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OMG WTF NUTELLA WAFFLE ~ Chocolate waffle served with Nutella, fresh strawberries, ice cream, Oreo whipped cream & Oreo crumb ~ $19 • These are the best looking waffles in Melbourne! What more could you want!! @leroyscafe • • • • • ____________________________________ #melbournefood #melbourneeats #melbournefoodie #melbournebreakfast #instafood #brunch #melbourneeats #onthetable #breakfast #dailyfoodfeed #onthetable #breakfastinmelbourne #breakfastlover #feedme #breakfastofinstagram #brunchtime #melbournefoodie #eeeeeats #eatfamous #foodphotography #eaterla #foodblogger #eatfamous #breakfasttime #foodblog #zomato #zomatoaus #foodblogger #nomnom #broadsheetmelbourne #breakfast #waffles #dirtybastard
It taste like hopes and dreams. It makes all things possible 🥳 - We know that every life story is different and unique. And the truth is that no matter how much you want to control every aspect of your life and be so restrictive in certain things, life is not meant to be controlled or manipulated. You can’t be happy if you don’t let yourself TRULY live your life. You can’t be happy if you don’t accept who you are🙏 hashtag cheesy but true. - So, little human: I know sometimes you are scared but trust me, the most wonderful things come when you least expect. - Take a risk. DO something that challenges you today. TRY. - HAPPY FRIDAY WONDERFUL FRIENDS 🤸‍♂️☀️
Anorexic people stare in the mirror and see themselves as fat. - Myth. - Well, kind of. And well, it depends. - There is never a general statement that can be said and anorexic people actually don’t usually see themselves as fat - at least not in the sense of hallucinating about rolls of fat where they aren’t and seeing things that are not 🕵️‍♀️ Anorexia is not body dysmorphia, although there can be an overlap between the two. - It’s more about how they feel. People with eating disorders look in the mirror and see their ribs, every hump of the spine, the bony structures of their poor body and the dark scooped eyes on their face from the lack of structure. They see all this, but what they care is about being tiny as that makes them feel safe. And the thinner they get, the safer it is. - And the worrisome it gets to the people around them 🤕 - Having a distorted reality is a real thing and because their vision is distorted, they cannot see the whole picture. And they don’t even see how deep the hole that they are getting themselves into. It’s sad. It’s not something that I would wish to anyone to experience. And no, I don’t have anorexia. But I see myself going smaller and smaller by the day. And I know how it feels like to be seen differently. - I hope that at least the people in this situation and that CAN gain weight, do. That they can climb from that hole and walk towards the sunshine ☀️ happy Thursday friends ❤️
cosa-mi-giova-di-giovedì • la mattina inizia a rilento nel tentativo di organizzare la giornata di #baby 🐞: sono abbastanza brava ad organizzare la mia, ma con la sua ancora non ho preso le misure • finalmente piove in una Milano grigia e piena di smog: si cambia aria e speriamo che questa pioggia lavi via un po’ di preoccupazione e di stress • domani è venerdì e si torna in piscina: sto cercando di organizzare anche il corso di nuoto per #baby 🐞, così diventerà una sirenetta come la sua mamma 😂 Dai #giovedì per essere #sempreinmezzo non sei poi così male! #giovedi #cosamigiovadigiovedì #rubricadelgiovedì #appuntamentofisso #ilmiogiovedì #thursday #mythursday #breakfast #breakfastlovers #mybreakfast #instabreakfast #breakfastoftheday #breakfastofinstagram #colazione #colazioneacasa #lamiacolazione #cannoncino #latte #whitemilk #coccinelle #coccinella #ladybug #together #togetherforever #wearefamily #welove #welovebaby 🐞
