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Which one ? @ootd.pretty
"Life is too short to wear boring clothes".. . . Now that's so true.. I love to experiment, like I did today with my @pullandbear top and pair of culottes from one of those street shopping expeditions..❤🤷‍♀️ . . Bought these culottes from Janpath, Delhi and I just can't get over them.. 🤩 . . Share your street shopping experiments below, I'd love to read your stories..💃😋 . . #janpath #streetshopping #delhishopping #pullandbear #culottes #shoreline #shorelinelake #mountainview #shorelinepark #californiablogger #california #shoppingstory #fashionblogger #fashion #styleblogger #style #ootd #ootdfashion #outfitideas #travelgram #travelblogger #pullandbearcommunity #fashionphotography #whatiworetoday #whatiamwearing #fashiondiaries #ootdsubmit #ootdshare #bloggerstyle #instastyle
Yay! It’s the weekend! 😆 I’m celebrating because I managed to survive a very intense and grueling work week but I got through it and it’s time for some fun! I am working on appreciating success and enjoying the goodness in my life... anybody feel the same?
Saturday thought of the day ❤️ Be you
Not captured: the dancing & singing hat. Captured: girl confused by the dancing & singing hat. #pajamaday
I still have videos of this kid at 2 weeks old straight attacking my face (thinking it was my boob 😅) but when boys love their mama, they love their mama. Happy Birthday weekend @theman_cash I love your weirdness to the moon and back #ToddlerMom #OCMom #CaliforniaBlogger #OCMomBlogger
I grew up with relatives who are intense about Christmas cookies, from sugar cookies to peanut blossoms and peppermint brittle, we made it all. This year, I'm excited to incorporate some cannabis butter as an ingredient! Reading up on it in my holiday magazine from @shopmedmen #hbtsp #hbtEmberHoliday #MedMen #embermag #dispensary #ad
And there you have it. What an emotionally draining day to say bye (for now) to so many of the people that helped me grow in such a beautiful way in both character and career. I can’t express enough gratitude to @westcoastuniversity for the time I spent here collectively over the last 6 years. Sometimes, you just gotta listen to that divine voice inside that whispers it’s time for change and learning to act on that leap of faith. What’s next? Continuing to reach for the stars, growing, and becoming me, just better. #newjob #goodbye #westcoastuniversity
I couldn’t choose one 😩
The holiday season = yummy desserts! Here is one of my favorites! A brownie Sundae 🍦What’s yours? Comment below ⬇️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fbf #flashbackfriday #friyay #weekendvibes #sf #sanfrancisco #eats #yummy #yum #nomnom #dessert #brownie #sundae #foodie #foodpics #foodporn #foodphotography #foodgasm #foodgram #foodblogger #followme #fooddiary #california #caligirl #calilife #californiablogger #travelgirl #travelblogger #picoftheday
As we’re little by little coming to the end of my friendship appreciate week I wanted to say that I really appreciate all my friends who are in my life. At the end of the month you all will see a little surprise I have. If you literally were here through the start, the middle, or the part where you’re seeing me glow thank you. You all mean a lot to me.
I post about spiders too babe... aha. Anyways, I did not think I would love this movie as much as I did. I also did not think this film was going to be one of my top films of the year. I did not think this would be one of the best superhero films of all time. I also did not think this film would be one of the top films of the year in general. #intothespiderverse was wow. Just wow. The animation is stunning, the story is so strong, the heart and humor really tug you, the music goes hard, and damn it just leaves you wanting more. As you all know, I love Spider-Man, he’s my favorite hero... I just never thought the best Spider-Man film would be in the form of animation. It’s THAT GOOD. It’s OSCAR worthy. Like, damn. I can’t wait to see it again. It took my breath away and it can keep it. I never in my life thought I would say fantastic job Sony. This film is an underrated phenomenon that you need to see to believe. Spider-Men was the first time I was introduced to miles in comics and I’ve always loved him. I’m so happy this new generation of kids will have this film as their Spider-Man, while us adults have national treasure, Tom Holland in the MCU. The good thing is, we can share both 😌. Get up, take your kids, and thank me later. Turning off comments cause I don’t need hardcore (more hardcore than me) mcu fanboys coming at me for supporting a Sony marvel flick, screw ya’ll, it’s your loss. I wear my Spidey Xmas sweater with pride. This was, wow. Please support this piece of art. I can’t wait for what’s next. #Spiderman #spidermanintothespiderverse
Hit em with a ‘cool’ and move on.
