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This is a photo I thought I might never get to take. . For 4 years we wished, hoped, and prayed — hard. . We couldn’t be happier or more joyful about God’s timing and this new adventure that we are about to embark on, and we are so thrilled to announce that Baby Thomas will be joining our family this December. 💕 #thomastribeofthree . At the same time that we are sharing this amazing news, we are praying for so many of our sweet friends, family and anyone else who sees this. We know the heartache and exhaustion of the cycle of hope and disappointment, doctors appointments, negative tests, and the questions from people who just really don’t understand. You’re not alone — we see you, and we’re thinking of you. 💕 . To all of our dear friends, family and everyone else who has prayed alongside us — thank you! We couldn’t have walked through this journey without you. This baby is already so loved and we can’t wait to meet them!
Father + son (+ father bribing son with sprinkles 😆)
#gardenpreggers Thanks so much for following along on my prego journey! In case you missed the announcement update on my last post: baby arrived last week a couple days before I thought she might arrive. She was 19.5 inches long at birth and she weighed 8 lbs 15 oz! We are all in love with our bundle of sweetness and very thankful for a safe delivery. 🎀 (FYI: my girls have a protective Daddy Bear who’s anti social media. Our compromise is my personal Instagram account, @lavenderhillhome , where I post lots of baby pic spam. You’re welcome to follow if we’re friends in real life. 😉)
This, my friends, is Patient Centred Care (defined as: “Providing care that is respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient preferences, needs and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.”). Holding the placenta is one of my favourite local Midwives from @pommidwives who advocated for her client following the cesarean birth of her child, to leave the cord intact. Thank you to these Midwives for working so hard for their families, and thank you to the OB and staff at @bcwomens for going out of their comfort zone, and supporting this family in their wishes. These seemingly small acts have huge impacts ♥️ • • • • • #birth #doula #birthwithoutfear #motherhood #empoweredbirthproject #motherhoodrising #birthphotographer #vancouverbirthphotographer #birthphotography #birth_photographer #birthofamama #birthbecomesher #kendalblackerphoto #capturingbirth #stopcensoringmotherhood #birthisbeautiful #thebirthhour #thebirthroom #birthphoto #takebackbirth #bumpbirthandbeyond #birthmatters #childbirth #informedbirth #birthstory #birthisbeautiful #stopcensoringbirth #midwife #birthunitedus #canadianbirthphotographers #dearphotographer
Excited, nervous, happy, tired, achy, anxious...so many emotions as we get closer to meeting you sweet boy. We are patiently waiting your arrival.
#family is the most important thing! Bump, Birth and Beyond is a family run business dedicated to helping you start your family in the most positive way! We offer a range of Antenatal and KGHypnobirthing classes as well as Breastfeeding Support. What makes Bump, Birth and Beyond different to any other classes? We will be with you from your first point of contact with us, through the course and still be on hand until after your baby is born should you need any advice or support. Our Antenatal classes are based on all questions that women and their partners ‘wish we knew’, ‘no-one explained’, ‘we didn’t realise’ as well as all of the information needed to have a positive birth experience and successfully manage those early days with a newborn. We offer KGHypnobirthing courses designed for both first time parents and those having subsequent babies who want to have a positive and fearless birthing experience with wonderful results. This is our family... we can’t wait to meet yours! 👫🤰👭🤱👬🤝❤️ #bumpbirthandbeyond .net #antenataleducation #kghypnobirthing #breastfeeding #family #preperation #positivebirth
Did you know about head moulding? ・・・ HEAD MOLDING // Newborn head molding is an (temporary + safe) abnormal head shape that results from pressure on the baby's head during childbirth. The bones of a newborn baby's skull are soft and flexible, with gaps between the plates of bone. The spaces between the bony plates of the skull are called cranial sutures. The front (anterior) and back (posterior) fontanelles are two gaps that are particularly large. These are the soft spots you can feel when you touch the top of your baby's head. When a baby is born in a head-first position, pressure on the head in the birth canal may mold the head into an oblong shape. These spaces between the bones allow the baby's head to change shape. Depending on the amount and length of pressure, the skull bones may even overlap. These spaces also allow the brain to grow inside the skull bones. They will close as the brain reaches its full size. #bumpbirthandbeyond #birth #fascinating #babies #midwives #homebirth #hospitalbirth #Repost @bumpbirthandbeyond @kendalblackerphoto
While I was gone, Ramona apparently became the newest member of KISS (👅). Luckily Ruby is there to really keep her ego in check 😆!! . . Also, maybe I shouldn’t have attempted a funny caption on only 4 hours of sleep 🤗. Finally rolled in around 1:45am, thanks for all of the well wishes about all of my delays yesterday !
