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. Australia’s favourite psychedelic-dance adventurers, @MiamiHorror , are set to have a FREE DJ Set on Sunday 18th November with a whole new bag of delights. ⠀ .⠀ Miami Horror’s fourth release “The Shapes” is a visionary project with percussive and colourful sound, taking influence from 70’s post-punk as well as the hypnotic bounce of world-beat pop artists of the 80’s. ⠀ .⠀ Don’t miss out on this one-off event at Old Man’s!! Spread the good news.⠀ 🙌🏻🎧👯‍♂️🎶🍻
. THE LAWN🍍🌴🍸🍻 . cangguでホロ酔った日。 色んな話して、最後は楽しかったね!💕って言い合った(笑) . #canggu #canggunight #thelawn #bintan #drink #girls #talk
Today’s smile is brought to you by @senjatacos . Come by and say hello to @akachkovsky & rizky the man who responsible for your yummy tacos. #senjatacos #canggufood #canggu #canggunight
Love is a lot like dancing, we just surender to the music. Wohooo! . . Trust us, you all can dance! See you on our Wednesday salsa night!💃✌ . #berawaskitchen #cangguevents #canggunight #bali #dancelikenooneiswatching #gemlive #warunguno #canggucommunity #berawadance
🤙🏻🏄🏼‍♂️👣// Swimming pool to skate park • #prettypoison #canggu #neon #skatepark #skateboarding #liveband #sweatfest #canggunight #balinights #skatepark
“Lying together” - The beginning is gentle, but you can slowly taste the nice flavor of rum. 👄 「Lying Together」 comes from the song of the same name from the French musician FKJ. 🥝 When you catch this, you can remember the sticky temperament of this song and can not stop to look blurred to your baby.☺️
See ya tonight @deustemple CANGGU ! Lets get the ROCK n’ REAL party tonight 🙌🍻🔥 *opening act by DJ dubwill and porte band.starts at 7pm #dreadROCK #rocknroll #party #canggunight #island #gig #musician #chears #instagram #bali
• This is the rhythm of the night • Sandbar, Canggu, Bali #rhythm #canggunight #balinightlife #drunkasshit #sandbar #milifebelike #wow #yeahbaby #bootycheck
"Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder" - Kinky Friedman - . . . Thank you for coming peeps 🙏😍😍😘 #berawaskitchen
We dream of a better world, where chicken can stand on the table without having their motives questioned. . . Ah! That's one of our chicken 😂😂 #berawaskitchen #berawaschicken 😂😂
Thank you for spending your time with us. . . . #berawaskitchen
Great photo + great 🎵 = Amazing! 📷 : @superluckyphili 🎵 : Rayuan Pulau Kelapa Cover by amazing musician @wayanjos #berawaskitchen #berawasmusic
Finding friend with the same mental disorder, PRICELESS! . . . Enjoy our garden. 😂 #berawaskitchen
F O R T H E L O V E O F F A M I L Y #berawaskitchen #sneakpeek
Happy faces of @michellejeanlawson @afejes @chloefryman @lena_rox @claire.j.alexander @ash_lar at our garden 😀😍 glad to have you all. Enjoy bali 🙏 #berawaskitchen
To serve you better even more space, we have moved our playground and redecorating everything. . . Just enjoy our garden 😍😘🍺🍸🍻🙏 #berawaskitchen
Make sure to come down and join us for tuesday #berawasmusic with @vtbofficial will be bless the stage with their lovely tunes. . . Show start at 7 pm! #berawaskitchen
Good morning sunshine. . . . #berawaskitchen
Good morning, wishing you all a wonderful day. #berawaskitchen
Good times, perfect place and crazy friends make the best memories 😍😘🐒🙈😀😂🍻🍺 . . Enjoy our garden. #berawaskitchen
If you haven't got any plans for tonight then look no further as we have got one of the best live music venue in canggu. . . Did we also mention our coctail menu is only 25K from 9-11 pm. #berawaskitchen
A good friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have! . . Tag your friend and double tap if you agree 🙆🙆 Gather around with your friend at the biggest tropical garden food hall in canggu. See you at our garden. #berawaskitchen
Love makes the world go 'round, our cocktails makes it go twice as fast. . . Cocktails start @30K Let's dance at our garden. Trust me, you all can dance! #berawaskitchen
Here's what you'll find at our garden. 😍😍🍺🍻🐕 . . . #berawaskitchen
Our garden is one of the best places for you to relax and unwind during the long days. Presenting an expansive lawn fringed with lush green shrubs and mature trees, our garden is a place our residents choose to sit and relax, relishing a cocktails or wine and sharing their memories or indulging in a cheerful chat. The beautiful flowers the huge mature tree that overlooks the backyard of canggu, the thatched summer atmosphere, and all that vast, lush greenery make our garden a perfect place to rest and enjoy the days. #berawaskitchen
Our acoustic duo will be hitting the stage at our garden tonight #berawasmusic ! Don't miss out! Show start at 7 PM. #berawaskitchen
Say hi to our "black dog". We love to see your pet around our garden. #berawaskitchen
What is love for today? Love is foods from @hosbistroandcafe 😍 Let's Try! #berawa #berawakitchen
