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YEAR FIVE: The year of Trevor [BLOG POST IN BIO] ⭐️APRIL: Another Marathon. We knew we wanted to get married by our second date, the second time around. So really we were just waiting on my ring to make it official. ⭐️MAY: We traveled Europe with my family & learned a lot of good, hard, real lessons. The steep hills in Salzburg were not wheelchair friendly (as you’ll see in the video 😂). ⭐️JUNE: I moved into our first apartment & kept busy with wedding prep, meanwhile Trevor continued his Masters program and was busy with classes. ⭐️JULY: Wedding mania month♥️almost all of our favorite people in one place! #coopergotadad #brittanyandtrevorforever ⭐️AUGUST: We has a little play time before Trevor’s final school year started & I started teaching 2nd grade! ⭐️SEPTEMBER: We lived a normal, busy life. I didn’t do PT anymore. Mountain boarded with Cooper a lot after school, while Trevor continued his classes & started studying for his CPA exams. ⭐️OCTOBER: Trevor was swamped with school and CPA exams so I’d force him to take outdoors breaks on the weekend. While I continued to teach and mtn board with Cooper. ⭐️NOVEMBER: REPEAT of October. ⭐️DECEMBER: School, teaching, studying, Cooper & weekend adventures. ⭐️JANUARY: Had some SNOW DAYS & started XC ski and taking Cooper up the canyon after school. ⭐️FEBRUARY: Left Trevor to his studies & took a girls weekend and escaped all the snow. ⭐️MARCH: Took the day off for my accident. But continued living such a beautiful, normal, busy life with my boys 👱🏼‍♂️🐶
S I X M O N T H S. He's the best dog-dad, husband & friend a girl and pup could ever ask for. 🐶💁🏼💁🏼‍♂️#wemissbeingtonedandtan #brittanyandtrevorforever
2016 : The year of the Trevor
"I just wanted to share with you how you've given me hope. Hope that in my world there is a 'Trevor' out there. Someone who doesn't look at my physical differences but someone who loves me for me and who I am. Someone who looks on the heart." . Awhile back I received the absolute sweetest message that absolutely melted my heart. ❤️😭❤️I loved her faith and testimony. It reminded me why I blog and share my experiences. . This message reminded me how grateful I am to have a "Trevor" in my life. Someone who is able to look past my physical limitations and imperfections . Photographers are always catching the bride's best side, but I love this picture because it captures Trevor's genuine laughing smile. It also shows how he is constantly loving & serving me ((especially these last two weeks that I've been sick)) #brittanyandtrevorforever
Love is hope. Love is light. If you know our story, then you know this picture is truly a miracle and a reminder of hope. From "dance walking" to the car, to dancing in town squares throughout Germany and Austria and to our first dance as Mr. & Mrs. - thanks for always bringing hope, light and love into my life. #3months #brittanyandtrevorforever
Wait for it....As I almost crash to the ground. Sometimes social media captures beautiful moments and makes life look perfect. But I'll be the first to tell you that life is not perfect. But it's life's imperfections that keeps life challenging and exciting. Happy 2 months of an imperfect, but beautiful partnership in marriage.
Our picture and wedding day was THE best and THE most exhausting thing I've ever done ((and I thought some of our 1k repeats in college and PT after my accident was killer)). Between all the kneeling, balancing, walking, standing and dancing my feet haven't hurt or been that swollen since the hospital. But it was totally worth it to snag this stud!! #brittanyandtrevorforever #onemonth #boyroommateforlife #coopergotadad
For every ridiculous photo I post, I promise to post one normal photo. Especially because @jessicas.photography did such a fabulous job and they are too good not to share. This is our first formal and official family photo. #familiesareforever #coopiekins #coopergotadad #brittanyandtrevorforever
There was a reoccurring theme during some wedding speeches that had to do with light. This picture captures both the natural light up the canyon as well as the light of our personalities and love - spoken of last Saturday. One week down and we still don't feel like we are actually married, but good thing we've got forever to go. #brittanyandtrevorforever
One week of marriage later and I think we finally discovered where the titanic sank. #brittanyandtrevorforever #jackandrose #wherestheiceburgs
And just so everyone knows... I caught the bouquet tonight! So send all the available men my way so I can be the next one to get married. 😜 #brittanyandtrevorforever #caughtthebouquet #maybenotforeveralone
I'm just going to be spamming your feed with wedding pictures from tonight. #sorrynotsorry #redroofroomies #loganfriends #brittanyandtrevorforever
This picture is a perfect depiction of our friendship: The same but different. Also, We are both the happiest for @bfish27 and her new husband. You two deserve every bit of happiness. #brittanyandtrevorforever
Best friends forever and ever!!#fishertofrank #brittanyandtrevorforever
Just the best of friends at the best wedding! #brittanyandtrevorforever #redroofhouse
Couldn't be more happy for this glowing bride! Love you to the moon and back, Brittany Anne! #BrittanyandTrevorForever
This picture sums up how we felt about getting our marriage license today. #4days #brittanyandtrevorforever #nashvillefilterinnashville #spinalcordinjury
"It is in the temple that we see who we really are and see with clarity who we can become" Jean Stevens #brittanyandtrevorforever
Over three years ago Trevor & I first starting dating. I finally finished blogging a little bit about that journey and how we got back together. Just in time for our one month countdown to the wedding. PS there may or may not be more engagement photos in the post ((link in my bio))- enjoy😊#july92016 #teamtrevor #brittanyandtrevorforever
Happy birthday to my forever boyfriend 🎉😍🎈PS blog post coming soon about this lil hottie and how we got back together almost 3 years after first dating #brittanyandtrevorforever
Once again I'm using another engagement photo as incentive and a reminder that we need your address if you'd like an invite FINAL CALL! We love you and want to spread the love! #brittanyandtrevorforever
Hey friends and family I'm going to use one of our engagement pictures to get your attention and remind you that we need your address if you want to see more of this 😘#brittanyandtrevorforever
To the boy that finishes the extra meat on my plate, piggy backs me up endless stairs, holds my hand and pulls me along in my wheelchair, "dance-walks" with me in the middle of town squares, stretches my spastic feet, always nearby to catch me if I fall walking in my crutches, and loves me unconditionally. Don't ask me what I was thinking during those 2 years we were broken up, but all I can say now is that this boy has patience unlike any other and a heart of gold - and he's not too bad to look at eh?😍 #66days #brittanyandtrevorforever #teamtrevor #sorryforthemushypost #buthereallyisthebest
Real talk: I may do a lot of things in life with a smile on my face, but what this picture doesn't show is me crying in the snow today. My day to day life entails a lot of effort, pain and many restless nights due to leg spasms and discomfort. Throughout this trip I've been reminded time and time again that I miss running. I miss exploring with my old legs. When we arrive in a new town my body aches to explore it's unique beauty, to run every trail I see, hike to the tallest peaks in view and climb on every rock surface in sight. I've decided to post some pictures on this trip that aren't "picture perfect" to break this social media stigma of travel, adventure and perfection. Life is not perfect, but even in those moments of imperfection we can find joy. #brittanyandtrevorforever #spinalcordinjury #walkingparaplegic
#throwbackthursday to the first time we were dating over 2.5 years ago and Trevor looked like he belonged in a 90's boy band 😂#brittanyandtrevorforever