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It Goes like sumting sumting sumting.....
🗼❇ nearly тнe end oғ мy 6 мonтн нolιday! 快d約我laa х
Selfie time, with canon
Богата супа, гулаш или просто бъркани яйца? Готви като професионалист с газов котлон Hansa, независимо от вашите умения за готвене;) #love #followback #instagramers #socialsteeze #tweegram #photooftheday #20likes #amazing #smile #follow4follow #like4like #look #instalike #igers #picoftheday #food #instadaily #instafollow #followme #girl #instagood #bestoftheday #instacool #carryme #follow #colorful #style #swag
بشروني بشوف غالي .. أنا لي و الله الشرف 💛💛
Bananas for Bondi 🍌 #bonbabe
Cherry Bomb 🍒
My yearly picture taken destination
Art installation commissioned by L'OFFICIEL Malaysia Anniversary Party with Stoned & Co 🔥 #MY3LOFF ⠀ 一⠀ ⠀ L'Officiel X Stoned & Co⠀ 一⠀ House of Stoned⠀ by Henry NGO⠀ 一⠀ Exploring perception and tracing the edge of consciousness are the core inspirations for the House of Stoned. The idea was to create a structure that seemed intangible yet palpable, forming a dual concept of what it is or what it is not. The illusions of this structure created by the laser beams tap into the conscious mind where your imaginations will run wild with the endless possibilities. Through the installation of the House of Stoned, one will realize that there is no definite answer to how this architectural piece can be interpreted and that is totally up to your perception and your consciousness.⠀ ⠀ Thank you @lofficielmalaysia X @stonedandco Giving me the opportunity to build this !⠀ Thanks Team!⠀ ⠀ 一⠀ Designed by NGO Studio⠀
An Exhibition held at Norway - The Island Reader Lyngor 一 Kinetic Bouy prototype to read the town through the water ripples crated by boats, the kinetic energy of daily activity is harnessed by a reactive buoy. 一 Designed by NGO Studio
A Commissioned Installation for @L'OFFICIEL Anniversary Party with @StonedandCo 一 House of STONED 一 A structure that combines abstract and concrete representations. Streams of laser beams from the top and sides meet at an intersection points create an illusion of space and elevating the mind to a different dimension for the spectators. 一 Designed by NGO Studio
The prototype stitches the relationship between historic precedent and proposed architectural intervention where it explores Lyngør’s existing conditions as it weathers changing social, environmental, political, and cultural currents. 一 Located in a secluded village on an island off the southern Norwegian coast. 一 Designed by NGO Studio
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