Friends Recipe Tonight Delicious Pork belly from @hosbistroandcafe and Hot tea 😎🤙🏻 #berawa #berawaskitchen
looks, beautiful Rice field in canggu😍 . . 📸: @adriennegittusphotography #berawa #berawaskitchen
Berawas kitchen presents tonight live acoustic from @vtbofficial Thank you for joining us on this lovely evening 😍 #berawa #berawaskitchen
Seeyou @vtbofficial lovers @berawaskitchen starting 7pm💃 Perfect - @teddysphotos Ed Sheeran. . Today is TUESDAY. day off is over and back to duty again. See you guys tonight around at @berawaskitchen 7-10pm. @topvocalist @indomusikgram @wowmusicians @instamusiciansdaily #berawa #berawaskichen
Good morning Girls💃 take time to make your soul Happy @berawaskitchen #berawa #berawaskitchen
Having a girl's night out? Come to our garden and have a good time! And of course a little gossip wouldn't hurt 😉 #berawa #berawaskitchen
Let's starting Monday @berawaskitchen #berawa #berawaskitchen
If you find yourself in one of Bali’s vast rice fields during your off the beaten path travel around the island, then you’ll see that sometimes words just can’t describe the emerald-green beauty that sprawls right before your eyes. . . 📸: @lorelaiiiine7 #berawa #berawaskitchen
Come and join us at our beloved garden #berawa #berawaskitchen
Kids + Coloring Book + @berawaskitchen = Perfect Family Weekend! #berawa #berawaskitchen #happyweekend
make sure you try our wonderfully made cocktails 😉 #berawabeach #berawa #berawakitchen
There’s so many beautiful scenery in the island of Gods. Let’s embrace the nature.😍 📸: @balikidsguide #berawa #berawaskitchen
Live music on thursday happening tonight😍 #berawaskitchen
Every Father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice #Berawa #Berawakitchen #fatherandson
Where are you tonight? Come down and grab a bite to eat and have a few drinks 😍🍻 There's live music and a playground for the kiddos, so bring the whole fam! #berawaskitchen
Welcoming our newest addition to our little family at @berawaskitchen #berawa #berawaskitchen
Happiness comes in waves。 May happiness comes to all of you on this november❤️ #Berawa #Berawakitchen
Happy Galungan Day 😀 Galungan is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma. It marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth. The last day of the celebration is Kuningan, when they return. The date is calculated according to the 210-day Balinese calendar. #Berawa #Berawaskitchen
Special Tuesday at @berawaskitchen we have Live Acoustic starting 7pm @vtbofficial see you at our garden😍 #berawaskitchen #berawa
new playground on our backyard! @berawaskitchen #berawaskitchen
What's the plan for tonight? we are ready with the most awesome food @berawaskitchen #berawa #berawaskitchen
This super cool chica came by for our top notch Japanese curry! So get your tummy ready and come to our little garden @berawaskitchen And thanks for the lovely snap @earthandlust 😎 😍 #berawaskitchen
Good Morning, Happy Sunday CYAN have promo for the jewelry buy 3 get 1 FREE. Start from only 25K Seeyou at our garden😍 #berawaskitchen #sundaymarket
Need a new nice looking outfit for your OOTD or need to look great for a date? Well at @berawaskitchen Sunday Market we got it all! Sunday 29 October 2017 Starting from 3pm-11pm And trust me you’ll look FRESH AF!! @femyfemy @sgh.official @astasilverbali @swelltropical @nataoka #berawa #berawaskitchen
Come and join us on "Sunday Market" at 3pm-11pm And Try this healthy Coconut oil By CYAN as our tenant market. #berawaskitchen #sundaymarket
Sunday,29 october 2017 @berawaskitchen present sunday market Start 3pm-11pm we have booth from @swelltropical @astasilverbali 😍 starting price 150k 🤑 See you there for a fun Sunday! #berawaskitchen #sundaymarket
One of the most lovely views from our coastal village Canggu! And while you visit our beloved village don’t forget to come to @berawaskitchen We would love to have you here! #berawaskitchen
There are nothing in this world that can make this hot sunny day better than nice cold cocktails at @berawaskitchen And it’s only 25k++ 😍 #berawaskitchen
Looking to spend a fun afternoon with your children or just need some time for yourself where your kids can entertain themselves? our garden is the answer. #berawaskitchen
Sunday,29 october 2017 @berawaskitchen present sunday market Start 3pm-11pm we have booth from @nataoka -Lost in paradise- starting price 150k 🤑 See you there on Sunday! #berawaskitchen #sundaymarket
Have a date with your furry friends?? Then go to our pet friendly little garden @berawaskitchen We would love to meet your friends!! #berawaskitchen
you can't count our memories 🍻 @berawaskitchen #berawaskitchen
Don’t worry parents, while you are having fun on our garden, your kids can play with our new playground on our backyard! @berawaskitchen #berawaskitchen
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