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ugh i'm so pissed my phone broke and now I have to use a random old phone and the quality sucks :/ (sorry i haven't been posting a lot)
Gone but never forgotten #celabratelife
cutest bean - I tried to like aeish and it failed lol - dt: anna, katie, ava, jenna, kira, gabi, lalia, stacey, and abBy🧡 ac: @a.nniesvogue base: @alwaysnoelle tag Hayley? @xloviedoviex @hayley.leblanc 🤪💘
aw this is so cute
taking annie out of the title is so petty but i really dc abt them anyway, lol annie probably couldn’t gaf either
what’s your favourite song of annies🧚🏻‍♀️💖 @annieleblanc @annieleblancxtra #annieleblanc #celabratelife
Im late on posting. But I’m legit still crying. #saleb forever! @sydnastical
Time for #babyshower #uglyhat Ella got a little to #fancy she said she don't do ugly #lol 😂 #lylasstory 👣🎀💟💗 #priceless #moments #fun #blessed getting ready for Lyla to come home almost time 🙌🏽 #sheready #family #friends #celabrate #celabratelife #love #grateful #momabrie @brina_13 #instspic #pictures #sundayfunday #funpics
damn :/
so pretty whatttt
woah i wouldn’t expect that lol
#lylasstory 👣🎀💗💟 #familytime #sheready #preemiebaby #NICU getting ready for Lyla to come home coming home soon 🙌🏽 #babyshower more #friends and #family #familytime #cousins #bffs #blessed #celabrate #celabratelife #celabrating Lyla 🙌🏽💟😁 #instapics #priceless #moments #happy #life #sundayfunday
this made me so so emotional😭~ • • • #celabratelife
I feel like no one likes me or my account anymore and my whole acc is an actual flop rip lol what 😎💜😀👋 - - -🌈follow @rainbowxannie for more Annie related niche memes ❣️ - -🦋fc: 4,267 - - - -💿 song: 80s aesthetic summer - - #like4like #15likes #meme #niche #nichememe #hannie #jenzie #gaintrick #gainpost #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #bratayley #rainbowxannie #instagram #kenzieziegler #lorengray #angelsquad #smilesforyou #chickengirls #hanniememes #celabratelife #calebleblanc #caleblogan #omgpage @annieleblancxtra @annieleblanc @hayley.leblanc @officiallybratayley @bratayden
i haven’t posted all day, yikes.
Part 9: ~Johnny’s POV~ LO: It hurts just go fast! HS: Okay hold on! Lauren was screaming in pain for the full 30 minutes. When we finally got there I picked her up out of the car and ran inside. JO: Help my sister cut her leg open! All the nurses rushed over and took her to go get help. We sat down to wait. AL: I can’t believe this happened. HS: I just hope she’ll be okay. JO: She should be fine guys. I hope. KZ: It’s okay Lauren will be fine. Kenzie gave me a hug. JO: I’m really worried. Kenzie looked at me and held my hand. For some reason that made me feel better. AL: We probably should just go home after this. HS: Yeah. We all sit there for about 45 minutes in complete silence. Soon we see Lauren. She’s coming over with crutches and smiling. LO: Hey y’all. I’m all stitched up. JO: I’m so glad you’re okay. KZ: me too. Hayden and annie gave her a hug. LO: Hey I cant go camping but we can all sleep over at my house. EVERYONE: Okay. We all start walking back to the car. I pull Kenzie over to talk. JO: Listen I really like you.. and I really want to go out on a date with you. So, will you go out with me sometime? — (To see what happens next stay tuned for part 10 in the next post.)
i wonder if annie is going to be there
Happy birthday Caleb you are loved so much and will never be forgotten!! 🆑 #annieleblanc #bratayley #celabratelife #celabratelife ⚾️❤️
omg i remember this ahaha.