You know when you walk into a place, and you can just feel the love and joy and warmth the moment you come through the door? . @mychalslearningplace is that kind of a place. Founded by Ed Lynch in honor of his daughter, Mychal, who passed away in 1996 at age seven, Mychal’s Learning Place believes that children and adults with developmental disabilities deserve to be challenged with opportunities that build self-esteem and independence. . I’m really thankful that my company gives us volunteer days off of work! I was able to use one of those today, and spend four hours helping out in the kitchen. It was a true pleasure getting to know the employees, students, and volunteers; the sweet student in the photo with me told me that when she was little, she dreamed of being a pizza maker. She made pizza for the first time after coming to Mychal’s, which made her so proud and happy. . Bright colors...beautiful, student-created artwork on the walls...a music room...a gleaming and spacious kitchen...and what comes out of the kitchen is delicious! I sampled cookies, scones, muffins, bars, and a latte made from Mychal’s beans, and everything was SO GOOD. And there are vegan, keto, and gluten-free options, too. There’s a pop-up coffee shop in the lobby on Friday mornings, and you’ll also find Mychal’s baked goods at local businesses. . Can you tell I loved being there? I have always thought this, and today proved it true again: That when you volunteer, YOU are the one who truly gets the gift.
PJ’s and Polar Express 🚂 with friends, sweet treats, and fake snow ❄️ (because in #SanDiego you take what you can get!) . Speaking of fake snow ❄️, the last boomerang is actually popcorn 🍿, and the kids we’re going crazy pretending it was the real deal. #itsthelittlethings . Thanks for a fun night, @existencechurch ! . . . . . #momssupportingmoms #momsohard #thatsdarling #thehappynow #livethelittlethings #ohheymama #momblogger #lifestyleblogger #sandiegoblogger #familyblogger #californiablogger #caliblogger #socalblogger #motherhoodunplugged #mytinymoments #motherhoodrising #mombie #honestmotherhood #letthembelittle #joyfulmamas #momlife #dailyparenting #stopdropandmom #momboss
Cozy scarf, several medicine ball sick teas from Starbucks and favorite sparkly studded flats were all necessary to get me thru this work day. Being sick 👎🏻!!! ❤️ my splurge on this @freepeople scarf. Darn you Nordstrom on your displays. Only problem now is I want it in all colors. 😂
A sneak peek at our Holiday photos I just got back on this beautiful day as the sun peeks through the rain clouds. My Mom looking down from Heaven through the fog...
You guys! It's happening! I'm moving to LA!!! 🌴☀️ . Wednesday was my shipping day - Awesome Movers (literally their name!), which I found via the @gouhaul Moving Help Marketplace, moved all my stuff into a @gouhaul U-Box container, which is getting shipped to and unloaded at my new place in LA 🙌🏻 . This means that next week when I actually move, I won't have to pack or drive a truck - just taking my car and my cat and we're off 🐱🚗💨 #uhaul #movingday #tooeasy #sponsored
As a lover of traveling and experiencing culture,  I have always had a fascination with family history and were my ancestors come from. I have an idea of where my DNA comes from but never an exact answer. That's why I’m so excited to partner w/ @helix #ad in hopes of learning more about where I come from.  Both my family and I have talked about and have wanted to try a DNA discovery kit, now I actually get to (it would be an amazing Christmas gift, just saying). Also in my Helix DNA Discovery Kit I received a $20 promo card to use on their website so I can dive even deeper into the story that my genetics tell! . . . #FollowYourDNA #Helix
#ad I can’t believe it is Christmas shopping crunch time 😱 and if you find yourself in a scramble, here is a major tip: check off all of the beauty lovers off your list by visiting your local @Sephora inside @JCPenney ! ✔️💋 They carry top beauty, skincare and haircare products, as well as wonderful gift sets and stocking stuffers like the ones pictured here! 🎁 Now on www.lilbitsofchic.com I’m breaking down my last minute beauty gift picks! #SephorainsideJCP
I’ll suffer in the cold to wear a cute outfit🧣❄️
wake me up when it’s summer 🌴 || finished my last final today and weights have been lifted off of my shoulders 😩 now I can actually enjoy the holiday season 😌
Which Fleur Bear would you choose? Left or Right?! 🐻🐻🌹
it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas thanks to @thebouqsco#bouqlove
It's @jacobsmedium 's first time in Hawaii!!! A Hawaii Christmas is definitely unlike anything else in the world (for starters, it's WARM!) Can't wait to show him my little slice of paradise and all of the beautiful spots on this island that I love 🌴🌴🌴
It’s that time of year where we want to wear dresses but are freezing cold so we have to accessorize with large shirts like this one! Some #outfitinspo to help you still be cute but warm 👌🏼🧣❄️ LIPSTICK @toofaced shade “Lady balls” TOP search “long sleeves” in @wish BAG @zara BROWS @benefitcosmetics “Goof proof brow pencil” in 6 LASHES @lashby_linhlux I just tell her “Lots of volume!”
✨Christmas Undone🎄Life with you is always an adventure... whether it’s backpacking through the wilderness or frantically sweeping gallons and gallons of water out of our house- we embrace it all🙏🏼•••• >>We had to continue our Christmas tradition of taking our family photo in our home, this time slightly bruised and tattered🏚 I hear Jesus didn’t need much to make a place a home as people gathered to meet the Savior🌟 •••• >>Praying your Christmas time is Merry, full of love (&dry😜) ❤️Double tap if your Christmas photos are done with an iPhone too 🤣 #neelandsadventures #wewishyouamerrychristmas
we don’t speak of this night 😜...when we doing round 2? 💓
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