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Fire 🔥🔥🔥
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Wave slayaa 🐲
x @paurcastellot 🌹 “I could see, like, I've been stuck here my whole life... There must be something else out there, waiting, you know? Just for us. We could run away. Just leave... Never look back. I don't even care where we go. Just far away from here... I'll come with you." 🌾 ---------------------------------- • The Midnight ~ Sunset 🎙
Day vs night Comment 🌝for day or comment 🌚for night
Understand my vulnerability. Sit with it. Make love with it. And you’ll have me. | @laurensaurette
up real close hay wussup photo by @seekaxiom
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Hoy es siempre todavía.. ➰ @_pacz
Appreciate the public places but adore the hidden jems ❤️
“We are all haunted by what could have been, the ships that didn’t carry us. The only thing you can do with your ghost lives is wave to them from the shore.” - @katieboland13
Tell me your hardest would you rather! 😋 _________________________________________ Ps. Warning! Don't look at this picture while driving or operating heavy machinery... I almost fell asleep looking at it 😝
💡This City Doesn't Sleep💡
x @marianaojda 🌹 “If beauty were time, you’d be eternity...” 👁
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Fuma mi alma y respira... ➖ ➖ M:@erick.grant
Porque supongo que os gusta ver su cara tanto como a mí. Ella es @elsilenciodelasirenita pero no necesita presentaciones. Tengo ganas de hacer alguna foto con modelos masculinos y jugos de luces, si alguno se anima que no dude en comentármelo. En este caso he recurrido a colores fríos y cálidos para contrastar las luces y las sombras. . . . . #portrait_vision #aovportrait #portraitpage #featurecreature #folkportraits #featurepalette #flowers #artofportrait #portraitsfromtheworld #portrait #portraiture #life_portraits #makeportrait #exploreeverything #artofvisuals #explore #london #capturethenorth #earth_portraits #visualauthority #girlscreating #girls #moodyports #instagram #instadaily #lights #iphoneography #ootd
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Let's fill this feed with some more @liv_m22
the world in the palm of your hands ^^
Holy shit!! Waking up EXCITED at 6am to work on set till late is something that I’ve never imagined myself loving! Ahhh Couldn’t have done with without y’all talented fuckers!! (U know who u are 😂) So here I present to you a preview of a short film that I’ve wrote and directed called “The Birds and the bees”! A story about a mother who’s giving the sex talk, while her daughter is struggling to come out! 🐥🐝
it was gloriously warm today so naturally here’s some winter. ❄️ shout out to Mother Earth for being my first teacher in appreciating beauty. I’m sorry everyday isn’t Earth Day🌎💚 - - #explorebc #adventurevisuals #wildernessculture #earthday #winterthrowback #canadianrockies #choosemountains #capturethenorth #travelalberta #explorecanada #planetearth #icefieldsparkway
Back of my mind. ⚡
we’re soarin’...
What a beautiful day to be surrounded by plants, sunshine, and friends ☀️ Psttt go to @colspleen page to see what she sketched in her book!
Happy Earth Day, here's a picture that was taken on Earth ! 🌍🌎🌏
It's impossible until it's done.
Don’t let the poison that surrounds you, stifle out the life you want to live. Please know it truly doesn’t matter, and truly never did.
Please welcome to the stage summer and @itsmattreid ☀️
Life is only as good as your mindset 🤟🏻
“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” -Henry David Thoreau 🌍Happy Earth Day everyone!
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Happy earth day! 🌲🌱🦖🌏 Protect where you play 🙏🏼🙏🏼 This is by far my favourite waterfall. Thanks to @brendinkelly & @meghanorourkee for showing me around. #capturethenorth
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