I’ve shared some of my favourite moments from this little man’s newborn gallery on the blog! Click the link in my bio to check it out. I promise you there is lots of sweetness to scroll through 💙 #jaxondavid . Sometimes I get asked if my blog posts include all the photos from the session as delivered to my clients and the answer is no. There are always others that just the family gets to enjoy either because I couldn’t decide and sent extras of a similar image 🤷🏼‍♀️ or often times in a newborn session, I photograph a mama nursing, for example, and those intimate details are just for the family of course. I rarely ever put my camera down during a session so I capture lots of those in between moments too... the ones that show your everyday life, 100% candid. Those will likely mean much more to you than they will to everyone else, and I’m so happy to have captured those memories for you forever. They are moments that you might not think too much of today, but that you will eventually miss as time flashes before your eyes. . For those expecting a little one soon, or for those who already have children, I’d love to hear from you! 👋🏼 I’d like to do a future blog post on the most common worries I hear about when considering booking a lifestyle newborn session in your own home. I’d like to address those concerns and put your mind at ease! I have heard people worry that their house isn’t nice enough or clean enough, their nursery won’t be ready in time, they don’t feel confident showing up on camera so soon after having a baby, etc... Did you have these feelings too? What else crossed your mind when deciding whether or not to do an in-home lifestyle newborn session? Thanks in advance for sharing! I look forward to hearing your thoughts! . . . . . #babyboy #newbornsession #maternitysession #momanddad #bumpbirthandbeyond #mytinymoments #thelifestylecollective #dearestviewfinder #thebloomforum #clickinmoms #thesinceresystoryteller #dearphotographer #tilinsiders #familyphotography #tofieldphotographer #tofield #blackfaldsphotographer #blackfalds #reddeerphotographer #reddeer #centralalbertaphotographer #centralalbertanewbornphotographer #krystlesimmondsphotography
Motherhood is a blessing. Let's cherish every moment with memorable pictures. Contact us at +91-9824383450 to book your maternity shoots, pregnancy photoshoots. #motherhood #maternity #bumpbirthandbeyond #pregnancy #preggy #babybump #bump #love #happy #family #maternitystyle #bestphotographyinahemdabad #SensualshotPhotogrpahy #CoolPhotography
Last weeks of pregnancy and I can’t do anything without making sound effects. You guys, I was at the pool with the babe today and some woman was laughing at me. I didn’t understand why until I realized it was my full on moaning and turtle like movement just to get up out of the chair. Baby is cooked, I’m cooked and so ready. So so ready.
En av mina personliga födelsevisioner ➡ . "YES it’s sacred. Not SECRET" . . . Repost @laceybarrattphotography Family centred homebirth. . Why do we fear birth? Because we aren’t exposed to it. We are taught it’s for “grown ups.” YES it’s sacred. Not SECRET. Let’s not confuse the two. We fear the unknown. So how do we fix it? We surround ourselves with it. Teach our children about it. Educate ourselves so we can then educate our little people. Hands off midwife. Mumma doing her thing. Dad recording. Babes looking on in excitement and anticipation. Grandma cuddling all the babes.. #thisisbirth @mama_melbourne @birth_photographer_ @birthphotographers_australia . #exposingbirth #birthbecomesher #bumpbirthandbeyond #laceybarratt #birthphotographer #birth #melbournebirthphotography
This seems like a lifetime ago but once upon a time I was pregnant with a little Fox and I was getting ready to go into hospital to welcome him into the world! When packing my hospital bag, one of the things that I knew would be essential were @johnsonsbabyuk Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes which are suitable from birth. That was one less thing to worry about! AD #johnsonsambassadors
