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❤️ IT‘S ALL ABOUT FRIENDSHIP ❤️ Lange habe ich passende Worte für die letzte Woche gesucht, um euch ein Feedback zu geben und ich habe bis jetzt keine passenden gefunden 😱 ⏰ 6 Tage 🚗 2400 km 🤝 Termine ohne Ende Was ist in dieser Zeit passiert?! Was war mein großes Learning?! Ich kann nur sagen, dass Freundschaften und die Community genau die Dinge sind, die dieses Business so unglaublich machen und die ganze Fleißarbeit in den Hintergrund treten lassen 💪🏼 Hier geht es darum offen zu sein, Kontakte zu knüpfen und daraus entstehen unglaubliche Freundschaften mit denen man gar nicht rechnen kann 🙏🏼 @liinda.kunze & @jamnoinot haben uns ganz spontan aufgenommen und wir hatten so unglaublich viel spass und Freude 😍 Wer hätte das wohl davor gedacht hihi...vielen Dank nochmal für die Gastfreundschaft und eure spontane tolle Freundschaft mit ganz viel Cordula Grün ❤️ Dann trifft man eine @steffi_beine771 das erste mal und es ist als ob wir uns schon Jahre lang kennen 😍 wir hätten noch Stunden und Tage miteinander verbringen können und das schweißt einfach zusammen, wenn man genau die richtigen Leute anzieht ❤️ Als letztes muss ich noch meinen „Flippi“ @corinne_forever23 erwähnen 🐬 Spontan den ganzen Trip auf dich genommen und es sind Dinge passiert über die wir noch Jahre reden und lachen können 😂 Wir haben unseren „Soulmate“ gefunden und das nachdem wir uns eigentlich erst das zweite mal gesehen haben ❤️ Dankje Ich kann hier gar keine richtigen Worte finden zu diesen unglaublichen Menschen und inzwischen auch nach ganz kurzer Zeit unglaublich tolle Freunde ❤️ Ich bin einfach nur so unglaublich dankbar 🙏🏼 dass ich nun die Vergangenheit los lassen kann und mit euch eine wahnsinnige Zukunft aufbauen kann! So dankbar euch im Leben angezogen zu haben und gemeinsam unsere Träume anzugehen 💎❤️ Mehr Worte fallen mir nicht ein...ich denke da muss man dabei sein und einfach nur fühlen was hier passiert 😱 Ich bin gespannt auf alles was noch kommt... #watchusorjoinus #newme #worklifebalance #happy #businessandtravel
TORQUE MAP stands for . Time driven Organized life Recovered passions Question orientated Understanding to Endeavour MASSIVE ACTION PLAN . This plan is something I am massively passionate about and It will be released in a couple months. . Never again be a slave to stress or time. . This action plan is proving hugely beneficial to how I maximize my time with work, my online business and family life. . Let's face it, we all want that quality of time... right?. . Find out about my online business with the link in my bio to see how this business fits in perfectly with my time management action plan.... soon to be released.
Journey through life with someone on the same path. We own separate online businesses but our end game is the same. Build, share and develop. We both strive to build the best health, wealth and relationships we can. We live to thrive and consistantly look to better our way of life. Click the link in my bio to find my website and watch and learn what it is I do. Its Epic 🤙🤙
The big money shift...? How would it make you feel going from working for somebody else... To working for yourself in an online business that provided you with an epic amount of time freedom??? . . . . . . . . It's an Entrepreneurial journey and OMG how it has changed my families life. Click the link in my bio to find a website that will show you how to start your journey. 🤑🤑👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍💻👨‍💻🍻🤙🤓💯💥
If you dont have wealth and freedom within yourself first... You will never gain it in life. Click the link in my bio and find an online business that will help you create both ❤
В прошлом посте я узнавала про комфортные для вас места работы! (Офис или фриланс) 🌎 Для тех, кто ответил «фриланс», и хочет работать из любой точки мира, как я на фото в Малайзии, пишите в direct или мессенджеры, поговорим 🙃🙃🙃
Successful People Have Multiple Income Streams. 🤑 For me it's my Fifo job and an online business. We all know how I feel about my job... right!! 🤔 It's the online business that will free me from fifo. Do YOU want to have that side business that will allow you to walk away? Would you like to know how to structure your day so you can do both in the beginning? I am all about showing as many people as possible to create wealth and abundance, stepping into an online business. Work at both to speed up the freedom from debt to then create freedom in your life. Have the freedom to explore multiple incomes, train your mind into being an epic Entrepreneur or just allow your internet business work for you in the background while you travel. How great would it feel to have those options??
