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jk b!tch that was a joookeeeee fc: 2,256 dt: @milkywaycolbs @colbysvline @radiantcolby i’m so sorry you guys had to see this and i honestly have no idea what this is💀 (also i don’t hate brennen, i feel like in a lot of my edits, i always plot twist brennen to someone else or it just seems like i’m hating on his but i swear i love him😂) aNyWaYs (<< @milkywaycolbs ) i’m sorry i posted two edits in the time span of literally 2 hours but i had to post this😂 #colbybrock #colbybrockedit #colbybrockisameme #colbybrockmeme #memecolby #colbybrockmeme #cute #hot #ily #brennentaylor #brennentayloredit #brolby #brolbyedit
My dudes I haven’t posted and video edit in forever I know well here’s your broody edit hope you enjoy!!!! - - (I know it’s late) - - - Tag them?? @colbybrock @colbybrocksecret @brennen @brennentaylor #brolby #brolbyedit (repost I forgot the watermark)
they’ve been through so much together. sam and colby vs the world :’) ———————————————————————— @samandcolby @samgolbach @colbybrock tag them please :) elton liked - #colbybrock #colbybrockedit #samgolbach #samgolbachedit #samandcolby #samandcolbyedit #colby #sam #omgpage #omgpageedit #solby #solbyedit #brolby #brolbyedit #youtubers #edit
High School Sweethearts *Part 8* - - - You walked downstairs and opened the door. It was Colby holding a pint of ice cream, "I know what Sam did was stupid... not saving you a seat and all. So I was pretty sure that you would be upset with him so I thought you and me could hang out and eat ice cream?" You laughed and gestured for Colby to come inside. You and Colby walked into the kitchen and set the ice cream down. You grabbed two spoons and handed one to Colby. "Do you want to watch a movie while we eat?" You asked Colby as you opened up the ice cream container. "Yea sure, what movie?" He asked as he took a spoon full of ice cream. "What about Halloween. You know the movie with Micheal Myers in it?" You asked. He nodded as he stuck the spoon in his mouth. You guys walked into your living room and put in the movie. During all the previews you and Colby just talked waiting for the movie to start. "When do your parents get home?" Colby asked handing you the ice cream. "They're out of town on a business trip. And my brothers and little sister are with out grandparents." Colby nodded his head and sat on the couch. You walked over and sat next to him. It was about halfway through the movie and you had gotten scared so many times and each time Colby put his arm around you or got closer to you. You had fallen asleep on Colby's lap before the movie ended. Footsteps that were coming from outside woke you up. You tried to make the least amount of noise possible because you didn't want to wake Colby up. You walked over to the window and looked out of it. Sam was standing on your front doorstep about to ring the doorbell. You opened the door before he could and stepped outside. Sam's face was red and you could obviously tell that he's been crying. "What's wrong?" You said closing the door behind you. It looked like he was going to cry again. "Sam tell me what's wrong." "I'm so sorry Y/N, is there anyway you can forgive me." He said. "What are you talking about?" You asked as Sam pulled out his phone showing you a text message from Grace. (continued in comments)
Through a Screen *Part 5* - - - You woke up and looked over to see Colby who was still asleep. You looked at him for a little bit. You never thought you would be this close to him but here you were, so close to his face. You looked at his lips and wondered how they would feel on yours, but you kept from kissing him knowing it would probably ruin the entire trip. So you turned over facing the clock. It was 11:30 in the morning and you were the only one awake. You didn't like being the only one awake so you decided to close your eyes. You slowly drifted back to sleep. A few minutes later you were being woken up by the sound of Sam and Colby packing up everything. "Look who's awake." Sam laughed as he zipped up his suitcase. You yawned and stretched. "We got all of your stuff together. You might want to get dressed we have a lot of fun things to do today." Colby said as he looked over at you. You got up and changed into jeans and a T-shirt. You brushed your teeth and your hair and then put your shoes on. By the time you were done getting ready, the suitcases were already by