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I've been struggling with patience lately. It's a roller coaster. We have moments like this ❤️, and moments of absolute frustration. We both have short fuses and we both feel big feelings. So I look at moments like this and hold on to them with my whole heart. Momming is hard. . . . . #mom #momlife #adhdmom #asdmom #workingmom #busymom #bringthejoy #setintentions #lifeonpurpose #goals #goalgetter #momcamplife
TIIIIIRED this week and it is only Wednesday!!!😂😂😂 Life is throwing some curve balls and I am thinking strong coffee and a run after school is necessary to keep me going! . . What do you do when times get tough, crazy, hectic? How do you take care of yourself? . . Click the link in my bio and find out how I refuel and recharge even when things are so fast paced. Cheers to Wednesday! Here we go! 🙌 . . #teacherinspiration #teachermotivation #mommotivation #bringthejoy
“To everyone who enters your life, and to everyone’s life you enter always be a gift to them.” - Paul Pano - - - - - #mindsetofgreatness #kindness #bringthejoy #bringpositivity #positivevibes #mindsetreset #mindset #mindfulness #wicklow #wednesdaywisdom #wednesday #positivethinking #gift #outlook
🚶🏻‍♀️ Walk with Joy on your journey...
There must be a lot of coffee today... #Ownyourday #bringthejoy #mindset #daretodream
Sometimes you just have to admit you don’t know much about a subject, and take a class. . We learned so much yesterday during #rachelhollisxbusinesscoaching 💕 I’ve never taken a business course in my life, yet here I am, running my own business. And that was fine—until I started striving to level up and kept finding myself lost and confused. . So I signed up. Signed up for a coaching session with a woman I admire and who I’ve seen teach herself these things in real, hands-on ways. . You have to know your learning style—that’s something I have plenty of education in, being a teacher and instructor—and for me, finding templates and reading articles, or getting a short snippet from someone else isn’t enough. I need that classroom setting. I need to focus on one thing at a time. I need a two hour lecture while taking notes. . Rachel Hollis delivered just that, and I am SO glad I took the leap and signed up. . Look out, world! Kate’s about to have some new skills. 💯💫 . Anyone else learning something new right now?
Our first photo together and our most recent one. I never knew what I was missing out on in life until I met this guy. We were set up by a mutual friend and literally date number one we were hooked! In the first photo I had no idea what a real relationship was supposed to be like, I was insecure and very self conscious about my looks. Most recent photo I now understand what a relationship is supposed to be like, I am doing much better with my insecurities and being self conscious all because of him. He always makes me feel beautiful no matter what and he helps me celebrate every achievement no matter how little and if I have a set back he just says that I can do it and to keep going! He is my biggest cheerleader for everything! Even with my newest adventure with coaching he was all for it from the minute I brought it up! I am so excited to continue to grow with him by my side!
😁 Fun 6:30 early morning session . 🥊 Boxercise session mixed with body weight and weights training . 💪 Everyday closer and closer to their goals . If you are not sure where or how to start or you’re lacking motivation BUT you feel like you need a change then DM for more info about men’s 6week body transmission programme 😉 . #mentraining #radekkalas #bringthejoy #bodytransformerbootcamp #meersbrook #heeley #getfitsheffield #diabetestype2 #diabetesuk
So happy! Today was a good day and I am getting to press play on my workout!!
The scale....for some people this is the only way they judge if they have lost weight...but is that really the best way to judge weight loss? I have recently lost 17 pounds which is so exciting for me, but the scale telling me I was down 17 pounds was only a small fraction of proof I have actually lost weight! I have noticed clothing fitting better or even becoming loose, I actually feel lighter and have so much more energy, and I am starting to get compliments from others saying my face is looking thinner! Non scale victories are even more exciting then the number on the scale!
