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Getting up at 3 in the morning is always worth it for a show like this! #capturealaska
Where would you most like to take a scenic flight in Alaska to? In 2019 Fly Around AK will offer scenic flights to Manley Hot Springs, Flat, McCarthy, Prince William Sound, Valdez, Cordova, Seward, Whittier, and the Kavik River Camp from our Palmer location. Let us know if there are any other scenic flights you think would be amazing to go on!
Scenic Tours to Manley Hot Springs, Alaska and many other great Alaskan locations will be offered by Fly Around AK in 2019. Let us know where you’d like to go!
We've been getting some frosty mornings lately. I'm ready for winter to finally set in. #Alaska #907 #thealaskalife #capturealaska #alaskalife #itscold
What would be nicer than a leisurely stroll around Manley Hot Springs, Alaska in the summer of 2019? Not much, I say! I got to experience Manley for my first time this summer and it was so relaxing, so lovely, so quintessentially Alaskan! Join Fly Around Ak for scenic tours to Manley Hot Springs and other best-Alaskan locations in 2019.
All I want for Christmas is some snow! • • • #bealpha #capturealaska #thealaskalife
Sunset near Craig, Alaska. Print options available, link in bio.
A sprinkle of snow on the mountains and helicopters make good pictures! #capturealaska
Visit the old world feel of McCarthy, Alaska on one of our scenic day tours from Palmer, Alaska. Alaskan Scenic Day Tours starting in the spring of 2019. 📷 Claudia Breidbach @claudiabreidbac
Standing on the edge... #capturealaska
Clouds are so magical☁️💙
Misty afternoons like these mean that winter is on the way. More adventures yet to come... #bealpha #stayandwander #thealaskalife #capturealaska
Lazy mountain... lazy day... 💤💤💤
Fly Around Ak Glacier Tours 💎
We get a pretty amazing view out our window each morning. #Alaska #907 #thealaskalife #capturealaska
Join Fly Around AK in 2019 for Glacier tours. Get up close to Alaskan Glaciers in the comfort of a warm plane. Give us a call, email us, or stop in anytime if you’re interested in knowing more! 💎
I still miss it!
Cordova, Alaska in the summertime—serenity. Cordova is a small town located near the mouth of Copper River. No roads connect Cordova to other Alaskan towns-you can only get to the beauty of the spot by plane or ferry. In 2019 Fly Around AK will be offering flight tours to Cordova! Who wants to go!? 📷 Haylei Sheldon-Graham @hayleirae
Oh teddy...
Prince William Sound, Alaska in the summer - beautiful greens and striking blues. Alaskan nature at its best. Fly Around AK will be offering day tours to Prince William Sound and many other locations in 2019. Where do you want to go? 📷 Haylei Sheldon-Graham @hayleirae
Flat, Alaska-one of Alaska’s most fascinating ghost towns-pictured is an abandoned building that once belong to the booming gold mining town. In 2019 Fly Around AK will be offering day tours to this interesting historical location! . 📷Citation Ruth A.M. Schmidt papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.
Jason is our newest student to Solo! No more shirt tails! Brrrr ❄️ must have been cold. But what an accomplishment! Cheer him on as he continues his journey to become a private pilot! 👨🏻‍✈️
Bush planes and sight-seeing Alaskan mountain. The perfect combination! Check out our scenic Alaskan mountains tours out of Palmer and Talkeetna coming next year! 🏔🏔🏔
Alaskan mountain tours out of Palmer and Talkeetna. Seeing Alaskan mountains up close from a bush plane is an experience like no other. Tours coming next year.
Waking up to the moon 🌝
Talkeetna scenic tours - up close to breathtaking Alaskan mountains. Tours next year.
It’s snowing! ...But the grass is still green. 🙃🌨✅
The beautiful turquoise color of Lake Clark never gets old. • • • #bealpha #sonyalpha #stayandwander #capturealaska
Flying is so much fun! There’s some incredible stuff out there to see. #capturealaska
Where else but Alaska will you see such beautiful colors? 😍💙💚💛
Free 💙
Winter... is... coming...
Sunset boat rides! #capturealaska
Home sweet home! We made it! Oh Palmer, how we love you. 🏔💙🛬 And it only took 32 days.
Yes! Tok! Back in Alaska! 🏔🏔🏔
Some of you may have noticed a new page with our pictures slowly popping up on it. @gnarlygnosa and I decided to launch our business GnosaFoto. @gnosafoto so please check it out find us on Facebook give us a follow or a ring. Message us show some support, share it. Social media is still a work in progress we are getting ready to drop some new content soon and at the end of this week our official site www.gnosafoto.com will be live 😊 ♥️. #alaskasmallbusiness #alaskanphotographers #alaskaphotography #capturealaska #discoverphotography #followus #followformore #dmtoscheduleanappointment
Another day in paradise. #capturealaska
“If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.” DM for inquiries. #gnosafoto #alaskaportraits #alaskaphotography #photography #alaskan #blackandwhite #portraits #closeup #seealaska #capturealaska
No more shirt tail for Roger! Congratulations on soloing!
We’re so happy Rachael passed her check ride! She came to us looking for a career change. She was a Air Force meteorologist and wanted to become an Air Force pilot. Our 2 week course to become a private pilot made it easy for her. Congratulations Rachael! 🎉🎉🎉
Beautiful weather, great friends visiting, fall colors, Lake Trout. What more could you ask for? #Alaska #907 #thealaskalife #capturealaska #fishing #findyourpark #optoutside #lakeclark
Pro tip for the day. Don’t ever get between a momma bear and her cub... 🐻 #capturealaska
Praise the Lord, we got a moose! I'm feeling a little more Alaskan now that I shot my first (animal of any kind). Not pictured: the amazing help from friends hauling out of the slough, field dressing, processing and more, ten million flies, some beautiful boat rides, one long hike through a swamp. #Alaska #fullfreezer #ForestCamel #907 #thealaskalife #capturealaska #hunting #handload #barnesbullets #optoutside #ruger #vortexoptics #moosemeat #locovore #300winmag
Rachael soloed! So exciting! She did it in just 6 days! Cheer her on! She’ll be a new private pilot in no time!
What a great day for flying! It’s a little crisp out and the trees are changing colors, winter is almost here guys!!😏 #capturealaska
Beautiful Alaskan colors 💛💚💙
They're back! Or at least night being dark is back. I'm pretty thankful to have this view out our back window. * #Alaska #907 #thealaskalife #capturealaska #alaskalife #northernlights #auroraborealis #aurora #LakeClarkNationalPark #canon 📷 #canon
A ducky 🦆day to go flying, isn’t it?
Who else has spotted the Northern Lights this fall? #capturealaska
“The synchronicity, the inexplicable moments, the adventure, the adrenaline rush, the peace, the magic...That’s what I’m living for.”-@dulceruby. . . . ||#alaska #travel #discover #explore #vacation #anchorage #eklutnalake #ice #winter #adventure #nonaventures #nature #beauty #shotoniphone #youneedalaska #thealaskalife #naturalalaska #capturealaska
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