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Blonde & beautiful .... Step 1: a symmetrical haircut Step 2: a partial balayage leaving the crown section out Step 3: babylighting the crown section Step 4: Using @coiffanceusa @coiffance_official toners 7 & 8 equal parts 💥 ——————————————————— #meldoesmyhairr #ParamountPampering Booking Information . . . 📲 Download Paramount Pampering App 💻 ParamountPampering.com 📞 (908)-575-7555 💌 Online Booking (Link in Bio) #behindthechair #btconeshot_hairpaint18 #btconeshot_colortransformation18 • • • • • #colorist #NJbalayage #NJcolorist #balayageartist #prettyhaircolor #ittakesapro #balayage #balayageombre #paintedhair #blondehighlights #longhaircut #caramelhaircolor #caramelbalayage #sexyhair #effortlesshaircolor
The fact that things aren't rosy and you are experiencing a hard time doesn't stop you from investing and planning your future. In the midst of challenges and difficulties our true self tends to display itself. Recreate a better future and make your dreams a reality no matter the situation you in. . . . . #luxury #motivation #bitcoin #binaryoptions #rich #behindthechair #luxurylifestyle #motivationalquotes #cryptocurrency #forex #money #modernsalon #luxurylife #motivational #bitcoins #binary #richman #btconeshot_hairpaint18 #fashion #motivationmonday #bitcoinmining #riche #btconeshot_vibrant18 #luxurystyle #motivationalquote #bitcoinnews #forexsignals #richie #balayage #luxuryhomes
How to you feel about working the bleach with hands? Obviously glows on!
Which blending do you prefer the firs or the second one? First one hand blending second foil technique
Taking selfies, the struggle is real.
Когда быть брюнеткой – прям твоё 👌🏼😍 #женяtopskver А ещё мы сняли ролик и завтра покажем вам, как делается и из каких этапов состоит процедура «Счастье для волос» от Lebel 🌿
Muchas gracias por una semana increíble!!! #lchaitdressers
Guys check out this waves, they don’t puof cuz the hair it’s long and those are the best becouse stays for days. Usually does the blow dry stays in your hair?
Yeni bir senmi dusluyorsun? Bunu bizimle paylasabilirsin bizde senin nasil bir yenilik istedigine taniklik etmek isteriz. Bizden bir fikir bir oneri alabilirsin. Varsa aklinda dusundugun yenilik ve degisiklik icin hala sorular buna birlikte yanit bulabiliriz. Kuafor ve kisisel bakim hizmetleri icin bizimle iletisime gec 📲05074500027 ☎️02164100032 #btconeshot_hairpaint18 #balayagehighlights #platinumposse #paintedhair #blondeme #behindthechair #framarbrushes #crafthaircolor #trendyhair #creativehair #eylul_salon @eylul_salon
Январь понемногу заканчивается, успей попасть под нашу акцию 🤪 ▫️Стань клиентом Top Skver в этом месяце и получи скидку 25% на сложное окрашивание; ▫️А чтобы нашим любимым постоянным клиентам не было обидно, мы подарим им скидку 15%😘 Работа #катяогневаtopskver
Carmel chestnut for this babe with 2 rows on hand tied weft @platformhairextensions
Last years goal was to grow Sarah’s hair out. Mission: ACCOMPLISHED ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This year we went for the Long Bob! The first cut was the scariest, that snip sounds loud and clear when 8 inches are being cut off. But after the Lob Style was coming together she was in LOVEEEEEE 💛
Sometimes you need to cut a little the lengths to get the right result. Would you give up on little length to get the right result or stick with it and take it like it is( a dirty blonde)
Caption this, is this ever happened to you?
Dimensional bright blonde with a few greys, NO PROBLEM ! 😉 here’s how 👇🏼👇🏼: - So if your like this hunny you like your blonde to be bright , your roots to be dark, and your greys to be covered ! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 - My goal for most my blondes that I do babylights on is to bring them as blonde as we can while allowing them to go 3 months or so without getting it done again because the soft grow out that babylights give. - Babylights also help to blend out those greys , however even with a shadow root they will make your rootage area appear lighter . - So in order for her to go months before doing her blonde again, and to keep her dark roots , we do an in between appt to tap her roots with @redken Color gels that are a permanent color but with low ammoina that also COVERS GREYS and blends beautifully . 👊🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 - Like I said before one blonde does not fit all .. you must find what works best for you and your needs 🤗🤗🤗
Отзыв о #катястельмахtopskver от @olya.graule 🌙👇🏼 ・・・ Знаете,раньше мой нос был везде🤞🏾Я всегда старалась подсказать,помочь,предположить свой вариант исхода,НО🤔как говорится,все намного проще,чем мы думаем🤷🏽‍♀️Человек либо твой и вы при встреча чувствуете эту особую космическую связь,либо нет❌Какое то 6-ое чувство сразу подсказывает:Да Оля,это то,что мы искали🤞🏾расслабься и получай удовольствие😈 Мои волосы 23 года не знали никаких изменений,жили спокойно😱😅но 6 месяцев назад все изменилось🔥😂 Вчера судьба меня свела с волшебницей по имени Катя 🖤Многие девчонки мне рекомендовали,часто слышала про салон @topskver и очень рада,что наконец-то ноги привели меня туда🙏🏽❤️Первый раз в жизни видела такую кропотливую работу мастера❗️Серьезно❗️Мой мозг не смог сгенерировать другого исхода,я была уверена,результат будет бомбезный🔥🔥🔥Она как будто проникла в мой разум и сделала все так,как я хотела❤️Большое спасибо🖤
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