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Those blue bird days🙌🏻
When dad pulls out the instax 😂
The Amps ✌🏻
Dug this out of the summer archives tonight, it’s amazing how an old photo can put you directly back in the moment it was taken.
“Murphy's Law doesn't meant that something bad will happen. It means that whatever can happen, will happen.” 📸@stephaniebureau ° ° ° #photo #photographer #photography #photograph #landscape #water #watercolor #waterfront #CanonCanada150 #canon #canonphotography #instagood #instadaily #portrait #portfolio #men #northface
Walk past the lift line and see what you can find
Morning blue hour glow over one of the most iconic lighthouses in the world
(Some caption that says how lucky I am to live here)
Out for a little tour today
Light peaking through the trees at Shubie Park after a fresh snowfall. Crazy how much of a difference a fresh snowfall can make on a landscape ❄️
Deep in Whistler backcountry, or 100 meters away from a groomer? Doesn't matter to me as long as I get to #skiuphill
So good news, sledding in powder is probably the funnest thing ever photo creds 📸@jordangkrobinson
Know my skin glows whenever I see you // Model: @raynamartel of @chaninternationalagency Makeup and hair: @tc.lopez @_maimakeup
More a-frames in 2019 please! What a way to start off the new year. Who else is dreaming of quaint afternoons in the mountains? 🙋🏻‍♂️
Need to fly here again soon!
Big December snow falls call for the old 1979 Bronco to come out of hibernation so we can clear out driveway.
What’s poppin’? 🍿
Whistler doesn't only have an endless amount of snow, but also an endless amount of runs. Excited to start exploring what's beyond the resorts boundaries this weekend with @altusmtnguides
Not a bad place to spend the winter ❄️
Guccie 13 ans le 3 janvier #canoncanada150 #chien #animaux #fete
Proud of u ❤ 2018 was 🔥 and 2019 will be more success and happiness habibi 👌🔥💖 can't wait to see what will u do In 2019🔥 ur the 🔝 #illusion #karlwolfs #yalla #Africa #fashion #Canada #music #voice #love #5million #Canadian #summer2017 #summer17 #Mmvs2017 #like4like #blessed #Boss #best_singer #festival #fighter #Lebanese #lone_wolf #Ottawa #performance #live #ajax #ontour #canoncanada150 #despacito #karlwolf @karlwolfs
Hockey: the sport everyone in my family plays but me.
What a year!! 2018 certainly had it’s challenges, but it’s those experiences that insight tangible growth. Still wouldn’t trade this year for anything! Between graduating from Uni, moving to Vancouver, making a short film for a Whistler film festival, and shooting fulltime it’s been a beautiful year! Thanks for joining with me! So many incredible experiences shared with incredible people. I can imagine 80 year old me grinning as I reminisce about the memories tied to these 9 images and all the others I’ve shared of the last year. 😁 I hope you all had a personally and professionally fulfilling year!! Here’s to many more!
Aspiring to go into 2019 as happy as rondo on a morning hike 🐶
There’s something about the heat from a fire that’s so much better than the heat from an electric furnace.
she ain’t never took a trip to the 6.
Workin, Skiin, and lovin every day
Les fenêtres du parc national du Bic QC. #parc #sepaq #canoncanada150 #fenetre #nature #fleuve
Winter in Nova Scotia can really be a treat if you can bare the cold
Not a bad sunset for the second best university in Canada.
Frosty mountains; warm baths
Having a great time fifth wheeling over here 👍🏼
Double chins and plump bums ☺️
Christmas cuties! So excited to see these friends go from 3 to 4 in 2019!
First day ski touring is always mess. At least it was sunny! Swipe left to see the view outside of the car.
I’m starting my top 9 photos for 2018! It’s all of your likes, comments and follows that made this year a success. This is #9 , a beautiful short eared owl that we observed outside of Aylmer Québec. #outaouaisfun #quebecoriginal #canoncanada150 #explorecanada
Ending the year off right, in the mountains!
When you perfectly match the scenery 👌🏼
Pompiers en exercice rivière Rimouski. #riviere #canoncanada150 #pompier #sauvetage
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