the door and Sam and Colby weren't anywhere to be found. You looked everywhere in the room for them. "Sam. Colby. Where are you guys." You walked over to the one place you hadn't checked yet, the closet. You opened the closet slowly. Then in sync they both jumped out and said "boo" you jumped backward and screamed, "What the heck that was not cool! You gave me a heart attack." "We're sorry but you have to admit it was kinda funny." You rolled you eyes and headed towards the door with Sam and Colby following behind you. - - - Hope you guys enjoyed part 5! Sorry it was short but the next part is about everything they do that day so it'll be long! But in other news I'm finally back from camping, so I'll be able to post. Plus it's fall break which is really exciting! I'll also be posting High School Sweethearts today and some edits and I'm still debating on wether or not I want to do a question of the day💕☺️
he’s hot or something ↳ @colbybrock ac idk | for andrea micheala kylar tylde paulette brianna yady leah lilah emma claudia liz haylee ayleen katelyn cami rachael lily allie bella ava mimi and alexandra (if I didn’t put you I’m sorryyyy) - this edit is trash but idc lmao
top 15 ships : 10/15 : brennen x colby • • • cr: @dark.solby • • • tags: #brolby #brolbyedit #brennentaylor #colbybrock #brennentayloredit #colbybrockedit #samandcolby
I’m gonna take a break from video editing cause I literally have no motivation at all, it’s all gone! I haven’t made a video edit of Colby or anyone In fact in almost 2 weeks and I wasn’t gonna say anything about it because I thought I would of had motivation by now but I don’t so I’m gonna be doing photo edits until I can find the motivation to make video edits again sorry😴❤️ I love you all xoxo ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• [ tags ; @colbybrock @colbybrocksecret #colbybrock #eltoncastee #brennentaylor #colerobertbrock #colbybrockfanpage #colbybrockedit #colbybrockedits #colbybrockfan #colbybrockers #colbybrocksecret #beyondthenorm #takechances #nowornever #solby #brolby #brolbyedit #brolbyforlife #brolbyneverdies #omgpage #omgunderrated #youtubers   #thetraphouse #samgolbach #jakewebber #Coreyscherer #aarondoh ]
My account isn't just gonna be a Grethan account because I wanted to support my other idol's.. @brennen @colbybrock #brolby #brolbyisbetterthanbrikey #brolbyedit
Here’s some #brolby for you guys. Something a little different. Instagram really diminishes the amount of detail but what can yah do 🤷🏼‍♀️ @colbybrock @brennen #teamcolby #brennentaylor #colbybrock #influencers #youtubers #photoshop #photomanipulation #brolby #brolbyedit #pixelated #artofpeii #city #cityscape #digitalart #graphicart #graphicdesign
my babies 🤧🖤 i fucking love them ughh this took me TWO FUCKING HOURS and i’m proud of it so yeah i legit love brennen and colby so much and they inspire me to keep going every day ❤️ i wish they would see this... :/ @colbybrock @colbybrock @colbybrocksecret @colbybrocksecret @brennen @brennen @brennentaylor @brennentaylor #colbybrock #colbybrockedit #colbybrockedits #brennentaylor #brennentayloredit #brennentayloredits #brolby #brolbyedit #xplr #thetraphouse #samgolbach #tfil #eltoncastee #coreyscherer #jakewebber #aarondoh #xplrthewrldrct
ᴡᴀsᴛᴇᴅ ↳ @colbybrock ac idk | for micheala emma & kylar (I honestly don’t know why I made this lmaoo)
21 MORE DAYS TILL HALLOWEEN 😋🕷 Y'all don't know how much I love mike Watch me become a @mikes.dead fan Page 😂😂😂 » ❪ @samgolbach ❫ » » » » » #sam #samgolbach #samgolbachimagines #samandcolby #samgolbachedit #colbybrock #colby #colbybrockimagines #colbybrockedits #mikesdead #xepher #halloween #halloweencostume #brennentaylor #solby #solbyedit #brolby #brolbyedit
My spooky edits are finally starting🎃 This edit is honestly shit tho😂 ••••••••••••••••••••• Spooky🦇 ••••••••••••••••••••• dt ; anyone🤷🏼‍♀️ ac ; idk😌 cc ; me💁🏼‍♀️ fc ; 1409😻 app ; ccp💙 ••••••••••••••••••••• [ tags ; @colbybrock @colbybrocksecret #colbybrock #samgolbach #eltoncastee #brennentaylor #colerobertbrock #colbybrockfanpage #colbybrockedit #colbybrockedits #colbybrockfan #colbybrockers #colbybrocksecret #beyondthenorm #takechances #nowornever #solby #brolby #brolbyedit #brolbyforlife #brolbyneverdies #omgpage #omgunderrated #youtubers   #thetraphouse #samgolbach #jakewebber #Coreyscherer #aarondoh ]