Finding the right online business for your family to thrive. Clink on the link in my bio to see if what I do suits you. Have fun exploring.
Finding gratitude in your current circumstances is always easy when you know it only temporary. 🙌 Have a great day everyone.
很有想法且优雅的爬山虎,另外还有只会驾驭扫帚的宅急便猫咪🐱#山城 #重庆 #磁器口 #魔女宅急便 #秋天 #businessandtravel
Хотели бы вы сделать путешествия своей работой и жить жизнью "орла и решки"? 🌍🎒 ⠀ 🏖Тогда ждём вас на Travel Party 22.11.18 в хайповом особняке "VOX" Корстон, 25 этаж 🔝 ⏰Начало в 19:00 ⠀ Вы узнаете: ▪️Как получить доступ к уникальным турам в отели 5⭐️ по цене 2-3 ⭐️ ▪️Как получать кэшбек 30-50% от ресторанов партнеров, которых уже больше 10000 по всему миру ▪️Как путешествовать бесплатно в любой уголок земли ▪️Как можно монетизировать свои путешествия ⠀ 🔥Вход БЕЗОПЛАТНЫЙ ‼️Регистрация по ссылке в шапке профиля ⤴️ ⠀ #свобода #путешествия #бизнес #профессиятурист #triptoasia #traveling #ysbh #dreamtripsrussia #businessandtravel
Балийский трафик местами очень похож на московский🚦Отличие лишь в количестве байкеристов и наличии довольно узких дорог 🏍🏍 ⠀ А что касается самого дорожного покрытия - оно на всём острове идеальное!👌 Не уступает европейским дорогам 🛣👍 Колоссальное удовольствие путешествовать по острову! 🚙🗺 #путешествияпомиру #азия #бали #бизнеснапутешествиях #traveling #travelasia #aroundtheworld #trips #doingwhatilove #traffic #businessandtravel
Oxford looking very pretty on this freezing cold day. I guess winter is well and truly here ❄️ . Another thing that is here is our Black Friday Event. It starts tomorrow at 8am and I couldn’t be more excited to get home and finalise my orders in preparation for tomorrow
As for me: non-s p i c y regarding food🌱 but #incontrast I love to c a r r y on a conversation that reveals passion, dreams, experience & leads to deeper connections💚 Let’s eat. Let’s talk. * #spicy #connectingpeople #veganfood #tasty #bonappetit #veganlondon #carryon #nonspicy #passion #dreams #travel #business #londonbusiness #businessandtravel #londyn #uk #thaifood #thai #lovethai #veganthai #opportunity
All'iH Hotels Roma Z3 hai tutto quello che ti serve per organizzare un meeting adatto alle tue necessità! Scopri la nostra sala Diamante come ha fatto @euphidra_cosmesi per il suo evento! #ihhotesromaz3 #ihbusiness #ihhotels #ihcollection #ihrepost #ihgroup #ihhotelsgroup #businessandtravel #business #meetinghotel #meetings #conferences #congress #mice #meeting #events #makeup #eventoeuphidra
Turun melawat kawasan, terfikir pulak nak buat tempat pelancongan di Gayo ni 🤔 Ada yang berani nak Join Venture tak 😅 tak berani boleh kelek laa 🤓 #travelbuddy #businessandtravel #im #onxon
HOW I FOUND THE CAREER OF MY DREAMS AND HOW YOU CAN EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF 🚀 WOW, my life has changed so much!! My mentors is the online space are going LIVE this Thursday at 7:30pm Aest to explain it ALL. 🔥 Ever since I started my journey as an aspiring online Entrepreneur a fire was lit under my cheeks. A deep burning desire to achieve... To accomplish what no one in my family has ever done. Create a true location free, debt free, abundant lifestyle. 🤤 It's so freeking exciting. You see... I am an underground diesel mechanic. 🔧 And have been slogging away at it for years thinking I needed to. Sure the money is ok and my family is well taken care of but... What about the lifestyle I was living. 🙍‍♂️ 2/3rds of my life was spent away from the young family I was providing for... OK OK... You have heard it all before, I get it. But get this... 📌 What would YOU be happy about if you could choose? 📌 What action would you take, if you knew you could not possible fail? 📌 What lies are you telling yourself that usually limits your progress. Now answer these and tell me your not intrigued to move forward... Intrigued enough to keep reading. Those are the questions I asked myself and the reason I chased an online opportunity for years. Listen up... 🤫 My intention for wanting YOU on this webinar is to help and support the blue colour worker. Sorry for all you whities out there 😂 It's just working in this industry I am familiar with the stories. Stories of hardship, despair and self worth. Stories of the wins, the triumphs... But NEVER the stories of personal and finacial freedom. Drop your favourite lifestyle emoji 🏖 below for access to this LIVE amazing Web Class Training this Thursday at 7:30pm AEST. 🛳 Over this past 7 months I have learnt alot about this business and myself. I nearly fell out of my seat a few times... When I learnt of others success. 🤒 But I'm a slow learner I guess... And that's the beauty. If a busted up diesel fitter can do it, then so can you. It really is a skillset you can love and enjoy. Join me LIVE this Thursday at 7:30pm AEST (5:30pm AWST) so we can both be active in our futures.