Where are you going?! YOU should be coming to get this - OH YES, RIGHT? 🥳🎉✌️ - Okay, okay, the truth is that although things have been improving over the last year, I think that one of the saddest things of the fitness community in social media is that it creates the illusion that unless you follow certain rules or path, unless you have all those goals that you have set up, that you will never get fit enough. Not healthy enough. That you won’t be worthy enough 😳🥺 - For instance in fitness, some of the examples we see here, are from people that are athletes or that have a specific goal in mind and therefore they take more advantage of having a more structured lifestyle. Whereas 99% of the population doesn’t really apply to this 💩 - I get up around 4am and get home from 7-8pm, 4 times a week. Where do I fit my non-working goals here? And… let’s face it, can I even have ‘goals’ besides work? 👀 - I might share that in another post if you’re interested (let me know little people that read and are not to busy to comment! 💕 I appreciate every message that you send) but the point here is that for most people having such strict goals is not needed 🤙🎉For most of us, aiming more towards BEING happy everyday and training for enjoyment, overall fitness and health, rather than having to act in a certain way is what will actually give the best, sustainable and longterm results. And what is that in three simple words that everyone understands? A HAPPY LIFE 🥳 - I know, I know, that’s not what your fitness inspo with a million followers and that has won those amaaaaazing competitions says - they will probably tell you how to smash personal records every workout. BUT, let’s say that it is what you’re doctor says 👩‍⚕️ Who wins now, really? 🙃😂😇 - [Welcome-to-the-jungle smoothie bowl with (special @australianbananas given from a friend! 🙏 the first time ever!) and the usual ingredients 🍎🍐🍇 and @tropeaka lean vanilla protein, @prozis spirulina, @sneaky_wholefoods @betterbeingsteph blend 💚 filling, @eclipseorganics bircher, @almondbreezeaus @almondbreezenz @almondbreeze unsweetened #breezedit vanilla, @pb2foods , @coconutbowls ]
Hmmm... when you are trying “to be good” and then the Chef makes fresh breakfast potatoes... 🤦🏽‍♀️ #breakfast #wakeuptohappiness #eggzactly #carbstastebetterwhenshared #breakfastofinstagram
Potato waffle stack topped with perfectly poached eggs and crispy bacon. #breakfastofinstagram #capetown #kloofst #mannaepicure #breakfastallday
Summer day done right, hello! 🥳✌️☀️ - I’m here to experience life, learn and share lessons with this mighty might world that I feel so grateful to be part of. - And during the last month of 2018 I was kindly invited to try infrared sauna, something I had never done before and I feel that I need to share. Because I have learnt a lesson. - To be completely honest with you, after the first week when everything was new and I was quite excited to try something I had never done before, the excitement soon started to fade away and I was making excuses to not book any more appointments. Why would I ‘waste’ 1 hour inside a cabin just sweating my ass off when I had a million other things to do?! - And although I do to give myself rest (YAS FOR DAYS OF NOT DOING ANYTHING AND SPENDING ALL THE TIME EATING THESE 👆🙌👍) and I have been trying to take care of my body and myself as best as I can, … the thing is that sauna, getting a facial, a massage, a bath, tanning, … anything that usually I see other people doing, is just… weird for me. - I am not used to that. I have never in my life hashtag faketan 😳I only got a 'facial demo' once in my life at an opening store event. And I definitely have never taken a bath in my life because I would never consider myself worthy enough to be spending so much water in one go just for my pure ‘pleasure’ - I wouldn’t actually see it as a ‘relaxing moment’ - I would most likely be worried about the people that don’t even have water in the world 😶 - I know, maybe you don’t see my point and you find my choices weird. But although I was seeing my time at the infrared sauna as ‘pointless’, I kept my word and until now I have continued to have that selfcare goal. And hot yoga really nailed it last week (never thought I would be saying this a few years ago!) - Have you tried it too? What is your favourite relaxation activity? 🙏 (bonus points for the person that can guess my favourite chilaaaaaax activity 🎉)