The New Girl - PART 9 - You get back in the car and Colby has a wide smirk on his face. "Are you pranking me of something, that smile looks maniacal".. "No i'm just.. idk, you wanna go to Brennens part?" he reply's "i'm always down" you say - ( at brennens ) Y'all have some AGE APPROPRIATE drinks and dance for a little while, you met some of Colby and Brennens friends but all you could think about was Colby's smile. That damn smile. Colby looks at you and motions you to follow him. You go outside and he grabs you hand and leads you to the separate back house (video). He pulls you inside and he has that smile again. You have no idea what's up his sleeve. He stops and looks at you and just stares for a bit and starts smiling big. "Is there something on my face, what's happened" you say. "no no your just so beautiful" he reply's. You blush all over and you can't help but turn away to hide your grin. He turns your around and picks you up and sits u on the small coffee table with him in between your legs. He kisses you. This lasts for about 30 seconds and then he pulls away. "I brought you here for a reason so I can't really back down now". "did i do something wrong?" you say. "no just hear me out"... "The first time I saw you i knew i wanted you in my life, you are funny and kind and caring and your all i want and all i can think about, I have never met someone that makes me feel this way, and that's why i want to make this official, Will you, *Colby Gets down on one knee and pulls out a $5 bill* give me the honor of being my girlfriend. You laugh and smile "of course " He has the biggest grin on his face and hugs you tightly. "l have 1 question for you thought" you say "and what is that". "What's the $5 for" "So i could bribe you in case you said no" You hug him which eventually leads to kissing. "We should probs get back to the party now" colby says "ughh i guess" you say. Colby hold your hand and pulls you to the party. "IM HITCHED MUTHA FUCKAS" Colby screams as soon as he walks in. everyone screams and applauds as if they knew what had happened.
Cool Autumn Night *Part 12*(Elton liked!😫💕) - - - Once you found the landlord, you asked him if he had any cameras. "Yea we have cameras. You can take a look at the footage if you'd like, Colby already told me about what happened and that I would see you eventually." You nodded your head, and the landlord took you back to see the footage. "If you need anything else, just let me know." "Ok thank you." You said as landlord closed the door. You looked at the footage starting from that morning. Nothing was unusual until, you saw one of the cameras go black as someone walked into the doors. Then right before they turned their head towards the camera on the second floor all the cameras went black. Oh my god, you thought to yourself. Someone was in your apartment. Someone you had never seen before. You had to tell Colby. You walked out of the room and didn't see the landlord. You shrugged it off and took the elevator up to your apartment. You walked into your apartment and told Colby everything that had happened about the cameras and the man you had never seen before. "Y/N, you either should let it go, or you should get the cops involved. And I really think that getting the cops involved is a good idea." You nodded your head and dialed 9-1-1. You explained what had happened and how you wanted someone to look into it. After you finished talking with them, you hung up. "So what did they say?" Colby asked as he wrapped his arms around you. "They said they would send some detectives over to look at everything." Colby nodded and kissed you on the head. "Well I have to go out again. Are you going to be ok here?" Colby asked. "Yea I'll be fine. They said the detectives would be here soon." Colby smiled and placed his lips on yours. You smiled as Colby walked out the door. As soon as Colby left the noises started again. They were coming from your room. You walked over to Sam and Kat's room and locked yourself in. Noises kept getting closer and closer until it reached their door. The door knob started to shake, "I know you're in there. Come on out. I'm not gonna hurt you." It was a voice you had never heard before. "Come on Y/N I just want to see you." (continued in comments)
AU. where Colby falls in love with Brennen but Brennen likes someone else hurting Colby (I was inspired by @el0gency there’s was amazing while mine sucks) #brolby #colbybrock #brennentaylor #colbybrockedit #brennentayloredit #brolbyedit @colbybrock @brennen @brennentaylor
