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lighthouse castillo #hibi_jp #film_com
The infamous light rays of Golden Ears. It’s something to see. ✨
Model: @tashandcody Stylists: @llerbes @yourcrushpepper Photographer/ Director: @half_pepper
We had a ball 🏀 at Tucson Meet Yourself (@tucsonmeetyourself ) & hope you did too! Thanks to everyone who came out & made it such a great event! 🌵 💃 🍲 🌶️ 🍢 Apex Real Estate Network​ Keller Williams Southern Arizona Dream Bigger & Build Wealth Phone: 520-441-3993 | Email: contact@apexaz.com #520 #apexrealestatenetwork #agameoftonesasteryx #arizona #arizonacollective #arizonaphotographer #az #az365 #basketball #byfolk #downtowntucson #folk #folkLife #folkart #folkfest #folklife #greatmusic #igerstucson #instagramaz #livelittlethings #momentslikethese #phoenix #realestate #scottsdale #thisisfolklife #tmy2018 #tucson #tucsonaz #tucsonmeetyourself #visitarizona
i stay posting pictures after the fact 🍳☕️ #nyc #newyork_instagram #coffeeshopcorners
Sad that it looks like fall is almost over already. It snowed while we were out today...
Una vista aérea de Cachagua por el litoral central de la V Región. Aquel día había una nubosidad bien baja que por suerte a la hora del atardecer se logró despejar.
Miami Carnival 2018 | photography by yours truly
Тёплый октябрь в Петербурге — диво дивное. Утро начинается с солнечных зайчиков, лениво путешествующих по стенам и фотографиям на них, а во дворе усталый дворник собирает островки из золотой листвы. Любимое алое пальто накинуто на плечи, шляпа Михаила Сергеевича на голове, но главное(!) не забыть солнечные очки дома. В любимую кофейню — за капучино — и вперёд в «Родину» за 150 рублей смотреть французское кино.  Тёплый октябрь как последний день лета, когда экзамены не скоро и гуляешь до утра, встречая закаты и провожая рассветы. В городе пахнет мокрым асфальтом и хризантемами, бордовые и золотые листья укутали улицы, а с речных трамвайчиков весело махают улыбчивые экскурсанты. Тёплый октябрь — бордовый шарф, хлеб для чаек и термос со сладким чаем для пикника на Ладожском озере у Осиновецкого маяка. Случайные прохожие, туристы из Поднебесной и собакены всех пород. Озеро кажется морем, а тёплый октябрь последним днём лета.⛵️💙 #дышу_петербургом #маяки_укажут_путь 🗽
“one life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. but to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.” - Joan of Arc
>>> LINK IN BIO <<< I've just launched an epic FREE guide unpacking {5 Big Mistakes Women Often Make When Dating} and I'd LOVE to share it with you. Head on over to my website www.jiveny.com or click the link in my bio to get your free download. 📷: @beashotthis * * * * * #makemoments #mytinyatlas #darlingmovement #livefolk #byfolk #finditliveit #seekmoments #flashesofdelight #livethelittlethings #wanderlust #thehappynow #theoutbound #lifeofadventure #createexplore #liveauthentic #socality #wanderfolk #openmyworld #documentlife #makeportraits #postthepeople #iphoneonly #justme #home #blessed #travel #adventures #roadtrips
Amsterdam is so wonderful and beautiful. I hope to be able to go back someday.✨
A memorable experience 🏙
On Wednesdays we eat sweets 😋 ________________________________________________ When I don't have all day to bake I *cheat*. I buy premade cinnamon rolls, butter them, add some nuts, and pop them in the oven. I add a bit of orange extract to the icing and sometimes whip it with cream cheese to spice it up. Ice the cinnamons and voila!