Choose your hard. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ It may be uncomfortable to do things that you’re not used to. That’s your brain trying to protect you from what’s perceived as danger. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Change for the better is good. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Hard? Being unhappy is hard, being overweight is hard, feeing stuck is hard, unable to pay your bills, also hard. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Purposeful change is a vast improvement on all of these things 👆🏼
. "If you don't own a home, buy one. 💜🏠 If you own one, are you ready to start investing? 💪🏠💕
The value of a true friend can never be underestimated 👇Tag a friend below to let them know how much you appreciate them just for being them ♥️ . #friendship #appreciationpost
The value of a true friend can never be underestimated 👇Tag a friend below to let them know how much you appreciate them just for being them ♥️ . #friendship #appreciationpost
The value of a true friend can never be underestimated 👇Tag a friend below to let them know how much you appreciate them just for being them ♥️ . #friendship #appreciationpost . @eylandtchic @kaseyo79 @paulinebosnjak @v_ron17
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Super #grateful for this restful Tuesday, although I write in my #highperformanceplanner everyday, twice a day (morning & night), my job #golflifeserving has been so busy, as it can be when you're striving for #excellence and the highest level of #production . It's been almost a week before I could catch up on #thebrendonshowpodcast and although I listened to the newest five episodes this morning it was, the newest one that resonates the #clearly & #deepest to my soul. Today, was my first day off- alone- in over a week and after yesterday being my busiest day yet ( I blew my active time and step goal out of the water), I really needed to hear @brendonburchard talk about the things that he strives for to maintain his level of success. #teamHPX #bringthejoy #honorthestruggle #choosetobeextraordinary and like Brendon says: Remember: You are stronger than you think, and future holds good things for you.
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If only we could read the minds of infants? 😍😊😍 What do you think Camila Raye is thinking in this moment?!?! 🤔 🤔🤔 #pamelasue #keepinitreal 💯 #pamelasuescoaching #hpapam #oneluckymama #mamaof5 ❤️ #grandmaof1 #consistencyiskey #certifiedhighperformancecoach #hpx #certifiedprecisionnutritionLVL2coach #bringthejoy #cleanliving #healthandfitness #petsitter 🐕🐾🐈 #savedbygrace ✝️
WHEN YOU HAVE A HEADACHE . Have you ever had a very stiff neck and suffered from migraine? Have you ever wished for an easy drill to solve it? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️ . If yes, then I have something really special for you today. I recently discovered the power of good breathing technique and why so much of our neck problems and energy problems comes down to bad breathing. 💨❌ . What I mean by bad breathing is upper chest breathing or very shallow breathing. We are basically drawing minimal air into the lungs by drawing air into the chest area using the muscles of your upper ribcage rather than throughout the lungs via the diaphragm. The result is a very stiff upper back and tension around our whole chest. 🙈👎🏻 . So here is how to advance. 🤩 . 1️⃣ Sit up or stand up nice and tall. Place both of your hands on the outside of your cervical spine. . 2️⃣ Breathe into the nose and try to get your hands to widen up while you are breathing in. While you are breathing out your hands should come closer together again. . I basically want you to breathe into your neck! Give it some time. It might take you 4 to 5 reps to figure out where your hands and your neck are in space. I have been there too, so just be a little patient with yourself. 💁🏻‍♀️🤗 . Fill your lungs with good fresh air and experience a whole new quality of movement and life! . Cheers to a pain-free neck and great energy! 🌸🧠🌷 . Education credit: @zhealth_performance . #highperformancehabits #mindsetiseverything #mobilitytraining #zhealth #functionalneurology #braintraining #womensupportingwomen #exercisemotivation #dailyhabits #highperformance #movemore #alternativemedicine #alternativehealth #designyourlife #painrelief #lifestylechanges #performanceneurology #movementculture #motivationalquotes #adrilladay #hpxlife #changeyourmindset #sportsperformance #positivenergy #energyboost #personaldevelopment #healthylifestyle #confidenceiskey #bringthejoy #stressrelief
This morning, I cried in the car on the way to my first meeting. And at first, I was like, WHY AM I CRYING? You are FINE, Katie. But crying is what I needed to do. To release the tension that had built from traveling over the weekend and then jumping into a busy schedule of meeting new people in new spaces, doing things I’ve never done before, and leading the charge in unknown circumstances. I felt overwhelmed and incapable and I cried. And then... I felt better. I arrived at my destination, I checked my eye makeup (still on point, #thankyouarbonne ) and I had a really cool day filled with learning and laughter and surprising people with cake. If you need to cry, CRY. If you need an extra moment in the car or in the corner or alone in the bathroom, take it. That grace and generosity that you are extending to others? You can extend to yourself as well. 📸: @sarah.lynn.brown (who is basically my personal photog). We had a rockstar day together and I am #thankful .
