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I was putting away this year’s birthday cards... anyone notice a trend? 😂 #cats #catobsessed #catmom #birthdaycards #birthday #catcards #catmama #catlady #ilovecats #crazycatlady
Hey, remember that time I almost didn’t join this “pyramid scheme?” .... yea, me either 🤳🏻👏🏻💥 . Interested in making fitness yo biznaaaa?! 👉🏻link in bio 💕
with you.
Go ahead. I dare you to tell me you can't get a good workout at home 😅 · Week 7 Legs 50/50 ✔️ Check my story for a sneak peek 👀 · Time is running out to get into my next Bootcamp starting Oct 8! What is it? ✨8 weeks ✨4 workouts per week ✨30-40 minutes per workout ✨Mix of Lifting and HIIT ✨Simple Nutrition Plan ✨With a TREAT day EVERY week ✨Support and accountability group ✨Me as your coach and cheerleader! · Ready? Have questions? Email me or fill out the link out in my bio! 📨imladyliv@gmail · Hope to see you in the group! · · #LadyLiv · ·
Tissen loves boxes, treats and toys.....😁😘🤗😎😉😋😀😊🐈😄😚❤️ 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 #cat #katt #gato #katze #chat #kattbox #catbox #blackcat #svartkatt #gatonegro #chatnoir #catlover #mycat #catmom #catlover #catlady #catmama #cats #mustlovecats #catsareawesome #catwoman #home #catlife #kattliv #blackcatsrule #minipanther
💕 Hurry up, Halloween. #meow #catmama #catsofinstagram
Not everyday is easy people! Did I contemplate skipping my workout 1,000 times today? YUP. But did i crush it anyway? YUP. - & I’ll tell you why. 1.) makes me feel better and fills me with energy. 2.) makes shit A LOT easier when you’re following a plan so that you DONT SKIP. 3.) I’ve got a community of babes counting on me to get it done just as they did!!!! 4.) makes it a lot easier when I can just “press play” while in my room, dressed in muh comfies ... &&& the big one: NUMBBBA 5.) Taco got to root me on the entire time. #lovethislife #homegymlife #tacotime #funkypants #teamroottorise #teamlivesimply
Just me and my boy spending a cold rainy day in front of the fire. . . . #propanefireplace #lilog #olivergaston #oliverthecat #teamcloitre #middlechild #rescuecat #crazycatlady #catmama #furbaby
I do this thing where I make up a bunch of reasons to step away from the writing. Little bullshit stuff like house chores that can be done anytime, or prepping my food or finishing a book or doing something social (that I pretty much always dread and try to cancel at the last minute). And the more time I spend doing these filler things, the more the angst builds. And things get gnarly. Twisted in the brain. Worry sets in. Frustration. Overthinking. Mired in How-mode. It is pure insanity. I'm a person that has to be doing creative work so that I don't become an ax murderer. If I'm not creatively writing, it's just a waste. And when I see how much time I've burned on inconsequential crap, it just makes me ache to be writing all the time. And then I write, and let myself get into it. And then the tap is open. And I wonder - Why the fuck did I convince myself out of this? Don't even let the inner critic in the room, elyse, because you are primed for too much outrageously good stuff to come through to bleed it out on hours of small talk or color-coding your grocery lists. At this point for me, it really comes down to 2 purposes: #DoYou and #JustWrite 👊🏼💜 ~e
Today we smile, because #bootygainz
Somebody sitting on Mama’s costume so I wouldn’t go out last night. . . . . . . . . #catmama #bloblo #cats #catsofinstagram #catsofig #gingercat #creamsicle #cutecats #cuteshit #funnyshit #af #nyccats #catsofnyc #pablothecatnyc #potd #rescuecats #cutest
Love sitting on moms laptop 😹😸
I read today that 90% of Warren Buffett's wealth comes from just 10 investments. Crazy right?! He didn't invest a little in a lot of things. He invested a lot in a few things. And he's probably said no to more things than we can count. · Makes you think. · · #LadyLiv · ·
Nala is always so busy, she has places to be, and things to observe! Charlie, on the other hand,... just... sleeps...
