful, omg, i cɑn’t 🤤💗 - - i’m actually so pround of this edit, it took me so long to do it but i loved 🤩 - - PLEASE PLEASE TAG HER @ona.bean @real.ona ITS MY DREAM BEING NOTICE BY HER 💙💙 . love you all!! #explore #omgpage #viral #vsedit #videostaredit
WHO ARE GOING TO BE YOUR BOYFRIEND? 🤫🔐💛 - me: Grayson Dolan bichhhh!! - DONT REPOST MY VIDEO - Comment if you wanna get into a group chat for Hailey ☺️💗 #dolantwins #justinbieber #shawnmendes #loganpaul
LALA SONG 😝💘 -yes i posted a lot tday bc tomorrow i won’t be able to post 😭- . . Should I do more duets with Hailey???? comment the answer 🤗 . . #tiktok #tiktokduet @ona.bean @real.ona
LAST ONE WITH THIS VIDEO, I PROMISE 💀😂 *****WATCH MY LAST STORIES TO BE ON MY EDIT**** - i did this a long time ago, when i posted the first meme but i forgot to post 👌🏻😜👌🏻 #funnymoments #epicwin lol - BRO SHES SO AGGRESSIVE 😡😡🤬🤬 - ily @real.ona @ona.bean #onagang #onagangordontbang #tiktok #tiktokmemes
ME AND ONA 😝💗 idk why i did it but it’s cool so here i am 👌🏻 - - DONT REPOST PLEASE 🤧 tag Hailey ❤️❤️❤️ @ona.bean @real.ona - - i’m not pretty but i tried to look like her lol 😂 // btw, idk how to do that hairstyle xoxo
WHAT’S GOING TO BE YOUR CAR IN THE FUTURE? 🤠 - do you wanna know about the thumb? watch my stories 👌🏻 - - me: Lamborghini bc i didn’t posted yet 👌🏻 #lifehack #humor . jk 😂 - - SORRY FOR THE THUMB GUYS, I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE FUNNY 😂 don’t hate on me, i literally WROTE IT “this is a clickbait” 👌🏻🤠👌🏻 . . love you guys
DOES ONA LOVES YOU? 🤧 find out and comment the answer 😜😂 - - what time is it in your country? me: 13:50 AM 🤘🌟🤘🌟🤘🌟🤘
LANCE AND ONA EDIT 🌟 my first colab!!! 💖 [PS: lance liked and reposted ❤️❤️] - - colab with: @addoringmusers follow her 😜 - - OMG, I’m so happy with the result of the edit 🤧 . INTRO AND ONA’s PART: @onagangbr (me) LANCES PART: @addoringmusers (bf 💖) @limitlesslance @real.ona @ona.bean
RECENTS COMPILATION 🌟 she’s so pretty, omg ❤️ - - my other video was glitched, idk why, so i’m posting another one 😜❤️ ALL WE DO IS DRINK WATER!!! - - sorry for being inactive, in really busy with my school 🥺💔
😂😂😂😂 the best joke in the world omg!!! . . . she’s my everything and she’s so fucking precious 😍❤️ . . . TAG HER 😍😍 her laugh is so cute omg omg omg
OLD MUSICALLYS COMPILATION 🌟✨ . . . i love the first hairstyle so much, she’s so pretty 😍 i l y princess ❤️❤️ @real.ona @ona.bean - - - when did you started to follow her? me: in the beginning of the year 🥰
i love this video so much 💀 lil ugly bitches really think that are the shit 😂😂 . . . how yall doing? 🤪❤️ @real.ona @ona.bean @iambeyondb @beyondbrandon
‘s second edit 🤪🌸 . . i think i’m in love with this edit, omg!! I PROMISE that this is the second time that i tried to edit on VS 😍 - - i’m so pround of myself 💕 PLEASE TAG ONA, PLEASE!!!
