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My First Child🐕#doggy #BritBrit #princess
Favorite secret Santa ever. #worksecretsanta #britbrit #reeses
DAMNNN she leaves me speechless with all her beauty and sexiness 😩🙌🏻 slayed my entire existence QUEEN 🤩♥️
look right in my face😈
Man my body was banging lol 😍🖤 #sexy #throwback #britbrit #2k16
private show fragrance photoshoot😍😍😍😍
Britney & Jlo 🍑
Rest... Just as important as working out. . You may disagree. 😯 That's fine. I know, for me...without the reminders and support of my fit-peeps I'd overdo it. Burnout. Fizzle. Quit. 🤦‍♀️ . I'm not saying I still don't do that from time to time. But I do it less. . This week... ...as #britbrit would say, I "did it again" And it took an impromptu convo with one of my peeps... ...my friends. To call me out. . So this weekend I'm letting my body rest and recover because im coming back #strong again next week. . Do you recover enough? ❤
We out here just being #merry me and my #britbrit @b_bass11
so much perfection
I can’t believe my eyes, she’s the most BEAUTIFUL woman in the world i swearrrrrrr😍🔥
brit in the uk for TRL (2004)
i love this photo 🔥
good morning 🥰
Fantasy in Bloom photoshoot 🍒
New fragrance “Rainbow Fantasy” 🌈🥰 She looks so BEAUTIFUL here i cantttttttt😩
Shook😱😱😱 She was honestly the most beautiful woman ever🤩like a recarnation if Marilyn Monroe🤪
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