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Spot Chels and Josh! Absolutely love couples that buy into my crazy ideas!
Love this beautiful bath story💓! . Our Story: We are a small family-owned business 100% dedicated to crafting beautiful and exceptional products for your little ones.🌿🌿🌿 . Our kids had eczema when they were little so we understand how important it is to have organic and chemical-free products for your babies and children. We stand behind our products and are truly committed to only giving you the best. Our Bamboo hooded towels are 💧super absorbent 💧chemical free 💧pesticide free 💧hypoallergenic 💧soft and gentle Perfect for sensitive baby/toddler skin . . Photo| @kallimarie Product| Bamboo washcloth in Little Lamb Hooded Towel Set. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bambootowel #flowerbath #chasingemotions #notonlymama #thisishome #childrenseemagic #choosejoy #storiesofmylife #heavenlythrumylems #ourcandidlife #thesincerestoryteller #shared_joy #illuminatechildhood #alifealive #letthemexplore #justbaby #lightinspired #everydaymoments #childhoodunplugged #mymotherhood #simpleliving #motherhoodintheraw #nothingisordinary   #ministylekids #babyspam #thewomoms #thisismycommunity #stayandwander #motherhoodalive #lilyseed_
Drone shot for the sunrise in Hanauma Bay.
once a queen always a queen 👸🏽
hbd 19 🕸️
“I was an island, now I’m just love” - Thank you @fernandosamalot ; a Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 based photographer for this shot of @lucyvives via #pursuitofportraits - The Team at PoP
Gotta love moody cloudy days. ❤️
“Mama Phia is my sister and the new baby can be Phia’s sister okay?” 😭❤️ Also if you ask her what we are having the answer is always “a girl baby like my Phia” also “a girl baby I don’t like boys” 🙈😂❤️ #thislittlehug_ Ps. This photo is from when we stayed at the @hotel.boulderado at the end of last year... we are headed back to Boulder this weekend and I’m wishing we were staying there again because it was every bit as magical as it looked 🙌🏻
.. I tend to find my release, behind the wheel.
@dasha_latysh couple shot
Aurore & Oscar 🍃
I’m your National Anthem.. 📸: @worldviabelal
Sunset 2019 📍Banua Patra ========================================= Equipment & Camera Setting : • Nikon D850 • Nikon Lens AFS 14-24 F/2.8 G ED • ISO 64 • Focal Lenght 15 mm • F/16 • Shutter Speed 10 sec • NISI Soft IR GND 1.2 + CPL • NISI Holder S5 • Shot RAW ========================================= #theglobewanderer #shutterclub #ic_landscape #outside_project #awesomeearth #chasingemotions #placeswow #abandonedwow #fantasticcolours #tourtheplanet #nuriss_tag #dream_image #sunset_madness_ #special_shots #lazyshutters #face_of_the_earth #ig_dynamic #ig_udog #bankaltimtaraexplorer #slowspeed #ig_sunset #longexposureshotz #incredible_masterpiece #ig_alls #nisifiltersindonesia #nikonindonesia #balikpapan_landscapers #sunset_sunrise_balikpapan
Lego Land
Remember to laugh. To smile. To live in the moment. • • • #smile #goodtimes #chicago #navypier #winter #snow #travel #explore #friends #lovelife #folkgood #chasingemotions
One of the coolest things about shooting couples is that you get so close to two people in such a short amount of time. Over the course of a wedding day, you see them laugh, cry, you meet their parents, grandparents, siblings, dog. It’s such a cool experience. Connection is everything. Anyway, hit the link in the bio to check out some of the magic that went down in 2018 🙌 @marineragency
Espero curarme de ti en unos días. Debo dejar de fumarte, de beberte, de pensarte. Es posible. Siguiendo las prescripciones de la moral en turno. Me receto tiempo, abstinencia, soledad. 👸🏻 @ingridcl_ • • • • • • #urbanaisle  #way2will  #shoot2kill #killyourcity  #illgramers  #moodygrams #eclectic_shotz  #urbanromantix #yngkillers  #aestheticshot  #aovportraits #heatercentral  #citykillerz  #gearednomad #createcommune  #streetdreamsmag #moodyports  #artofvisuals #urbanandstreet  #streetshared #exploreeverything  #agameoftones #strapsbyelroobs  #chasingemotions #all2epic  #lenterodante
Born from oblivion; bear children, hell-bound as ourselves; go into oblivion. There is nothing else.
