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I spent 5 months cycling across Europe and probably only have 5 photos of me and my bike. So while in India I’ll be turning the camera around more often. This morning I set off from Delhi after almost a week feeling pretty ill. I belted our 110km and am almost halfway to Jaipur, with the aim to hit 130km tomorrow to reach it. 🚴‍♂️ I’ve been elated today, after every motorbike pulled alongside to give me a thumbs up, a few drivers holding up traffic to say hello and just an overall fantastic feeling from everyone i met. This place is tough, but worth it.
Not a smokestack belting out pollutant, but the worlds tallest brick minaret caught beneath a cloud. Qutub Minar in south Delhi makes staring upwards at an awkward angle oh so worth it.
About to board a flight to Delhi and looking back on a mad 7 months in Europe, cycling 11,000km and running 7 marathons in Paris, Edinburgh, South Downs, Tallinn, Budapest, Zagreb and Istanbul. Thanks to @christlamb85 for running three of them with me in a year in which he also did 3 #ironman triathlons! £3.5k raised for @aboveandbeyondcharity and still going. Here’s to the next leg and a marathon date in Mumbai #legless 🏃‍♂️🚴‍♂️
2. [...] I love travelling. For those who know me, have seen my content or followed me recently, you may have noticed that I crave for adventure. Big or small. I look for it even in it's simplest of form. It is my deepest belief that we need this in our lives. Even the smallest of adventures can lead to great things. Even a smile, even a word. Oh, words, I could write pages about their power and how such simple things like these can make us travel. I do not pretend to understand them all, and anyway, this is not really the platform for this kind of content, but in a small way, I wanted to use those words to share my experience. What an adventure can be made of. Of words, people and am old suitcase. In all fairness it is not as practical as your modern wheelie plastic suitcase, so sometimes you need to rest. You sit it in front of you on the train that will take you away through the night and the person next to you will smile and ask what treasures it holds, what's its story, and yours, and then they'd tell theirs. Hours of travel in the darkness will go by as fast as those city lights shinning in the distance. The next day, you'll leave it next to you while you sit on that bench in the park and an old lady will sit next to you, asking you where you're going and telling you where she went. Travelling farther and farther in the past until both of you have to leave, walking against a flow of dark figures going about their day, to catch her bus home, and you yours. How many more conversations like that has this suitcase seen? Where has it been where you've not? This old battered suitcase helped me travel in so many ways, I do hope that someone will one day find it in the corner of a dusty attic. The old leather, the torn labels, will maybe pique their curiosity, enough to take the travelling suitcase back for another adventure. . . . #travel #everytraveler #adventure #journey #unexpectedjourney #callforadventure #imgoingonanadventure #oldandnew #oldfashion #oldfashioned #oldfashiontravel #traveller #wanderer #people #suitcase #vintagesuitcase #oldsuitcase
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