Through a Screen *Part 4* - - - You guys walked to your room. "Do you guys wanna start doing things now or do you want to start later." Colby asked as he set your bag down on the bed. "It's only 5 so I say we get food and then we start" you said as you sat down next to Sam, who was sitting on the couch. Sam nodded his head, "I agree with Y/N. I think we should get some food." Colby nodded his head and you guys went to get food. You guys brought the food back to the room that you guys were staying in. You guys were just eating and talking when you heard something. "Guys hold on, get the camera." Sam grabbed the camera and started recording. "Do you hear that? It sounds like water dripping." You said as you walked closer to the bathroom. You reached for the handle. As you were reaching for the handle, it started shaking violently. You screamed and jumped back. Colby was standing behind you. You were shaking and Colby wrapped his arms around you to make you feel safe. He looked back at Sam and asked, "you got that on camera right?" Sam nodded his head and then faced it towards him. He was talking to the camera while Colby was talking to you, "are you ok?" You nodded your head, "Yea just a little shaken up that's all." Colby looked at you, "if you don't want to do this anymore we don't have to. We can find something else to do." "I want to do this, I'll be fine." Colby nodded his head and went back to the camera. "Shouldn't we film the intro?" Sam asked as he set the camera on the bed. Colby laughed and nodded his head. Sam set up the camera, and then walked in front of it to where you and Colby were standing. "What's up guys' it's Sam and Colby!" Colby said. "And today we are here with Y/N" Colby said as he wrapped his arm around you shoulders. You giggled as they continued their intro. Once they finished their intro you started to film your intro, "hey guys, it's Y/N! and today we are with Sam and Colby! We are in the Queen Mary! I've been wanting to come here for a long time and now I'm finally here!" You finished your intro and then went back to filming your video. (continued in comments)
| 𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚋𝚢. ac sspookyjim (sc) | videostar @colbybrock @brennen #omgpage #omgyoutube [#abandonrct #fuckboyrct ]
i post a lot of sam and colby sorry not sorry • • • • #samandcolby #samandcolbyedit #samandcolbyedits #samgolbachedit #colbybrockedit #brolbyedit #solbyedit
Cool Autumn Night *Part 11* - - - You crashed at your neighbors apartment for the next two days because you didn't want to be in your apartment without everyone there. Once Sam and Colby got back from their Queen Mary trip you were able to go back to the apartment. You debated on wether or not you should tell Colby about what happened. Eventually you decided you should tell Colby. You were in the kitchen while Colby was editing a new video. "Colby, will you come here for a second" Colby walked into the kitchen and said, "what's up?" Ok time to tell him, you thought to yourself. "So, something really weird happened while you were gone," you were telling him while making a bowl of cereal because you hadn't gone to the grocery store in a while. "What happened?" You explained everything that had happened. You explained how scared you were and about how you had to stay with the neighbors. He kinda giggled, "you should have called me." He came over to you and hugged you from behind. "I know, but I didn't want to bother you." You turned around to face Colby. "Like you would have bothered me," he laughed and kissed you. "I'm gonna get back to editing, and if it's bothering you that much, you can go down and ask the landlord if he has cameras set up." You nodded your head and kissed Colby again. Colby walked off and went back to editing. You stood there and ate your cereal. You decided it probably would be a good idea to see if they had cameras to make sure there wasn't anyone that had gotten in the apartment. You finished eating your cereal. You pulled your hair back into a messy bun and then went to go see the landlord. - - - Hope you guys enjoyed part 11! It's a little shorter than normal but a lot happens in the next part and I mean a lot happens! So be ready! Anyways hope everyone is having a good day so far, and go check my story for some polls about my imagines!☺️💕 #colbybrock #samgolbach #colbybrockedit #samgolbachedit #solby #solbyedit #brolby #brolbyedit #samandcolby #onwardandupward #takechances #beyondthenorm #samgolbachimagines #colbybrockimagines #coreysherer #aarondoh #jakewebber #eltoncastee #brennentaylor #devynlundy #katrinastuart #imagine #imagines