Paisagem. Vida e cor. A relação perfeita. #brazil #salvadorbahia #travellovers #businessandtravel
Aquilo que mais gosto nas minhas viagens são os deja vus. A imagem espelha tudo. #pelourinho #salvadorbahia #brazil #businessandtravel #travellovers #spirituality #freespirit (jan 2018)
What Are Your True Passions. Coming into this online space for me has been the most rewarding part of my life. I have been able to find true passion because I love what I do… The old mentality was to work hard and long hours to get to my desired outcome but soon realized that was NEVER going to happen. I believed in the FACT my true wealth was not going to be working a fifo lifestyle. My passion is to impact people in a different way coming from a place of contribution. Travel spontaneously to wherever I want without having to plan, worry about a schedule, feel guilty about the money or worrying about a budget. I get to live that now!!! All because of my little laptop lifestyle and the absolute beauty of automation. Connect with me and write ‘WANT MORE’ and we can move forward on how I can get you started on a path to your TRUE passions.
Reconnecting to myself and my purpose. It's funny how sometimes you can drift...😐 Telling yourself that fcuk it, I'll do it later or its everyone else's fault or I'm not good enough... Getting into those self destructive patterns. ITS FEAR!!! 😖 And it will always be fear. But HOW is it possible to move forward? This is how I was able to move forward after weeks of feeling myself slipping back into destructive patterns. I worked out what the problems in my life where and asked myself is it me or is it them? Hint: 99% of the time, ITS ALWAYS ME. 🙄 I isolated myself and only met with the people I look up to and are inspired by... Working together and leveraging their stories to help myself. 💪 Meditating and searching for that answer. No interaction with social media and just sat at my computer learning and understanding. BUT... 🧐 What I have come to completely understand is, IT WILL NEVER BE EASY... I am a 36 year old man with 36 years of learnt behaviors and limiting belief around almost every action I do. Understanding what is important and consistantly committing to myself, my family and my business is how I move forward. Success comes from that power of understanding... 🙌 The power of self. If knowledge is power and learning how to learn is a superpower... Than acknowledging your purpose is the altimate power. 💪 Because HOW can you learn if you don't understand the mistakes your making.
I just love hotels... Business and Travell. ❤️ #businessandtravel #businesswoman #networkmarketing #lisbon #hotels @naturaleza.pt
T MINUS 8 days till Dublin and 7 days till my Black Friday Sale. I don’t know what I’m more excited for! . Speaking of Dublin does anybody have any recommendations for food places to eat whilst I’m in there? 🥘
What Would You Do If Money And Time Was NOT A Issue??? 🤔 Spend life the epic way... Bucket list item getting ticked ✔ Peaceful country getaways ✔ Amazing beach weekends ✔ Living without the guilt of finaces ✔ We could go on for hours. My goal is to show you how it can be done by the way of an online automated business... 👨‍💻 Spend the next 38 mins finding out how... Click on the link in my BIO for our world Class Webinar. 🤙
Visite de nos futurs investisseurs sur le sol sénégalais. Toujours un plaisir pour moi d'être sur le terrain. #potentiel #africa #investissement #investirenafrique #afrique #senegal #entrepreneur #businessandtravel #visiterlafrique #projets #accompagnement #conseil #nature
Its normal for decisions to be scary. My 3 Steps to making a conscious decision when it comes to personal change... These are in my opinion a MUST before you move forward. 1. Find out what you are TRULY passionate about, what your values are and core beliefs. WHAT DRIVES YOU!!! Write them all down and put next to each one an explanation, describing in detail. 2. When you think you are ready to decide, go back and expand on that decision, call it back and make sure you have TRUE commitment behind it. 3. Have a conscious discussion with yourself, with a friend, loved one or someone you trust and go through what your belief system is telling you. Is your decision based on TRUE personal development or based around the learnt behaviours, the belief system you already have? These 3 steps have so much power behind them and can really help in making that decision the best one for you moving forward.