Orange Panna Cotta Granola Bowl w/ Super-seed granola served with passion fruit, mango curd & seasonal fruits ~ $17.50 • Love treating ourselves with a special made Panna cotta! 💙💙💚💚💜💜❤️❤️ @leroyscafe • • • • • ____________________________________ #melbournefood #melbourneeats #melbournefoodie #melbournebreakfast #instafood #brunch #melbourneeats #onthetable #breakfast #dailyfoodfeed #onthetable #breakfastinmelbourne #breakfastlover #feedme #breakfastofinstagram #brunchtime #melbournefoodie #eeeeeats #eatfamous #foodphotography #eaterla #foodblogger #eatfamous #breakfasttime #foodblog #zomato #zomatoaus #foodblogger #nomnom #broadsheetmelbourne #breakfast #pannacotta #cleaneating #healthyfood
Chakra Chia Pudding Coyo w/ buckwheat granola, strawberry, kiwi, beetroot powder, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, blue berries & blue tea chia ~ $17.50 • I’m totally obsessed with this healthy dish! Deeeeeelious! @clubhouse.malvern • • • • • ____________________________________ #melbournefood #melbourneeats #melbournefoodie #melbournebreakfast #instafood #brunch #melbourneeats #onthetable #breakfast #dailyfoodfeed #onthetable #breakfastinmelbourne #breakfastlover #feedme #breakfastofinstagram #brunchtime #melbournefoodie #eeeeeats #eatfamous #foodphotography #eaterla #foodblogger #eatfamous #breakfasttime #foodblog #zomato #zomatoaus #foodblogger #nomnom #broadsheetmelbourne #breakfast #chiapudding #cleaneating #healthyfood
Pancakes for bae. Wherever he may be. #pancakes4bae #foodart #love #breakfastofinstagram
🚨NEW! Say goodbye to Golden Gaytime Panacotta and hello to Nutella Crepes 👏🏼 - 📍: @bentwoodfitzroy , Fitzroy • 🥞: Nutella Crepe 📷: @bitchunhealthy
Yesterday was a day for ME. - A day for me to fill my cup - and we see some very good looking filled cups here right? 😍 - I did hot yoga again, and again I felt so relaxed and in peace with this world. It’s amazing how we learn to appreciate things when life changes around you. I used to push myself to do more, more and more and obviously that got me to the place where I am now and I’ve reached many goals, but it has also made me realise how sometimes that means that even without realising your cup gets progressively more empty and we to be grateful and humble enough to just refuel it. - Spending time working on yourself not only physically but also mentally IS needed. Reminding yourself that you are heard and loved IS needed. Filling your cup IS needed. - That’s how I want to live my life: not empty or exhausted with nothing left to live, but SO DAMN FULL that it I fill my cup so much that it overflows to everyone else around me 🥳❤️ - Thank you very much for filling out cups yesterday @cocobei_docklands 🙏 it was a pleasure to meet your team and I feel so grateful to have been able to take a wonderful trip to a place that puts so much love into what they do best - filling humbly and respectfully the most beautiful cups and bowls✨ - [🎉 Acai & Berry Bowl - with almond milk, pistachio peanut butter, rice puffs and seasonal fruits] [🍒Acai vegan version smoothie (without yogurt)] [🥜Banana peanut butter smoothie] [🍀Matcha soy latte] [🐿/🐀/🐁 Beetroot almond latte] - waiting for your votes to decide 😂
Good morning world! ♥️
Fun Fact: Every Sunday as a kid my Dad would make us Oatmeal.... And I hated it! I didn’t hate Oatmeal necessarily but the habit more so. Now, I love it! . . . . #oatmealrecipe #breakfastofinstagram #bestpartofthemorning