i don’t believe that someone did this 😂 i’m crying lol . . . PLEASE, DONT HATE, ITS JUST A JOKE ❤️✨ @real.ona @ona.bean @iambeyondb @beyondbrandon
I HAD TO DO IT OMG THIS IS SUCH A MEME 😂 🔥 {SHE DELETED OMG} 🔥 . . the best video ever, I'm watching all the time 💅 . . . @real.ona @ona.bean >>>>>> all the memes in the world 😂👑❤ ilysm
@beyondbrandon 🤤✨ . . i promise that the quality was better, thx Instagram 😊 . . omggg, it took me SO LONG to do this, please like and tag him!! I really want him to notice me 🥀 - - @beyondbrandon @iambeyondb @beyondbrandon @iambeyondb
Ninguém sabe do que você é capaz, a não ser você mesmo. #musculação #academiaTopFit #mitivação #treinopesado #perna #BrandonTeam @brandonsouzaa
look at her smile 😊❤ . . ok guys, please help me getting notice by @real.ona ✨ i truly love her but I think she will never notice me 😭 . . . this is so bad but at least I tried 😂
WHO LIPSYNC BETTER? ✨ follow: @onagangbr for more videos of @real.ona ✨ . . ONA: COMMENT 😏 MALU: COMMENT 😭 . . me: Ona, of course, but I think that Malu did a great job too 😊 - DON'T HATE!!!!
just to let you guys know that I will be posting TOMORROW, so stay active ❤ . . . . Ona never notice me, idk why 😭 @real.ona @ona.bean
Belly Dance Compilation ✨ PART 1 . . y'all know that she is the queen 😏👑! . . tag @ona.bean and @real.ona in the comments so I can post part 2! . I would be so grateful if she notice me ❤❤❤ I love her so much, but she never notice me or something, I'm starting to get sad 😭
@real.ona recent tik toks sorry I wrote it wrong 😭 . . . Should I post more edits? COMMENT PLEASE 💛 . . TAG HER 💛💛💛💛 @real.ona @ona.bean @beyondbrandon @iambeyondb @real.ona ilysm ilysm 😊😊
Dei sempre o seu melhor em tudo o que você for fazer, e colocar Deus na frente de tudo 💪 #Deus #BrandonTeam #academiaTopFit @brandonsouzaa
O corpo alcança o que a mente acredita. #BrandonTeam #academiaTopFit 💪
ME WHEN MY CRUSH LOOKS AT ME 😂😂 . . . . @ona.bean @real.ona SO CUTEEEE 💛✨ love you sis
ONA DANCING COMPILATION🔥 *please tag her or a friend* . . . I LOVE THOSE MUSICALLYS (not tik tok, I can't accept that) 💛💛 - btw: should I do more videos like that? bc you guys didn't liked that much all my edits 😭
queen of belly dance 👑 y'all know that it's true 😘 . . . . @real.ona #bellydance #realona
I love Brandon#brandonteam
she's so cute 😍✨ . . . im so pround of this edit omg ❤ audio from: @sadvageaudios - TAG ONA PLEASE @real.ona @ona.bean @beyondbrandon @iambeyondb
my first edit of @real.ona in a long time 💛 . . . my little sunflower 🌻 . . BTW: this is the second edit that I EVER done in my life, like, for real! The others was with a app, so doesn't count 😂
OMG I'M SO HAPPY THAT SHE POSTED A TIK TOK WITH A BRAZILIAN SONG 😍❤❤ . . the song is 🔥🔥 btw lol credits to: @roal.ona
🙏🏻 Na vida existem vários desafios,basta saber se você está disposto a arrisca-los,durante esse ano ouvir varios NÃO,e os SIM que ouvir foram de pessoas que tinham interesses maiores do que somente me ajudar a realizar um sonho, também passei varias dificuldades em relação a minha saúde,e por conta disso outras pessoas me viraram as costas pelo simples fato deu não ter tido condições,mas houve alguém que nunca desistiu de mim,e mesmo em meios tantas dificuldades ele insistiu,e se era um sonho meu, ele embarcou com o objetivo de realizar esse sonho junto comigo, foi então quando começamos o Protocolo de apenas 1 mês ,sou grata ao meu preparador @brandonsouzaa ,por ter me incentivado, por ter me acompanhado durante esse período ,por ter o conhecimento de saber exatamente o que fazer e foi graças ao teu conhecimento que chegamos ao resultado, sou grata também ao Coach Nutrition @bignutri_ ,que apertou em relação a minha alimentação,e que também