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Basel College of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland. By Herrman Baur. #brutalism #brutalist #brutal_architecture #brutalarchitecture #architecture #brutalistarchitecture #brutal
Model of Umbrella House - #KazuoShinohara - Exhibition in TIT Centennial Hall, Tokyo, 2012
New Street Signal Box. Bicknall & Hamilton and W.R Healey, completed 1964. Listed Grade II
Glen Park BART station, San Francisco.
Glen Park BART station. San Francisco.
In a months' time we will be open at the iconic @saltershall @salterscompany for a bi annual exhibition. Poster is finished, we think it looks FAB and hope you agree! . . #handmadeinbritain #handmadejewellery #designerjewellery #contemporarydesign #contemporaryjewellery #handmadejewellery #brutalarchitecture #saltershall
Last week's picture of the National Theatre completely broke my Instagram, hitting 2000 likes - and counting. Wow, thank you all. I still can't quite believe it, but I'm all the happier Denys Lasdun's architectural virtuosity gets the attention it deserves. . If you liked the post, you'll perhaps be pleased to hear it available as print. My small edition of postcards, called #brutalistbeauties , unites iconic brutes from London and Zurich. In the London Set, the National joins Trellick Tower and the Barbican's Cromwell Tower > hit the link in bio. . . #playhunter #sweetbrutalist #nationaltheatre #trellicktower #barbicanestate
Select ‘Restraint’ pieces available on the E-Shop now
Towards the concrete waterfall
ساتراپ نماينده فروش محصولات بروتال بتن جنوب پروژه مهندس علي كريمي. Royal box. مكان:كيش-فاز ٧ صدف #بروتال_بتن #ساتراپ #بتن_اكسپوز #بتن #معماري_مدرن #architecture #brutalarchitecture #concrete #concretetile #precast #interiordesign #modernarchitecture #brutalism #architecturelover #archidesign #architecturedesign #archilovers
I take @adventuremama to all the best places! Hockley Circus Flyover, William Mitchell ‘Climbing Wall’ concrete sculptures, 1968
More shots of Mitchell’s ‘Climbing Wall’ 1968. Pretty mind blowing to see these hidden under a flyover ... for more info see @space.play 👍
Nostalgia - - - - - - - - - - Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages on earth. One word gets long like sentences. - - #今日もx日和 #igersjapan #visithungary #hungary
Today is Remembrance Sunday marking the end of the fighting in the Great War, the Armistice took effect at 11am 1918. Whilst WW1 had officially ended, the damage wrought and emotional affects on a nation reverberated for years. 700, 000 British soldiers dead, one in ten of those who had enlisted. Nearly 8,700,000 troops were deployed from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, the West Indies, Australia, New Zealand and India*. Post traumatic stress disorder was not yet properly understood, a familiar sight in the aftermath in towns and villages were veterans who had returned home having sustained injuries. This photo of Beech Street Garden, with the brutalist Barbican Estate as a backdrop, was actually taken in July 2016 at the time of the commemoration of the Battle of the Somme, the flash of red a powerful reminder of a generation who did not come home. There’s an excellent @riba article ‘Architects in the First World War’ by Cathy Wilson published last December which is well worth reading, she mentions that Kitchener was an honorary fellow of RIBA. According to the article the Architectural Association and RIBA (like many associations) had a well organised recruitment drive and training corp for those wishing to volunteer and enlist. The RIBA Archives holds a number of war diaries, the article movingly mentions the thoughts of London County Council Architect, Tom Owen who wrote . “The unimaginative man was to be envied. My civil life jobs called for visualising everything that was to be, foreseeing the whole construction and design of a building in advance. This became a habit and I visualised too much, saw only too plainly in the wounded what it would be like on one’s own case.” *if any places missed out please add in comments and the post will be updated -thx
We are crazy about this jaw-dropping brutalist architecture at 1 Beech Lane, Casuarina in New South Wales 🏊‍♂️
Stadshagens bostadshotell i Stadshagen på Kungsholmen i Stockholm. Huset stod klart 1966 och ritades av Tecab Konsulterande Arkitekter AB genom Anders Tengbom. Från början användes huset som personalbostäder till Sankt Görans Sjukhus. Idag är det bland annat vandrarhem och stödboende för ungdomar. Huset är 41 meter högt och har 14 våningar. #anderstengbom #tecabkonsulterandearkitekterab #stadshagen #kungsholmen #stockholm #arkitektur #architecture #architecturelovers #archilovers #architectureporn #architecturephotography #swedisharchitecture #svenskarkitektur #modernistarchitecture #modernarchitecture #modernarkitektur #brutalism #brutalist #brutal_architecture #brutalistarchitecture #brutalarchitecture #brick #bricks #we_love_stockholm #this_is_stockholm #lookingup #lookingup_architecture #skyscraper #punkthus #60sarchitecture
Just can’t go to Birmingham without snapping New Street Signal Box. Bicknall & Hamilton and W.R Healey, completed 1964. Listed Grade II
Pius Church in Meggen, Arch.: Franz Füeg (1964-66)
Pius Church in Meggen, Arch.: Franz Füeg (1964-66)
Sight seeing
VIPP Shelter- where I want to be right now 💭 A nature retreat designed down to the very last detail. A place with nature omnipresent and the landscape purposely framed. @vipp 🏴
Climbing Wall, Hockley Circus, William Mitchell 1968. Huge thank you to @space.play for featuring and helping me find these beauties! 👍
Today's #TravelTuesday post on the grid is from our very well-traveled Studio Associate Aurelien @aurelthom , a scenic capture of Palace Of Assembly in the Chandigarh region of India.⠀
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