Needing a little Cabo sun on this cold day.. and I feel like I’m a little overdue on sharing paper on PRETTY little PAPER co. right? 😉 I got a message over the weekend asking if invitations are still needed for a destination wedding and my answer is absolutely yes! For many reasons: your friends and family want to celebrate the special day with you even if they cant physically be AT the wedding. Paper is one of the things, after the wedding that will last your lifetime and so having an invitation for a destination wedding large or small makes that possible! I love that Kelsey & Tyler opted to do an invitation and details card directing their guests to their website for all accommodation, trip info as well as RSVP information! Another reason custom invites are the best 💁🏼‍♀️✨#butimbiased
When looking in the mirror do you compare yourself by what others can do? : : : : : : : : #whydowedothis #dontcompareme #dontcompareyourself #dontcompare #dontcompareyourselftoothers
All the people that was 'round me, they ain't have my best interest, You lazy with yo' loyalty and yo' position and now I gotta execute 'cause you don’t listen, I know shawty only on my trail 'cause she see a ticket, I read between the lines and people, they intentions, Can’t have you around me shit gon' go to missing.
No duermes para interpretar tu sueño... sueñas para dejar de vivir dormido. LA MAGA . . Ballerina: @danii695 . . #dancerstorytelling #ballet #balletphotography #dance #teamcanon
Hannah #35mm
I’ve shared in my stories about how rough mornings have been with my four year old. Today he got up on his own at 6:40 am and I thought it would be a great start to the day til he started complaining about his belly and vomiting profusely. Thankfully that segment of our day was over by 9:00 am. What amazes me is how I can be covered in my child’s vomit and not be disgusted (at least not til I’m sure he’s OK). Photo obviously from a more pleasant day!
There's always an amazing story to every amazing photo. Some involve challenges, struggles and effort like waking up early in the morning for sunrise or hiking to the viewpoint. It's like you had to earn that shot. But no matter what, the best things in life are never easy.
Bottle and Chucks 🍾
This is not how today looked. Today included special moments like when I thought she was napping until she came downstairs and said HAHAHAHA MOM I TOOK OFF ALL MY CLOTHES AND PEED IN MY CLOSET. 🙈
A mãe da Aurora, o pai da Aurora e o padrinho da Aurora :)
I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU! 💕
😎 Foto: @camii_porto
About my recent post hinting at my depression & negative self talk, I’m feeling much better today and here’s why... 1. I’ve been battling depression all of my life- probably it’s both my nature and from my early loss and trauma, so I decided to take some time to recognize this and recognize that depression just doesn’t go away. I just came off of a very trying & stress filled year to then making the move away from that stress, and now that I’m content depression likes to show it’s face. 2. I talked about it- I wrote that post and I most importantly talked to My husband. I also cried about it. 3. I decided that I needed to let go and accept that part of our logistical plan for our hiking program won’t work out right now therefore My husband and I discussed how we can begin some other way- on to planning again today. 4. I took some time to reflect on last year: A. I left a job that was draining my energy and not supportive. B. I made the difficult choice to sell the cabin in the woods and we did it, we sold, what to us, was a toxic home; still there was a loss component to it. C. I lost a baby and did the difficult work of healing myself. D. My husband’s injury and our combined medical bills. E. My only child started Kindergarten, there was a deep mourning with that. So, I’m just going to stop beating myself up for not getting this hiking program off and running (hiking) yet- and I am committed to showing up in my community, in one particular group this year, I’m listening & learning from this group and right now that is where I need to be. So, I am giving myself some grace and I’ve put a stop to that voice that was saying I have nothing to offer. 5. I had my 1 year work evaluation today at my position as a post-adoption case manager. My supervisor told me that my strength is in community. This felt AMAZING to hear today. She asked me my big picture goals career wise, I told her my goals have changed and that I do not see myself going back to school for my MSW but instead getting certifications I can use in social work as well as my personal endeavors- such as Ecotherapy. She encouraged this and felt the company would also. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ more in comments
Akaroa NZ 2018 🌿
stopped to sniff the rosies.🌹
"All I can think is, Beauty makes everything bearable." @featherdownsoul ___________________________ We captured this in Maple Ridge on an abandoned road leading to a quarry site. @miranda_nicola99 & I were doing some scouting for a @convenetheboys group shoot and stumbled upon this road. ___________________________ In frame: @miranda_nicola99 ___________________________ Taken on @nikoncanada D500 December 11, 2018 ISO 160 1/320 sec 50mm f/1.8 (Nikkon 50mm f/1.8 D) ___________________________ @vancity @creatorsofvancity @rare_portraits #portrait_dev #feature_portraits #featureAest #visualoflife #chasingemotions #inspireangelo #featurepalette #bleachmyfilm #fractaltones #portraitmood #portraywithpurpose #artofsystem #portraitsystem #life_portraits #postthepeople #quietthechaos #portraitinspiration #portraitfolk #portraits_mf #2instagood #way2ill #createexplore #chasingemotions #artofvisuals #l0tsabraids #vancity #houseofportraits #shaniarmy #portraitgasm #roamvancouver
Just over here practicing our #hogwarts spells while out on a little hike 💫⚡️✨ Y’all I won’t lie, getting all three out of the house right now is harrddddddd and anything but efficient, but oh staying inside all day is ever so much worse 😂some days I truly believe we could hike all day and they would still have insane energy past bedtime 🤣 anybody else’s toddlers the same way?! #harryandarabella #whpmagical
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