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Women are powerful. I cannot express the joy I get from cheering on, supporting, and collaborating with women of color. @gone_a_rai_ gave me all the joy, high fives, and support to keep building. Kiran you are amazing! Here's to being amazing together! #changecadet
Everyday you're given the opportunity to build, learn, and grow; true happiness is continuous growth. Why not shine along the way. 🌟🌟 #changecadet
Confidence is living in your truth. #changecadet
Growth is constant. The more you are open to new possibilities the more you'll flourish. #changecadet
People say to not look back, but you can if it helps you move forward. #changecadet
Power Pose. #changecadet
Keep growing. #changecadet
Treat yo self. #changecadet
Keep giving them the best that you've got. #changecadet
I voted because I am a black woman who's a child of an immigrant. VOTE! #phenomenalvoter #changecadet
I voted because I am a black woman who's a child of an immigrant. VOTE! #phenomenalvoter #changecadet
I voted because I am a Black woman who's a child of an immigrant. VOTE! #phenomenalvoter #changecadet
V is for VOTE! 🗳️☑️ VOTE for #blackwomen ! VOTE for #latinawomen ! VOTE for #peopleofcolor ! VOTR for change! VOTE! #changecadet
Celebrate life. #changecadet
Celebrate life. #changecadet
Stop and chill this weekend. We tend to underestimate the power of rest. Rest is the key to keeping strength and perseverance. So chill...you deserve it! #changecadet
I'm not big on #Halloween but I am big on supporting the ladies! Happy Halloween #changecadet
Celebrate yourself. #changecadet
A little #inspo for a great Monday. #changecadet
Love life. #changecadet
Keep growing. #changecadet
Stand in your light. #changecadet
@changecadet 📍❤️ 📸 #Repost @changecadet ・・・ “Dear Friend take the time to read these cards. The work of Adrian Piper @hammer_museum is exceptional! The way she looks at the parallels of race and being a Black person in American is tremendous. #adrianpiper #changecadet
Dear Friend take the time to read these cards. The work of Adrian Piper @hammer_museum is exceptional! The way she looks at the parallels of race and being a Black person in American is tremendous. #adrianpiper #changecadet
Mondays am I right #changecadet
Acme means the point at which someone or something is best, perfect, or most successful. Be that. #changecadet
Friday Feels. #changecadet
Be the big fish. #changecadet
Self-care yourself. #changecadet
Stand tall. #changecadet
Give the gift of joy today. It's takes 5 seconds or less to compliment someone! You never know who needs a lil pep in their step so spread some joy today! #changecadet
Don't let anyone still your shine. #changecadet
No matter what, never stop growing. #changecadet
Hi my name is Akilah. I have been given the gift of severe depression. You wouldn't know it because... I'm funny. I help others. I give back. I smile. I inspire people. I live my best life. But depression is always there saying come on over to the (literal) dark side. I say depression is a gift because everyday I literally chose life and celebrate it. Today is #worldmentalhealthday and I'd just thought I share and kindly remind you to lead and live in love. #changecadet
Be the work of art that you are. #changecadet
Today is the day @the.wing opens in SF! Hundreds of powerful women are getting together to be amazing in a space for us. Will I see you there? #thewing #changecadet
Don't let them define you. #changecadet
To the men, remember above. To the women be vocal. Let men know that we are here for the takeover ♀️ #changecadet
Keep fighting #changecadet
Never stop growing #changecadet
Be unstoppable & ambitious #changecadet
So I guess yesterday was #nationalboyfriendday and I'm single so...like I said I'm proud of me 😎 Self love first ladies. #changecadet
Building is great, but better with a partner. Not someone who financially contributes to your work, but someone who listens, supports you during the hard times, and celebrates your success. Do you have a partner? #changecadet
I am proud of me. I am my biggest fan. I am my biggest supporter. When you can celebrate yourself, you are unstoppable! #changecadet
Whatever you do, follow your heart. #changecadet
Have you read my @the___tribe article yet? Link in bio! Here's a excerpt: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. I know…I know. I am not the only woman who admires #Beyoncé , but it is not for the music (which I love for the record), the fashion (I mean…), or fame.  It is because she is a MF boss and I love that! She is a multifaceted leader who knows what she wants. She is not afraid about what people will say about her or to say NO. She tells her truth when ready and profits millions of dollars along the way. Beyoncé is her true authentic self and unapologetically Black. #changecadet
I'm still full of energy from the On the Run II Tour! It is literally everything!!! What #Beyoncé and #JayZ have built is impressive, but expected. This is your Monday reminder to keep building! #changecadet
When you look as good as you feel #changecadet
Sometimes the brain of a boss wakes you up at 6am on a Saturday...if you're lucky 8am. Of course today was a 545am day...ah the #bosslife 😎 #changecadet
I will always believe her. I believe Anita Hill. I believe Dr. Ford. This nation is showing how much it does not believe women, respect women, or include women. The double standard is clear for how white men and women/women of color are treated. The only way to move forward is to continue to fight, vote, tell your story, and support women. Ladies we have power so please continue to use it. Do not be afraid for you are not alone. #changecadet
When your dog tells you it's Friday and time to chill. #changecadet
I am so excited to announce that I am the new co-host of the @killemwithchic I Don't Give a Chic Podcast airing mid October! But I'm more excited to be on this journey with one of my favorite bosses @mariela__t ! Who knew that t-shirts would bring us together. Mariela you are amazing! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY love! #idgaCHIC #changecadet
Standout. Be loud. Embrace your culture. Be you. #changecadet
Be a boss #changecadet
Make your dreams a reality #changecadet
Celebrate yourself every damn day #changecadet PC: @houseoflva
Mondays set the tone for your week! What do you do to get prepared? #changecadet
Support other women of color! #changecadet PC: @houseoflva
Secure the bag #changecadet
Red is a color that means energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Be that as a boss...better yet as a woman of color! #changecadet
Put your best foot forward #changecadet
Be a boss #changecadet
Hey #Oakland and #SF ladies do you know about @the.wing !? If not get on it and consider membership! Also there is an amazing scholarship opportunity for women in the #community . More in my IG story. #thewing #changecadet Also thank you @alexnoellecov @marmarmartinelli @laurmcginnis @begoodbefly for such a wonderful event! 🤗🤗
I love @theyariblanco ! Thank you to you and @the.wing for having me today! Yari the work you're doing for diversity and inclusion is evident and will have a positive impact with the launch of the SF location. Can't wait for it to open and continually support the Wing Women! #changecadet
Friday feeling #changecadet
Grindin #changecadet
Reflect from time to time. See how far you've come and think about where you're headed. #changecadet
Shine bright. #changecadet
Black Girl Magic. #changecadet
Like many women, especially women of color, I am mad, angry, frustrated, and appalled by the #usopen2018 ! @serenawilliams and @naomiosakatennis are amazing tennis players and women of color. It is frustrating that expressing yourself as a #WOC is perceived as a threat. Please remember your voice is powerful, strong, matters, and has and will continue to change the world! When one woman stands up and says no or enough, it makes it easier for the next woman. Women are powerful! #changecadet
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