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Transport on the Bay
Nextel, October 2018
Window to a hidden world
Here’s another of @thedealydeal
✨head is spinning thinkin ‘bout boys✨ @thedealydeal
Scholar, October 2018
Rainbow Village, Taichung. Painted by a 93 year old army veteran known as Grandpa Rainbow* #rainbowvillage #streetart *The bloke on the left is not Grandpa Rainbow.
Stair master, April 2018 (Old post, new edit)
Che con il tuo sguardo/ Mi sciogli gli occhi/ Come ghiaccio.
Some fall photos
Painting the steps was a smart move. Now a holy site AND an Instagram hotspot
Retour dans la rue, à la rencontre du marchand de sambos.
Seen in Spain
Chinatown at dusk
Snack rack, October 2018
Che tiro / La speranza/ Dai capelli.
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