A Must Watch Interview...😁 I did a pre recorded interview with my good friend and mentor Anthony MacShane from MacForce Australia on how he escaped the mining industry and into his passion.🤙 We talk about mindset, overcoming fears, the reality behind making decisions and how he managed to build his business behind the scenes while being a project manager on site. A very special interview with a man I hold in high regard.🙌🙌🙌 P.S. This is my first interview and the picture is a but dark but the message is epic. It will be released tomorrow on my FB page Bill B Innes @aussiefreedompreneur in the late evening. Hope to see you all on there tomozza 😎
Today MAPIC day 1 here in Cannes. A packed schedule full of meetings and friendly coffee break chats 😁 Good to see so many friendly faces 😁 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Dziś dzień skupienia, spotkań ale i przyjemności w Pałacu 😁 w Cannes 🤩 Po pysznym śniadanku i dobrze przespanej nocy mam naładowane baterie na maraton networkingowy. Dużo znajomych, ale jeszcze więcej ciekawych ludzi, których nie znam 😁 ale poznam 👍
One of the better sunsets in Europe #cannes
If anyone says that making personal change is easy... They are mistaken 😯 When you make that conscious decision to go from learnt behaviors to abundance it's not a matter of watching some inspiration on social media or listening to a single book on motivation... Its consistant aligned action towards being clean of the limiting belief that have been engrained in us. Daily routine, masterminds, reading, watching, learning and challenging yourself everyday. It's not hard, it just consistancy and committing to your desired outcome. I'm going from underground diesel fitter to and online business that is changing my life... AND I LOVE IT. For once in my life I actually love what I do 🔥🔥 Check out the link in my Bio to see what is changing my life and 1000's of Aussies as well.
#MondayMood feeling like I can do it! This won’t be a huge win for some BUT I’m so grateful I’ve had a night of organising. I’ve planned 8 no spend days for the rest of the month and organised my diary for the next 21 days to help me get into a new habit #debtfreejourney
Burj Khalifa 🤩 always amazes me. I always visit Dubai around this time of year and a walk around Dubai Mall always makes my day better. This is one of the few architectural masterpieces that reminds that nothing is impossible... it’s just a matter of time 💪
Aujourd'hui j'ai eu l'honneur d'échanger et de rencontrer monsieur l'ambassadeur du Gabon à Dakar Monsieur N diaye Onanga. Renouer avec mes racines est toujours pour moi quelque chose de très important. "La jeunesse africaine doit être encouragée, accompagnée et boostée en matière d'entrepreneuriat sur le continent." 🇬🇦🤝🇸🇳🌍 #businessandtravel #africa #gabon #diaspora #senegal #dakar #rencontres #business #leadership #ewatheriseofafrica #education #encadrement #leadership #leaderdedemain #blackexcellence #vision #developpement
🔥Masterminding...🔥 One of the most rewarding parts of growing as a person and in business are the people you meet along the way. 😁 Gathering likeminded people around you puts the mind in a place of gratitude and abundance. Having that support and creating your vision is so empowering.💪 Some value I like to share is... Enjoy every part of the process, not just the parts you like, engage with everything and everyone.