Swipe right to see my cat TAKING LIBERTIES !!! 🐈 • Of course I’m joking 😂 but my piano is my baby. It’s a good job she’s so cute 😍 . . #catmama #catsofinstagram #kitty #cat #blackandwhitecat #dsh #domesticshorthair #pet #animal #animallover #cute #sweet #rescuecat #adoptedcat
A little pick me up in a cup 😉 · Nope, no booze 😅 · Just all natural pre-workout 🍋 · · #LadyLiv · ·
Maggie: Mom, I broke the lamp. Me: Why? Maggie: Because nothing shines brighter than me. . Photographer: @savageafservices Location: Ft. Myers, Fl . #ryleygrail #publishedmodel #catmama #girlswithink #thightattoos #thickthighs #inkedmag #covergirl #maggiemoo #missmaggie #maggiebane #kittykat #loveher
Self Care September: Day 24 All or None Thinking . . As I think back over the last month, to some of the most important self care I have done, it is my morning routine. Journaling, meditation, mirror work, reading and study time sets the tone and mood for my entire day. I’ve struggled in the past with “all or none” perfectionist thinking with my morning routine. If I didn’t wake up on time to do it all, or had an early morning meeting I would just skip it. if my week was a lot of skips I would say, oh, I will start over on Monday (much like a diet mentality 🤭). So, my goal was to do my morning routine everyday BUT not perfectly. I came up with this action plan to help: . . •Measure the success of your study time by what you got out of it, not by how perfect it was •If you wake up late or have somewhere to be during that time, take your books in a backpack and do it at lunch or between appointments. •Make your study time in the morning sacred and try not to plan over it •If you are not feeling emotionally full enough, make your study time longer. •If you haven’t gotten all the way through your study, but you are feeling pumped up and ready to tackle the day, end early. •Listen to what your body needs, maybe your body just needs to journal that day. Your body and soul know what you need to be emotionally and spiritually ready. •Meditate or do yoga first if you can’t get focused •If you miss a day, do it that night or just do it the next morning, just be consistent •When you travel plan a time that works best and schedule that time in. •Enjoy your study time, make it the hours where you can get ready to start your day in joy. . . This has helped me to do something that is SO important and healthy for me on a regular basis. It’s also helping me to see the good that comes out of imperfectness. #chroniclymedisease #spoonie #lymedisease #anxietyrelief #morningroutine #depression #depressionrecovery #morning #morningmotivation #lymewarrior #progressnotperfection #journaling #cat #catlady #catmama #betterlife
A bit different of a transformation from the ones I usually share. • This is absolutely NOT a picture of me at my heaviest. I was definitely overweight but not nearly as much as when I started my Herbalife journey. • But when I see this picture, my weight isn’t what I’ve overcome. At this time in my life, I was living a very toxic lifestyle. Binge drinking every day, smoking, staying out all night and sleeping all day. • I was 19 years old and completely lost. I’m so thankful that I found Herbalife because it did way more for me than just help me lose 45 pounds. It gave me something to be passionate about, surrounded me with people who care about me, and showed me that there was a WAY better way to live. • I feel amazing now. I wake up early. I have energy. I flood my body with good nutrition. I bring value to others. It’s way more than just shakes. 💕
Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, investor, influencer, or just plain smart? Then I invite you to join my FREE webinar tonight. Want to know a secret. You don’t have to know a thing about this industry, because our business school teaches you everything you need to know. Best part? You can use it in your life as well. You don’t know what you don’t know. Reach out for your personal link by filling out a form in my bio, dm me or comment below. I won’t spam you. We aren’t sharks here. We swim in completely different waters where there is enough food for everyone. Don’t believe me? I just had a convo with a lady today who reached out to me and is excited to learn more and I rerouted her back to who she originally spoke with. It’s called integrity and helping others as well as yourself. Fill out the form in my bio if you are open to at least learning more about us. #youdontknowwhatyoudontknow #webinar #followersinstagram #leadershipdevelopment #groundbreaking #beachbodycoaches #workoutroutine #educational #bossbabes #momof7 #homeschoolmom #entrepeneurlife #workathome #holistichealing #liift4 #80dayobsession #catmama #befulfilled #communitymatters #nosharkshere
#catmama 🌧🍂🐯
Nala, where your legs at, girl? 🍞 all day!