« Pourquoi des changements dans l'aréole se produisent . Les changements de l'aréole pendant la grossesse se produisent pour une bonne raison. . La peau plus foncée de l'aréole offre un contraste net, ce qui aide le bébé à repérer la source de lait. Les nouveau-nés ont une vue floue et la différence de couleur importante peut les aider à s'accrocher plus facilement. La peau s'épaissit pour se préparer à la tétée, ce qui peut être très douloureux au début. Les mamelons élargis sont meilleurs pour l'allaitement et la peau plus épaisse offre une protection contre les blessures. . Les glandes de Montgomery protègent la zone contre l'infection et fournissent un lubrifiant pour préparer la peau à l'allaitement. . Les glandes aréolaires ou les glandes de Montgomery sont des glandes sébacées dans l'aréole entourant le mamelon. (petites bosses sur l'aréole). Les glandes produisent des sécrétions huileuses pour garder l'aréole et le mamelon lubrifiés et protégés. Les composés volatils dans ces sécrétions peuvent également servir de stimulus olfactif pour l'appétit du nouveau-né 🤓. » . Traduction par @sageandsauge d'une publication de @bumpbirthandbeyond - WHY CHANGES IN THE AREOLA OCCUR #bumpbirthandbeyond PC @sugarimages_ #allaitement #breastfeeding #mother #mom #mere #newmom #newborn #baby #bebe #nouveaune #nourrisson #mothermilk #laitmaternel
TEN. WEEK. COUNTDOWN. 🎉  Or, like, seven to term... or twelve if I go overdue (and given that the girls went to 41+3 I'm under no illusion that this singleton will rock up early 😂 ). Still thoroughly underprepared (though we now have half of a repainted house), so baby should probably feel free to take as much time as he or she needs to grow whilst the mamas sort their lives out! 😂 I'm feeling pretty good - there is SUCH a difference between gestating one baby and gestating two, isn't there!  Oh, and somebody asked me if I was going to vlog soon.  I promise to get a pregnancy update vlog live this weekend; I have tons to catch you all up on!  How are things?  Who's due this year, and when?! 24th October for me... hoping this one comes after the boys' birthday on the 30th!! #30weekspregnant #flashesofdelight #ohheymama #wonderfulworld #thatsdarling #mommyhood #petitejoy #expecting #expectful #inspirepregnancy #pregnant #bump #my_magical_moments #embracethebump #bumplife #pregnancyglow #ig_motherhood #pregnantandperfect #pregnancystyle #thatsdarling #postthepeople #thehappynow #bumpbirthandbeyond #pregnancyisbeautiful #momswithcameras #motherhood #thirdtrimester
Suddenly our summer break is coming to an end, (we’ve got less than 2 weeks until Ayden starts 1st grade😱). I’ve got such mixed emotions, as this has been my favorite summer yet (hint: every year gets better and better). But I’m also a sucker for fall, and seasons, and birthdays, and holidays.. When do your littles go (back) to school? Do you feel like the school year just totally snuck up on you too?!
I just couldn’t love these three more
The birth of a baby! It is sacred moment - it deserves respect, compassion and honour. Let us be gentle when bringing new life into the world. Let us talk in whispers, with soft voices. Let us keep the lights low and use loving touch. Let this be a gentle transition from womb to world. I believe the way a baby is treated as it comes earthside has a lifelong impact. ❤ ( the same goes for how we treat birthing mothers - but that's another photo and another story - and another day 😍) #newlife #brandnew #birth #justborn #perfection #birthwithoutfear #doulasupport #doulaphotography #birthphotography #helloworld #fromwombtoworld #oxytocin #doula #strongmother #life #love #childbirth #fødsel #nyfødt #nyfødtfotografering #doulastøtte #doulafotografi #birthisamazing #doulabirth #empoweringbirth #motherhood #bumpbirthandbeyond
nearly one year into our journey of breastfeeding and this little girl is a boobie monster - continuing to wake once at night to nurse and often nursing five times a day. we don’t see an end in sight! throughout these twelve months we’ve perfected the dance together of nursing in public and continue to enjoy our special bond. I’m committed to nursing this milk monster as long as she’s interested - let the adventure continue! and happy almost birthday, sweet baby. 📸:@embobemalie
Happy spooning! 🥄❤⠀ ⠀ Each Little Spoon #Babyblend is packaged with a spoon that's ergonomically designed for a baby's hands and mouth. ⠀ ⠀ Eating from a spoon helps your little one develop eating and motor skills! ⠀ ⠀ Click through the link in our bio to read more about why we think spooning first bites is best.⠀ ⠀ 📷 @natyouraveragegirl ⠀ ⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ #nomoreoldbabyfood #thepursuitofjoyproject #momsofinstagram #mommyhood #momlifeisthebestlife #mommylife #umh_kids #simplychildren #childofig #our_everyday_moments #mytinymoments #itsfreshbaby #babybump #bumpbirthandbeyond #expectingmoms #firsttrimester #secondtrimester #thirdtrimester #momlife #newbaby #maternity #heymama #cozyandpregnant #healthypregnancy #theartofpregnancy #pregnantwithstyle #countingtheweeks #firstthousanddays #firstbitesmatter
