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Had a fabulous new client (ugh, that word sounds so impersonal!), @changecadet , today. She just happens to be brilliant, conscious, a boss babe, plus she's gorgeous and my dog loved her. Already looking forward to our next session! @hennalounge . #hennalove #oaklandhenna #oaklandcommunity #healinghenna #intentionalhenna #hennaartist #sfhenna #naturalhenna #rajasthanihenna #californiahenna #newchapter #selfcarematters #changecadet #womenempoweringwomen #artificialintelligencecantdoTHIS #entrepreneurlifestyle #changeisnow
This has been an @consciouslyunbiased_ week! Last night's event was the perfect example of Conscious Conversations...expertise, stories, ideas, and dialogue to make the workplace more inclusive and diverse. Thank you all who attended! More to come! #consciouslyunbiased #changecadet
Perspective. Earlier I posted this picture but the spheres were black and white. These are the same exact spheres. I love this piece by @studioolafureliasson because it shows the importance of how you look at things...how you see them. There's always more than what you think. #changecadet
Just wanted to share that I love what I do. My company brings me so much joy! There are many things in the works that I look forward to sharing, but I just want to say THANK YOU all for your support. If you're a new follower check out my blog (link in bio) to know more about me or send me a DM. Thank you all for being on this journey with me! πŸ’› #changecadet πŸ“Έ @hillary_jeanne
Perspective. #changecadet
A leader looks forward...forward to helping people, building teams, motivating and elevating others. A leader is a forward thinker for the people. Lead forward. #changecadet
Change Cadet has taken off at a new speed in 2019! We have a new team member too! Hi @vida_w πŸ™‚ All is great and wonderful, but scaling smart means slowing down, communicating any possible delays to clients, reprioritizing, and asking for help aka delegating effectively! If you don't have a team talk to mentors, family, and friends. The more you're not alone in the growth of your business or job, the easier it is to focus on the upward mobility! #changecadet
Happy Monday! Excited for @consciouslyunbiased_ Conscious Conversations this week! More info in bio! Also selfies are a must in the @the.wing Beauty Room. #consciouslyunbiased #changecadet
πŸŽ™Did you hear? Dr. Akilah Cadet founder of the @changecadet will be Hosting along with other Guest Hosts @consciouslyunbiased_podcast "Breaking the Bias" . Be on the lookout for the first episode with our CEO Ashish Kaushal #breakingthebias #consciouslyunbiased #changecadet #Htbuild #podcast
Enjoy the little things. #changecadet
Hey Self Care Sunday #changecadet
When you have hella books to read and don't know where to start. See what book I picked from my current book stack in IG stories.#changecadet
This is what depression looks like. Being in the light and dark at the same damn time. Notice how I still shine tho ⭐😎 #changecadet
I've never liked the taste of coffee, but tea! Tea warms my soul. #changecadet
The more you step into your light others will try to stop you from shining. Keep shining anyway ⭐ #changecadet
Keep moving forward. #changecadet
Excited to announce that I'll be part of a dope event around diversity, inclusion, and equity. If you're in #SF come be part of @consciouslyunbiased_ first Conscious Conversations! The roundtable is Jan 16. Limited seating. For more info hit the link in bio. #changecadet
Your gift is a present. But you want to see what's in it? See my stories. #changecadet
Hey Monday. #changecadet
Self Care Sunday. #changecadet
Depression Party of 1. New Blog Post 🚨 link in bio. Many of you know that I'm a MF boss, but some of you may not know that I have severe depression or major depressive disorder. I'm normally like Olivia Pope and it's handled, but having an invisible illness has put my mental and emotional health to the test. I decided to share parts of my journey on my blog. Check it out and remember you are amazing! #selfcaresunday #changecadet Shot by me.