Busy school mornings means fast breakfast ideas, and this mama isn't one that's too happy to wake up and NOT have quick and easy meals on hand.⁣ ⁣ .⁣ ⁣ That's why, in our house, we always keep things stocked because we LOVE setting ourselves up for a seamless morning (even if it doesn't always end up that way...at least I know I did my part when it comes to breakfast!).⁣ ⁣ .⁣ ⁣ I put together a list of 20 healthy breakfast options for busy weekday mornings. They're all simple recipes ready in less than 5 minutes and perfect for days when you need something fast and healthy (and maybe even on the run!)!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ https://dontwastethecrumbs.com/2015/08/20-healthy-fast-breakfast-ideas-for-busy-school-mornings/ #breakfast #breakfastclub #breakfastideas #breakfastinbed #breakfastonthego #breakfasts #breakfasttime #breakfastbowl #breakfastofchampions #breakfastlover #breakfastgoals #breakfastinspiration #breakfastfood #breakfastinspo #breakfastidea #breakfastoftheday #breakfastlove #instabreakfast #breakfastsofinstagram #breakfastofinstagram
Yesterday I felt like taking photos of my food Breakfast-over easy egg on a Turkey sausage patty topped with mushrooms onions peppers & sriracha matched Lunch-tuna salad on Parmesan crisps Dinner-keto meatball subs & broccoli #ketodiet #ketofood #weightlossfood #mymeals #mymacromeals #macros #countingmacros #lowcarbnocarb #lowcarb #breakfast #lunch #dinner #breakfastofinstagram #lunchofinstagram #dinnerofinstagram #ketomeals #ketoweightloss #ketobreakfast #ketolunch #ketodinner
Goedemorgen! Zondag dus tijd voor een lekker ontbijt. Deze wentelteefrolletjes met Nutella zijn een feestje om te eten. Helaas staan ze hier niet op het menu vandaag en eten wij straks gewoon kwark en fruit. Ook heel lekker. Afgelopen week was een gekke week. Ik had de eerste werkweek bij mijn nieuwe baan. Dat was echt super leuk! Daarnaast belandde manlief op de eerste harthulp. Gelukkig bleek het niks ernstigs te zijn, maar de schrik zat er bij mij goed in. Vandaar dat wij dit weekend ook echt rustig aan doen. Ik ga met de administratie aan de slag en verder wat vlogs kijken denk ik. Weet jij nog leuke YouTube kanalen om te volgen? ✨ - - - - - #ontbijt #breakfast #frenchtoast #wentelteefjes #breakfastofinstagram #nutella #frambozen #raspberry #raspberries # #foodies #deliciousfood #foodie #weekend #dutchfoodie #zondagochtend #sundaymorning # #lekkereten #foodfeed #foodstagram #genieten #dutchinfluencer #heerlijk #foodaholic #foodiesofinstagram #foodaholicnl #delicious #foodblog #foodblogger #eten #food
Good Morning. Let’s give thanks for a good cup of ☕️. 😊
Our daughter beat us at breakfast. Hers was simple soft scrambled eggs with sausage.... ours was chorizo and eggs. #ketogirl #ketogenicdiet #ketokitchen #ketocooking #ketobreakfast #ketoofinstagram #lowcarbofinstagram #breakfastofinstagram #weekendathome
You’d never know from this picture that it’s snowing like crazy outside! Thanks @tasicafe for adding some sunshine to this chilly Saturday 🙌🏻😊 ————— Farmers omelet (my fav omelet in the city!), side of fruit, and multigrain toast with their jam of the day...the jam was apple and tasted exactly like apple pie filling 🤤🤤 And a chai tea latte. Delicious. ————— #omelette #veggieomelette #toastandjam #chailatte #saturdaybreakfast #breakfastoftheday #balanceddiet #balancedlife #balancedbreakfast #foodie #cbusfoodie #columbusfoodie #foodblogger #cbusfoodbloggers #columbusfoodbloggers #614blogger #614bloggers #614eats #cbuseats #cravecbus #61fork #asseenincolumbus #asseenin614 #asseenincbus #cbusfoodscene #columbusfoodscene #foodofinstagram #breakfastofinstagram
Made hubby a tasty brunch of avocado toast with eggs. #brainfood #breakfastofinstagram #avocadotoast #wifelife #iatechips
Cooking is my passion, treat your body like a vault. #food52 #breakfastofinstagram #breakfast #breakfast #cookinginyour30s #foodie #spinach