During labor and delivery a tight squeeze of a hand, a nice back rub, a massage on the feet always are a good way to support! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I love to capture these details! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Most of my clients choose to add these images to their albums! 💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . . . . #birthwithoutfear #birthbecomesher #birth #birthspace #birthphotography #birthphotographer #birthphotogs #birthphotos #bostonbirthphotos #bostonbirthphotographer #birthstory
Meet Brantley, baby boy to first time parents, Tyler & Danielle Banack. He was born just one minute into his due date, on July 31st 💙 I got to visit their beautiful family for photos this past Sunday making sweet Brantley just 13 days old here. . I generally take one or two photos with the soother just to make sure we capture the moment before it’s removed (turns out babies aren’t always a fan of that part 😜), then we remove it (praying baby stays asleep), and then continue photographing without it. Well in this case, the snapshot with the soother was just so darn cute, I couldn’t resist sharing it! This blanket was made by a friend of Danielle’s, doesn’t it look so incredibly cuddly and warm? ✨🤗 . I’ll be sharing a few more preview images from this newborn session over in my stories later this morning, so watch for them there! 💕 . . . . . #babyboy #newbornsession #maternitysession #giraffes #newbornwrap #sootherbaby #bumpbirthandbeyond #mytinymoments #thelifestylecollective #dearestviewfinder #thebloomforum #clickinmoms #thesinceresystoryteller #pixel_kids #realmotherhood #dearphotographer #tilinsiders #thatsdarling #familyphotography #lifestylenewbornphotography #camrosephotographer #camrose #blackfaldsphotographer #blackfalds #reddeerphotographer #reddeer #centralalbertaphotographer #centralalbertanewbornphotographer #krystlesimmondsphotography
Vicki, Howell NJ (2/3) "I called a nurse-friend who had postpartum hemorrhage and knew the fear, but I didn’t tell anyone else. It was summer, and I was trying to get everything in order for my kids’ school year. Meanwhile, I was dying inside out of fear, but I didn’t feel I could tell anybody. Around the 21-week mark, I got a cold. After two days of intense coughing, I went to the bathroom, and a clot fell onto the ground. My OB was aware of the coughing so when I called, I was told to go straight to the hospital, where they admitted me. This was when they announced me that the accreta had become percreta. I’d stopped bleeding, but my doctor didn’t want to take the chance to send me home. I stayed at the hospital for 86 days before I had my daughter. That was really hard. I had never been away from my kids, and we had to adjust our lives. With my doctors, we had multiple plans. They were all very professional, but nobody ever really asked me how I was feeling. I was the easy patient. I wasn’t pre-term or preeclampsia, I was just a ticking time bomb, waiting to bleed out. During that time, Hurricane Sandy also happened. It was crazy, but we made it to the morning of the surgery. My husband and my dad came in. I don’t think I really said anything. How do you say goodbye? I was rolled to the main OR. Being in the medical field myself, I knew I was in the fight of my life. They started at 11am, and I woke up intubated at 6pm, in the ICU. My brother and my dad came in and handed me my phone. I was able to communicate with them: they said I had a baby girl. I didn’t want sedation, and I also asked them not to tie my hands, but that night was pure torture. By morning, they extubated me, and my husband, then my kids, came in. I also met Molly, my newborn baby. I stayed in the ICU for 18 hours then was transferred to postpartum. The first night there was one of the hardest nights of my life: I was crying because I was in so much pain. I was swollen and couldn’t turn myself in bed. I should have asked someone to stay with me, but as we all know by now, I’m not very good at telling anybody anything. I was miserable, and I had nobody there to help me."
🌿 Started my own Photography page guys! Share some love and jump over to my new page and follow if you'd like to keep up with how I'm going and for when things become ready for business! Links in my bio!
#welcome to the world sweet child ❤ there is nothing more fantastic than birth. Its gritty, it's messy, it's intense and raw. It's all these things and more and it is #beautiful When mamma doubted her ability towards the end I kept reminding her that she could do this and boy did she do an amazing job! I feel honoured and am humbled once again ! #doulalife is so rewarding. #birthmatters #mothersareawesome #midwivesareawesome #birthisbeautiful #birth #childbirth #newborn #fødsel #doula #doulas #ilovebeingadoula #bumpbirthandbeyond
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