See above. #changecadet
Back to work fashion. #changecadet
Tomorrow is my first day back to work. This holiday break was much needed. Even though I cheated and checked some emails today (while enjoying my office view)...I look forward to seeing my clients and taking my company to the next level in 2019. #changecadet
None of the above in 2019. #changecadet
Not everyone goes out for New Year's Eve. It's okay! Tonight does not determine how 2018 was or how 2019 will be. I'm staying in. I'm also successful, beautiful, smart, and have a million stylish outfits to wear. But I'm also someone who protects my time and energy. If you've been following me for a while you know that I have heart issues and battle with depression. 2018 has been wonderfully challenging, but I am ready for 2019 to begin. So yes I'm spending it alone, but I'm pretty great and so are you. Happy New Year! #changecadet
Find someone who has magic. Feel it. Breathe it. Soon you'll get to experience it. Follow @lydiatblanco for more πŸ–€ #changecadet
Pay attention to the universe. For the past couple of weeks, crows have followed me. Not one or two, but many. Crows to many people are a ominous sign, but crows represent so much more. They signify change, insight, balance, transformation, tenacity, and following your dreams. Thanks crows, now I know 2019 is going to be a good year. #changecadet
2019 doesn't have to be a fresh start, but the best start. #changecadet
Did you conquer 2018 or did you feel things just fell apart? Either way 2019 is a time to keep the growth from 2018 and put a hard stop to the things and people that did not work. #changecadet
Work through the fear and I promise you 2019 will be fruitful.🍊#changecadet
Women are powerful. #changecadet
Happy HolidayoncΓ© πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ #changecadet
Sometimes you have to be your own King.πŸ‘‘ #homefortheholidays #homeforchristmas #changecadet
Hope you're enjoying the holidays! πŸ’›πŸŽ…πŸΏπŸπŸŽ„πŸ¦ŒπŸŽ„β›„#changecadet
Want to know a secret? #changecadet
It's almost Friday. What do you do to motivate yourself to make it to the end of the work week? #changecadet
Step into your purpose. That is where your joy lives. #changecadet
#Monday reminder to all the ladies out there. #mondaymood #changecadet
My final week with my heart monitor. What are you looking forward to this week? πŸ… #selfcaresunday #changecadet
It's Self Care Sunday y'all. Time to treat yourself like a queen. If you need inspiration on what that looks like visit the incredibly talented @linairisviktor who celebrates us so well πŸ–€πŸ‘‘ #woc #changecadet
I am one of the first #SF @the.wing members. I've been hesitant to come to the shared workspace as much as I should because it is not as diverse as I hoped it would be (I mean diversity and inclusion is my thang). Last night, the @phenomenal.ly Black Women Unite Event was small but mighty. Although it was great to connect with awesome Black women, many were not members. In fact, there are only two members in this picture. I do hope it is a start to more inclusiveness with members and content. As a #wingwoman I'm hoping to be part of that in 2019. #changecadet
When someone believes in you, you have nothing to lose (see what I did there). 😎 #changecadet
Did you hear?! I'm the host of the new @consciouslyunbiased_ podcast Breaking the Bias! Be on the lookout for the first episode next month! #breakingthebias #consciouslyunbiased #changecadet
Today was a good day. #changecadet Delish Birthday Cake Cookie by @frolicanddetourbakery
#Repost @changecadet ・・・ We did a fun thing today! Happy to announce that I'm the new host of @consciouslyunbiased_ Breaking the Bias Podcast! The first episode airs next month with @hiretalent CEO and Consciously Unbiased Co-Founder Ashish Kaushal. #consciouslyunbiased #breakingthebias #changecadet πŸŽ™πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸŽ™πŸ™ŒπŸ½
We did a fun thing today! Happy to announce that I'm the new host of @consciouslyunbiased_ Breaking the Bias Podcast! The first episode airs next month with @hiretalent CEO and Consciously Unbiased Co-Founder Ashish Kaushal. #consciouslyunbiased #breakingthebias #changecadet
There's lots people out there, some doing the same thing. But remember you're the only one who has your story. Time to do your thing. #changecadet
Do what you love. #changecadet πŸ“Έ @aoctaviusw
Keep moving forward. #changecadet
That's not a phone case; It's my heart monitor. If you think I look cool, thank you, but it's to see why my heart has been causing me physical pain. Learn more in the beautiful @likebossgirls article by @harper_spero. Link in bio. #changecadet
Build a strong foundation and you'll be unbreakable. #changecadet
Be powerful. #changecadet
It's Monday. Time to grab your seat at the table. #changecadet
There's always something to look forward to. #changecadet
Self Care Sunday. #changecadet
Hey you! Have you listened to my @madevisiblepodcast or read my post about my broken heart? Link in bio. #changecadet
I love cards! So this time of the year is fun for me! Today I'm not only sending holiday cards to the ones I love, but also supporting a fellow Black woman owned business. Thanks @bymsjames for representing us with such a beautiful card selection! πŸŽ…πŸΏπŸ€ΆπŸΏπŸŽ„πŸ¦Œβ›„#changecadet
Still beaming from my interview with @drkristianh Founder of @blkandgrn this past Sunday. Talk about all the #goals . Any time Dr. Kristian speaks nothing but knowledge and wisdom follows. Personally I don't know of anyone else who left the public health/health administration world to get into entrepreneurial life, but now I have a very good friend and guide in you. Thank you for a magical day! #tbt #changecadet
Have you listened to episode #22 with @changecadet yet?
Sometimes things fall apart so you can rebuild. Keep building. #changecadet
This weekend I shared my heart journey with you. Today I am honored to share my interview with @harper_spero on the @madevisiblepodcast. Not only do we talk about my journey but we discuss racial bias in healthcare. Please let me know what you think...thanks for listening. Link in bio! #changecadet
Green with envy? Ask yourself why you're choosing to be distracted by someone else's success. Then stop it, celebrate them, and keep building. πŸ’š#changecadet
We all have power. Learn to tap into it. #fredhampton #changecadet
Grow. Bloom. #changecadet
Love at first sight is a real thing. It was my pleasure interviewing you yesterday. I'm excited for what's next in your career @ebonyobsidian Keep being amazing! #changecadet
Do you know how important it is to shop Black...better yet Black women?! Today I had the pleasure to support Black women businesses thanks to @makedo.us. Thank you for your wonderful products! #changecadet
This look will @makedo.us #changecadet
Do what makes you happy! #selfcaresunday #changecadet Also if you're in Oakland you need @green_housebakery a fellow woman owned business, a bakery full of deliciousness!
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