ωтf υ ωαит му нєαят fσя? ↳ @colbybrock ac & rm colby.mp4 | for kylar bc we skyped while I made this @ 3am a couple nights ago💀
High School Sweethearts *Part 7* - - - You, Jess, and Colby all told stupid jokes and talked about random things during lunch. The bell rang again and you had to go to your 3rd period class, Art. You don't really pay much attention in art. You just sit in the back a doodle little sketches in your sketch book. You lost track of time and before you knew it, the bell rang and you had to get to math. You decided to skip math and just walk home. It took you a while to get home, because you live about 5 miles from the school. You decided to stop by a deli and used your extra lunch money to buy a sandwich and a bag of chips. You sat down in a booth and ate your sandwich. After you ate your sandwich, you shoved your bag of chips into your backpack and began to walk home again. Once you got home you unlocked the door and walked inside. You walked upstairs, dropped your bag on the floor, and threw yourself on to your bed. You laid there for a while until you heard your phone buzz. It was a text from Sam, "sorry about lunch. Grace wanted me to meet all of her friends." You responded with, "whatever it's fine." You turned your phone off and just enjoyed the quietness of the house which would be gone pretty soon. You laid there, in the silence. When there was a knock on the door. - - - Hope you guys enjoyed part 7! I know it was kind of short but something really major happens in the next part so I made this a little shorter and I'll be posting parts 8 and 9 before I post more parts for Cool Autumn Night and Through a Screen☺️💕 #colbybrock #samgolbach #colbybrockedit #samgolbachedit #solby #solbyedit #brolby #brolbyedit #samandcolby #onwardandupward #takechances #beyondthenorm #samgolbachimagines #colbybrockimagines #coreysherer #aarondoh #jakewebber #eltoncastee #brennentaylor #devynlundy #katrinastuart #imagine #imagines
ɪ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ᴜ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴍᴇ ↦ ↳ @colbybrock @brennen ac dobrikdolans (my voiceovers) | for the ones I skyped last night
Cool Autumn Night *Part 10* - - - Sam and Colby left for Queen Mary. They weren't going to be back for a day or two, and Kat was back in New York visiting some of her friends. Which meant you were alone in the apartment. You didn't like being alone in the apartment. It gave you the creeps. You were getting ready for bed in the bathroom when there was a noise coming from your room. You walked out of the bathroom, which led to your room, looked around but there was nothing there. You shrugged it off and then went back to brushing your teeth. You finished brushing your teeth and then laid in bed. You were laying in bed watching Netflix when you heard a loud crash in the kitchen. The loud noise made you jump. You got out of your bed and slowly walked towards the door. You opened the door, and looked in the kitchen. There was nothing there. At first you thought you were being paranoid but once you heard the noise in the kitchen you were positive that someone was in the apartment. You grabbed a knife from in the kitchen and started to walk around. "Hello?" You called out in a loud whisper. "Is someone there?" You heard another noise but this time it was coming from Sam and Kat's room. You walked towards the door. You opened the door. It looked like a tornado had gone through the entire room. Clothes were laying everywhere. Kat's Jewelry was laying all over the dresser and Sam's desk was a complete mess. Sam's computer was turned on and his headphones were on the ground. You turned on the lights and picked everything up. The lights flicked on and off and then the power went out. You screamed and decided to just go to your neighbors and crash at their apartment. - - - Hope you guys enjoyed part 10! If you haven't already go check my story to see why I've been gone for so long and on my story I'm answering every single question I'm asked! I'm so excited to start posting a lot again💕☺️ #colbybrock #samgolbach #colbybrockedit #samgolbachedit #solby #solbyedit #brolby #brolbyedit #samandcolby #onwardandupward #takechances #beyondthenorm #samgolbachimagines #colbybrockimagines #coreysherer #aarondoh #jakewebber #eltoncastee #brennentaylor #devynlundy #katrinastuart