💍 💍 Take The COLOR Wheel! - Yellow 💍 A collection of round and faceted Aspen Gold beads swings from the bottom of a bulky silver chain below the collar, creating a vivacious fringe. Features an adjustable clasp closure 💍 💍 Sold as one individual necklace. Includes one pair of matching earrings. 💍 Click To Explore My Website 👇🏻 💍 https://paparazziaccessories.com/aprilmjohnson 💍 💍 #affordablefashion #womeninbusines #businessowner #girlboss #jewelryaddict #shoppingaddict #jewelrybox #jewelry #design #lifestyle #bling #fashion #gems #gemstone #trendy #accessories #crystals #beautiful #style #fashionista #accessory #fashionjewelry #shoppingday #shopinyourslippers #yellowjewelry #stylegal #stepitup # #bringthejoy
Self care is a concept that is often overlooked and underestimated. Taking the time out of your day to do something beneficial (and just for yourself) can make a huge impact on your overall health and mental well being. You are worthy and deserving of love and respect. Even if the action seems small, it sends an even larger message to your body that you are not fighting it, you are worth it, AND you are here to support it. ⠀ ⠀ So whether you’re in need of a midday pick me up, end of night self care ritual, or morning dose of kindness to yourself, I have a couple of quick self care ideas that you can do and squeeze into your daily life!⠀ ⠀ Go for a quick walk around the block. Don’t have time for a full blown 5 mile hike? No problem! A quick walk through your neighborhood can give you space to clear your mind, and countless studies have shown that nature is actually beneficial for mental health! Moving your body is also incredible for your lymphatic system, which is the system in your body that is very close friends with your immune system! You can boost your bodies resilience and clear your mind by taking a stroll on your lunch break. ⠀ ⠀ Another self care practice is to treat yourself to your favorite food. Been craving that cookie from the bakery down the street? Go and let yourself enjoy it! Some food is healthy for the body, some for the soul. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy both! ⠀ Combining these two and taking a walk to that bakery is the perfect self-care work break that you could be needing! ⠀ ⠀ I hope these self-care tips/ideas inspired any of you to actively seek and build joy today! I know that when I am feeling drained and in need of a pick me up, resorting to a little self care is never a bad idea. What are some of your favorite self-care rituals? ⠀ ⠀ -⠀ ⠀ #selfcare #psychiccheerleader #positivity #youareworthit #mindfulwalk #selflove #mindbodyspirit #treat #mentalhealth #holistichealth #livewell #peace #love #bringthejoy
Super thrilled with these geode inspired papergoods we designed for this vibrant east coast affair. #weddingdesign #papergoods #geode #realwedding 📷 @amandanaylorphoto_
5 THINGS you can do to maintain a POSITIVE mood on the daily! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ 1. Set your mood meter high by starting the day with a #positive expectation. Do this at the beginning of every day by asking yourself “what am I looking forward to today or what could I decide to do today that I can look forward to?”. 2. Drink A LOT of water all day long— half your body weight in ounces and more. Lack of proper hydration causes hunger, fatigue, headaches and all negative emotions/moods. #STAYHYDRATED ! 3. Look for reasons to stay thank you and show appreciation throughout the day! Giving gratitude and complimenting others has shown to significantly elevate a persons mood. 4. Have lunch with friends. Be around people you like. Socialize with others, it always improves the mood. 5. Write in a journal each night! Detail all the things you are grateful for, all that you learned and all you look forward to. I’ve learned all of this and MORE from my favorite author, coach and human being @brendonburchard. This is from his book called ‘The Charge’ — HIGHLY recommend that book and all his other books & podcasts! Comment below which one of these 5 tips you already do or will implement into your daily routine! ✨✌️💛☀️ #positivementalattitude #bringthejoy