Bowl up your life 🥳 - You know how sometimes you can be told something over and over again, yet it just doesn't sink in until ages later? 🧐 - People usually look at advice on how to find the perfect diet, how to prevent them from eating ’bad foods’ (don’t even get me started on this terms that people still use), how to eat as much volume as possible with minimal calories, which ‘thinsporation’ websites are the best to get 'tips and tricks' to being as skinny or get as lean as possible or as fast as possible,… when at the end this all means one thing: restriction and control over food, exercise and ultimately, life. - When will people learn that THEY DON’T NEED TO SUFFER LIKE THAT?! 😳 That EVERY BODY is beautiful and that anxiety/stress is mostly just your fears taking over you?! 👹 - First of all, without having appetite, we wouldn't care to eat. If don't eat, we die. (Dramatic, but true.) Our appetite is what keeps us alive and we should celebrate it, not fear it! ✌️ - So, if you are hungry but think that you can’t have that little treat because ‘it doesn’t fit your diet’, please stop. I’m telling you you can eat it. And you can enjoy it without feeling guilty. Doctor’s orders👩‍⚕️👌 - No matter what size, shape, scars, acne, whatever it is, loving yourself at every moment is the best thing you can ever do 🎉❤️
Long time no Matcha... 🍵 🍵 🍵
Nothing makes me happier than seeing others succeed 🤗 - But nothing is more frustrating for me than seeing amazing and awesome little humans NOT achieving what they could. Specially when I know that they very well could. - The thing is that putting your hopes and dreams on a vision board, writing down your goals or even telling the whole world and yourself that you will do that *insert major plan that hopefully won’t be to take over the world and eat all the smoothie bowls* (🙏🙏😂 save them for me!), is great but… will get you nowhere. It doesn't make them come to life. - And even if I don’t know you in person and life may hit you hard, I know you have the potential to GET THERE 🤜 - Keep your face always towards the sunshine and don’t just say it - MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. - Happy Saturday little humans 😘 - [Frozen bananas and peaches with @tropeaka lean vanilla protein, @unicornsuperfoods antioxidant blend, @h2coco pineapple coconut water, @eclipseorganics muesli light & crisp gluten free, @pb2foods powdered peanut butter, @sunnyridgestrawberryfarm 🍓, @noshufoods @whitewolfnutrition brownie mix with vanilla swirls donut, in the usual @coconutbowls ]
So if you know me, you know that I am OBSESSED with strawberries. However despite them being my favorite fruit, I’m usually allergic to them T-T Well this week, I found some strawberries that I was able to eat without feeling that awful tightness in my throat!! So I got to have wonderful breakfast of a blueberry bagel, sliced strawberries, and some matcha mousse ❤️❤️ #breakfast #breakfastofinstagram #strawberries #allergies #matcha #bagel #refreshing
Acai Super Bowl w/ acai berries, coconut yoghurt, chia seeds, sliced banana, strawberries, seasonal fruits topped w/ roasted almond silvers ~ $19 • This is exactly what the weather was calling for! So YUM 🌞🌞🌞 @thecoventrycafe • • • • • ____________________________________ #melbournefood #melbourneeats #melbournefoodie #melbournebreakfast #instafood #brunch #melbourneeats #onthetable #breakfast #dailyfoodfeed #onthetable #breakfastinmelbourne #breakfastlover #feedme #breakfastofinstagram #brunchtime #melbournefoodie #eeeeeats #eatfamous #foodphotography #eaterla #foodblogger #eatfamous #breakfasttime #foodblog #zomato #zomatoaus #foodblogger #nomnom #broadsheetmelbourne #breakfast #acaibowl #cleaneating #smoothiebowl
