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Air: Last golf one... for now. ⛳️
Air: Takanosu Golf Club ⛳️ 🏌️
Because I love this lighthouse so much, here's another one of the "Setouchi Blue" on #okunoshima #rabbitisland . Shot on #djimavicair
Lighthouse on Okunoshima (Rabbit Island).
We all win when everyone’s got their own ball By: @katrin_korfmann
BOA’TING By: @spathumpa
I was water before it was cool - Ice. By: @petraleary
Don’t hate the playa 📷 By: @mvernicos
Aotea ▪️@theo_clarke_101 @defmfgco ~ Ledge Comp
Early 🎣 🌊 @fromwhereidrone | @plotagraph
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