High School Sweethearts *Part 6* - - - You wanted to tell Sam what Grace just said, but you couldn't. You weren't able to tell him you liked him. You walked to your class and right as you were about to open the door tears began to fill your eyes. Could it be that Grace's words actually got to you? Were you a pathetic loser that nobody could ever love? You ran to the bathroom as the tears started to fall down your face. You stayed in there you were crying for a while. The bell had rung and you wiped the tears from your face and walked out of the stall you were hiding in. That's when someone opened the door, "oh my god are you ok?" A girl came running to you. "Yea I'm fine." You said as you could still feel a tear run down your face. "I'm Jess, what's your name?" "I'm Y/N" you said as you wiped more tears away. "Oh yea we have English together!" You looked at her and remembered that she's the girl that sits behind you. You nodded your head. "You wanna walk to class together?" Jess asked as she continued to look at you wiping the tears away. You nodded your head took a paper towel and wiped your face. You and Jess began to walk to English together. You and Jess sat and talked all during English class. You told her all about Sam and Grace, and what Grace had said to you. "I'll kick her ass no one deserves to be treated like that!" Jess said as she slammed her fists down very fast on to her desk. The kid behind her shushed her, so Jess turned around and apologized. The bell rang again and now you had lunch. You said bye to Jess and went to lunch. You walked to the cafeteria and stood in line for about 10 minutes. You finally got out of line and went to find Sam and Colby. When you finally found the table you guys normally sit at Sam looked at you and mouthed the words "I'm sorry." The table was filled by Grace and her friends. There was no room for you. Colby looked at you and then looked at Sam. He rolled his eyes and flicked Sam in the head. He got up walked over to you and said, "we can sit somewhere else." You nodded your head. You heard someone calling out, "Y/N come sit with us!" Jess was the one calling out. You and Colby walked over to the table and sat down.
@colbybrock @brennen 😭💕 I need a friendship like these 2 😭😭😭🙏 #like #brolbyedit #brennentayloredit #colbybrockedits
Through a Screen *Part 3* - - - You guys walked out of the airport. You stop and asked Colby and Sam where you guys were going first, "It's a secret we can't tell you yet." Colby said as you guys climbed into an Uber. When you guys finally arrived at your destination Colby made you close your eyes. You did as he said and covered your eyes with your hands. He led you out of the car until you felt a breeze on your face. "Ok, open your eyes!" Colby said very energetically. You removed your hands from your eyes and looked at what was right in front of you. You were freaking out. "Oh my god Colby I've wanted to go here since for ever!" You stared at the Queen Mary ship in awe. "I figured you might." Colby laughed and grabbed your suitcase. "Sam's and my suitcases are already in our room" Colby said as you headed to the ship. You were so shocked that it took you a while to say anything. You finally were able to say, "This is amazing!" "I know right!" Sam said as he laughed. You were so ready to start filming and exploring the ship. You guys got on the ship and walked to your room. You were so nervous and excited at the same time. You and the boys sat your stuff down and went and got food. You guys came back from McDonalds and began eating. You, Sam, and Colby were all eating when there was a loud crash! - - - Hope you guys enjoyed part 3! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but check my story and you'll see the reasoning for me not posting! But I will be posting at least one new part of each one of my imagines this weekend, so turn post notifications on so you don't miss it☺️💕 #colbybrock #samgolbach #colbybrockedit #samgolbachedit #solby #solbyedit #brolby #brolbyedit #samandcolby #onwardandupward #takechances #beyondthenorm #samgolbachimagines #colbybrockimagines #coreysherer #aarondoh #jakewebber #eltoncastee #brennentaylor #devynlundy #katrinastuart #imagine #imagines
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