Hosting private training sessions for small groups of friends, fellow students, co-workers and teachers is something we’re passionate about. 🙏🏼 ___ Limiting unnecessary screen-time and consciously choosing activities to include in your day will help you to become stronger mentally. ☺️ . . . #bangkok #bali #gratitude #yoga #movement #bangkokyoga #yogabangkok #thailandyoga #handstand #thailand #wellness #movementculture #meditation #livelife #breathwork #yinyang #pranayama #digitaldetoxasia #meditate #corestrength #strengthtraining #calisthenics #gymnastics #handstand #flexibility #strength #lovetheworld #makepositivitylouder #bringthejoy
Eight years ago today, this is where I lay. On the ground, unconscious, bleeding. I was struck by a car in a parking lot as I walked back to my apartment after having coffee with my friend Kasandra @thehappinessformula . She even offered to give me ride and I declined. Witnesses said I flipped and landed on my head, falling like an accordion on to the pavement. They had my phone and called @mookagram a friend and colleague since he was the last person I talked to. He lives in Boston so he sprang into action trying to find someone here to come help me. I woke up in CareFight. Scared, confused... yet one thing was so abundantly clear... I am going live today to explain that clarity and how this Friday you can hear more about my journey and what drives me to LIVE! • • • • #mentaltoughness #godsnotdead #personalmission #transformationcoach #highperformancehabits #iftodaywasyourlastday #dtsalumni #honorthestruggle #bringthejoy #sportspsychology #neurosport #neurosportperformance #accidentanniversary #mentalclarity
⛰State Of Colorado Bring Me The Joy To Explore and Adventure🌲 #LoveMyLife #Explore #Adventure #BringTheJoy #Happiness #Smile #HappyTuesday #Colorado #MorningCoffee
This is your Tuesday reminder that there are beautiful moments happening all around you & you have the choice to tune into that magic every single day. When you choose to see the world through the eyes of love, your entire life changes. On the days where it might be harder to find the beauty, step back & do something that resets your intentions for the day + raises your vibe. Pray, turn on some music you love, talk to an uplifting friend, play with your kids, apply some mood boosting oils, meditate, workout, or whatever else might be your jam! Happiness is a choice. Choose to see the beauty today. Happy Tuesday, friends! 💖
Want a happy life?! Then BE HAPPY ☺️ . Not when that thing happens Not when you get that goal Not when you buy the house, the car, the clothes, the vacation. Be happy NOW . because what if those things never happen? Happiness is an internal FEELING not external things. . Your happiness depends on YOU and the joy you bring to your life! So.... BRING THE MF JOY girlfriend 😍 . Happy Tuesday babes 💖😘🎉 . What are you doing to bring the joy today?!
Why should you be part of Bring the Joy? The community of change-makers, the joy of giving joy, (also the small perks), and more! Hear it all from Nikki herself! Link in bio. #samsfans #nonprofit #asseenincolumbus #bringthejoy #musictherapy #arttherapy
You can’t afford not too.... Whatever your reason, you must invest yourself. Find the time. Find the resources and work on yourself. Don’t know where to start? Start with eating right and actively moving your body. By doing just that, I have lost weight while gaining energy and confidence. I laugh more, smile more, and find more joy in every day. I am better for my family and for me .... that’s my why. You can join my health and fitness community to help you get started. Comment — “working on me” below and I will message you the info. Next group of TEN ladies will start May 6th!
