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chitchat <3 ↳ @brennen @brennentaylor ↲ please tag him & please don’t let this flop😔🤙🏽
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@colbybrock 🖤 @brennen ♥️ Don’t know about the song choice 😂 Credit: me Tag in repost —————————- #brolby #brennentaylor #colbybrock #brolbyedit #edits #fanaccount
This was a bad brolby edit but better than my first haha @brennen @brennentaylor @colbybrock 🖤🖤 #brolbyedit #brennetayloredit #colbybrockedit tag them🖤
Brolby or Solby? Personally solby for me 💖🖤|| my loves are so cute 😭creds:💙 @_sam.and.colby.editz_ || @brennen @colbybrock @samgolbach 🖤~ ~ #colbybrock #solbyedits #brolbyedit #edit #samandcolbyedits #samgolbach #brennentaylor #lovesolby #lol #cuties *sorry I haven’t been active it’s been a busy day* - T👑
I’m comin’ right back😘 fc: 1,384 dt: @evryedits @colebach.edits << ilysm Raya💘 -the sad thing about this edit is that i didn’t have to look up any of these pictures cuz they were in my camera roll already😂- •I tried very very hard on this so please don’t let it flop!!💘• @colbybrock @colbybrocksecret @colbybrockshop @samgolbach #colbybrock #colbybrockedit #samandcolby #samandcolbyedit #brolby #solby #brolbyedit #solbyedit #samgolbach #samgolbachedit
New Girl On the Block *Part 15* - - - You just went out partying with Caitlyn and you were a little drunk so she called you an Uber. To Caitlyn the Uber driver seemed a little sketchy but you didn't care. You got in the car and waved at Caitlyn. The Uber took off, but he was going the opposite way of where your house was. You were beginning to get really scared, so you texted Colby. *Colby P.O.V(ish)* Colby was just getting out of the shower. He picked up his phone, he saw a text from you an hour ago. "Colby I'm scared." He read the text out loud. He texted you back put you never responded. He began to get really nervous and ran to Sam's room. "Sam!" He said pounding on the door. "Whatever it is, Colby, it can wait." Sam said opening the door. "No it can't! I think Y/N is in trouble." Colby said. "What do you mean she's in trouble?" Colby picked up his phone and showed him the text. "We have to find her." Sam said as he began putting pants on. Colby and Sam got in the car and started driving. They started at the bar. They found Caitlyn and were asking her about where you were. "We can't find her!" Colby said as she showed Caitlyn the text. "She got into an Uber. She could be anywhere!" Caitlyn said. "Well how are we supposed to find her?" Sam asked. "Wait!" Caitlyn said as she pulled out her phone. "This is no time to be texting Caitlyn!" Colby said. "That's not what I'm doing. Y/N has a find my phone app we can find her that way! Alright... she's in... the middle of nowhere." Caitlyn said with a disappointed look on her face. "Well we could use my GPS to get there!" Sam said. Sam sat in the drivers seat, Caitlyn sat in the passengers seat, and Colby sat in the backseat. "Why am I in the back?" Colby asked trying to make himself comfortable. "Because once we find Y/N I know you'll be running out of the car to her before I even park. So this is so you don't break anything up here." Sam said. Sam began to pull out of his parking spot at the bar. - - - Hope you guys enjoyed part 15! I will be posting again once I get home from school☺️💕
When I first saw this I thot there was a hickey on Jakes neck. I was like ‘didn’t know @gabbyleblanc14 was in LA, rip’. But I can’t tell if it’s Jakes sharp ass jaw lines shadow or not sooo - Video: “REACTING TO FUNNY VIDEO MEMES OF US W/ ROOMATES” Channel: Jake Webber • • • #aarondoh #aarondohedit #brolby #brolbyedit #brennentaylor #brennentayloredit #buddydoh #buddydohedit #colbybrock #colbybrockedit #devynlundy #devynlundyedit #eltoncastee #eltoncasteeedit #gabbylebanc #gabbyleblancedit #jakewebber #jakewebberedit #katrinastuart #katrinastuartedit #samgolbach #samgolbachedit #sp00kybabyy #toopoor #traphouse #memes #love #funny #likeforlikes #hot
New Girl On the Block *Part 14* - - - You guys woke up to the rain, you were both soaking wet. You ran to Colby's car and got in you both laughed almost the entire way home. The next day Colby had planned a romantic dinner for you two for tonight. Your best friend, Caitlyn, was helping you get ready for tonight. "I'm going to have to tell him eventually." You said as Caitlyn was zipping up your dress. "No you don't. He'll never find out about it. You'll be fine." Caitlyn said as she made you spin to see how you look. "Obviously he's going to find out eventually!" You said as you were still spinning. "I'm telling you he's not going to find out." Caitlyn said as she grabbed your shoes from your closet. "What am I supposed to do? Just fix the problem? Cause it's not that easy Caitlyn." You said as you put your heels on. "Fine tell him, but you had a good reason to do what you did, and he should be excepting of that." Caitlyn said handing you your jacket. You grabbed your purse and walked out the door. You unlocked your car, and got in a drove all the way to the restaurant. You sat down waiting for Colby. Thinking about how you were going to tell him. Once Colby sat down. You weren't sure what you were going to say to him exactly. So while you guys talked and ate you were thinking of a way to tell him. "Colby I have something I want to tell you." You said as you put your hands on the table so he couldn't see your hands shaking. He nodded his head. "Do you remember Jason?" Colby nodded his head once again. "Well back in high school, when we went to that Halloween party that no one could figure out where I was, while everyone was looking for me I was kind of drunk and i passed out. And the next thing I knew was Jason was on top of me and-" Colby cut you off, "you don't have to tell me what happened. I mean I wish you told me earlier. But..." "that's not all. Remember when I told you and Sam I had food poisoning." Colby nodded his head. "I didn't actually have food poisoning. I had an abortion that day. Jason got me pregnant and I didn't want anyone to know and the-" Colby got up out of his seat and kissed you. "No matter what happened I'll always love you."
SABRINA & I SNAPPED - — | collab w/ @dxrkcolby ILY dt | people who wanted this collab tag - @colbybrock @jakewebber9
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