Photo ops for days 📸 #caffiends
Rainy fall days are still charming with they’re framed with cappuccinos and camera-wanders. I recently discovered that the plural of cappuccino is cappuccini—how cute is that? Guess I’m only ever going to order them by two or more from here on out. Twist my arm, why don’t ya? 😜 ☕️☕️
“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” 🍂🦔 Had to follow in suit and get fall ready myself.✂️
The big sleep-The Gathering
Merah - Kuning - Hijau Pilihan boleh berbeda. Tetap ingat bahwa dunia ini dipenuhi warna-warni yang saling melengkapi satu sama lain. Bukankah perbedaan itu indah? . . . #photography #furniturephotography #interiorphotography #exterior #exteriordesign #exteriorphotography #agameoftones #toneitup #moodygrams #wwgrams #interiordesign #livefolkindonesia #livefolk #folklive #vintage #vintagephotography #byfolk #way2ill #illgrams #artofvisuals #interior #photooftheday
. Days get mixed up, schedules get switched up. Mount Willard, Crawford Notch, NH
This guy again
a very little key will open a very heavy door
Vesterløkken om natten. #visitsamsø #efterår
Postcard from Paris 💌
this is how i (barely) survive through midterm szn 😴
"If your future voice could curl with the wind and lace the uneven shorelines, what would it say? Would it stagger over should-haves or bathe natures soundtrack in stillness. would it speak of relentless grit. Cobwebs, hangups, magic and maps like murals. constellations you can finally distinguish, anatomies of stars you know your way within. Early autumn is here as the sweet ember scents tango with coursing water below clouds that prep for snow sprinkles, each like and unlike so many. Jet along the golden poppy glow. Gaze at the long scribbles of lakes, shouting your best-kept secrets, running like hell into the thick of it. Into a season of becoming." 📷 and caption by the talented @lindmar . . . #visitelymn #bwca #boundarywaters #exploremn #itslaketime #visittheusa #onlyinmn #elymn #slowliving #modernoutdoors #breathedeep #cabinfolk #liveauthentic #wondermore #byfolk #folkscenery #aquietstyle #rusticretreat
Sunday fun day 😌 ________________________________________________ Sunday mornings are my quiet time. These few hours alone are spent journaling and preparing for the coming week by creating a grocery list, calendar, and chore list because If I don't have a plan my life descends into chaos.
Chicken & waffle tacos is a genius idea 😋 ________________________________________________ Back when I lived in the DC area food trucks weren't cool. They were known for their greasy and cheap street food, not "foodie" food. Now most food trucks serve gourmet street food and are considered hip and cool. Not that I'm complaining though.. I love street food.
Patiently waiting for it to not be 90 degrees 🌡️ ________________________________________________ When I first moved down south I was ready for the heat, but I quickly found out that living in the mountains means mild weather. Now I'm out of the mountains and regretting every single minute of it. It has been over 90 degrees for over seven weeks straight. Even when it rains it is hot!
Do you even live in the south if you don't have at least one decor piece that says this? ________________________________________________ I never said y'all until I started working for a university. All the staff said y'all. It was basically required for marketing events. Now I find myself saying it all the time, and I have to wonder.. Am I officially a southerner now?
~Obligatory picture of pumpkins in honor of the first day of October~ ________________________________________________ What are you looking forward to doing this month? I have one apple butter making event, two weddings, three fall festivals, and four Halloween events to attention this month!
I promise this isn't PBR 🍵 ________________________________________________ This is actually cascara tea. It is made from the husk of the coffee bean. Usually the husks are discarded, but someone realized it makes a great drink when seeped! Anytime I find cascara on a menu I make it a priority to support them because they are reducing the amount of food waste!
Hot dog ✔️ Fries ✔️ Beer ✔️ ________________________________________________ Fun fact: I have seen what hot dogs are made out of but I still eat them. I won't go into the details but let's just say they can cause chemical constituent exceedances in wastewater..
Sometimes Friday mornings call for a little bit of liquid sleep.
It's fall y'all 🍂👻
Homemade apple cider with caramel vodka and whipped cream 😍
I like the muted sounds, the shroud of grey, and the silence that comes with fog.
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ___ Tomato basil chicken sausage with pesto rotini and oven roasted zucchini is on the menu for tonight. I purchased both the chicken and zucchini from local farmers, and I'm quite impressed with the flavor and freshness.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. ___ I am bundled up in my office watching it pour rain with a space heater running. My area is having terrible flooding, so I hope I can get home safe later this afternoon!
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.
I like coffee because it gives me the illusion I might actually be awake. ___ I used to only be able to drink coffee with a pound of cream and sugar, but now I drink it black and actually taste its different flavors. It is fascinating that the same bean can have so many tastes depending on how the bean is washed, dried, roasted, and brewed.
Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
Not every lake dreams to be an ocean. Blessed are the ones who are happy with whom they are.
| Cooling down with a Thai Iced-Tea | #Vscofood
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