foi graças ao teu conhecimento que chegamos ao resultado,e sou grata também aos meus patrocinadores, que me ajudaram MUITOO como a make que foi feita pela minha melhor @silvanianeivaflor ,o meu loiro que foi feito pelo excelente profissional @dreylopesoficial ,a produção do meu cabelo pro dia do campeonato que foi feito pelo @valberclecio e @silvanianeivaflor ,meu bronze e esfoliação p/ a tintura que foi feita pela @kelem_loris , a mega produção do meu Bikini que foi feito pela @glowbikinis ,aos grandes registros da fotógrafa @pelosolhosda ,a empresa @maanplast1 @angelamcruz que me ajudou financeiramente,ao mestre @fernandotbarros por ter cedido a academia @energymfitness_ p/q eu pudesse treinar todos os dias com aparelhos de ótimas qualidades, @topfit_club por ter me ajudado com os equipamentos no dia do campeonato para aquecimento,ao @acaifuturoam pelos frangos ,aos meus amigos e familiares pelo incentivo e por terem ido me prestigiar , e também ao grande evento 1•Gladiador que foi muito bem organizado pelo grande mestre @bgigantedonorte e acima de tudo à Deus 🙏🏻 Pela grande realização de subir,e de levar top 1 (2x)😍🏆🏆👏🏻 a preparação continua 💪🏻 Ano que vem tem mais !!! Equipe #BrandonTeam
🙏🏻 #brandonteam " se voce quer ser um vencedor esteja disposto a mudanças "
Eu não tenho palavras para descrever a sensação que é de estar em cima do Palco 👏🏻🏆equipe #BrandonTeam #gladiador2018 Fotografia : @pelosolhosda
Why is this so cute ?? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ @real.ona @ona.bean #onagangordontbang #teamona #blesivfam #brandonteam #beyondbrandon #bailey #brona #carlex #hailex #onahailey
OMFG HER LAUGH 😭😭💞💞💞💞💞 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #bailey #brona #teamona #onagangordontbang #hailex #brandonteam #brandon #onabeans
Both killed it !!💞💞 @real.ona 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 @onafamily you look amazing !!!💕💕💕💕 #real_ona _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #onagangordontbang #brandon #haileyorona #hailex #brona #bailey #bailey #alexguzman #onateam #alexteam #brandonteam
A bop🤩🖤🦋 I’m beyond proud — #onmymind #beyondbrandon #brandonwestenberg #teambeyond BRANDON LIKED X2
Desigo 💘 8•19•18 Brona💘 8•12•18 I really don't get them but I support their decision 100% even tho some time there's crying and hate but I think @blesiv desires the world and they all do to 💗💗 #desireeteam #diegoteam #onateam #brandonteam #blesivfam #nohate #brona #desigo @blesiv @beyondbrandon @mfkingdesii @babydiego @real.ona
Awww tbh why do they have to look so cute together 😍😍😍 . . . . . @real.ona @ona.bean @beyondbrandon #brona #brandonteam #onagangforlife #onagang #onanation . . . . .ilygsm💗💗💗💗
BRONA EDIT ✨ love them so much 😊 .................................... brona's pics and videos: @welpbrona audio: @wolfhardaudios .................................... if you tag ona and brandon five times, I will like your last five posts 💛 @real.ona @ona.bean @iambeyondb @beyondbrandon #realona #realonaedit #onaedit #onagang #onagangbr #onagangordontbang #haileyorona #oronagang #haileyona #haileyedit #muser #musically #onabean #realorona #onagangedit #onababy #beyondbrandon #brandonedit #iambeyondb #brona #brandon #brandonteam #brandongang #teambeyond
Awww... Look at his bby💋💗 . . . . . . @real.ona @ona.bean @beyondbrandon #brona #onagangforlife #onagang #onanation #brandonteam . . . . 💓💓💓💓💓
do you like Brandon? me: yasss ❤ he is so cute with Hailey!! . . . . . @beyondbrandon @iambeyondb #beyondbrandon #brandonedit #iambeyondb #brona #brandon #brandonteam #brandongang
La mia nuova squadra del cuore. #brandonteam #brandonflag #wearebrandon #brandonboss
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