Meowmaaaa...uu-u-u-uuuu... Luke singing Bohemian Rhapsody. . . #teamfly #catsofinstagram #cats #kissat #siamese #bohemianrhapsody #freddiemercury #catlover #catmama #catstagram #meow
Days of skipping breakfast are Nevermore 😉 not when it takes literally two minutes, can be consumed on my commute, has the nutrients of six salads (who wants to eat that many salads a day?!) and on this given day tastes like Chocolate Covered Strawberries 😍😋 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #graceunderfitness #breakfastonthego
Don’t just rock the boat. Capsize that bitch 💪🏻💥
Early morning panic attacks lead to homework and greys anatomy while cuddled up with my love in bed ❤ Sometimes I drop the ball, sometimes I forget to take care of myself and to slow down... I'm human, it happens Does that mean I should get angry and ashamed at myself? No Does that mean I give up for the day and try again tomorrow? No It does mean I take time for me and have some one on one time with my fiance before getting back up again 💛 We all fall down sometimes, it's about getting up again that counts!
One year ago today I completed my first ever program 🙈 I lost 7inches&gained a crap ton of confidence. Today I am going into the second last week of my 8th program. I cannot believe how fast time flies! I wasn’t perfect throughout this journey, I had numerous “cheat days” and I may have even missed a workout or two 🤷🏼‍♀️ but the one thing I never did .. was give up!! I will never ask you to be perfect .. I will ask you to *try* ~ 7 spots left in my lifting and cardio challenge group ~ if you want in click the link in my bio!! Program starts Monday! #catmama #smalltowngirl #countrygirl #depressionwarrior #disneyprincess #dancingqueen
Week 2 of my new program and I am LOVING lifting heavy. Nothing makes me more proud than doing things that I never thought I could do before. I went from being 55 pounds overweight and barely being able to go up the stairs without taking a break to these intense workouts. Trust me when I say this, I’ve been there. I used to eat 3 rows of Oreos, chug mike’s hard lemonade, and wonder why I looked the way I did. You have to work for what you want because it’s not going to fall into your lap. #progressoverperfection
My little fur baby Gizmo #catmama #kitten #adoptdontshop #ilovecats
And this is #me #proud #catmama Have to go to work #why #wannagohome #missmycats #🍁
Is there a #supercat challenge? Max is perfecting his moves!!! 💙💙💙#bensonsmeowgastudio #mondaymood #fluffybelly #orangecat #sweetmax #catmama #rescuecat
I got so much love today!!! #cats #girlcats #girlbosses #catmama
my second baby loki & my love 💖🐈
— TAKE A BREATH — Life is so go, go, go all the time that it’s easy to just keep moving from one thing to another. This might sound great, but how often are we actually present in the current task? Time is a huge priority for most people. So, if we can take the time out of our day to do something, we should truly do it rather than concentrate on what’s next or what’s left, right? I noticed that with myself this weekend. I travelled back home to Wisconsin and had a relatively non-stop weekend. Rather than valuing the time I had, I was constantly checking the time to see how much time I had left or thinking about my next event. I could have been enjoying the time I had with the people I love rather than stressing the whole time 🤷🏼‍♀️ Moral of the story- be present and enjoy the moment because if something is worth dedicating some time to, it’s worth your focus ✨
Miss thang got a new headshot today #CatMom #CrazyCatLady #Fall #siamesecat #catmama
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