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100% free Learn Digital Marketing and Get Started w/ Your Very Own Online Business - Link In My Bio @MoreMotivational - Follow @MoreMotivational Follow @MoreMotivational - Turn on Notifications! - - Reminder from @247nspirations - Share kindness anywhere you go because a random act of kindness, no matter how small, can make an impact on someone else's life. - Share this to your friends❤️ - © Photo credits to respective owner. - #believe2success reposted via @believe2success Thank you! Go and Follow @believe2success if you love this! #moremotivational -
Regardless of the circumstances you are currently facing, do not let the fear of the future hold you back from seeing the joy and beauty in front of you.
"This house no longer meets my needs?" Lets talk 😁 and create a plan that brings a smile to your life! 💕🏠
Plant powders: Fueling our #TUFlife since 2014. When you’ve had a day like I have, every last bit of patience and grace make the difference between grumbling and gratitude. When I say LIVE, you say LIFE. LIVE 👊LIFE ❤️ LIVE 🌱LIFE 🎉 #bringthejoy #thankful #livelifewell #hoskinglife
MONDAY MOTIVATION— No one is born just naturally motivated every day all day, it has to be CREATED every day! 🙌🏼 Well friends, it’s Day 5 without internet and looks like we can’t get wired up for it until Friday 😵 Our toilet seat is broken 🤦🏻‍♀️ and we found out yesterday our oven doesn’t work 🙈 Old houses are just awesome aren’t they?! 😹😹Omg seriously though, what else is there to do but just fricken LAUGH! That’s what we have been doing every time we notice something else that is falling apart! 🤣 • • • I could let all of that get me down and just hate on this whole house and whole move, which would cause issues in my mental health and my relationship 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ OR I could CHOOSE to focus on all the good things about this journey and create the motivation I need to keep going! 🔥👊🏼🔥 And that’s exactly what I’m doing! The positives here? I am LOVING the way our space is coming together, today was a fricken BEAUTIFUL day and I really got to see this city shine, and got a job offer at an ahhmazing studio out here 😻AND I get to go to Florida on Wednesday with my whole family to fill my cup 🙏🏼🙏🏼 There IS good in your life amidst the bad, you just have to CHOOSE to look for it! • • This is the theme for my virtual bootcamp for Monday’s and I usually share some motivation like a quote, or I ask them what’s something they are pumped up for this week and just some good old mindset switch stuff! ⚡️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️⚡️ This is what I had to share today and I told them to use the thread to vent about a struggle they are having but then FLIP THE SWITCH and share something that is going awesome for them! 👐🏼💜 YOUR TURN! 👇🏼
When enough is enough. . I was on my way to Phoenix, AZ when I found myself sitting on a plane not knowing what to do next. . Sometimes I still have the habit of putting too many things on my daily to-do list. . The same thing happened during that 11 hour flight from Germany to the US. I had a bazillion things to do. And only so much energy left inside of me to get any of it done. . I had two primary things I needed to work on. Business work; like creating content, and building technology pieces for the upcoming 12-week online course. . Personal development & self-care drills; things that would help me be a better person, recover faster, get my thoughts in order to set myself up to win the week. . I had 11 hours on a plane, too many things to do and I KNEW I was too tired to get it all done. So I thought, “Do work for the business or self-care and recovery for myself?” . Every time I put myself in a situation like this, I have a POWERFUL question that I ask myself. . What would your future best self REALLY need you to do? . Your future best self always has your best interests at heart because it has your best future at heart. Your future best self is the future version of yourself that you imagine and most want to be - your best version of you. . So when you're torn between two options, especially when it comes to working and taking care of yourself, and if you listen, your future best self already knows how things will turn out for you and can give you the best advice on how to handle this situation to lead you toward that future. . Productivity doesn't only mean getting things done as quickly and as efficiently as possible, it also means taking good care of your body, brain, and soul so you can be your best and set yourself up to win the next day. . Being and feeling productive is sometimes more about what you did for yourself and your own well-being than it is hustling 24/7 until you don't know what day and time it is. . I challenge you this week, to ask yourself this question more often: "What would my future best self REALLY need me to do now?" . And then LISTEN!