Happy Fry-yay! What’s cracking peeps? 🐣 - You know I’m a more sweet type of person but it’s important not to be egg-noring your greens 🌱 No, I’m not yolking with you 🍳🤭 - I know my jokes still are not that egg-cellent but how egg-streme does this look, right?! @shanklincafe always being that EGG-TRA ✌️ - Are you team hard boiled or sunny-side-up? Or are you an egg-plorer and beat it up for an omelette? - [🥬 Super greens]
Mom fuel ⛽️ . . . After a busy morning of drop offs, grocery shopping and errands, Mom needs to fuel up before I go and volunteer in my sons Kindergarten class! . . . @milkadamia @traderjoes @acrecoffee
cosa-mi-giova-di-giovedì • stamattina vaccinazione di #baby 🐞, che è sempre un po’ un lavoro tra vai e torna e in mezzo sclero per puntura • questo inizio d’anno è partito in maniera caotica e con inceppi burocratici: adesso devo togliermi il panico di dosso e cercare fare ordine per ripartire alla grande • domani è venerdì e si torna a fare l’allenamento massacro in piscina: indovinate chi non ha mosso un dito nei 15 giorni passati? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Dai #giovedì per essere #sempreinmezzo non sei poi così male! #rubricadelgiovedì #cosamigiovadigiovedì #appuntamentofisso #giovedi #ilmiogiovedi #today #thursday #breakfast #breakfasttime #breakfastlovers #instabreakfast #breakfastofinstagram #colazione #colazioneitaliana #biscotti #orosaiwa #caffeelatte #tazzanuova #newmug #christmasgifts #wearefamily #welove #welovebaby 🐞 #together #togetherforever
ahh someone needs to make a café that only serves tiny food!! • • also just so you know, my dm’s are always open for anything that you’d want to talk about like maybe a personal issue you need advice with. just know that i’m here for you :) • • • • • • • • #aesthetic #aestheticallypleasing #tumblr #pinterest #tumblraesthetics #foodiesofinstagram #foodofinstagram #breakfast #aestheticbreakfast #tumblrbreakfast #pinterestbreakfast #breakfastofinstagram #fruity #fruityvibes #fruityaesthetic #pancakes #tumblrpancakes #aestheticpancakes #pastriesofinstagram #food #foodporn #bakersofinstagram #rainbow #rainbowvibes #rainbowaesthetic #blueberries #blueberrypancakes #raspberries #chocolate #nutella
B R U N C H I E S | Word on the street is your new favourite cafe has just opened on Centre Road, Bentleigh East. Congrats on the opening and welcome to the neighbourhood Time & Place, looking forward to coming in reaaaalll soon 👏🏽👏🏽📸@timeplacemelbourne #timeplacemelbourne #supportlocal #bentleighlocal #bentleigh
How to Order Coffee Like a Pro 😏 - They say that Melbourne has the world’s best coffee culture and that Melbourne scene is so much more than just premium overpriced Flat Whites. - I actually had no idea this was a THING before I even moved permanently here because to be honest I never cared much about coffee besides the fact that it would give me a caffeine boost whenever I needed (operating at 3am after a 14 hour shift is fuuuuuun 🙃) - But seeing the art, the dedication, the coffee cupping events, even a festival that there will be now next month (does anyone want to invite me to be a taste snob?) have changed my perception completely 😮 And maybe you don’t even like coffee. Or maybe you don’t feel the need to drink coffee. But trust me, the whole coffee culture in Melbourne is just incredible ✨ - I have tried so far several orders, but my favourite until today has been the classic almond milk latte with a special touch of added cinnamon. And well, I still may not know how to order a coffee like a pro yet, I am sure trying! 👌😂 - One think I wish more cafes would have is cool alternatives like hazelnut, macadamia milk or oat milk! But I mean, that would only also cause more indecision about what to ask right? 🤭 What’s your favourite non-dairy milk to add to your drink? Happy Thursday people of this tiny but huge world 🌍 🌱
