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Fruit cocktail of strategic censorship 🍊
Keep your face always towards the sunshine and shadow will fall behind you | Walt Whitman Model: @clkrdnz
The art formerly known as prints - ANASTASIA shot by me for #ilovefakemagazine styling @katylassen #babyblue #archive #bedroomstories
Sonne, wo bist du? 😩😄 ich mag den Winter einfach nicht. Heute geht es zurück in die Heimat. Aber wenigstens ist heute Freitag. Was habt ihr am Wochenende so geplant? . .
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Blue days
I love u all😘😘
Looking for new faces to shoot! If you’re in Los Angeles shoot me a dm, let’s collab📸
🌿❣️💭 daydreamer @opium_dreams 💎
Crazy ass colours, some medium format, a wild LED, a handful of Cinestill and some epic kit from @volleyaustralia. Tonight’s going to be fun. Inspo snap by @n0allowance 🤙🏼
How many cups of coffee can you drink in a day? // @saschaturich
Warm 🧡
@cwjanethevirgin was filming at CSULB yesterday..😭 but @justinbaldoni wasn’t there, so it’s all good 🤗
WITCH®︎ - model @yanyashechka Photo @headman_style - #shotbyheadman #headman_style #witch #osaka #道頓堀 #harrypotter - ハリーポッターの新キャラ風🧙‍♀️ - follow me @headman_style
“Mind Games”
We’ve pretty much caught up on the backlog of rolls! If you’re still waiting on anything, we’re back to our max 2-5 day wait! If you’re feeling generous, we have a new scanner on the way, meaning anything you contribute now just helps us keep the electricity on! You can donate using the below link, and learn more by checking our prior posts! www.paypal.me/filmfund 🎞 snap by the legend @kazoku_todd and dev/scan by yours truly.
This evenings view. 💕
Are you sorry we drifted apart? @ward_courtney on Polaroid Spectra
The virtues of restraint 🍑 _ SG, I am in you now. Hit me up if you’re around peeps _ #stillhurtingbombz
You said you couldn’t believe in anyone who didn’t believe in you. I believed in you. You just didn’t believe in me. • Iman by Arthur Elgort Yves Saint Laurent "African Queen" Vanity Fair, 1986 #merlotmemories
👩🏻🌮 Tacos Chava ... #tbt
What are your insecurities?
Holding my head as high as my ceilings 👑
Skylar, 2016 // I'm always hesitant to post shots that I've edited like this because I know it doesn't match my normal style and that bothers me. I'm annoyed at myself because of this so I'm posting this to make a point. Most of the time I like making images that are smooth, crisp, and yet still soft. But there are other times when I want harsh grain, movement, action, saturation, and darkness. I don't know why but I feel like there's this unspoken rule, that as a photographer you just can't do both?? I feel like everyone (including myself) is just so obsessed with maintaining a certain level of aesthetic and so we pick one style and it dominates us creatively! But honestly y'all, the best thing about being a photographer is that the only rules that you have to follow are the ones you make yourself. And even then, sometimes it's good to break those self-made rules too. Admittedly, I'm still kind of nervous post this. They aren't perfect images, but they feel right to me and I'm going to try my best to hold on to that. Note to self: remember that people aren't perfect, memories aren't perfect, life certainly isn't perfect, and photos don't have to be either!
Props. #35mm
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