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Gucci gang 😂😂😂 . . @agungprasetya.05 @aryaoctoberry_ @gta__ind • • • •
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A crazy sunset light captured above Bled Lake! . . ***Ancora alcuni posti disponibili per il Workshop in Slovenia 🇸🇮 dal 28 Aprile al 1 Maggio! Contattami in DM per ottenere maggiori info o visita il link nella Bio!***
A hot one by the fire☕ @polerstuff_uk #campvibes 📸 @kdbush91
Els pinzells del gran artista Francesc Galobardes. Em sento molt afortunada d'haver-lo conegut, avui 16/01.
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Good Campsites Are Found Not Made🔥🌲 Follow➡️ @outdoors.survival.kingdom 📸: @fiks_photo . . Stay in Touch With Our New Posts By Turning on Post Notifications👍 ----------------- Double Tap To Like Tag a Friend Or a Mate ----------------- . . . . . #kuksa #cabin #camplife #udeliv #friluftsliv #bushcraft #backcountry #firepit #axe #fireplace #camplife #survivalgear #shelter #preparedness #wilderness #wildernessculture #woodsnap #riverside #camping #modernoutdoorsman #campvibes #woodsman #getouthere #getoutthere #getoutside #getoutstayout #bugout #riverbank #getoutdoors
The third installment of @surfcitycx was a dusty one
When the evening is spread out against the sky @visitoregoncoast @visitklamathfalls Amazing! Please follow us: @vnnature Thank you so much! credit:@josiahq @repost_app
I have always been a writer - even when I forgot I was, and I used to forget a lot. - YDW ____ I used to memorize poetry in my bedroom - reciting them to my grandmother, who always stood amazed at my 8 year old abilities. In school however, I was out of focus - loud and creative, headstrong and bold. Bold is a terrible thing to be in a small place, such as an educational institution. ____ I was inquisitive and never afraid to question what I was told to be true. Education has a way of forcing us to accept ideas and standards whether we truly view them as valuable or not. ___ As an adult, I struggle with following directions and sticking to set schedules, meeting deadlines, sticking to one project, staying in one place too long. Yet, I feel accomplished. Pioneer of nothing. Student of anything that teaches lessons on life. ____ Write about being where you are. Write about being who you were. Write about dreams and anything that makes you speak fast, breathe harder, smile longer. I was always a writer, even when I forgot I was. . . . . . . #oneforone #dogood #gearforgood #changetheworld #liveauthentic #collectivelycreate #makeadifference #bekind #bethechange #encouragement #empowerment #giveback #helpinghand #community #buildeachotherup #earthfocus #stayandwander #thelensbible #camping #optoutside #folk #exploretocreate #artofvisuals
Achievement is not about what you've done - but what you've gained from your experience.
1374. I could write a long story of my accident but who cares? I'm happy to have amazing friends who helped me out when I had to stay in the hospital and got some screws in my back. Especially I'm thankful for two of my best friends. I'm sure you know that I mean you.
Every kid needs to play like this!
Excited to dive into @ben.p.ward 's Viewfinder profile. He's been creating some really cinematic scenes. Ben is a talented guy and has good taste in grilled cheeses.
spring 2015: sunset under the Campanile after bombing an organic chemistry final at UC Berkeley, before leaving to work in Nicaragua for the first time.
Tahoe night moves with the boys! Elias hippie jumping higher than his own head. Tuesdays with 📷 @forefuego
Van Tour Articles: As a way to pull back the curtain a little on our van, what we have in there and how we decided what we were going to do for our conversion, we have released the first article in our Van Tour series today. ----------- Today we talk about batteries! Find out what we use and why on our website under our latest posts section ----------- Photo by @theindieprojects
H I L L C O F F E E To get where you wanna go Never ever missing out Keep your eye on all displays When you find your style Everyday´s a holiday I’ll show you how to work it To find the fit that’s perfect I know that you deserve it #tworoutes #heritagecentralstore #leather #durablegoods #durableleathergoods #handmade #vintage #oldschool #products #coffee #espresso #home #travel #mountain #adventure #staywild #craftsmanship #home #tipography #workshop #inspiration #americanmade
@tim_parsell enjoying the view before he treks out of our camp ❄️ YouTube • Alex Outdoors
Never look back... Unless what's at your rear was rated by #ButlerMaps . 😉 📸 @DonniRedPhotos | #MappingMemories #pureGo1d #G1Rated
Sunsets in Amsterdam were 👌
I knew as soon as I started seeing drone photos, that I wanted one. You can simply reach perspectives impossible otherwise and that is great. I always thought it would be easy to great photos with one, but the truth is that it’s just as tricky as on the ground. It’s easy to forgot all of your compositional techniques in the excitement and end up with pretty average photos. Another problem is the quality is nowhere near that of a decent ILC camera. To make up for that I usually take several photos and stitch them together, meaning I get a much larger photo and the imperfections are minimised. This was a three shot stitch from a flight over some snow capped mountains on the east coast of Iceland. #visiticeland #iceland 🇮🇸
Setting up camp on the wild open landscapes of southern Patagonia. #bikepacking #campvibes #pasnormalstudios
I just love this place
Usually my favorite part about road trips is the road trip itself. Blaring music, gas station snacks and heavy laugh sessions. I-70 is pretty nice too.
One of my favorite shots I’ve taken #wherearethewaves Expired Polaroid 35mm
Had the privilege of meeting this awesome dude today in Yosemite! Thanks for showing us around and for the good talks. 🙌🏼
Valley views
🐶 il se fond dans mes vieilleries 🏚
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