Being a freelancer means I get to call the shots about when I work. On this particular day, I was able to make it to my son's track meet just as he was starting his 1600 race. I feel so fortunate that I am able to make those decisions, and I don't have to "pretend" or feel guilty about how I spend my time. But let's be honest. I also work a lot of hours. I have to put in the time, be strategic and focused, and wear a lot of hats because the paycheck won't show up without a lot of hard work. But I wouldn't trade my freedom for anything! I remember the moment that I discovered loud and clear that a flexible work schedule was a non-negotiable for me. It was a game changer! (I'll tell you that story later this week) What are your non-negotiables? What kind of work conditions make you tick? Leave me comment below. I can't wait to hear! #leadership #HPX #beanamazingtrainer #BeABetterBoss #BringTheJoy #Trainingtips #positivethinking #beingyourbest #happyatwork #engagement #coaching #leadershipbookclub #teamwork #motivation #drive #race #runningmotivation #fast #winning #teamleadership #managerascoach #whatmotivatesme #fullengagement #leadwithvision #inspiringleader #givingyourall #happyness
Whatcha doing now? FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! At this school. For me. K to third. Wish a lot of luck. 🙃 If you want to lose weight without workouts. Go to https://sister.mykajabi.com/allisontoday 🌺 💕 #doubledown #selfdevelopment #personaldevelopment #psychology #highperformancehabits #weightlossgoals #healthgoals #bringthejoy #morethanmoney #healthyweightloss #weightloss #motivation #mindset #inspiration #leadership #hpxlife #loseweight
Whatcha doing now? FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! At this school. For me. K to third. Wish a lot of luck. 🙃 If you want to lose weight without workouts. Go to https://sister.mykajabi.com/allisontoday 🌺 💕 #doubledown #selfdevelopment #personaldevelopment #psychology #highperformancehabits #weightlossgoals #healthgoals #bringthejoy #morethanmoney #healthyweightloss #weightloss #motivation #mindset #inspiration #leadership #hpxlife #loseweight
Whatcha doing now? FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! At this school. For me. K to third. Wish a lot of luck. 🙃 If you want to lose weight without workouts. Go to https://sister.mykajabi.com/allisontoday 🌺 💕 #doubledown #selfdevelopment #personaldevelopment #psychology #highperformancehabits #weightlossgoals #healthgoals #bringthejoy #morethanmoney #healthyweightloss #weightloss #motivation #mindset #inspiration #leadership #hpxlife #loseweight
We bottled up some OTC-strength TLC for those days after your shoes have rubbed you the wrong way. #healthyhealing #rehab #loveyourfeet
Whatcha doing now? FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! At this school. For me. K to third. Wish a lot of luck. 🙃 If you want to lose weight without workouts. Go to https://sister.mykajabi.com/allisontoday 🌺 💕 #doubledown #selfdevelopment #personaldevelopment #psychology #highperformancehabits #weightlossgoals #healthgoals #bringthejoy #morethanmoney #healthyweightloss #weightloss #motivation #mindset #inspiration #leadership #hpxlife #loseweight
Love this intentional kindness! What a special gift he left. 💛 #happynews #goodnews #kindness #grandpa #kindnessprojectoc #goodgoesround
Teen babu! Yes, i was on field when you were texting your first love! . #Socialwork #volunteer #change #bringthejoy
Happy Easter 💐
I love making memories with you 💗
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