One year ago this happened 🤭🥳 - I had been planning this for weeks. Dreaming about it for months. Waiting for this moment - maybe before I was even born! - Happiness is different to everyone. It is something that drives us every day, fulfilling our lives, and it is the most powerful intangible force in this world. - I personally, don’t need any fancy parties, special dinners or expensive gifts. And this right here, my first smoothie bowl of 2018, made me the happiest person alive. - Since then you all know I have been working HARD on my resolution to hunt down the best acai and smoothie bowls and I have been living my best life, one acai bowl at a time. Or sometimes two at at time 🤫🎉 - You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach, right?! Acai-you staring at this bowl from @smoothme.sfb too, I do 😏 but don’t worry next month there will be a lot of surprises to come and you’re going to help me out to choose the best of the best! 😂👌 happy #humpday chicos! - [🐣Original acai bowl with rawnola, seasonal fruits & peanut butter and EXTRA peanut butter]
ITS SUMMER VIBES IN THE AIR! 💜💜💜💜💜 • 📍Magic Mushroom Mike ~ Buckwheat & Chia Toast, mushroom medley, blistered baby tomatoes, spinach, beetroot hummus, smoked seeds ~ $18 📍House made potato gnocchi w/ baby tomato’s, fresh basil, grated pesto, pecorino w/ chili & fresh thyme ~ $20.50 📍Vegan Snickers Smoothie ~ $9.50 • Both of these dishes are a winner & are perfect vegetarian meals that will leave you feeling full! @streettalkespresso • • • ____________________________________ #melbournefood #melbourneeats #melbournefoodie #melbournebreakfast #instafood #brunch #melbourneeats #onthetable #breakfast #dailyfoodfeed #onthetable #breakfastinmelbourne #breakfastlover #feedme #breakfastofinstagram #brunchtime #gnocchi #melbournefoodie #eeeeeats #eatfamous #foodphotography #eaterla #foodblogger #breakfasttime #foodblog #zomato #zomatoaus #foodblogger #nomnom #broadsheetmelbourne #breakfast #cleaneating #vegetarianrecipes #sydneyfood
Say it: I deserve to be happy. I deserve to believe in that. - Now, the question is, do you? Do you believe in yourself? - Because I do. I believe in you ❤️ - Hashtag late Madness Monday, let’s Take a Thunderstorm Tuesday for a future Woooop Woooop Wednesday, need That Time off Thursday and it’s Finally Food Friday. Yes, I like to be different ✌️and that basically sums up my weeks for the last months in a nutshell. - What’s your crazy week day motto? 😇😂 - [side note: swipe for non dangerous top views 🤸‍♂️😂] #breezedit
Friend, it is okay to rest. - You can have a break. A rest day. You can have a deload week. You can do nothing for a week. Yes, you can rest without feeling guilty. - It is OKAY. - Sometimes we have to say things to try to convince ourselves about it. Because this society never stops and makes us feel week if you want to take a break or just Slow. it. Down. - You don’t have to, and you definitely shouldn’t, work at 100% every single day. That will only lead to physically and mentally exhaustion sooner or later. I have posted about burnout and how real it and I am sure I got a lot of rolling eyes. No-one wants to stop or being left behind, I know. - But let me tell you another thing - don’t think that you have this whole ‘balance’ thing figured out. No, you don’t. I don’t either. No one does! I had to cancel everything I had planned today just because I couldn’t keep fighting the extreme tiredness from the night sweats I had yesterday anymore. Sometimes not even following the best wellness, self love attempts, lifting advice, dieting tricks, … having everything ‘on point’ is enough - you may need some more rest than you thought you would or that you usually do, just because. - You can give yourself a break if you need one - it is okay. It’s not being lazy. It’s not ruining your goals. It means that you are being wise. It means you actually want to be better. - Be gentle on your body and be gentle on yourself 🌎 I hope everyone had a good self care Sunday ☀️
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