( I know I'm late) But Happy Birthday Caleb. You will always be in our hearts💛 • • • • • • • #celabratelife #celabratelife ⚾️❤️ #annieleblanc #annie #annieleblancedit #annieleblanc @annieleblanc @annieleblanc @annieleblanc
Happy late 16th birthday Bubs!! we love and miss you lots keep flying Angel💘🆑 #annieleblanc @annieleblanc #bratayley @officiallybratayley #hayleyleblanc @hayley.leblanc #madslewis @madslewis #rileylewis @itsrileylewis #celabratelife #CL #Caleblogan @iamabakedpotato #calebloganedit 🆑 💜❤💜❤💜❤
Happy Birthday Caleb✨ hope you’re dancing up there in the clouds💞 #celabratelife #annieleblanc
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALEB💜🎊🎉🎁🎈💜🆑wow your (16 YEARS OLD) comment happy birthday caleb and like this picture please. @iamabakedpotato #caleb #caleblogan #calebleblanc #calebisdead #celabratelife #imabakedpotato
She stole my heart and I'm letting her keep it😭💘😘😘 - - Tag her please! - Comment if using! #hayleyleblanc #bratayley #xloviedoviex #celabratelife #hotelduloone #icons #hayleyscolors
Idk what I would do without this precious bean in my life 😍💘💘💘 - - Tag her please! - Comment if using! #hayleyleblanc #bratayley #xloviedoviex #celabratelife #drinkyamangos #icons #hayleyscolors
New theme+ omg she melts my heart 😭😭😭💘 - - Tag her please! - Comment if using! #hayleyleblanc #bratayley #xloviedoviex #celabratelife #drinkyamangos #hotelduloone #icons #hayleyscolors
Happy birthday Caleb! You're 16 that is so crazy. My perious angel you will never ever be forgotten. and you are forever loved. I know that you are watching over your family and seeing how God freaking talented your sisters are and how far everyone has come. your laughs made everyone laugh no matter what you were laughin about you bubbly child♡ celabrate life. he is our backed potato, he is our bubba, we miss you bubba. you liked an amazing 13 years, and I know you are running so many homeruns in heaven.and we all think about you everyday❤💋 Caleb Logan LeBlanc🆑 ▪ ▪ ▪ #celabratelife #celabratelife ⚾️❤️ #calebleblanc #caleblogan #annieleblanc #hayleyleblanc #bratayley #calebbratayley
Part 8: ~Kenzie’s POV~ Annie and Hayden left. Okay kenz you just gotta tell him how you really feel. You got this. JO: Yeah sure. Wassup? KZ: Listen, honestly John I think that maybe I do like you but I feel like we should get to know each other more. I was too nervous to say it before. JO: Okay well this trip is perfect for getting to know each other. Let’s go swimming ? KZ: Of course haha. We started to go to the beach. LO: Wait up guys! Lauren started running then suddenly she fell. JO: Lauren! Are you okay sis? LO: No! It hurts. Her leg was bleeding and she was crying. Me and Johnny looked at each other and ran towards her. KZ: Omg lauren. That’s really deep. Soon Annie and Hayden came running back. HS: Whats taking so long? JO: Lauren cut her leg open. By this point Lauren was bawling. AL: Oh my god. That’s um... LO: Deep I know! KZ: There’s blood everywhere, she needs to go to the hospital. LO: Lets go! John picked Lauren up and carried her to the car while the rest of us followed. We all got in quick and started to drive off. HS: Guys it takes an hour to get to the hospital. I don’t think we have enough time. — (To see what happens next wait for part 9 in tomorrow’s post.)
this is late because i was to emotional to finish this edit I’m sorry! But happy birthday to my bubba. you never failed to put a smile on my face. you were the reason I was happy. thank u for being the amazing you Caleb Logan. You were such an inspiration to people. I supported you and the family since I was 8 and I don’t regret one thing. We will keep celebrating life for you bubba. Hope heaven is treating u well. I love n miss you so so much🆑👼🏽💜 #celabratelife #happybirthdaycaleb
Happy 16th birthday Caleb! Hope your doing good up there we all miss you so much 😩💖 ik you have been seeing your sisters grown up so much, if you were still here I could just imagine you being on brat and dong a lot of fun stuff!💓 well we all hope you have a great birthday! 💘@iamabakedpotato #celabratelife 🆑💖
Happy birthday Caleb you will always be in our hearts and you will never be forgotten we will always have a space in our life for you (always remember to celebrate life)#caleblogan #calebleblanc #celabratelife #bratayley @annieleblanc @brat @officiallybratayley @hayley.leblanc @officially.em.k @officiallydadtayley
-flip phone- my 2 favs 💓
Happy 16th Birthday Caleb Leblanc !! I miss hearing your voice in the Bratayley Vlogs, and your guys family channel was the first channel I ever watched when I first arrived on YouTube, it’s been a good 4 years watch your guys lives through a lens. Keep Celebrating Life, ily guys so much. Take care 💓💕💙💗 @annieleblanc @hayley.leblanc @officiallybratayley @officiallydadtayley @iamabakedpotato #bakedpotato #celabratelife #bratayley
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALEB😢 WE MISS YOU ❤️#celabratelife #calebleblanc HAVE The Best BIRTHDAY EVER 😢💗
happy 16th birthday caleb. we miss you so much. can’t believe your already 16 🆑💓💕. - - - - #celabratelife #calebloganbratayley #16thbirthday #bratayley #caleb #annieleblanc #hayleyleblanc @annieleblanc @hayley.leblanc @bratayley
Happy Birthday Caleb miss you!!!😭😭💜💜 #celabratelife 🆑️
collab with @artsyflakes for Caleb’s birthday :) - happy birthday caleb!! SWEET 16 I can’t believe this cutie is already 16!! We miss you so much. hope you are hitting home runs in heaven💘🆑 - dt: @iamabakedpotato @flysafebubba @bratvlogclips ac: @collabingaudios @iamabakedpotato 💜
austin gives me life you dont even knowww i was laughing so hard at this lmao i need help😂 @imaustinbrown • • • • #mulifandom #austinbrown #annieleblanc #katieleblanc #bratayley #celabratelife #kenzie @officiallybratayley @imaustinbrown
Happy birthday Caleb! I have been watching you since forever and I just can't imagine you not in the old vlogs! Even if your not in the new ones I still try to imagine your there and the funny things you would say! Just remember your never forgotten and never will be! (Guys just take this as a moment to thank God for your family because you never know when it will end! ) If you have a sibling go give them a hug and tell them you love them! It will make them very happy!💙💙 • • • • • • @annieleblanc @officiallybratayley @officiallydadtayley @hayley.leblanc #calebleblanc #annieleblanc #celabratelife #baseball (Guys please tag them!
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