still obsessing over the new jumper of my dreams...#changingroomselfie
🤔 I know you have dreams, but are you chasing them? We all want the things, the places, the options money creates...💵 But what are you doing to achieve that? You know working fifo or 9-5 wont give you those options.... Right? 😐 In order for us to truly recieve wealth, especially if we have never had it before... We have to crack ourselfs WIDE OPEN! 💯💯💯💯 Be honest with yourself... What would you do, how would you react and would you change as a person if you where to recieve $1 billion RIGHT NOW!! 💵💵💵💵💵 Money has the power to create us and destroy us... Who would you be? In my online business cracking ourselfs open to recieve money and to truly recieve ourselves is HOW we move forward and gain momentum.. And let me tell you a little secret.. 🤫 When you start to feel the passion, feel the excitement and money starts appearing from your dedicated... Its is truly fucking addictive. You want to dive deeper, you want to create more, help more people. It's like someone has lit a fire under your arse. 😁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Final questions: What will you do TODAY to secure your happiness with the desires you want? What would you love to accomplish and do more of? I would live to see your comments ❤
Indeed. A programar as próximas! @veracintiaferreiraoficial olha lá que coisa mais linda. A próxima será #india 🙏 #businessandtravel #freespirit #osho
“Follow your #bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only wall... we recover the #treasures of #life . Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” . . . . . ❤️Loving this moment ....#businessandtravel at #johorbahru Touch down #friday #journey #artofliving #businessandpersonal #usahawan #anakbugis #kerabatkeluargalinggi #kklinggin9 #linggi #anaknegerisembilan #anakmalaysia #malaysiaabroad #womeninbusiness #thesecret #visionarymind @theconnectorgroup #instafriday
So happy scarf and coat season is finally open us. It’s now acceptable for me to wear a coat indoors without being judged! You think I’m joking....I’m not. I am constantly cold like ALL OF THE TIME! . Also featuring my Powerlips which are giving me life at the minute. I’ve been mixing my matte lipsticks together and love this combo 💕
What does freedom mean to you 🤔
🤔КАК ЗАРАБАТЫВАТЬ В ХОЛОДНУЮ ПОРУ, КОГДА НИКУДА НЕ ХОЧЕТСЯ ИДТИ❓ . Осень 🍂 ...Начинает холодать❄️, депрессии, хочется сидеть дома, ничего не делать, укутаться в одеяло и уж точно нету сил идти работать...Так как же можно зарабатывать💸, не выходя из дома? . Очень даже легко😃 Если тебя интересует работа на самого себя в Инстаграмм📱, БЕЗ ограничений в возрасте✅, НЕ обязывающая тебя ни к чему (твой заработок зависит ТОЛЬКО от тебя), тогда пиши мне в Директ🔝, я тебя всему научу и, не только доведу тебя до первых денег💵, но и буду сопровождать тебя на протяжении всего твоего пути🤗 . Если заинтересовало, за подробной информацией пиши в Директ📩, расскажу всё подробно. . #business #businessandtravel #обучение #бизнес #работанадому #работа #работадлямам #работадлястудентов #work #job #workformom #workformother #love #workforstudents #гарантия #workathome #workininstagram #работавинстаграмм
🔥Be a person of action🔥 Learn than implement and do the do. . You HAVE to take control of your life and make it happen. . If your unhappy with how life has panned out then there is no better time than NOW... . This NEW affiliate marketing system is without a doubt the best way to create wealth online. Period. ❤👨‍💻🔥💵 . The way I like to look at it is being an apprentice to the new YOU. . Learning a new skill set that you can love and enjoy and be passionate about. . Question... Would you enjoy being finacially free? When was the last time you did something for the first time? What are your top 5 values? Are you honestly living those values everyday? What would you do differently is you had the time and money? . 🙌💙🤩🤙 . Loving the skin your in is essential to growth and abundance and without a doubt... This online space using the amazing attraction marketing skill can allow you to focus on yourself rather than focusing on chasing others. . Affiliate Marketing essentially turning Network Marketing into High End Attraction marketing with a 90% Automated Platform turns your life from mediocre into Online Social Media Freedom Lifestyle aspiring Entrepreneur in a matter of weeks. . 💯WOW 💯 . Check out the link in my bio and follow me @aussiefreedomprenuer. . Invision the big picture and lean forward into compassion for your future. 🤙
Whatever it takes to be in the moment... DO IT!! Manifest it, visualize it and just know it to be true. It takes 90 days of consistant action to re program your thoughts. There will never be the right time so start now. Become the best version of you. 💙💙💙❤❤🔥🔥🔥
All things are possible with coffee and mascara..... Busy day business planning and coming home to another delivery makes me so happy. I’m still looking for 3 people to start something new this month to help them take the stress out of Christmas! There I said it 🎄message me if you want to know more
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